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The Premed Years is an extension of Started by Ryan Gray and his wife Allison who are both physicians, it is another means of bringing valuable information to pre med students and medical students. With interviews with deans of medical schools, chats with trusted, valuable advisors and up-to-date news, The Premed Years and are the goto resources for all things related to the path to medical school. We are here to help you figure out the medical school ...
A collaboration between the Medical School Headquarters and Next Step Test Prep, The MCAT Podcast is here to make sure you have the information you need to succeed on your MCAT test day. We all know that the MCAT is one of the biggest hurdles on your journey to becoming a physician. Listening to this podcast will give you the motivation and information that you need to know to help you get the score you deserve so you can one day call yourself a physician. is the go-to site for nontraditional premed and medical students. Now, the OldPreMeds Podcast will help these students even more as we take questions directly from the forums and answer them on the show. If you have questions, ask them in the forum at
The Exchange Server Pro Podcast is designed to help you keep up with the changing world of Microsoft Exchange Server, Exchange Online and Office 365. Hosted by Paul Cunningham, Exchange Server MVP and author of, the podcast features interviews with experts on a wide range of Exchange and Office 365 topics as well as related technologies that all IT pros who are dealing with Exchange Server need to know.
Kim Biddulph talks to archaeologists and authors about the real stories behind the fictional books with archaeology and history as a major component.
The Premise
The Premise is a new podcast from Forbes' tech news team that defogs and defuses the hype in business technology. We try to spot and explain the most important trends in mobile, security, cloud and data and explore how companies and organizations are using these tools to make the world a better and more profitable place. The Premise will alternate between feature segments and interviews with the brightest minds in tech.
The On-Premise IT Roundtable gathers the best independent enterprise IT voices, puts them around a table, and gets them talking around a single topic. It breaks the traditional IT silos, taking on topics from across the isolated realms of servers, networking, storage, cloud, and mobility.
MedStud Memoirs is a podcast designed for premed, medical school, and other healthcare students. We take the textbook knowledge involved in medicine outside of the classroom by sharing experiences of patients, doctors, and more. MedStud Memoirs is produced by two medical school students: Brian Elliott and Jarett Beaudoin. Music "Beyond Home" adapted from tracks by Brandon Liew on FreeMusicArchive, URL:
Bi-weekly audio excerpts from addresses by Prem Rawat, known also as Maharaji. He provides inspiration and guidance to people on how to find peace within.
Sqaud Remy
Sqaud Remy
Mcatforme podcasts highlight premedical advice and MCAT prep tips. Mcatforme is a free MCAT test prep company that has hundreds of free video lectures, flashcards, notes, 4 course programs (a 2, 3, 4 and 6 month program), and much much more! We are just getting into podcasting, and we hope you enjoy them! In these podcasts we will mainly be going over MCAT advice, tips and strategies to improve your MCAT score, however we will also be going into advice for general premedical work including m ...
The Are My Kids On Track podcast is a companion to the book of the same title written by authors and counselors Sissy Goff, David Thomas and Melissa Trevathan. The host, Sarah Bragg, curates a conversation with the authors about the 12 emotional, social and spiritual milestones that a child needs to reach—which we believe they are reaching to lesser degrees than ever before. The podcast can stand alone, or can be used alongside the book, with each episode going hand in hand with the respecti ...
The FM Prem Glory Clan is playing Football Manager '11, and has been a clan from Football Manager '09. Football Manager is a football (soccer) management simulator and we have 15 people playing against each other at the same time via the internet. We have members from all over western europe, but mainly from the UK.Our banter is legendary and this is a chance for you to sample the action and for clan members to relive episodes. Not only will we be talking about the game we will also be discu ...
The PERMIE KIDs podcast is for anyone and everyone who is in the lives of children - parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, neighbors, mentors, and more. We are all educators, whether or not you realize or want such an important responsibility. Yet, together, we can revolutionize what it means to educate. Together, we can take back our individual rights and empower our children and our children's children with the ethics, principles, knowledge, and characteristics needed to not just survi ...
