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Where Survivalists And Preppers Prepare To Survive
The Prepper Podcast
The Prepper Podcast is an up to date survival podcast based on wilderness survival, military survival and tactics, and modern-day survival.
Prepper Recon
Helping you to prepare for the uncertain times ahead.
We discuss survival/prepper topics in an entertaining, yet useful fashion for the average Joe. Whether for a zombie apocalypse or natural disaster.
Promoting Self-reliance and Independence. Broadcasts are designed to involve the listener, answering the 5 W’s of who, what, when, where, why and the how to of being prepared, self-reliant and self sustaining.
A podcast for people that are interested in a practical approach to emergency preparedness. No tin foil hats or conspiracy theories, just great preparedness information (and a little bit of entertainment) for the everyday person!
Where Survivalists And Preppers Prepare To Survive
The Prepper Website Podcast provides audio versions of articles that focus on preparing for survival, homesteading, bushcraft, DIY, frugal living and alternative news.
Prepper Podcast Radio Network (℠) (KPRN-DB) Founded to give all preppers a home to listen to respected preppers in your community. Founded in 2009 by the American Preppers Network, as the first Preppers Podcast (℠) in the world and the Longest Preparedness Radio Network (℠) in the world.If you wish to rebroadcast a show it must be left in its entirety and no editing. We Reserve all rights.! and you must have written permission.
Helping you to prepare for the uncertain times ahead.
Be inspired and take action today. The Suburban Survival Podcast is the show for normal people who look around at the world and realize that things are not as they seem. Something's wrong isn't it? What can we do to figure it out? How can we be prepared for what we feel in our spirit is coming?
Helping you to prepare for the uncertain times ahead.
Prepper Patch Radio
New Podcast Weblog
Politics and Preppers
Politics and Preppers: The no liberal zone. : Chapter 1 NoBamaA Preppers podcast where we talk about Prepper topics and conservative news and views. We don't have time for liberals so don't bother calling in!http://politicsandpreppers.comThis Podcast was created using
Doctor Prepper's C.P.R. Talk Show is the premier Internet source for information related to Prepping, Individual and Family Preparedness, Self-Reliance, Micro, Urban, Suburban, and Ex-Urban Homesteading, and Survivalist. Whether you're an apartment dweller, urbanite, suburbanite, or ex-urbanite, Doctor Prepper interviews experienced, professional, and expert guests to inform, advise, enrich, and entertain you as you prepare for the uncertain future! Given the state of the Nation's financial ...
The Smart Prepper Gear Podcast is a prepper podcast about helping people prepare the smart way now so that we can thrive later. Whether if it's a SHTF or post collapse scenario we will talk about bugging out, bugging in, self defense, going off-grid and much more.
I am a Blogger, Podcaster and Preparation Coach. I help New Preppers that feel overwhelmed to gain a sense of balance and purpose of what matters most.
Are you looking for Safety, Security, Survival and Emergency Preparedness, Skills and Tips? Mind4 Survival is you one stop shop for Survival and Preparedness information. Safety | Security | Survival | Preparedness | Skills | Information | Ideas
Father Son Preppers
John and Tony talk Prepping. We go through everything from fire to famine and weapons to warfare. This podcast will be family friendly so bring your son or daughter.
Prepper Living - Prepping today for a better tomorrow
Prepper Talk Radio
Prepper Talk Radio is a live talk show about preparedness and survival broadcast weekly since October 2015. Scott Stallings; the founder and CEO of PrepperCon, the nation's largest preparedness and survival expo, and Shane Coles; a lifelong prepper, blogger and survival expert co-host the show. Prepping, self-sufficiency, self-reliance, water storage, food storage, firearms, self-defense and mindset are just a few of the many topics discussed with our expert weekly guests. If you're hoping t ...
discusses survival, preparedness, guns, tactical, urban homesteading, personal safety, food storage, gear reviews, and other topics with ACTIONABLE information every Monday with a comedic twist and NO TIGHT TINFOIL HATS.
Prepper Bois: Like Alex Jones but with More Gay Frogs
Join Andie and Travis every Thursday as they take on every single Apocalypse scenario they (and the listener) can think of! Warning they're not professional preppers. They're comedians first, apocalypse aficionados second so it tends to get pretty silly. Come hunker in their bunker and let's survive this thing together! If you have thoughts on episode topics, want to give feedback or just want to be friends: Follow us on twitter @TravisandAndie! Search Bunker Buddies on Facebook! The Intro/O ...
