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Kpop Hot Pot
Let's discuss Kpop! Email us your favorite kpop songs and we'll discuss them on Kpop Hot Pot. Kpop is universal music we all love. Hears us discuss Kpop news and tell Kpop stories! Find us on instagram at kpophotpot, on twitter @kpophotpot, and email at
Stir The Pot
Stir The Pot is a podcast about food and the people that love it. Each episode we interview a chef, food writer or even a celebrity that loves food and just loves to talk about it. This isn't just another stale podcast, in this show we sit in the kitchen and chat all things food, from the things we love to the things we cannot stand, it's not that serious and hopefully we have a laugh along the way! The show is presented by food writer Edd Kimber, who you may know as the winner of the first ...
with Luke Strickland
Pot Snobs Podcast
Pot Snobs from San Francisco and Portland indulge in weekly elevated discourse about the best of the best in West Coast cannabis.
Pot & Plot
Movie Lovers on a Higher Level
Rabbi, Is Pot Kosher? is a podcast exploring the intersection of Jewish traditions and contemporary questions hosted by Rabbi Avram Mlotek and Rabbi Jon Leener.
Pot Topic Podcast
You'll never be able to guess what we are going to talk about...and neither will we.
Two Cracked Pots
Hosts Christi and Beth live out their friendship LIVE discussing a wide range of topics while ultimately turning it back to God. Episodes are unrehearsed, raw material of how these friends do life together and they want to invite you in.
Pot Luck Dinner
Weed, munchies and everything in between!
The Melting Pot is a unique podcast that focuses on bringing the voices of prominent people together in one place. It explores arts and culture from the people who live and breathe it to offer an insight into artistic topics that build positive social change.Every day we experience many cultures, differing standpoints, a multitude of voices; a vast array of opinions and this podcast is about presenting these voices for learning, for cultural exchange and it aspires to contribute to a more ha ...
Hard Rock Radio and bands that you will never hear on US air waves. Kick ass music with dark humor to keep your buzz going while you rock your ass off with WPOT !Come on & download one of our many playlist's and let Pot Radio smoke your mind.
Pot Thoughts
a podcast for independent rappers & producers discussing marketing, branding, music creation and more...
Plant Pot
Take a listen. Grow-Listen-Eat
Pot and Krack
Two guys that talk about everything but ultimately nothing. Trust us we are funny
Learning about Arlington through what people eat
ig: @its_onlyjohnson. Culture... Hip Hop... RnB... Frankie Lymon?? Let's talk !! Truth Allowed
Spanish Drum & Bass Label Melting Pot Record's PodcastTune It!
Pot Takes Podcast
Join us each week for an elevated take on the news. We get stoned and cover four important stories. Some are major news, and others are smaller stories that we feel deserve more attention. Follow us on twitter @PotTakesPod
Pot O' Gold Podcast
at the end of the rainbow
The Melting Pot
The Melting Pot is a business show that touches on the everyday man on the street from Johannesburg, to Nairobi all the way to Accra and Abuja. The heart of the melting pot is in bringing the issues to the fore - whether it is entrepreneurial matters, business news across the continent or profile fascinating people, game changers, doing incredible things in their communities, this show brings it all together! The Melting Pot show, Monday to Friday 15:00hr to 17:00hr CAT.
Stirring Tha Pot
Just press the play button.
Me, Noah, and my good friend Zac come together to discuss taboo topics such as recreational drug use, becoming alcoholics, and our raw uncut thoughts.
Like us on home of Potsy and the Turd, a podcast from two guys that love shooting the breeze about Pro Wrestling, TV Shows, Comic Books, Movies, Video Games and more. It features the voice talents of Rob "Potsy" Potchak and Charles Ward "The Turd" Fleming.
A British garden show speaking to authors, gardeners, writers and other horty movers and shakers! Hosted by Joff Elphick
Vse o tistih stvareh, ki oblikujejo vašo prihodnost
Be On the Show! 1. Watch any movie. 2. Get really high. 3. Call 626-634-2779 & Leave a 3 minute voicemail review of the movie. Then get something to drink. Cottonmouth is tough. On this show you are the Star.
Creative people talk about their experiences with marijuana (and whatever else comes up)
Growing your own marijuana can be both a liberating and political act. In this pot-cast HIGH TIMES Magazine's Senior Cultivation Editor and author Danny Danko provides news, activism reports and cannabis cultivation tips for connoisseurs, aficionados and medical patients alike. Bonus: Interviews with expert growers and professional seed breeders, 'Strain of the Week' and ganja growing questions & answers. Sponsored by BC Northern Lights
Bringing my ignorance online straight to your ears for your listening pleasure. Bringing celebrity drama, best sports talk and creative content every week.
