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POV Podcasts | PBS
PBS's award-winning documentary film series. POV brings a collection of documentary filmmakers, writers, historians, and others together for conversations about themes and topics relevant to POV's non-fiction films in our weekly podcasts. Find out more about PBS's award-winning documentary film series at
Three fangirls, Tricia Barr, Teresa Delgado and Sarah Woloski, join forces to talk Star Wars from their own point of view. From fashion to fandom, characters to story, we discuss everything. We also specialize in conversations with the women and men behind Star Wars. #fangirlflail!
Change Your POV Podcast Network is comprised of veterans and veteran advocate’s hell bent on providing as much value as possible to service members, those in transition, veterans and their families! We have multiple shows per week starting off with “Motivation Monday”. This is a quick weekly quote read by a member of the network and what that quote means to them. Tuesday is a show about veteran mental health hosted by Duane France called “Head Space And Timing”. This show will kick typical m ...
Certain POV
Ben and Addy discuss nerd pop culture news and movies.
Welcome to Paladins of Voltron an unofficial podcast about the Netflix original series Voltron Legendary Defender
Jessie's POV
Get a taste of the latest US military and foreign news. Let's slow down and take an in-depth look at how the world political stage has developed. Let's face it, we all need more knowledge in our lives.
Our editors chat and listen to the best new music in the Punktastic POV Podcast. In each episode the team showcase full tracks of our favourite new songs and discuss what's going on in the scene. Punktastic was created over fourteen years ago, and has become one of the largest independently owned alternative music websites in the UK. Elsewhere on our SoundCloud we stream content from new and established bands every week.
On the POV Podcast, I sit down and talk with my friends/ guests about different topics that we can unapologetically go on and on about. Listen as these millennials enlighten your every Monday!
A show that explores society's points of view on a variety of relevant topics. Hosted by Kai Lovel. Made by you.
Kenny's POV!
The raw thoughts and emotions of K. Basquiat recorded in real time. Enjoy!
POV Culture
🌎 Real Culture From Real People 🌎
Jessie's POV
Get a taste of the latest US military and foreign news. Let's slow down and take an in-depth look at how the world political stage has developed. Let's face it, we all need more knowledge in our lives.
The TV POV podcast presented by The Televixen
BayBoy POV
This is my first podcast channel and I intend to publish mostly my own opinions on a wide array of issues.
Welcome to Houston's "Point of View" podcast, The premier podcast and media platform out of Houston Texas for men and women which speaks on Hip Hop, politics, relationships & truths, and ALL things that go bump in the night. Listen to our interviews with some of your favorite entertainers and rappers and subscribe to our Youtube channel... Always remember you ain't gotta lie to kick it. #ITSBIGGERTHANAPODCAST@Johno_Ray @HPOV_MaccCK
From Movie Media comes the POV Podcast, which puts the spotlight on someone to find out their perspective when it comes to the world of film. We cover favourite movies, dreaded spoilers and our recommendations from the past year, depending on the guest and time of recording. Coming from the host and writer of Movie Media, Ryan Cutler.
A podcast with a wrestlers pov, a historians pov and a super fans pov, and a females pov and our intern miguel cole, and of course you the listeners pov! we cover wwe raw and smackdown! also wwe ppvs, also our famous Wrestling POV PPV points game!
Change Your POV
Welcome to Change Your POV Podcast an extension of our full-featured Podcast available wherever you can listen to Podcasts! We are hell-bent on helping Veterans become just as successful out of uniform as they were when they were in. All transitioning Veterans have some struggles along the way, we want to help Veterans lesson those struggles. "Perspective Is The Vantage Point Of Success".
Change Your POV Podcast Network on Anchor is an extension of our full-featured Podcast wherever you can get Podcasts! We are excited about discussing Veteran transition, military history, personal and professional development, introspection and tearing down the stigma of Veteran Mental Health. We believe that "Perspective Is The Vantage Point Of Success"!
