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The Prescription
Introducing, Dr. Fresch's mix series - The Prescription.Broadcasting every other Monday at 3PM PST / 6PM EST on Insomniac Radio and DASH Radio.ORIGINAL ACCOUNT TERMINATED: DOWNLOAD EPISODES 1-5 HERE: ...
Stories of journey and how accepting the truth brings freedom, clarity and joy.
Relationship Prescriptions with Dr. Carol is a weekly podcast dedicated to helping men, women, and couples experience good health, loving relationships and joyful spirituality that Jesus came to bring.
Dr Maulfair's 40+ years of clinical experience offering treatment protocols designed to avoid prescription drugs has resulted in thousands of patients regaining health and many more avoiding health problems in the first place. Aging gracefully without complications from chronic, degenerative diseases and health problems IS within your reach and very possible with his medical care. Get Answers Instead of Prescriptions with this weekly podcast.
When it comes to the Caribbean music scene in Canada, Dr. Jay is considered Soca royalty. With over 25 years of experience and his vast talents on the ones-and-twos, “De Soca Prince” is most notably the nation’s top rated Soca DJ.
We Love You (And So Can You) follows the journey of a guest looking to makeover part of their life: jumping back into the dating world, feeling comfortable in their body after having a baby, starting a new career. Hosts Kristen Meinzer and Jolenta Greenberg draw on extensive knowledge of self-help to provide a prescription of wellness practices, creative activities, media consumption, and more, which the guest follows while we eavesdrop on their progress. The goal: for the guest to find the ...
Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach Angela Atkins dishes the dirt on a variety of health topics with a social consciousness flair. She is joined by a variety guests in related fields to discuss the recurring theme of living the new-trition (nutrition) lifestyle.
Overprescribed is the podcast raising America's awareness on pharmaceutical medications. We talk about the issues you may not ever hear about while also bringing on guests with different perspectives on what it means to be medicated in the U.S.
Thursday's 3 pm PST - Dr Bart Rademaker’s background crosses continents, cultures and disciplines. Living in five different countries and speaking four different languages, his perspective and approach on life is multidimensional, understanding that the artistry of our own life and our world must be viewed in the same way.
This is a podcast with a mission of bringing joy to the masses! In this podcast I take you on my journey to joy, sharing my wisdom, experiences, and introducing you to those people that inspire joy into my life! Along the way I will be dispensing joy prescriptions: actionable steps that you can take to increase the joy quotient in your life! Join me on this exciting ride that will give you the tools to live your best life!
A weekly radio show broadcast on WEDO Radio in Jeannette, PA.
Both Sides of the Prescription brings together Dr. Meaghan and Dr. Ron to discuss pertinent medical issues from both an alternative and traditional medicine perspective. So many times people are only given one side of the story with healthcare that the better option is either alternative practices OR medical intervention. There is never a discussion of both and the power of merging the two strengths of both sides of the medical world.
Your Nutrition Prescription is a nutrition and health podcast that delivers a daily dose (M-F) of information that will help you to learn more about your body and optimize your health. Dr. Adrian Chavez has a PhD in Nutrition and works with clients to help them improve their health conditions naturally with diet and lifestyle changes along with natural supplements. This podcast is designed to help you learn more about how the body works, the true causes of disease, real super foods that have ...
Morning Edition takes listeners around the country and the world with multi-faceted stories and commentaries every weekday. Hosts David Greene, Steve Inskeep, Noel King and Rachel Martin bring you the latest breaking news and features to prepare you for the day.
Assorted stories from NPR
This podcast is your dose of good energy. No prescription needed. Insights and tips from a working energy medicine practitioner surrounded by doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals.
Morning Edtion
Morning Edition is an American radio news program produced and distributed by NPR.
Weekly Editors' Audio Summary for JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association
Internet marketing and branding for doctors and healthcare ... "Healthcare's Prescription for Web & Social." Healthcare digital marketing needs vary and so will our episodes. This podcast augments our content on Whether you need help starting a website, developing brand awareness, SEO, reputation-management or starting a Facebook account, Russ and Randy are here to help you. We’ll be publishing episodes of “Tips in 10 with Russ and Randy” regularly to help you understan ...