Specialty Stories is a podcast to help premed and medical students choose a career. What would you do if you started your career and realized that it wasn't what you expected? Specialty Stories will talk to physicians and residency program directors from every specialty to help you make the most informed decision possible. Check out our others shows at
A comprehensive look and discussion about corrections and modern day prison issues in the United States.
This is an honest channel. No masks, We all need someone. Life is messy, let's talk about it.
Dear Premed
Welcome to Dear Premed with Mary Tate, a fourth year medical student at Harvard. Every month she invites a physician or physician-in-training to join her on the show to get past their CV and talk about their journey to medicine especially the bumps along the road. They each share a letter they have written to their premed self. You also don’t want to miss her answers to your questions about all things premed and a medical minute on health in the news.
Dj Rawkus plans to release mixes that are 100% Trinbago music; popular and underground, old and new, as wide a variety of genres as possible.
Indies Are My Jam
A weekly show celebrating independent film, hosted by Alicia Malone and Scott Mantz. To see a video version of this podcast, go to
Mentorship in HD
A podcast that asks creative types: "Who are your people?"Through interviews with filmmakers, authors, musicians, technologists, and other creative entrepreneurs, "These Are My People" offers ideas, strategies, and examples for finding, building, and maintaining your audience. Tune in and find your people. #TAMPpodcastProduced by Smarthouse Creative, a public relations, marketing strategy, and audience engagement agency headquartered in Seattle, WA.
Four lads, a copious amount of beers and a shed load of banter discuss all things football... So sit back, crack open a beer with us, listen and be entertained! Together, we are PiSSD!
Premix Radio
Premix Radio is a new motocross podcast and features discussions about the latest news in the industry. New shows are recorded almost every week with discussions on the hottest topics and rumors flying around the pits.
Your favorite Premier League podcast. Hop on this bandwagon.Jason, Matt, and Telmo of discuss the headlines surrounding the Premier League.
Rémi's Podcast
Remi Moratto
Every Week Enjoy the best selection of House Music by Remi Moratto
My Seemingly Eternal Question...
Prem Khawtong
Podcast by Prem Khawtong
The Ask Dr. Gray: Premed Q&A podcast is an "almost daily" audio version of the Facebook Live videos that Dr. Gray does on the Medical School Headquarters Facebook page. If you can't watch the videos, or like audio more, this is for you! Dr. Gray covers everything under the sun, answering your questions. Call them in to 617-410-6747.
Remy Sqaud
Anything people want to hear if you have any questions or suggestions Email me @ state your name and your state
Naše stanje na spram namaza općenito i namaza u džematu posebno. Namaz se žali jer ga mnogi ostavljaju, ali još gore je kada se misli da musliman može biti muslimanom onda kada ne klanja.
Islam je vjera istine i pravde, te počiva na temelju prava i obaveza, počinjući od veze stvorenja sa Stvoriteljem i završavajući sa vezom između muslimana i njegova brata. Pa ćemo u ovom audio predvanju vidjeti prava i obaveze muslimana prema svome komšiji muslimanu ili nemuslimanu.
Daija govori o vrstama dobročinstva u islamu, te vrijednost dobročinstva prema roditeljima uz upozorenje na neposlušnost prema njima, kao i pojašnjenje kako im nastaviti činiti dobročinstvo nakon njihove smrti.
Mcatforme podcasts highlight premedical advice and MCAT prep tips. To follow our free MCAT program, visit
Islam, kao cijelokupni sistem života za sva vremena, nije pustio porodicu da sama luta tražeći riješenja za bračne probleme, nego je to riješio na najbolji način dajući svakom od supružnika prava i obaveze, jednog na spram drugog. Poslušajte nekoliko riječi o dužnosti supruge naspram svoga muža.
