Best postgrad podcasts we could find (Updated May 2018)
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Dave Ruff, Dillon Cheverere, and Will deFries touch base on various topics to distract you from the office, school, or your commute. From Miatas to closing deals, nothing is off limits.
Post-Grad Formula
Millennials were sold a "foolproof" recipe for success. After high school, you go to college. After college, you'll have the degree to get your dream job. Once you obtain your dream job, you'll gain a family and live the perfect life. But there's only one problem with this. In this day and age, we're figuring out that those rules no longer apply to us. In fact, we're making our own rules, carving our own lanes, and redefining what traditional adulthood looks like. The Post-Grad Formula Podca ...
PostGrad Movies
Two science graduates decided to maintain communication while apart by talking science and movies, only one of which they are any good at.
Post Grads Meara and Juan Pablo were not ready for the world of adulthood that waited on the other side of the commencement stage. Join them as they dissect life after college and all the things no one prepared them for.
Music critics, food critics, and other observations from the lens of struggling post grads.
The JTrain Podcast
The JTrain Podcast is hosted by comic Jared Freid and great comedian guests as they read listener emails and answer questions about everything from hooking up and dating apps to relationships and post-grad problems. Every Tuesday and Friday.
Grandex Labs
Podcast by Grandex Media
Welcome to my podcast, California Tooth Fairy, hosted by Angelica the RDH, a registered dental hygiene enthusiast! This podcast is to motivate and encourage those new to the field of dental hygiene. Listen in as I share my experiences after graduating, encourage post graduates to learn from my mistakes, discuss topics, and host interviews.
Two postgrad millennials from the upper midwest talk about nothing, seriously nothing.
Nat Chat
In this season of Nat Chat, Nat Eliason and guests seek to provide another path for college students and recent grads who feel the system failed them. Each week, we'll explore new aspects of college, work, independence, and how you can design a post-grad life you’re excited about, instead of one that you fall or are pushed into.
Mind Your Major
Your Guide to the Career and Lifestyle you Deserve
Music and life as told by two creative post-grads
Experience Required
I interview career specialists, HR representatives, and post-grads with unique passions in an attempt to help listeners find their way through the seemingly-endless job hunt.
Hi, you’re listening to Postdocalypse, a podcast by postgrad students about all things postgrad.The name comes from the idea that once you finish your PhD, there’s the big question for all of us whether we’ll continue along the academic path or take on of the many alternative routes that are on offer to us. We’re a team of PhD students at King’s College London, trying to navigate this crazy world and we’ll be sharing the highs and the lows of postgraduate study.
In Motion
A film, television and media podcast led by the postgrads at De Montfort University's Cinema and Television History Research Centre.
We believe that no matter where you are in life, God wants to begin –and then continue – a work of renovation in you. Whether you’re a young adult in college, living the post-grad life, figuring out how to adult on your own or venturing into young married life, you’ll find community at Renovate. Visit us online at
Vegan In Real Life
Vegan In Real Life is a podcast following two girls in their early twenties through plant-based eating, sustainable living, and post-grad realities.
The Straight Outta Hitch Podcast. Hosted by Darryn Albert and Alec Henthorne. Weekly takes on sports, pop culture, and politics from the perspective of a fresh postgrad.
Target Demo
In this podcast, two friends talk about what matters to themselves and their fellow millennials. Namely: Netflix, cheese, awkward human interactions, post-grad friendships, wine and unsolicited advice from our parents.
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A podcast where we hang out and talk about movies! Join CognitiveGamer and Kulguy as they discuss movies in all the free time they have after getting their degrees in the sciences. In this week's episode, we talk about... Puerto Rico rioting again, yay!Theaters: Avengers: Infinity War, Isle of Dogs, A Quiet PlaceExplicit Rating: Profanity Holle ...…
You graduate college and then what? You get a job? Start grad school? Move? Become an adult? What happens if in the process of those things you become sad? Now what you are "supposed" to do no longer feels right. This week we talk about post grad depression and what happens when the biggest moment of your life is more bitter than sweet.…
This spring marks 5 years since Nat and friend Ilana graduated college and entered the “real world.” Hear them commemorate each of those 5 years and talk about the relatable thoughts, feelings, & experiences that accompanied each one.
