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The Liberal Dan Radio Program
Talk from the left, that's right.
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We interview America's Party for POTUS 2016, Tom Hoefling, specifically about his extended views on the abortion holocaust and specifically what he would do about abortion if he was POTUS. Tom gets into the details of executive orders and the use of military force, but he also elucidates his hope that the American people would rise up like the ...…
In this episode of AgileNEXT, Mitch Lacey joins Daniel and Stephen to discuss his work at Microsoft and what is in store for agile NEXT. Some topics include:Parenting and AgileHow to get buy-in with teams by selling the value of practicesComing clean with Agility and Organizational DevelopmentLuke Skywalker for POTUS 2016…
08/08/2016 Monday – Sherri Wisdom goes both hours and goes arourd the worlds of Religion, POTUS 2016 and much more to kick off the week. Synchronicity in depth in the strategy of tension in a Jordan Maxwell style discussion, when Jordan doesn’t show up.
The Liberal Dan Radio Program
#AltonSterling #ClosedForEssence and #Potus2016 will be the topics for discussion tonight on Liberal Dan Radio, Talk From the Left, That's Right. Wednesday at 8pm Central. Alton Sterling was shot and killed by police. I will discuss issues pertaining to this shooting in a line of dead black people at the hands of police. Essence Festival was in ...…
The Liberal Dan Radio Program
After Orlando, gun control has been in the news and I will be discussing that topic, both as a general issue and how it pertains to the Presidential election. I will also be discussing Donald Trump, who his campaign needs to pick as a VP candidate, why he is in "yuge" trouble at the moment, and why the Democrats might do well by picking Elizabe ...…
Google is claimed to have a Hillary Bias. #JumpTheSharkActivism raises its head again. And a look at the 2016 Democratic primary and where we go from here. On a special Thursday edition of Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That's Right. Live at 9pm Central on BlogTalk Radio. Remember to help the show out by contributing to the Liberal Dan ...…
The Ochelli Effect
05/27/2016 Friday – Lee Camp, Tere Joyce, Sherri Wisdom, & Gillian Trebilcock Join Chuck for a roundtable discussion that ranges from POTUS 2016 to Pornography in a unique way that is perfect for a Friars Day on The Ochelli Effect.
In Episode 6 of Capitol Fight Club, John Gray, Brian Darling, Sam Sacks and Sam Knight and Nate Madden battled over postal banking and the idea that Republicans have won the first segment of POTUS 2016 with a vibrant and diverse bank of candidates making the case for #NeverHillary
Don't Murder the Hitchhiker
The New Cold War, With POTUS 2016 by Noah Goats
Interview with POTUS 2016, the Robot Running for President by Noah Goats
The Liberal Dan Radio Program
On the February 10th, 2016 episode of Liberal Dan Radio: The New Hampsire Primary results are with at least one surprising result. I am going to go over the state of the election as it stands now and discuss several things including if Jeb Bush can pull off a Rocky vs Drago type victory. And then I will discuss the lawsuit filed by several New ...…
Join Greg and his guests House District 24 candidate Sheri Gilligan as they discuss her candidacy and Political Consultant David Johnson from Strategic Vision will analyze the ever changing POTUS 2016 landscape.By
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