A young host named Librarymonster (a.k.a Jared Briggs) talks about nerdy/geeky things with a cup of tea. Telling personal stories and other stuff. This episode is about Comics and is the pilot.
Atomic Rumpus is a comedy variety show for Futurists, Geeks, Rebels, and people who like to party. It's a party through the apocalypse hosted by veteran comedian and libertarian Chris Iacono. We also talk about cheese a lot. Topics include, cannabis and world news, interviews with celebrities, recipes, survival tips, stories, original music, and reviews, and discussion about weed and marijuana laws.
A live medical marijuana cannabis radio show! Interviews, news, strain reviews, product reviews and information about anything and everything medical marijuana!
Rob Potchak, host of Potsy and the Turd, has opinions on sports. As an avid Notre Dame football fan, he will dish on all things ND Football, discuss college football as a whole and anything else that happens to pop into his head when it comes to sports.
Legally Blunt
Legally Blunt is the most fun you'll have listening to legal cannabis issues in California and Los Angeles. Beverly Hills attorneys Meital Manzuri and Alexa Steinberg blaze a trail with their candid discussions on cannabis reform, confusing or vague local laws and breaking industry news They'll cut through the haze of cannabis regulations in California with a full dose of facts, timely hits of perspective, and tons of special guests. Legally Blunt is the best legal trip you'll ever take!
The Spliff Potcast
A weekly potcast that delves into the many facets of cannabis, pot, weed, marijuana, ganja, bhang, grass -or whatever you call it! For beginners, seasoned tokers and interested non-partisans alike. Boh will discuss how to apply cannabis medicinally and recreationally, new products and trends, as well as industry and political ramblings. Hosted by Boh Nellis, who's not a doctor, so don't take these opinionated offerings as medical advice, mkay?
The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville is a live weekly 30-minute podcast of news, analysis, statistics, polls, science, and interviews concerning marijuana legalization worldwide.
Hemp Radio
NEW PODCASTS ARE BEING POSTED​WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM OUR FRIENDS!Even though HempRadio was recently robbed. Read details below...HEY IT’S PatiCakes! IT'S FEBRUARY AND NEW PODCASTS ARE BEING POSTED! WE ARE BACK - BIGGER, BETTER AND STRONGER, EVEN THOUGH HEMP RADIO WAS NOT OFF TO GREAT START FOR 2018!November/December sucked!! My car was hit, sprained my foot, my indoor cats got fleas - but worst of all our recording equipment was stolen over the holidays! Yeah, that’s what I said also!!So we ...
The Red Eye Report
Four guys getting high and drunk while covering interesting topics along with news, movies, and video games. Supercharged by marijuana and alcohol, the cast of the Red Eye Report digs up random facts and other bits of info, some important, and some completely irrelevant. They also tell you what's sexy in the world and warn you about what you should look out for. They've stumbled their way through just about everything!
We Smoked. We Laughed. WeEducated.
Dope Stories
A rational discussion about drug use.
Marijuana is legal in Washington, DC for recreational and medicinal purposes. Hallelujah! We're going feature high humor! Welcome to The District Of Cannabis® Marijuana Ringtones Show.
Northwest Cannacast is a weekly podcast featuring news and perspective about the legal use of marijuana. Cannabis is legal in some form in most states, yet because the topic has been taboo for so long, good credible information is tough to come by. On every episode, we'll present the marijuana stories making headlines, then our panel will offer perspective on those stories. Northwest Cannacast: News. Perspective. Enlightenment.
Welcome! This is the Cannabis Cure UK Weekly News Podcast at Cannabis Cure UK is the #1 Pro-Cannabis Media in the UK bringing you the clear truth on Cannabis. We will defeat Cannabis Prohibition in our homeland!The fight for the KINGDOM has begun!Please listen and leave any feedback that you may have - we are all in this TOGETHER, so lets make it work!Check out Cannabis Cure TV over at for interviews, strain reviews and a closer look at t ...
We are the voice of and for the legal marijuana and hemp financial sector. We interview CEO's and leaders of publicly traded companies related to American and Canadian Cannabis. Our show is our opinion and not meant to solicit the purchase or sale of any security. Make your own have to hit buy or sell!
Weed Week Podcast
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Texas Cannabis Report
In the Shadows of Utopia is an in depth discussion and explanation of the worst cases of mass death in modern history. The first series – The Cambodian Nightmare – will be dealing with Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge and the misery of the killing fields.