Nick Goldschmidt of Goldschmidt Vineyards is back on California Wine Country with Steve Jaxon and Dan Berger today, to talk about New Zealand wines and more. Dan Berger notes that New Zealand has made a great impression in the wine world in just the last couple of years. Several new vineyards and wineries there are producing wine that is as goo ...…
On this very emotional episode of L2L, we discuss the joy of graduation along with the growing pains associated with adjusting to post-grad life. There were laughs, tears, and everything in between. Join me for a ride on this roller coaster of emotions.Social MediaInstagram: Arinze.AkGuestsLenataa S. GokaInstagram: @_LenataasiraKhaja R. MappIG: ...…
WE'RE BACK! And very excited about it! Today we're talking about how to get back into life after grad school and important things to consider about life after. We share out post-grad stories in hopes that you can gain some valuable insight. We would love to hear your stories or advices, email us at! If you love us and ...…
Whoa can you believe it?? This is our TENTH EPISODE! To celebrate, we sip on some fine wine, chat about Kanye's craziness and Michelle Wolf's WHCD gig, give some special announcements, AND talk about life since graduating college. Happy listening fam! Thanks for 10 awesome episodes :)
Took a break but We back!! Not much to say about today’s episode the title speaks for itself. Is social networking killing our relationships and mental health? And what exactly is Post-grad depression? Do these sound like questions you’ve thought about before or currently going through? Tune in to this 2-part episode for more. Want more wine do ...…
Congrats to all of the college grads! This track is all about giving the advice I wish I heard on graduation day. Enjoy :)
On this episode I went over the joy of Post Grad. Enjoy!
Tori joined us to discuss her two years since graduation, including a marketing position at a security company, taking the wrong job for money, and a recent phase of unemployment. Claire has seasonal allergies and hasn't breathed in a week.
Chapter 30: It’s time to review adulting post grad. In today’s conversation we offer a lot of advice on job hunting, apartment hunting, & dating from our perspective. If you think it’s all put together post grad, then think again. Instead it’s a different form of messiness with various variables impacting your future. Let’s discuss! Listener Qu ...…
We roll out a brand new segment on today's show: The Gas Station. Plus, we play a round of Vice Headlines, vote on another round of Toucher Madness, and talk about This Weekend In Fun.
Diplomas & Doubts is a brand new podcast where we talk about how no one knows what they're doing post-grad. Join Beatriz and Claire weekly as they invite guests to talk about their adulting struggles and confusion.
It's that special time of year when existential crisis swoops in and clouds everything you know and love! Join Abby and Maddie on their adventures through those pesky post-grad moments while trying to embrace the small things (and maybe even end up sipping on a cloud?).
PGP Episode 3 "The Intro to the Clubbing Guidebook" by Post Grad Probz Podcast
PGP Episode 2 "Surface Tension" by Post Grad Probz Podcast
Join us on our introductory podcast as we discuss post-grad life, relationships and much more!
I sit down with Ebony* to gather facts on her sexuality blooming not as she earned her undergraduate degree from a top party school, but after when a single hookup turned her to a housewife. *All names are fictitious.By (Afterthot).