Welcome to the Mad in America podcast, a new weekly discussion that searches for the truth about psychiatric prescription drugs and mental health care worldwide. This podcast is part of Mad in America’s mission to serve as a catalyst for rethinking psychiatric care. We believe that the current drug-based paradigm of care has failed our society and that scientific research, as well as the lived experience of those who have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder, calls for profound change. ...
Welcome to the Essentials of Healthy Living, a program for news and advice on complementary and alternative approaches to living well. Join hosts Dana Laake and Dr. Kevin Passero, along with health experts, for a lively discussion of topics related to health and wellness. Essentials of Healthy Living is brought to you by Village Green Apothecary, bringing you individualized nutrition and healthy living resources at, as well as traditional pharmacy products and specialty co ...
John Sonmez wants to help you become more successful, make more money, deal with difficult coworkers and be so productive everyone thinks you must be abusing a prescription for Ritalin. Listen in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, as Simple Programmer founder, John Sonmez, answers questions, interviews guests and shares everything he knows to help you become a top performing software developer. The Simple Programmer Podcast is a short podcast that is a mix of career advice, philosophy and s ...
Authority Issues
Welcome to Authority Issues, a podcast about leadership, management, and competitive prescription writing. Hosted by Rachel Perkins (aka piebob), and Kendall Miller
London Heal
A scientist's view on alternative and cutting edge approaches to modern lifestyle and chronic disorders. Unpacking the mind body connection and sharing motivational conversations with alternative practitioners, scientific experts, physicians and inspirational individuals to empower you to live healthy for longer. Disclaimer: The information provided in the following podcasts is provided as educational content only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult with your registered he ...
Science now shows that meditation and mindfulness really work. For example, we now know that meditation not only lowers stress and improves mental sharpness but it also strengthens our immune system, gives us more youthful and healthy brain tissue, and can be as good or better than prescription drugs for treating mental illnesses like depression, addiction, and PTSD. So maybe there is something to what all those ancient masters were talking about. Turns out when you strip away the religious ...
Williams spent his life as a doctor practicing pediatric medicine in northern New Jersey, a few miles west of New York City. During the work day, between seeing patients, he often dashed off poems on the backs of blank prescription pads that he kept in his pocket. This particular poem was written in just such a spontaneous way, after seeing the Russian Ballet perform in Manhattan. Each of the 16 readers in this collection took the challenge to make the same kind of leap – reading it spontane ...
Curbside Consults take a deep dive into key topics with expert clinicians and educators. As we explore the details of pathophysiology and critique the evidence behind clinical practice, these conversations are intended to give you better understanding of the topic and greater confidence when treating your patients.
Sunday House Call
Sunday House Call is an evidenced-based medicine and science show broadcast live from the studios of 580 CFRA in Ottawa, Canada. Its stated aim is to provide the opportunity for our guests to discuss their ideas and the basic science that led to their latest research without the need to encapsulate their life’s work into a 30 second soundbite. The show strives to provide medical information to our listeners that is credible, unbiased and backed by evidence, not anecdote. Nothing can take the ...
Welcome to the Mad in America podcast, a new weekly discussion that searches for the truth about psychiatric prescription drugs and mental health care worldwide. This podcast is part of Mad in America’s mission to serve as a catalyst for rethinking psychiatric care. We believe that the current drug-based paradigm of care has failed our society and that scientific research, as well as the lived experience of those who have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder, calls for profound change. ...
Wireframe reveals the stories behind user experience design, for UX/UI designers, graphic designers, and the design-curious. Hosted by Khoi Vinh, principal designer at Adobe and one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business, the podcast explores unexpected ways that user experience design helps technology fit into our lives.
Tough to Treat
Welcome to Tough to Treat: A Physiotherapists’ Guide to Managing Those Complex Patients, with your hosts Erica Meloe and Susan Clinton, who discuss how they successfully treated patients that others could not. Via case history discussion, they share their physical therapy expertise from treating long standing pelvic pain to persistent neck pain. They present a holistic and integrative view on assessing and treating chronic pain. Unique movement strategies and specific patient exercise prescr ...