Pretty, Outspoken & Vivacious!!! Three girls and their dynamic Point of Views
Features conversations with people who offer pieces of the puzzle of “a world that just might work” -- provocative approaches to business, environment, health, science, politics, media and culture. Guests have included Michael Lewis, Ken Burns, Arianna Huffington, Paul Krugman, Temple Grandin, Bill Maher, Cornel West, Doris Kearns Goodwin, and Norman Lear. []
This podcast shows two friends/sisters who are different but so much alike!! This is insight into who we are , what we think and how we are living as black women, one married with no kids (YET!) and one with kids and not married (YET!) We live, we love, we laugh...LOUDLY!!!
Black Nerd Power
Black Nerd Power is a weekly podcast hosted by Markus Seaberry and Richard Douglas Jones. They discuss the worlds of Sci Fi & Fantasy from a black POV.
Our P.O.V. Podcast
The Podcast that is a conversation among friends. The podcast for anything and everything. Giving our point of view and opinion.
This is a fun podcast about sports and the other things we deal with in life. I give you sports picks for betting, and I give you my point of view on todays sports landscape.
P.O.V. with David Torrence is a weekly (or so) podcast exploring themes of...ummm...err..lots of things. Whatever's damn well on my mind that week! Prepare to simply have an interesting ride.Best viewed (and hopefully HEARD) on Firefox browsers!
Big Brother Rewind
Each Monday night at 6 pm eastern watch Andrew and Jessica Zarian discuss everything that happened on the CBS hit reality show “Big Brother”. This specialty show will throw you inside the house with discussion focused around the HOH competition, the POV and of course the elimination ceremony! Past guest include BB winner, Evel Dick. Follow along as Andrew and Jessica dive into America’s favorite guilty pleasure.
"The Reaper of the House" (tm)delivers an opinionated online talk show and podcast with insight and views of what's going on in the Big Brother house this summer. From broadcast's to HouseCalls to feeds posted around the web, "The Reaper of the House" (tm)sheds light on his insights, strategies and predictions for up-coming shows. Visit the site at
A Gaming Podcast, Hosted by Chris Cavener (SAND-MAN) from - Each Episode has a specific topic related to Gaming and/or Technology. - If you like the show, i would also recommend listening to StepYaGameUp Podcast, also from
This video podcast features the latest stories from Reason TV, the video-journalism arm of Reason—the planet's leading source of news, politics, and culture from a principled libertarian perspective. Our popular YouTube Channel and Facebook page, which receive millions of views every month, offer a mix of heavily reported documentaries, in-depth interviews, video essays, and laugh-out-loud parodies—all from a POV that you won't get from legacy media and dead-inside spokesbots for old left-ri ...
Erica and Nadia take a closer look at themes, characters and shirtless scenes while recapping the CW's "Jane the Virgin" from a Latina POV. What will happen when two friends find themselves on opposite sides of the #TeamMichael vs. #TeamRafael debate? Straight out of a telenovela!
Punk Off
The POV from the retrospective of damage
Society X
The Society X podcast explores the life and times of entrepreneurs, creatives, and social media personalities with interesting POVs. They tell us how they got to where they are now and share interesting, random stories.
Pop A Pastie is a weekly podcast hosted by Cherie Cheezcake featuring discussions about burlesque, pin-up, LGBTQIA issues, and more from a feminine POV.
this is a podcast that includes pov from custom designed roller coaster off roller coaster tycoon 3. this podcast reached #30 podcast about video games
Like a cross between Mark Twain and Tom Bodett, with a sprinkle of Festus (Ken Curtis,) Joe Castic will deliver observations and happenings of the day from a social humorist's POV. Occasionally podcasting from an assortment of exotic locations, and over time with a small caravan of colorful characters, Joe will keep you on the edge of your car seat or commode. Politics, religion, UFO's, bizarre news reports, it's all just another day in the life of Joe Castic.
Each week I explore big ideas through a psychedelic POV with a focus on cognitive liberty. My mission is to speak openly and honestly about my experience, as well as hold a space for stimulating, enriching, and unconventional thoughts and conversations. The goal is to create more awareness, liberation, and peace for everyone. This show varies between episodes with guests, solo storytelling episodes and thinking out loud (or tangential ranting) episodes. I believe we are in a transformative p ...
Ball Don't Lie
Carlos Poveda (@Povediitz A.K.A. Pov) treads the line between objectivity and shameless subjectivity. He is all about the ball and not about player rep (sort of). Tune in as he dishes out the hotest takes in the sports world and will hopefully make you laugh along the way
Philly FAME TV
Bringing Exclusive Interviews, Breaking News, Music and Culture from Philly's POV!
