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FM Prem Glory Clan's Podcast
The FM Prem Glory Clan is playing Football Manager '11, and has been a clan from Football Manager '09. Football Manager is a football (soccer) management simulator and we have 15 people playing against each other at the same time via the internet. We have members from all over western europe, but mainly from the UK.Our banter is legendary and this is a chance for you to sample the action and for clan members to relive episodes. Not only will we be talking about the game we will also be discu ...
In The Mixer
In The Mixer Podcast
Words of Peace (Podcast)
Bi-weekly audio excerpts from addresses by Prem Rawat, known also as Maharaji. He provides inspiration and guidance to people on how to find peace within.
The Love Sex & Dating 'Cast
Life is a bumpy ride, but have no fear: Irrepressible siblings, Prem & Rogue, are here to help you navigate the winding turns of love, sex and desi dating. With their differing takes on relationships, their vast dating experience, and their wise ass comments, NO subject is taboo and nothing is off limits. Episodes release weekly. Topics are intended for mature audiences, mostly urban Indians and desis (yes, NRI's you, too!). But, love and podcasts are universal so whoever you are, join us. S ...
DJ CHEMODANOV - молодой, амбициозный и очень востребованный ди-джей. За свою относительно не долгую карьеру, он успел переиграть в абсолютном большинстве лучших Нижегородских клубах (T.E.A.T.R.O., MILO Concert Hall/W-Club, Z-Top, Central Bar, PREM!O/Indi Club, Freedom, Фелечита, Rocco и многие другие), и полюбится многим клабберам. Является соучредителем и резидентом музыкального лейбла "UNITED SOUNDS promo" (г.Москва), а так-же стал ex-участником фестиваля электронной EDM музыки "River Danc ...
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When Monday Comes
No DJ this week, but we plough on with the Prem rugby's soft Brexit, soft Arsenal, and David Warner's soft underbelly
SQL Server Pain Relief: Office Hours with Brent Ozar Unlimited®
This week, Brent, Erik, and Richie discuss the new Extended Events Profiler, using SQL audit vs a trigger to log what people do, log shipping, migrating from on-prem to cloud, best practice for a database owner, SQL Server performance improvement, the difference between simple, bulk-logged, and full recovery models and when to use them, tools f ...…
We are joined by Sanjeet Singh, Director of Storage Solutions at SUSE to discuss the recent release of SUSE Enterprise Storage 5. Sanjeet illustrates how legacy storage products have reached a bottleneck and are unable to scale to meet rapidly growing amounts of data. He discusses how SUSE Enterprise Storage is a software defined storage produc ...…
Join Tiaga Prem as he speaks live at Bloom Festival. This class covers many classic stories to remind us of the Infinite Worth that we were born with. An inspiring class packed with humor and modern day insights to help illustrate that consciousness is the most valuable asset we have as humans. TUNE IN.…
Welcome back to the heart of a pub, with five blokes who want to give you their own take on the latest sport. This week the discussion touches on a certain kids TV show, betting success, the prem highlights, boxing round up and plenty more to make your journey into work, or evening by yourself or even lying on a lounger somewhere hot, even more ...…
Software Engineering Daily
42 is tuition-free developer school for students from 18-30. It was started by Xavier Niel, a French billionaire who wanted to encourage a new model of software education. 42 has campuses in France and Silicon Valley. 42 has very high standards for the students it admits, because the students that get in are not paying tuition, but they have 24 ...…
Tiaga Prem discusses the importance of living out your purpose as a creative person. We are all creative beings because we are human, so stop saying you're not! Get out there and create! Nurture your inner artist! In this podcast you will hear all about what it means to be creative and how essential meditation and kundalini yoga is to the proce ...…
Morata hits a hat trick and the boys debate whether this is the start of EPL greatness or a fluke from an over priced pretty boy. We look into this weeks sending offs, both Players and Managers, hand shakes all around. Then we discuss the rest of the weeks matches and why Brighton might edge out Crystal Palace and stay in the Prem.…
Join Tiaga Prem for a chat about Why All Yoga is Kundalini Yoga and How it can support you to live a conscious life as the best version of YOU! Episode also includes where to listen to his teachings and his upcoming travel schedule. Sat Nam.
Harprem (Prem) Doowa comes from a multigenerational, entrepreneurial family. Two generations ago, his family immigrated to Thailand from India and began a trading business. As the business started to grow and prosper, more family members joined in Thailand to help build that original business and branch out into other businesses. Prem learned a ...…
The boys are back in town, discussing high feet, prem results, odds on next week, our bet (That always crashes and burns...or Baz doesn't put it on), boxers who punch like animals, retiring commentators and lots more...