Survival Medicine
Doom and Bloom,Nurse Amy,Dr Bones,Survival,Survival Medicine,Traditional and Alternative Medical Advice including Survival Medicine or Collapse Medicine.
Prepping Academy Radio Show is a live broadcast where we discuss all things prepping, survival, self-reliance and where preppers unite. Our Goal at The Prepping Academy Radio Show is to expand your thinking & motivate you to take action – because it’s time that we get prepared.The central focus of our online academy is a set of guided courses that takes you from a state of being totally unprepared to the the ultimate goal of not having to depend on any store, any government, or any grid. The ...
Om att vara redo, och om kriser, katastrofer, prepping, säkerhetspolitik och informationskrig.
Living Life Better And More Prepared
Welcome to Adventure, Suspense & Horror Old Time Radio brought to you by the Prepper Broadcasting Network every evening at 8:00 pm/Pacific time. Remember Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde, or Sherlock Holmes, how about Tales of the Texas Rangers, another old time radio sci-fi classic X-one, or City of The Dead? There are those I’ve mentioned and many others brought to you every evening by Prepper Broadcasting It’s not all Old Time Radio. Visit us at Prepper for over 45 live and pre ...
Current and future events, national and community security, culture war and world war. Your source for daily threat intelligence and security.
The Wasted Ammo Podcast is a talk show co-hosted by two broke gun enthusiasts that explores a variety of firearm and preparedness related topics that can range from guns, gear, training, personal defense, and improving skill-sets. We sit down in front of the mic every week, grab a few beers, and hit the record button. So join us every Monday and Friday for a fun conversation about a hobby that we love.
Library at the End of the World is hosted by noted survival and preparedness authority Jim Cobb. He's long been a fan of post-apocalyptic and disaster fiction and this show will focus on the books, TV shows, and movies that center on all the ways authors and directors have destroyed the world. We'll be talking about electromagnetic pulse, plague, nuclear war, alien invasion, zombie uprising, and so much more. Reviews, author interviews, even some real world survival and prepper tips along th ...
Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
Contra Radio is for new and experienced preppers. Contra Radio has recently expanded to include Patriot News. We are privileged to include the Patriot News in this program. We have the ability to enable listeners to call, and have guests for our listeners. Contact us:
Survival Dad is for the alert Father who cares enough to be prepared. If the rising media coverage of pandemics, natural disasters, food security, terrorist threats and the “new” Russia has you concerned about your family’s future, you’re in the right place. Buck Rizvi, a father of 4, takes a practical and entertaining approach to prepping and self-reliance that’s free of the negativity found in many Survival communities. Every week, Buck covers topics such self defense (with and without wea ...
Matter of Facts
In this podcast, we will attempt to provide some information and thoughtful discussion about a range of topics including: firearms and the 2nd Amendment, prepping, self defense/home defense, politics in the United States, and current events.
The Wise Prepper Show is all about being prepared! LIVE Saturday Nights from 8-9PM PST on FM NEWS 101.1 FM in Portland Oregon and streaming live on We take your calls and answer your questions about getting prepared. Call us at 503-417-9595, Toll Free 877.733.1011 - We cover the how's and the why's of getting prepared for the future for whatever may come. We bring you prepper news presented by Michael Knight and the Community Preparedness Calendar presented by co-host Joshua Patterson
Revelation Radio is a network whose aim is to awaken and aid the remnant by "revealing" hidden truths from our Creator and shattering the lies.
The zombie apocalypse is going to happen, and it's going to be AWESOME!
Survival with a punk attitude
Hardcore/hard hitting podcasts. 24-hour streaming! law podcasts. Topics of discussion are Nationalism, racism, interracial hate crimes, Jews, lone wolves, leaderless resistance, environmental issues, religion, feminism, history, economics, politics, healthy living, Natural Hygiene, prepping, survival training, conspiracies, logical fallacies & Independent rational thought. Interesting individuals are interviewed. Important book ...
EGO NetCast
EGO NetCast show with Martin Lindeskog, Numismatist, Renaissance Man & American in Spirit. Chile-head & tea enthusiast @TeaPartyNu. Blogger since 2002.