U ovom audio klipu daija spominje i objašnjava hadise koji govre o nagradi i vrijednosti onih kojih vode računa o jetimima ili siročadi.
Hi, I'm Mailey and MOVIES ARE MY VICE
U ovom audio klipu daija spominje jedan veoma lijep primjer poštovanja i odnosa uleme prema hadisu Allahova Poslanika, alejhi selam.
Islam je postavio jasna pravila prilikom odnosa prema učenjacima te je učinio da se znanje, ispravno znanje, ne može steći osim putem istih, a ko bude uzimao znanje iz knjiga njegove su greške mnogobrojne i nekada pogubne.
So many things are happening in our world and luckily for you have an opinion on just about everything.
Odnos prema ljudima
Predavanje na temu odnosa čovjeka prema ljudima. Kao što vidimo naslov obuhvata sve ljude a ne samo pojedince ili grupacije ili nacije, nego sve ljude, muslimane i nevjernike. Predavač je pokušao postaviti pravila djelovanja među ljudima na ispravnim izvorima.
U ovom audio klipu daija spominje nekoliko stvari, sa kojima čovjek može lahko održavati dobre komšijske odnose, i time zaslužiti veliku nagradu kod Allaha Uzvišenog.
Digging deeper into the Sci-Fi Movies we all love!
Welcome to the Remy Charles Baccam podcast, where love prevails.
We are going to talk about what we did in class on the week
Say Hello To Remy!
welcome to my Sin City hosted by yours truley Mr. TOP Syndicate. we cover everything HOOD here so tune in
A humorous look at today's pop culture from the eyes of two smart alecks from Jersey, let go from a mental institution after a stellar presentation to Homeland Security outlining "how" to get Justin Bieber deported. Join Peter Riario and Nick Franco as they explore the world of entertainment atop Mount Hackensack through a set of some kickass K-Mart binoculars.
Islam daje veliku pažnju porodici i njenim stvarima; jer je ona kamen temeljac u zdravom društvu, te je dao svakom od supružnika obaveze i dužnosti kao i prava. Poslušajte u ovom predavanju prava žene kod svog supruga.
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Jekk - Survive Tunguska Electronic Music Society - Life as a Vital Amount Anitek - Back to Me DJ John - Hypnotic Asia Prysm - Chill Out Chill Carrier - Kamaro Physical Johnson - Lipstick Kiss Muciojad - Before I Sleep Remy Bourgeois - He Loves Her Delta Worldwide Group w/ Andrew Gate - Dare To Dream Ending song: Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack - Space Lion…
Welcome to VSSL RADIO, the air- & wire-borne extension of the VSSL warehouse series, helmed by Remy Marc, with residents Josh Beck and Travis Castle, and featuring regular special guests. VSSL is warehouse music: techno, electro, acid, house, industrial, and EBM. Take your body off. MIX: DOWNLOAD Remy Marc Broken English Club – The Gentle Art o ...…
Si è appena conclusa la cerimonia di premiazione degli oscar 2018. Scopri chi ha vinto (secondo noi). premi_oscar_secondo_recycle_bin.mp3File Size: 5798 kbFile Type: mp3Scarica fileBy (RecycleBinOnAir STAFF).
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: CybersonaAuthor: Fred YagerNarrator: Eric Michael SummererFormat: UnabridgedLength: 4 hrs and 42 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 01-08-14Publisher: Hannacroix Creek Books, inc.Genres: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Sci-Fi: ContemporaryPublisher's Summary:In an ...…
Happy New Kirtan Year 2018! It’s hard to believe that the last episode of the first season of this podcast, which contained a very inspiring interview with Gopal prabhu, was released already more than 16 months ago. In the first episodes of season 2, you will be listening to 7 members of the 24 Hour Kirtan party in Vrindavan, speaking about the ...…
Ascolta questo libro audio completo gratuitamente su Titolo: LattanteAutore: Ludovica MasciNarratore: Laboratorio di NarrazioneFormato: UnabridgedDurata: 1 hr and 5 minsLingua: ItalianoData di pubblicazione: 01-05-18Editore: MnamonCategoria: Drama & Poetry, Modern DramaRiepilogo Editore:L'adolescente Silvia, in eter ...…
Rémy and Amber debate the best cookie. What's better, chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin? Amber likes the latter. Listen to why, then let them know why they're wrong. Plus, they 86 some tough ones, cookies that is.