Mo + Jo's Epic Tech Talks, is a conversation between two regular guys that work in the Marketing Tech industry. Mo works on the tech side, Jo works on the agency side - together they demystify tech and each give their unfiltered POV on what matters, and what doesn't. They keep things funny, informative and irreverent (Music Credit: Dope Focus, Monday Morning by Andrew Zap)
All Things Popped
Mike and Canon dive into all things pop culture and science through their specific POV.
In The Social Network, director David Fincher and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin explore the moment at which the most revolutionary social phenomenon of the new century was invented. The result is a drama rife with both creation and destruction; one that purposefully avoids a singular POV, but instead, by tracking duelling narratives, mirrors the clashing truths and constantly morphing social relationships that define our time. Jesse, Andrew, Justin and Aaron discuss the making of the film, scree ...
Commentary and rants from the POV of a right leaning libertarian who is pretty annoyed by life at this point
Convictus Media
Here to bring truth about myself and my experience and pov of the world. Lets talk about music, business, life
This video podcast features the latest stories from Reason TV, the video-journalism arm of Reason—the planet's leading source of news, politics, and culture from a principled libertarian perspective. Our popular YouTube Channel and Facebook page, which receive millions of views every month, offer a mix of heavily reported documentaries, in-depth interviews, video essays, and laugh-out-loud parodies—all from a POV that you won't get from legacy media and dead-inside spokesbots for old left-ri ...
Delving into the changes, experiences, and thoughts of dating, relationships, and sex from the viewpoint of Millennials with different POV's.
Bella Cosper watches film & TV with blind characters or subjects, and gives a first hand POV if it's Cool or if it's Cruel.
Hosts Matt and Gar will bring their unique sports views to anyone who wants to listen. Gar is unapologetic and opinionated while Matt brings a unique POV.
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This week Ross & Matty delve into the heavily debated Ghostbusters 2016 reboot, and offer up their POV after holding off for 29 episodes. It's finally time to talk about what went wrong (and what went right) in the retelling of those who bust ghosts, and the opinions may surprise you. There's chat of Sasquatch ghosts, #OGGB and how the writer's ...…
Kevin Reilly, Founder / CEO of Fuss Marketing, has 20+ years of client-side marketing experience. Micah Eberman, Creative Director for Fuss, has about 17 years of agency experience and another 3+ on the client side. Starting with a discussion of an Ad Age article regarding new approaches to RFP's, we compare and contrast the client and agency e ...…
Does your career matter to dudes, What dudes think of your username, pics, profile, crazy bitches profile example
Matthew’s Letterboxd Watchlist Matthew’s Letterboxd Diary iTunes RSS Feed Google Play Stitcher Radio TuneIn Sorry I’ve not released something in a few weeks. This is a catch up after a period where I’ve not had time to write up and record about the films (as well as watching fewer films). Not everything on the list has detail because it’s not w ...…
In this weeks episode the WPOV CREW go over wwe raw and smackdown also a big discussion about enzo amore and seth rollins? long time listener Matt Nowack suggest a certain person be put in the book, the WPOV Prez speaks out about the current wpov champion, a very special previous guest stops in and ric serrano the third goes off on a former wwe ...…
Shorty, Money & Dunc are joined by special guest Ski to talk about the British Royal Family and the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Meghan Markle. Ski brings her unique POV to the conversation including her experience studying abroad in the United Kingdom. Dunc also shares a story about a golfer with a fantastic stroke and the crew also ...…
Abro give his view of Friday night and some other story that you should listen to this episode to hear.
Listen to the podcast and find out.
When you try too hard and over do sometimes fail just as hard hence what happened Friday
Creating Magical Relationships Radio Show When you say that men or women are the opposite sex you will find a way to be in opposition to them. Men and women are different, not right or wrong, powerful or weak, just different. You will create an opposition automatically and is that in your best interests if you really want to create a relationsh ...…
On this episode I share my point of you on Pinterest for business in May 2018. I am a fan as a consumer but not super sold on the platform for most businesses as it stands today.