Nightly hosts offer shows to entertain the patriot in everyone. Join them nightly at 9:00 pm EST.
The hottest show on the Net! Real People... Real Conversations... Real Life
All about being gay And being a prepper/survivalist. Stories, tips, facts, and more.
Hear from encouraging guest and hosts who walk the talk!Be Prepared and Enjoy the Journey!
TradCatKnight is a one of kind website focusing in on the latest church & endtime news. I bring on special guests from around the world to expose the NWO. I cover economics, current events, NWO, CERN, FreeMasonry, Geoengineering, health, survivalism, theology, geopolitics and more!THIS IS THE BEST PODCAST AROUND!Donations:
J2cast: Prepping
A podcast devoted toward sharing ideas and solutions in the prepper community. From SHTF to everyday needs, join us as we talk about preparedness and the many different aspects it entails.
News Aggregate, Editorials, Podcasts and More Focused on Tilting the Balance of Power Toward Individuals and Free Associations
Society Tomorrow
Making the best choice today, for a better tomorrow
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Where is the balance and proper motivation for being a prepper?
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Episode 286 Articles: Situational Awareness for Concealed Carry Does the Family Know? Conflicted: – Never See Family Again? – What Would You Do? Mentioned in this Episode Weekly Watchman – April 3, 2018 Bug Out Bag Food Ideas and Tips Items of Interest: Legacy Foods – Quality Long Term Food Enroll in the eCourse – Build a More Self-Reliant Life ...…
Episode 284 Articles: The Second Amendment We Are All Preppers, But Some of Us Don't Know It Yet Mentioned in this Episode Bug Out Bag Food Ideas and Tips Items of Interest: Legacy Foods – Quality Long Term Food Enroll in the eCourse – Build a More Self-Reliant Life Join the FREE FB Group! Connect on – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Remember, the ...…
Facebook page: Check out Hey Man (@Rich15943035): #homesteading #camping #hiking #minimalism #selfreliant #minimalist #selfsufficient #healthandwellness #health #wellness #meditation #nature #bush ...…
EP - 50 - Listener Q & A Reviews - Battlbox TacPack Survival Boxes Hunt Vault This Podcast is Sponsored By - Tac Pack - Survival Boxes - Use code "CASUALPREPPERS" for a discount! PREPPING - SURVIVAL - ENTERTAINMENT
Fixed Income, Disability, and Single Mom Part 2! Host: Dane "The Gunmetal Armory" American Preppers Radio aka Prepper Broadcasting! Thursdays 9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 6:00pm/Pt Live Listen and Chat go HERE! This weeks show is going to be a continuation of last weeks Budget Prepping Show. I had my wife co-host with me, and multiple listeners have re ...…
Join us for another Episode of The Written Apocalypse with featured Author A.L. White Anthony lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with his wife, one collie, one black lab, and two cats. His favorite genres to write are post-apocalyptic and SyFy. Contact the author Facebook at Tw ...…
Hey Buddies! This week we're traveling out to Hope County Montana in the fictional world of Far Cry 5 were a crazy cult leader is up to no good. We're gonna scour this videogame for everything apocalypticism, prepper, fishing and pickles. Shout out to Witt! Check out our instagram The Maxfun drive starts A ...…
My very special guest this week is Piers Richard Corbyn an English astrophysicist, weather forecaster and businessman who owns WeatherAction, which makes weather forecasts. He is the older brother of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. He has stated his belief that the anthropogenic contribution to global warming is minimal with any increase in ...…
In this episode I discuss the above entitled article and the title, in my opinion, should have been Preppers: "What are You Prepping for?"
Kassy and Lauren get dark, talk about zambies and taking over water towers. Doomsday preppers welcome.
Last week’s Survivalist Prepper Podcast was part 1 with Matthew Stein talking about EMP’s, CME’s, and Nuclear Meltdowns. This week we finish up our 2 part series right where we left off. We ended last week’s show talking about the severe effects a nuclear meltdown would have on Americans. As I mentioned in last weeks […] The post EMP’s, CME’s a ...…
Episode 271 Articles: Why Preppers Have a Hard Time Building Community Situational Awareness & Background Noise — Use Your Ears! Conflicted: – Taking Prisoners – What Would You Do? Mentioned in this Episode: Tactical Flashlight for $9.99 Join the FREE FB Group! What Do I Put in My Survival Kit? Connect on – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Remember ...…
Black pepper is ubiquitous these days, but throughout history it was a prized commodity, traded like gold and responsible for family fortunes. Anney and Lauren explore where peppercorns come from, how they're processed, and why they became commonplace.By (HowStuffWorks).