In his new book, The Malmedy Massacre: The War Crimes Trial Controversy (Harvard University Press, 2017), Steven Remy, professor of history at City University of New York, examines the Malmedy massacre which took place on December 17,…
In his new book, The Malmedy Massacre: The War Crimes Trial Controversy (Harvard University Press, 2017), Steven Remy, professor of history at City University of New York, examines the Malmedy massacre which took place on December 17,…
Rémy went a little crazy on Cyber Monday and got himself a high-powered blender. The kind that's like a lawn mower at the bottom of a vase. Kale doesn't stand a chance. Smart Amber has had one for years and talks him through how to properly use and care for it. Recipes included!
Remy and Amber sit down and battle food comas to talk about Friendsgiving, crowd pleasers and digestifs (you'll need them). They discuss what the best part of the food season is and the worst, because Thanksgiving is kind of like a food person's Super Bowl.
All’interno di Radio Incredibile, si viene a creare un programma per band emergenti che si chiama Suoni All’Alba a cura di L’Altoparlante. In questo podcast gli artisti sono… SERGIO CASABIANCA con PRENDIMI LA MANO L’artigiano della musica che ha saputo fondere musica, prosa e cabaret, dopo prestigiose partecipazioni (Castrocaro, Sanremo Rock) e ...…
Harry is sad but Prem is here to cheer him up with the help of Aunt Fran (Alex Tracy), Andy Fitch, Marilyn Manson (Yaari Tal), Alex the 13-year-old-boy (Ashley England), and the Puzzlemaster (Sam Henneberry) in another spooky edition of SCARY Says Yes!By (Harry Nelson).
Bella Vasta is the dynamic personality behind the one woman coaching company, Jump Consulting. As a child, she was always the kid in the neighborhood organizing everyone and coming up with ways to make money. After starting her pet sitting company while attending college, she went full speed ahead when she graduated, growing Bella's House & Pet ...…
Remy Meraz, CEO of Me Tyme Network, talks with Jeff Demain of Hantheon about personal drive in business. They discuss the role of drive in moving a business foward, and how drive is perceived in others. This is the next weekly installment of Hantheon's podcast series on leadership. You can find them at You ...…
Rémy and Amber are coming at you from a kitchen! Seemed appropriate. They talk about the impending End of Summer, but less dramatic than Game of Thrones. Some dishes you should be eating if you know what's good for you get discussed and dissed.
Rémy and Amber soak in a bowl of their own food punditry broth. Does that make sense? They talk about foods you soak. Let them know all the ones they missed. Or just soak up how much they like to say the word soak.
I review the coolest customer there is, Remy Baskin. We talked about tricks, competition, why so many young people are in the scene, and some of the other people rising up in the Yoyo ranks. Of course we got to your questions as welll Remy’s instagram: instagram: @tokyoyovideos Check out my string sponsor, Zipl ...…
Yo Yo peeps, the prem is back!!!!! I bet all your better half are loving that fact. Well the boys pick through all the juicy games over the weekend and lot its more.....her we go
Rémy and Amber talk about how they started loving food in this previously unreleased trial episode. Amber ate meat scraps and Rémy remembers a chocolate cookie cake. There's a meat and cheese discussion, and SORRY FOR THE EATING NOISES.
Rémy and Amber start foaming at the mouth! Mostly because they ate bubbly, airy things this week. And now they talk about them. Things like meringues, mousses and foams all get their chance to impress, or face an 86ing. Eat like a cloud!