When it comes to Spa and Wellness education, Patty’s guest on this episode of RadioAMB, is an expert. Meet National Educator for Universal Companies, Anita Lumpkin. broadcasting from Manhattan Beach and the World Wide Web you’re listening to CHS our healthy life dotnet as a service to our listeners this program is for general information and en ...…
Dr. Anna Shields is now a Clinical Pharmacist in Seattle, Washington working for Kaiser who completed her PGY-1 at Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group One of the reasons she chose her site was the progressive nature of the state that now offers provider status for pharmacists. She was an entrepreneurial pharmacy intern at NuCara Pharmacy in Pleasant Hil ...…
Welcome to a very "shocking" installment of Bleak in Review! In this episode, Kevin is assaulted by faulty headphones while discussing his chore-based anxiety and Matt makes some bold statements about firefighters. Then, comedian Dan D'Aprile joins the show to chat with the fellas about living in a post-grad party house, prideful east coast hat ...…
It’s hard to be a post-secondary student in today’s economic society. The grades you need to get into post-secondary schools are high and the cost of tuition gets more expensive with each passing year. Although there are often grants, scholarships, and other financial programs available, many post-secondary students use credit cards and student ...…
Join the Post Grads this week as they mourn their weekends, remember their furniture struggles, and consider a pretty morbid thought.
The kids are all using Juuls and we're talking about it. We also talk about using aliases, our grandparents, and the best reviews of the past week.
We're Bunsen Burning on everything from Christmas lights to condiments to Bitcoin. Plus we investigate "Tiptoe-gate," and play a new round of "F, Marry, Kill," but with other stuff.
This week the Post Grads combat anxiety, scrutinize Pixar's latest masterpiece, and (poquito a poquito) debate the merits of Despacito.
On his album Purple Rain, Prince famously opens his dance party with the lines, "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, to get through this thing called Life." Prince s point is that we re all on our individual journey to find happiness, but we re also all in this together. Most of us quietly go about our lives, making our own discoveries ...…
This week the Post Grads get real about things that make them cry, reveal another one of Juan Pablo's irrational fears, and realize Meara has a unique talent in accents.
Morg, Zak and Rob get intimate with details about their struggles with mental health, post grad depression and anxiety.
It's Halloween, and we're talking about evening plans. It's Tuesday, so we're talking "Worst Weekends," and this week's a doozy-- A New Orleans horror story that filled the whole crew with anxiety. We also talk about New Year's Eve vs. Halloween, and share a little taste of "Touching Things," our new "Stranger Things" podcast on the Grandex Lab ...…
Writer/actor/pun alchemist Sam Corbin talks with me about postgrad expectations, drag, political art, and cooking mistakes. FIND SAM: corbinfever.com THE SHOW:
Vegan In Real Life is a podcast following two girls in their early twenties through plant-based eating, sustainable living, and post-grad realities.Email us at
Here it is, our first episode! Get to know a little bit about us and hear our vegan stories. Plus, get a look at each of our 5 pantry staples.Vegan In Real Life is a podcast following two girls in their early twenties through plant-based eating, sustainable living, and post-grad realities. Email us at…
In college, it's easy to think you need to have the perfect major to land your dream job, but the times of taking a linear college to career path isn’t really standard anymore. Briana Francois, a Vanderbilt senior helps navigate the sometimes scary, often confusing world of undergrad, from internships and careers to post-grad fellowships and gr ...…
Dave is back from Dallas and is here to talk about his performance as Best Man this weekend. We also discuss an epic "Worst Weekend" submission and discuss the top songs of 2012.
Dj Shay & Dj Cakes talks relationships and Post Grad with Tati from Brooklyn, NY & Raven From Manhattan, NY.
Part two of a two part discussion on Work In this episode we continue to ask: “Is academic work really work?” Speakers: Pat Abatiell, Kim Adams, and Gina Dominick Thanks to Bérengère Riou for writing our Bibliography! Click here to subscribe! Articles— Academics Anonymous. “There is a culture of acceptance around mental health issues in academi ...…
Part one of a two part discussion on Work In this episode we ask the question “Is academic work really work?” Speakers: Pat Abatiell, Kim Adams, and Gina Dominick Thanks to Bérengère Riou for writing our Bibliography! Click here to subscribe! Articles— Academics Anonymous. “There is a culture of acceptance around mental health issues in academi ...…
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