Marty The Paisan
"SUNDAYS SAUCE POT" Aired it's last broadcast in October of 2009. Thank you to all the faithful listeners & friends we made while on the BTR airwaves.Thank you Best Wishes, Marty "The Paisan"
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If you want to have a life with God, then you need to have faith. The story of Abraham and the smoking pot is a remarkable passage that unpacks what this looks like amid our own fears and doubts.
Stories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprn Listen now Pebble Mine loses funding from First Quantum Minerals Avery Lill, KDLG – Dillingham A major business deal has fallen through for the proposed Pebble Mine. A Canadia ...…
Stories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprn Listen now Pebble Mine loses funding from First Quantum Minerals Avery Lill, KDLG – Dillingham A major business deal has fallen through for the proposed Pebble Mine. A Canadia ...…
explmore presents a reading from Strangers Like Angels, With a Devil or Two to Boot, by Alec and Jan Forman.Alec and Jan narrate Chapter 35, Indian Pot-Pourri. Continuing into the heart of India, Alec and Jan find themselves experiencing yet another side of rich cultural sights, including a enlightening boat ride down the Ganges.…
Join Judy and Erica on this week’s session as we discuss The Art of Dankness Double IPA, Ritual Brewing Company of So Cal, Mixed Greens Podcast, careers, fear, exposure, how Judy got pot into Mexico, women who smoke cannabis, mothers who smoke cannabis.
We are talking to Aaron Houston, 35, who co-founded Marijuana Majority and is a nationally recognized expert on drug policy and marijuana law, currently serving as a strategist for Ghost Group, a private equity company that owns marijuana-related technology companies. Between 2010-2013, as executive director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy ...…
Madelynn Marlow begins our summer in Acts as we celebrate the story, and hope, of Pentecost together. Resources/Quotes: “The Bible is full of accounts of God’s use of actions and physical objects as means of self revelation. Jeremiah wears a yoke or smashes a clay pot. Jesus places a child in the midst of a crowd. Actions become means of God’s ...…
Comprised of many nationalities, cultural backgrounds, and a wide range of spoken languages, America is a melting pot. For Joanne Tan, she would rather be an ingredient in a salad bowl than being considered as a part of a melting pot, because in a salad bowl, tomatoes are still tomatoes and you’re still able to differentiate each other’s elemen ...…
S1E55: Wine & Chocolate Recipe: Paleo Folly Winer Chili with Unsweetened Chocolate (Feeds 2) Get full ingredient lists Sunday mornings, plus calorie and macronutrient counts for all CWM recipes, on my Patreon page! For tonight's recipe, you'll need: EQUIPMENT: lg pot, lg pan, cutting board, sharp knife, optional mixing bowl BASICS: salt, pepper ...…
G’day, mates! In this episode Down Under, the blokes breakdown all things Australia. When it comes to Aussie slang, it’s chockers in here! Don’t split the dummy or get your budgie smugglers bunched in your tracky dacks, ‘cause we’ve also get some Australian cuisine and celebrities to break down. If you’re a two-pot screamer, you may need to tak ...…
The show starts with a non-sense “Andy” review of the movie Bye Bye Birdie, and Daniel gives his opinion on Essential Oils. Fan questions stir the pot with things like “What should I name my daughter?” and “Help me understand my friend, he pees in the sink.” The show ends abruptly when Andy gets locked out of the bathroom.…
The show starts with a non-sense “Andy” review of the movie Bye Bye Birdie, and Daniel gives his opinion on Essential Oils. Fan questions stir the pot with things like “What should I name my daughter?” and “Help me understand my friend, he pees in the sink.” The show ends abruptly when Andy gets locked out of the bathroom.…
9 states in America have fully legalized marijuana for recreational use. 14 others have decrminalized it, basicallly making it the same as a traffic ticket. 29 state have medical marijuana programs although what ailment or illness qualfiies a patient for use varies from state to state and in many, while legal, the programs are set up, there are ...…
In this slightly shorter episode we talk about the nostalgia factor of our generation, Pokémon. Dominic talks about his favorite gender breaking villain. Steve talks about how he got into Pokémon. And Bri admits how Pokémon made school hard for her. So set your coffee (or tea) pots on simmer, pour yourself a cup and join us! -Dom, Bri, and Stev ...…
Chris, Travis and Gardner are all in-studio. Travis takes Marcell Ozuna to task for oversleeping and therefore got scratched from the Cardinals starting lineup. Pot, meet kettle. The Cards marketing department can use the Ozuna’s drowsiness to their advantage. We will help out if needed. When did people stop wearing sleeping caps? Trav proposes ...…