Hosts Pharmacist Paul White (right) and Compounding-Pharmacist Brad White (left) from the Medicine Center Pharmacies of Canton, Louisville, Minerva and New Philadelphia Ohio educate the community about the benefits of prescription management and health-related items. Their weekly guests include physicians, area experts and many other professionals to answer your questions and take your calls at 330-450-1480. A lot has changed in the health care industry and Paul and Brad keep you up to date. ...
Make Some Noise
Make Some Noise is not a mental health podcast. It’s also not an art podcast. Make Some Noise is not a prescription for happiness. Make Some Noise is conversations about prioritising creative expression as a tool for self actualisation.Creative expression is an important part of staying connected to yourself and expressing your emotions in healthy ways. In times gone by creativity was an integral part of community life: we sang, we danced and we created (weaving baskets, creating costumes, e ...
Sick Biz Buzz
Sick Biz Buzz, the sickest podcast for chronically ill and disabled entrepreneurs is the only podcast of its kind. Representing Sick Biz, Inc., the global organization dedicated to providing support, resources, hacks, and hope to entrepreneurs affected by chronic illness, pain, disability, and sickness, Sick Biz Buzz's host, Hilary Jastram interviews people who can help these self-starters. Guests include people working in the midst of illness and disability, the most elite of the elite entr ...
With 23 years of experience, Joe Biel shares prescriptive stories and advice about unique methods in publishing developed as an autistic person.
Tuesday's 10am - Heroin and opiate prescription pain medication addiction is a massive health problem that is pandemic and now threatens an entire generation of young people, aged 21-35, their families and their friends. From 2009 to 2013, Arizona deaths from heroin and prescription opiates (Percocet, Oxycodone, hydrocodone, etc) overdose have doubled and now claim the life of almost two young people per day. Nationally, more deaths now occur as a result of drug overdose than from automobile ...
This podcast addresses hope and recovery options for individuals, friends, family, parents and associates who have been or may be addicted to opioids, heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs, fentanyl, and want to overcome the addiction. There are interviews with former addicts, stories of having gone through numerous failed rehabes, parents and loved ones that describe the horrors and ultimate methods they have sought to save lives and help. Issues include the changing world of rehab, from 12 s ...
As business rapidly evolves and constantly changes, those in the driver’s seat have tried to divine the future. Predictive Machine Learning is helping them do just that in a meaningful, impactful way by addressing key business and operational questions, driving ROI, and improving margins. Predictive Machine Learning is truly useful when predictive output is embedded within applications as native features. Line of Business demands for prescriptive insights, coupled with a scarcity of skilled ...
MoneyMD is all about money - from personal finance to world markets. Learn how to budget, spend wisely, save, invest and make your money work for you. Money tips abound on MoneyMD!
Learn to experience better health by following the Creator’s design, with teaching from practicing cardiologist James L. Marcum, M.D.
Hosts Jennifer PhD, E-RYT of and Adam of come together to share in their love of food and health. Each week they discuss how food affects us physically, mentally and socially. Learn something new, discover a new food you just can't live without and share in some laughs along the way.
The opioid epidemic has been called the worst public health crisis in a century. Amid the darkness and despair, there is light and hope. "Prescription for Hope," a podcast from The MetroHealth System, shares the stories of some of the people working to end the crisis and bring the dawn.
ThornCrown Network
Do you know someone suffering from Bible Dysphoria? It’s spreading like the plague within and without the church. Bible Dysphoria is a condition that disorients its victims and affects their ability to identify with the Bible. Common symptoms include biblically contrary lifestyle and worldview, godlessness, idiosyncratic syncretism, unorthodoxness, heterodoxy, lack of discernment, inability to see how the Bible applies today, dissatisfaction with the Bible, failure to take the Bible seriousl ...