Aquatica Orlando’s newest attraction, Ray Rush, is not like your typical family raft ride. Forget tame. This ride is full of thrills without being too scary for even the youngest park-goers.-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Did you enjoy this video? If so, please Like, Favorite, and/or Share the video with others! We'd love to hear your comments ...…
This weeks Episode the wpov crew go over the wwe backlash ppv results, also crowning of a new champion, they cover this weeks poll questions from facebook, who made this weeks Hater comment of the week? tune in to find out!
Join us this week as we discuss Trash Ass Ben Carson, Trump, and Kanye West! We also tackle gender norms...and if there is a space for Old School a new school world
Eddie and Bennett discuss storytelling
Your POV & perception is valid, important & entirely up to you. And so is theirs.For more content & free classes sign up @
**EDIT** I didnt realize when I hit the post button that I hadnt uploaded the mp3 yet. So if you dont see it refresh your feed. I also need to throw out a NSFW warning. There is cussing in this episode! Its good to be back. I didn’t get to record last weekend because I took the family to see Avengers:Infinity Wars. I won’t spoil it for you but ...…
This weeks episode the wpov crew go over wwe raw and smackdown, they read comments from this weeks poll, and a special guest indy wrestler Kai Katana joins in! and of course its that time again, its the wpov ppv points game Backlash! who did the wpov crew pick? tune in to find out!
If I'm offended, why are you mad at me? Shouldn't you try to understand my POV? Our communication is lacking refinement.
Janette Rallison Brock Booher Adrienne Quintana Aaron Blaylock and Bennet Lodge discuss the advantages of using first person POV and third person POV
Bennett and Eddie talk about hiw we feel about money
Mona is the CEO of Motivate design, UX expert, professor, speaker and author. “I work to make technology approachable. At first, I got to think about keeping shuttles in space and medical equipment operating smoothly. It was groundbreaking and heavy, and I thrived. It gave me a distinct POV: there is no problem too big to solve for, and no desi ...…
Hello and welcome back to the NotACast, the one true chapter-by-chapter podcast going through A Song of Ice and Fire one chapter a week! Today, Emmett and Jeff are pleased to present you with "Affairs of the State:": our analysis of AGOT, Eddard II! This week, we: - Answer two more questions - Get in depth on Robert's psychology - Theorize abou ...…
Use this plan to see 27 top sights in Washington, D.C. over the course of five days of visiting world-class attractions. Suggestions for dining and advance planning, as well as ideas for modifying the plan if you have more or less time to spend in Washington, D.C. are included. Click on the audio bar at the end of this post to listen to the acc ...…
The fourth episode of Public Media Daily is here. This is a new, quick and daily podcast from Public Media Fans. Highlights from Wednesday, April 18th include... 1) 90.7 WFAE Charlotte's Joni Deutsch wins a Gracie award for a WVPB-produced podcast. 2) Michigan Radio is the most-listened-to NPR station in most of Michigan, mainly in Detroit, Ann ...…
Ben and Addy discuss the latest nerd news and rumors. LucasFilm's Pablo Hidalgo's epic tweet, Smallville Actress tied to sex cult, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt for Fantastic Four?, Zack Snyder's rationale behind the kryptonite spear in Batman v Superman, American Gods season 2 update. Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer, CW DC TV, Arrow, Black Li ...…
This week the cast kick it with Ray as they discuss what he has going on these days. They also get his POV on a few different topics.
Erin welcomes influential podcaster David C. Smalley, creator of The Dogma Debate, to talk the intersection of sex and skepticism, why he avoided losing his virginity to his first true love, and what he regrets. David's journey began as a teenage Christian evangelist knocking on doors to save his neighbors' souls. When he overheard some female ...…
We look at the before, during and after of the recent same sex marriage debate in Australia, looking at influencing factors and personal perspective that shaped your views on a national dialogue. This is POV. For more, visit POV is produced by Millennial Studios, a social enterprise that incubates ideas, creativity and change. Fo ...…
First off, if any of you have seen this/heard this before… well, it’s because it was first broadcast in March 2013… exactly 5 years ago. Reeps is doing bi monthly new podcasts but lets face it, none of us can remember 5 minutes ago let alone 5 years so it’s like a new podcast anyway! Thanks to all who listened in live and got in the chat room… ...…
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