Tatt opp i Lunkent verksted 15 juli, 2017 Liam tar opp tråden fra hans forrige opptreden (s05e02) og snakker om hans radiodager i Ashville North Carolina, han røper sitt mellomnavn, litt om Camron lovejoy og mudfoot, LUNKENT GJENSYN (ny jingle), Nilsen museum, (instagram @nilsenmuseum) Liam har flyttet til Velje i Danmark, residency på Nilsen M ...…
Rémy and Amber can't shut up about their kitchen utensils. They also talk about barbecue carrots, an aversion to the garlic press and unveil their favorite kitchen utensil. It's VERY useful.
Bhangra and Beyond is a weekly music show hosted by DJ Rekha, a cultural instigator, recognized worldwide for being one of the first DJs to merge classic Bhangra sounds into the language of contemporary electronic dance music. The first 40 minutes or so of the show comprise of Bhangra tracks fast and slow, classic and new. The of style of Bhang ...…
Last month I spent about four hours in two sessions answering questions from Rock for Life activists before their outreach tour this summer. This is the audio from the first of those two sessions. I'll list the topics below in case you want to jump around: 2:32: "Why are you pro-life?" 6:57: My views on capital punishment and how pro-life peopl ...…
Here’s what we covered in this episode: Introducing Natalie Esguerra, or Mummy Nat as she is known on Instagram, babywearing mama to beautiful twin baby girls who arrived prematurely at 31 weeks and are now aged 1.5 years. Being a young mum and how that changes your life and priorities. Why babywearing became a necessity at home with both babie ...…
Filmmaker, writer, director, producer, and composer Hal Hartley came Center Stage with Mark Gordon to talk about the release of The Henry Fool Trilogy, which features his films Henry Fool, Fay Grim, and Ned Rifle in a boxed-set and subtitled in five languages.The interview was originally broadcast Tuesday, June 20, 2017 on KXLU Los Angeles, 88. ...…
Vi har vinneren av Läkerol-konkurransen, Lisa, på besøk i studio! Camilla forteller om sin nye behandlingsform, det blir Lesbenytt med ukens Pridevettregel før vi snakker med Lisa om OCD og hun får overrukket sin premie!
Katie and David review the current state of Home Automation and the technology they use in their homes. We also talk about our new iPads and wrap-up WWDC. This episode of Mac Power Users is sponsored by: Freshbooks: Online invoicing made easy. TextExpander from Smile Type more with less effort! Expand short abbreviations into longer bits of tex ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: After I've GoneAuthor: Linda GreenNarrator: Emmy Rose, Helen LloydFormat: UnabridgedLength: 11 hrs and 20 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 06-15-17Publisher: QuercusRatings: 5 of 5 out of 4 votesGenres: Mysteries & Thrillers, PsychologicalPublisher's ...…
Command Control Power Live at ACEs Conference 2017! This special broadcast of Command Control Power is sponsored by: Thank you to our sponsors! Prosoft Engineering - Software made with excellence since 1984 Addigy - The Cloud Based Management Platform Jamf Now - Setup, manage and protect Apple devices in minutes Watchman Monitoring - We find pr ...…
Ascolta questo libro audio completo gratuitamente su Titolo: Il premio Nobel (Audionews)Autore: Emilio CrippiNarratore: Lorenzo VisiFormato: UnabridgedDurata: 1 hrLingua: ItalianoData di pubblicazione: 06-13-17Editore: Area 51 ShortCategoria: Bios & Memoirs, Science & Technology LeadersRiepilogo Editore:Il premio No ...…
The deadliest trials of the Early Modern Period were also the ones with the greatest number of young victims. Children as young as seven are recorded as being tortured and executed for the crime of witchcraft. Fleeing the city was not enough; extradition was actively sought for those suspected of the crime, and it was often granted. Prince-Bish ...…
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