Tune in as award-winning director, Chris Bell, and TV actor, William Shewfelt, discuss every aspect of performance enhancement in training, nutrition, and mindset while interviewing industry leaders in the fitness & entertainment communities. Chris Bell is a director, producer and writer known for his documentaries Bigger Stronger Faster, Trophy Kids, and Prescription Thugs. William Shewfelt is a major health advocate known for currently starring on Power Rangers: Ninja Steel as Brody the Re ...
Everyone has a medical condition, but most of us don’t talk about it outside of the doctor’s office. Good thing we have board-certified medical doctor, Priyanka Wali, and alternative medicine fanatic, Sammy Obeid, here to invite comedians to open up, laugh, and cry about their serious--and sometimes secret--medical conditions. Each week, we hear a raw, untold story, and learn what worked and what didn’t. Making fun of big Pharma and Reiki hippies alike, we walk out with the best prescription ...
The Show
Meet award-winning doctor, naturopath and best-selling author of Death by Modern Medicine and The Magnesium Miracle Carolyn Dean MD ND. Hear a wealth of information designed to empower listeners and callers to pierce the veil of traditional (allopathic) medicine and discover how to improve health, vitality, and emotional well-being through nature’s perfect nutrients and picometer mineral supplementation. Enjoy weekly featured segments including: a review of news from around the health world, ...
Best of Nolan
Stephen Nolan's no nonsense approach to confronting the biggest issues of the day: an unmissable mixture of news, phone ins and entertainment. From BBC Radio Ulster
A fun and inspiring plant-based podcast from nutrition experts at The Physicians Committee. "The Weight Loss Champion" Chuck Carroll, who lost 275 pounds, is frequently joined by Dr. Neal Barnard and others to motivate and educate both new vegans and those who have been plant-powered for life. Learn the secrets to radically improving your health as Chuck goes one-on-one with others who have transformed their lives. Dive into the science of a plant-based diet like the effects of eating a sing ...
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In a wide-ranging interview, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also said she opposes the efforts of leading 2020 Democratic presidential candidates to enact a government-run health care system.By NPR.
More information on blood tests, including:CreatinineInsulinDiabetesCalciumPhosphorusUreaUrate (Uric acid)By Dr Maulfair.
All kinds of quarterback shakeups. What’s the “Most Fun” city in America. What is the greatest cartoon of all time? Women out here prescribing themselves monkeys & so much more on today’s show! Today’s episode of The Show on demand is brought to you by Ciotti Enterprises. Dumpster rentals for all your summertime clean out needs. From residentia ...…
Featuring hits from:1. Giuseppe Lanni, Forest - Take Away;2. &Me Ft. Atelier - Starting Again;3. Nandu - What You Into;4. Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons - Feedback Loop (Bedouin Remix);5. Ten Walls Ft. Jonatan Backelie - Age Well;6. Recondite - Osa;7. Delhia de France - Tremors: Nemesis (Adriatique Remix);8. Inellea Ft. Ameli - Lost In Fade ...…
Plus, that empty podium - was Boris set-up, or did he simply run away from a tough crowd?By BBC Radio Ulster.
In the years that Barna Research has tracked the Christian faith of Millenials and Generation Z, the numbers are quite troubling. In 2011, 59% of young Americans who grew up Christian had stopped attending their churches and those numbers are increasing. What can be done to offset the decline of faith amongst the next generation? Mark Matlock, ...…
Good People, On today’s episode, I want to talk about 2 concepts that I believe are critical to self-development. The #1 priority on your path to self-improvement and self-development, and overcoming challenges, is don’t beat yourself up. Desire to be better and always appreciate where you are. In that same vein, remember to ask yourself how yo ...…
THE CLINIC mixed by DJ Avalanche: Representing St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, DJ Avalanche earned his reputation as the “Caribbean’s Hottest DJ” when he won the Heineken’s first DJ competition in 2003. He has also won Best DJ in the VI for a record 10 times! Check out this mixtape and see why Avalanche’s unique style is going to landslide The Clin ...…
Jeff Cohen rawBy Dr. Rademaker’s Prescription for Transformation.
