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Hard Starboard Radio
A decalogue of notes on Donald Trump's current predicatment; How badly did James Comey hurt Trump?; The high price of Trump's low character; Trumplican calls for firing Robert Mueller are dumbassery, and more than a little Clintonesque; How Trump created the apperance of obstruction of justice absent any underlying crime and continues to be his ...…
On this week's episode I chat about how unpredictable the music business is, how embracing this fact can help you feel less frustrated and how one night a tiny little insect was the real MVP and taught me a massive lesson.
Keith Lamont Scott was shot and killed by Charlotte, NC police officer Brently Vinson. Conflicting reports from the family and the Police Department have sparked protests in the area. Hillary Clinton's IT Tech, Paul Combetta AKA "Stone Tear", posted information regarding Clinton's pricate server that made the server wide open for hacking. Citin ...…
In the latest episode, inimitable hosts Prem & Rogue field questions from left field about dealbreakers and deception. How far would you go before you confess the truth? In one case, the perfect partner in crime suddenly confesses she's married. With kids. And wants good sex. Should he walk away or give it to her? And in our second question, we ...…
Denis Voituron Christophe Peugnet Dans cet épisode, nous reprenons les concepts introduits dans le Framework 3.5 afin de disposer de la syntaxe Linq. Nous passons ainsi en revue les notions de types anonymes, d’inférence de type, de méthodes d’extension, d’expression Lambda, etc. Podcast Notes Voici quelques liens sur ASP.NET MVC et Arnaud. Int ...…
WarriorsWorld Podcast
The WarriorsWorld podcast is back (slightly late) but is ready for wrap up the series against the New Orleans Pelicans and preview the upcoming matchup with the Memphis Grizzlies. In our first segment we talk about the historic shot hit by Stephen Curry to help the Warriors win Game 3 and the predicatable sweep that followed. We also preview th ...…
Overnight Drive
If you haven't yet, or if you have but you are a functioning adult who is paid a continuous and predicatable wage for products or services rendered, please take a minute and donate some money to help fellow podcaster PJ Ahlers subsidize his lifestyle while beating the David Lo Pan of cancers. ...…
August 6, 2014 Greatest Hits Predicatable Success w Les McKeown & the Very Sustainable Eric LowittBy (Jim Beach).
Teaser 30 episodes yay! Maaaannnn, F2P Mobile games and ignorant investors are getting out of control. C’mon guys. Stop scumming all over the place. It’s sticky and hard to clean. Got a question? Superbestfriendcast[at]gmail[dot]com Investor hypothesises paying 99cents to make mario jump a little higher//0.15% of mobile games account for 50% of ...…
Dig Deep Grow – Peak Potential Podcast
Find out how you can use the predictability of others to turn life’s odds in your favor. William Poundstone shares a wealth of surprising tips that will help you with everything from acing multiple choice tests to beating the stock market. Rock Breaks Scissors, his new book shows that people are predictable, even when they try not to be. So, ch ...…
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