Preppers rejoice, Amazon and Costco have you covered with prepper packs that you can purchase that will feed your family for a year.
So what is the grey man? Is he fictitous or is he real? Is he a person or a state of mind? How does it affect the Preparedness movement? These are just a few questions that have been asked about the subject. Tune in Sunday night to hear the answers on the subject.
I had the honor of being on the Prepping Academy Podcast with Forrest Garvin recently. We talked about the growing divide in America over gun rights and other polarizing issues. Seven Cows, Ugly and Gaunt is now available as a complete box set for Kindle! Danny and Alisa’s lives are turned upside down when Danny begins having prophetic dreams a ...…
The Micro Bugout for Family Security in a Collapse! Host: James Walton"I Am Liberty" American Preppers Radio aka Prepper Broadcasting! Wednesdays 9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 6:00pm/Pt Live Listen and Chat go HERE! The bugout is one of those things that you can deconstruct over and over again. You can add pieces over and over and still find something y ...…
Sponsored by Quip Kelly and Emily instruct Bethany in the fine art of choosing a home and building a garden that will help you survive the apocalypse. More Join the conversation and comment on this podcast episode: Podcast listeners: Now become a Ricochet member for only $2.50 a mont ...…
She grew up in Ohio, raised by a gun-collecting father and a loving mother. For her 18th birthday instead of the usual pretty piece of jewelry as most girls would receive, she was given a shotgun so that she could continue trap-shooting every Friday night with her dad. Those Friday nights with him are some of her great memories. Plus, going to ...…
Are You Ready- Noon E. /9am P. You never know when an emergency is going to happen. Disaster can strike at any time. Whether stuck on the road, riding out a power outage, escaping a natural disaster, or surviving a dooms day Apocalypse, What would you do? No matter the scale, weather 1 hour or 1 year, Will you survive? Are You Ready is the newe ...…
🌟 Subscribe | 💚 Like show | 💔 Dislike ----------------------------------------- The Prepper Website Podcast provides audio versions of articles that focus on preparing for survival, homesteading, bushcraft, DIY, frugal living and alternative news.
🌟 Subscribe | 💚 Like show | 💔 Dislike ----------------------------------------- Episode 258 Articles: The Importance of Having Prepper Friends The Senior Prepper: Six Special Considerations For The Elderly Mentioned in this Episode: Tactical Flashlight for $9.99 Catch the Replay of My Interview on The Preparedness Experience Join the FREE FB Gr ...…
This week I am joined by Kevin Reiter from The Wilderness Safety Institute to talk about water safety and filtration for preppers. Kevin has been on a couple times in the past talking about trauma kits, gear and other medical information. Water safety and filtration is something that can seem fairly complicated at first, but […] The post Water ...…
Scotts list of the P's of Preparedness start with Planning. Originally broadcast live November 2nd, 2016.
My question to our listeners this episode was "Are things better, or are they worse?" Are we better off where we are as a society now are are we worse off? Has technology made our lives better or worse? Originally broadcast live October 12th, 2016.www,
On our 1st year anniversary show we discuss the how, what, and why of prepping. The why being the center of the target. What we are aiming for. Originally broadcast live October 5th,
Part two of our fall and winter preparedness discussion with Mr. PrepperCon and The Prepared Guy.Originally broadcast live September 28th, - Shane's preparedness blog. Since 2013. - This broadcast and podcast are all made possible by K-Talk. The third oldest AM talk radio stati ...…
Along with fitness preparedness for SHTF we welcome our special guest Tara Finicum. Originally broadcast live July 6th, 2016.Please excuse the poor recording quality of our first episodes.
Another one of our regular guests Beuna Tomalino of Garden Inspire talks with us about what to do with your garden in the fall to make sure it is ready for the spring. Originally broadcast live September 21st,
Scott Stallings is joined by Jon Roberts of for a discussion of our current situation in this country. Originally broadcast live June 29th, 2016.Please excuse the poor recording quality of our first - Check out our site for additional content and gear - Firs ...…
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