Dr. Fresch presents the 75th episode of his mix series - "The Prescription". This installment features a 30 minute mix from Dr. Fresch and a 30 minute guest mix from Luis Da Silva.NOW ON INSOMNIAC RADIO. Every other Monday at 3PM PST. Visit Broadcasted on DASH Radio.Free DL: https://t ...…
Electronic health records aren’t just cumbersome and time-consuming, they’re actually damaging the doctor-patient relationship. How can UX designers help?By Adobe / Gimlet Creative.
New York rapper Kemba speaks with NPR's Audie Cornish about the themes of his debut album, Gilda, and the emotional labor that went into making it.By NPR.
What was so concerning that a U.S. intelligence official filed a whistleblower complaint? That's the question in Washington. When asked about it, President Trump tried to put the focus on Joe Biden.By NPR.
Ramesh Ponnuru of The National Review and Bloomberg Opinion and Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post talk about the whistleblower controversy and Iran.By NPR.
A new sexual misconduct allegation against Justice Brett Kavanugh raises questions about why the Supreme Court doesn't have a code of conduct. Ari Shapiro talks to NPR's Nina Totenberg.By NPR.
China is the world's largest importer of oil. It buys a lot of crude oil from Saudi Arabia and is investing heavily in Iran. So China is especially vulnerable to instability in the Middle East.By NPR.
Walmart says it will stop selling electronic cigarettes at Walmart and Sam's Club locations.By NPR.
NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler about the administration's plans to revoke California's authority to set its own vehicle emissions standards.By NPR.
Southeast Texas is cleaning up after the remnants of Tropical Storm Imelda doused the region. At least two people died and hundreds were flooded out of their homes or trapped in cars.By Gail Delaughter.
President Trump dismissed a whistleblower's claims that he had made inappropriate promises to a foreign leader during a phone call earlier this year. He also announced new sanctions on Iran.By NPR.
Volunteers in the Mexican border town of Matamaros, across the Rio Grande from Brownsville, Texas, have created a pop-up school on a downtown sidewalk for migrant children to attend.By Reynaldo Leanos.
Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg joins other school strike activists in New York and around the world ahead of the UN Climate Action Summit.By NPR.
Betty Corwin, creator of the Theatre on Film and Tape Archive, has died at 98. Her project preserves theatrical performances for theater professionals, scholars and New York library card holders.By NPR.
Indianapolis Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri is 46 and the oldest player in the NFL. He'd been going strong - until this season. He says he is dealing with mental "demons" that some kickers can feel.By NPR.
Jeremy O. Harris, 30, started writing a sexually explicit, transgressive and comic work as a graduate student at Yale. It proved a surprising smash hit, and will soon open on a much bigger stage.By NPR.
It’s your daily FastCast; a quick hit from today’s show! Today’s episode of The Show on demand is brought to you by Ciotti Enterprises. Dumpster rentals for all your summertime clean out needs. From residential to commercial, big or small, they can do it all because your waste is their business. Give them a call today! (315) 463-4416. And Drive ...…
The guys wanna buy a church. People are actually storming Area 51. NFL talk. Josh almost vomits. Brent Axe gets sportsy & so much more on today’s show! Today’s episode of The Show on demand is brought to you by Ciotti Enterprises. Dumpster rentals for all your summertime clean out needs. From residential to commercial, big or small, they can do ...…
Two years after the storm hit Puerto Rico, the most visible remnants of it are the thousands of damaged homes still covered in blue tarps. Frustrated neighbors are helping others repair their homes.By Adrian Florido.
Fifty years ago, the song "Sugar, Sugar" by The Archies reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The single by the cartoon band would go on to be named 1969's song of the year.By Ashley Westerman.
Episode 295: Hear about six home improvement projects that will pay off down the road when you sell your house. John and Steve also take a look at some of the benefits of downsizing your home sooner rather than later in retirement.By Steve Marbert & John Travis.
Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, 16, is calling on young people to skip school Friday and hold rallies to demand more action against climate change.By Jeff Brady.
In July, the council voted to take legal action against the Department for Infrastructure to force it to remove flags and banners from public property such as lampposts.But it stepped back after receiving legal advice that the removal of flags would impact mainly on the loyalist community. The councillors are meeting again to decide what to do ...…
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