Marijuana has been legalized in several states at this point. CO and WA were notably the first to legalize recreational use of cannabis. So far the sky hasn't fallen and yet, things have been happening. We dug in a little and ended up with more questions than answers. Transcript of episode (link following): ...…
The Potsy and Tino Show - 5-23-18 - The guys start by talking about what's going on with them, turn to their 5 minutes of Honor segment, and then break down the new WWE money deals, the new PPV structure, and then talk about how the WWE doesn't care what you think as a viewer, as long as you are viewing.Theme - Adam's Housecat "The Wrasslin Son ...…
t's not what you think I swear. You can’t stop it but you can certain avoid it. Drama does NOT have to rule your life or your career. Often times we are affected by drama due to some selfish or self-righteous (or both) individual that feels the need to make every situation about them. Drama Queens make a HUGE deal out of the smallest issue and ...…
In at #84 of the American Film Institute's top 100 movies is Easy Rider. Do I like this classic drama? Listen in and find out! Be sure to like Helix Reviews on FaceBook and Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher! The American Film Institute's #84 Review: ...…
Russ hammers away at Mark Teixeira for saying that he wasn’t surprised about Robbie Cano using PEDs. Plus sleazebag principals in the NYC schools, legalizing pot, and allowing junkies to shoot up!
Abused women abusing men. It's quite disturbing to witness such behavior in public. Recently, I witness a woman running behind her husband with a pot full of boiling water. She was upset because he had failed to take out the garbage on his day off. Download my free action guide today @…
In a large pot over medium heat, heat olive oil. Add onion and cook until soft, about 5 minutes. Stir in garlic and cook until fragrant, about 1 minute more then add tomato paste, stirring to combine. Add ground beef and cook until no longer pink. Drain fat and return to heat. Add chili powder, cumin, oregano, paprika, cayenne, and season with ...…
Here is just a sweet and endearing story of a non-verbal interaction I had with one young child at the end of my travels in Central Europe and the Czech Republic. I am not sure what country she was from and therefore do not know what language she spoke. I can tell you it was not the language of the Czech Republic and it certainly was not Englis ...…
This episode features new pranks to chicken stores, a casino, giant stores, random girls from my past and prank calling online pick up artist. I let people know I make love to chicken pot pies. If you have a prank call suggestion email them @ joshjakcalls@gmail.comBy (Josh Jak).
During my time as a home cheesemaker, I have met many people who have taken the next step to commercial production. This weeks news item is about such a fellow. Download podcast episode here Cheese news Engineer excels at cheesemaking This week’s Listener questions are from the following curd nerds; Geoff has a 30 litre (8 Gallons) pot and want ...…
Dinner with Schmucks - Episode 39 “Anatomy of a Volvo”This Week’s Cast: Yajaira, Lisa Bo-Besa, Kris w/a Special K, (regular) Chris, & Special Guest DannyThis Week’s Dinner: Pot Roast & Mashed PotatoesThis week’s episode features a special guest making his 4th appearance on the Podcast. (regular) Chris’s brother Dan sits in with us as we delve f ...…
We are beyond exhausted, hungry, and delirious but that doesn't mean we can't keep it classy right? This week, Pinky and a Sip gives you a play by play of the whole Royal Wedding between HRH Prince Harry & Meghan Markle, the Duke and Dutchess of Sussex. While sipping tea, we talk about everything from how the newly wed couple met to our favorit ...…
Does Guru have the inside track on WHERE LEBRON IS GOING? Who is the pressure on in the NBA PLAYOFFS? The AttorneyAtSports_ calls in to talk hoops, DENTON DAY checks in MID-GAME 6 to talk CAPS and if they can beat VEGAS KNIGHTS. A Royal 2-MINUTE DRILL and a PREAKNESS-inspired "Pot or Pony?" GAMETIME! TTR, Baby!…
Mrs Li introduces to Wai Yee Yeung how to use carrot heads and flour to clean your pots and pans. - 李太今次會向楊蕙而介紹一個環保方法清潔廚具, 用紅蘿蔔及麵粉清潔 不銹鋼煲和鑊, 環保又方便。
This is a story about the beginning of the end. When you are losing the person you love how do you cope? Young love is fleeting & it’s memory remains even after the first blush is off the rose. Two young women trying to find themselves in and out of each others arms, during their freshman year of pot fueled college life. { "@context" : "http:// ...…
The Fresh J's talk about the Royal Wedding, basketball updates, Oprah being a pot head and much more!