Today's episode is jam packed with conscious content! Lots of value here as Tiaga Prem takes us out of the knowledge based (Piscean) thinking and into the experiential (Aquarian).
Download the OneFootball App here:- J:-Instagram:- Moyesboy1Cheekysport Akeem:-Instagram:- https://www.instagr ...…
Fingers & Delaurus at The Movies
PSA or Propaganda ?
Yo Yo peeps, the prem is back!!!!! I bet all your better half are loving that fact. Well the boys pick through all the juicy games over the weekend and lot its more.....her we go
Of the many ways to achieve your highest self, Devotion is often found to be the most effective, but make sure you aren't misunderstanding the word itself, its meaning has lost its way over the years and has often been tainted through power trips. Tiaga Prem returns us to a path of clarity in this highly expansive episode of Revealing the Diamo ...…
Episode 26 and after our incredible play count last week, we're doing our best to follow that up. We open the show by recapping the first week of the Premier League and giving our thoughts on the Arsenal, Liverpool, Man Utd, City and Chelsea games. Then, we give our thoughts on the falling standard of commentary within sport, and what could be ...…
The time is now to gain mental clarity so we can walk the path of the warrior and live as our highest self. Listen to Tiaga Prem discuss why meditation is so critical for concentration and is the gateway to accessing your greatest version. Go to for the video mentioned in the podcast.…
We've hit 25 episodes and we kick off this landmark bumper episode by previewing this seasons Premier League, giving our top 4 predictions, relegation predictions and picks to be the surprise package this year. Following Gatlin's win this weekend and Farah's refusal to talk to the media, we tackle the issue that is doping in athletics, and deba ...…
On the Vox Markets Podcast Today: 31st July 2017Paul Angelatos, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Fleet, Rail and Off road business at Seeing Machines #SEE talks about current progress at the company.(Interview starts at 1 minute 27 seconds)George Roach, CEO of Premier African Minerals #PREM discusses today's funding and project update ...…
Horror Addicts Episode# 144SEASON 12 - The Next Great Horror Writer Contest JUDGES: Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich Judge: H.E. Roulo Guest Judge: Annette Curtis Klause Prize: Anime Sketch from Alyssa from PixelGhostCreations Intro Music by: Valentine Wolfe ——————— The top 6 / Character Descriptions ...…
The Leadership Platform — Richard Angus and Safiyyah Boolay, chat to Monisha Prem about her experiences as a woman entrepreneur, author and commercial lawyer. — Richard Angus and Safiyyah Boolay speak to Belinda Doveston of Sirdar and Monisha Prem about entrepreneurial failure. They discus how to handle this in the legal and governance environment.
I am Aloha with Tita Mei Ola - Inspirations and motivations from the heart
This episode is about inner peace and how we can get it. Next portal days: July 20th next new moon July 23rd For more inspirations and motivations register with THIS link: Here is some information on Prem Rawat: And here are a few websites where you can find me: http://www.titame ...…
English Premier League podcast: EPLpod
With James going to Bayern Munich, does that mean that Sanchez will stay at Arsenal? Mike interviews Manchester City's youth scout. 1. EatMyGoal 2. TEAMtalk 3. Support EPLpod Join our FPL: Let us know which captain is the biggest badass in the prem. Tweet to us.
To kickstart episode 21, we recap UFC 213 and where the winners and losers can go from here. Luke interviewed Kevin Lee last week, and you can hear that on the show too. Aside from the usual Lebron/MJ debates, we answer who we feel was more valuable to the Lakers out of Kobe or Shaq. Luke & TK then give their thoughts on the Taylor/Davies fight ...…
Ophthalmology Lecture Series
Managemebnt of Optic Neuritis - What's New in 2017? - Dr. Prem Subramanian
Ophthalmology Lecture Series
GVA and VZV - Dr. Prem Subramanian
Brian AKA True Geordie joins us today for the Warm Down podcast as we discuss all the goings on in the Premier League how each of the top 6 performed and how he expects Newcastle to do next season under Rafa Benitez in the Prem. Does he reckon they can they avoid relegation? Let's find out! SUBSCRIBE TO THE TRUE GEORDIE HERE; https://www.youtub ...…
Episode 164: Call 9-1-1This week: Edward and Wes cover soccer from different points in the time stream, including the Confederations Cup semifinals shootout. News and Notes has a Liverpool purchase and two new Prem coaches, W4tch gushes over One Punch Man, and So Raw and LOL WUT share time in their respective rings.NGSC Sports "W ...…
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