Gavin Ellis joins Lynn to talk through the media reaction to Labour's first budget in 10 years, the pot allocated to public broadcasting and the lack of escape from royal wedding fever. Gavin Ellis is a media commentator and former editor of the New Zealand Herald. He can be contacted on…
In 2 Corinthians 4:7-8 reveals four gifts God give believers to help them overcome hardships. There is hope for the helpless, clarity for the confused and power in perserverance!
The Royal Wedding. Fat Shaming Pot-Bellied Pigs. Plus-sized models (unrelated). Raw Milk & The Mueller Witch Hunt - Congressman Thomas Massie.
Police over charged this guy for pot possession...according to him
This week, I am featuring Nicole Bathurst, an Australian Dietitian talking about eating less sugar and not feeling hungry. We go over how to break that sugar addiction that might be holding you down. Nicole Bathurst is a Dietitian with a difference. She has a unique blend of expertise and experience which helps facilitate practical, lifestyle c ...…
S1E51: Frank, How Do I Pronounce Tzaziki? Recipe: Paleo Chicken Souvlaki Plate with Home-Made Coconut Tzaziki (Feeds 2) Get full ingredient lists Sunday mornings, plus calorie and macronutrient counts for all CWM recipes, on my Patreon page! For tonight's recipe, you'll need: EQUIPMENT: lg pan, sm pan, stirring spoon, optional skewers, cutting ...…
(May 21, 2018) Whether you're putting in flats of tender "starts" or one treasured, rare perennial, TLC counts.Cooperative Extension's Amy Ivy has tips on being efficient, and effective. She says prepare the soil and have water standing by. And if a plant is root-bound, whether it's a tiny pansy in a six pack or a big perennial in a pot, free t ...… On April 21 (the day after 4/20, but whatever, man) we took Whiskey Flicks to Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg for the first time to cover Richard Linklater’s 1993 coming-of-age classic Dazed and Confused, the winner of their Marijuana Madness Tournament. This episode ...…
Come visit us at the Upper Room Church in Centurion.
Join Dale and Cheryl for some delicious pork chops in the crock pot.
This week on Arts Magazine, Melting Pot Productions will tell us about their new show, Ain’t No Such Thing As Midnight Black, and Stone Lion Puppet Theatre will discuss their upcoming production, Illuminated Waters and the Puppets For the World … The post “No Such Thing As Midnight Black”, “Illuminated Waters” & Puppets For The World Festival a ...…
I check out the pop-up restaurant, Off the Pike -- run by Arlington students! And meet Arlington Career Center's Chef Renee Randolph, a 2018 Hospitality Superstar.
1 Satoshi Tomiie - Bassline2 Tom Hades - Stability3 Rhyw - Clickbait4 Pan-Pot - Spitzer5 Marco Faraone & Hertz Collision - Solar Shade6 Amotik - Chaubis7 Coyu & Antonio Pocai - Transportador (Coyu Raw Mix)8 Regal - Fenix (Amelie Lens Remix)9 Rudosa - Evolvement10 Slam - Chimera11 Roll Dann - Deuda12 Diarmaid O Meara - 0201 (Emotionless Edit)13 ...…
Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker Episode finds KDOI in the midst of Season 2 with our Candle Project. I have been making candles since my days in Richmond Virginia where I grabbed a jelly candle wax and made jelly candles. The results were not great, so then I got fancier. I have given candles to friends and romantic partners for years and the ...…
Your host Elroy Greene is back with an abbreviated episode while his new correspondent/lawnmower thief, gets his act together and starts conducting interviews. Elroy then tackles Pot holes or what he thinks is a pot holes and then figures out a solution. He also gets help from his southern cousin Billy Ray Bart in Previewing the Royal Wedding. ...…
Bone broth has caught a lot of people's attnetion lately and even though, it may seem like something new and amazing, it truly is more pre-historic and paleolithic than anything else. But what is bone broth? What can it do for your health? In this episode, I will be sharing with you 5 simple benefits to consuming bone broth that is backed by mu ...…
p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica} 01. Vlada Asanin, Rendher - Quismondo (Maxie Devine Remix) 02. Ignacio Arfeli, Nicolas Taboada - I Came To Jack 03. JunkieKids - Dominance 04. Fabio Neural - Rawcode 05. Pan-Pot - Funke 06. Patrik Berg feat. Matt Sassari - Discovery 07. Enrico Sangiuliano - Symbiosis 08. K.A.L.I.L. ...…
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