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Dr. Len and Nurse Vicki discuss various natural and holistic health topics while taking your calls.
Your Nutrition Prescription is a nutrition and health podcast produced by Dr. Adrian Chavez who delivers a daily dose (M-F) of information that will help you to learn more about your body and optimize your health. This podcast is designed to help you learn more about how the body works, the true causes of disease, real super foods that have clinical research data documenting their benefits and how nutrients modify our bodies and influence health and wellness at the cellular level. We hope th ...
When it comes to the Caribbean music scene in Canada, Dr. Jay is considered Soca royalty. With over 25 years of experience and his vast talents on the ones-and-twos, “De Soca Prince” is most notably the nation’s top rated Soca DJ.
Dr Maulfair's 40+ years of clinical experience offering treatment protocols designed to avoid prescription drugs has resulted in thousands of patients regaining health and many more avoiding health problems in the first place. Aging gracefully without complications from chronic, degenerative diseases and health problems IS within your reach and very possible with his medical care. Get Answers Instead of Prescriptions with this weekly podcast.
Relationship Prescriptions with Dr. Carol is a weekly podcast dedicated to helping men, women, and couples experience good health, loving relationships and joyful spirituality that Jesus came to bring.
Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach Angela Atkins dishes the dirt on a variety of health topics with a social consciousness flair. She is joined by a variety guests in related fields to discuss the recurring theme of living the new-trition (nutrition) lifestyle. To take advantage of any offers, go to
A view of Saudi Arabia and the World from a Saudi perspective.
The Truth Prescription is the podcast that explores how confronting the truth is the only way to take control of your life. Seku Gathers interviews the world’s most influential go-getters who have triumphed over trauma, rediscovered self-worth and improved personal relationships by putting this concept into action. No fruitless new age mantras, and no useless positive thinking techniques. The Truth Prescription is the real breakthrough program to end self-denial and get the life you've alway ...
Healthcare and Medical Internet Marketing ... "Healthcare's Prescription for Web & Social." Healthcare digital marketing needs vary and so will our episodes. This podcast augments our content on Whether you need help starting a website, developing brand awareness, SEO, reputation-management or starting a Facebook account, Russ and Randy are here to help you. We’ll be publishing episodes of “Tips in 10 with Russ and Randy” regularly to help you understand, develop and im ...
Both Sides of the Prescription brings together Dr. Meaghan and Dr. Ron to discuss pertinent medical issues from both an alternative and traditional medicine perspective. So many times people are only given one side of the story with healthcare that the better option is either alternative practices OR medical intervention. There is never a discussion of both and the power of merging the two strengths of both sides of the medical world.
Thursday's 3 pm PST - Dr Bart Rademaker’s background crosses continents, cultures and disciplines. Living in five different countries and speaking four different languages, his perspective and approach on life is multidimensional, understanding that the artistry of our own life and our world must be viewed in the same way.
Three friends deeply invested in the world of social norms, philosophy and pop-psychology host a new guest every week. Topics range from existence, consciousness, love, relationships, food and generally being alive. Prescription Ointment, apply once weekly.
Dr. Deep prescribes and administers a sophisticated regimen of Deep House, Soulful House, Afro Soul, Lounge and Ambient electronica. A healthy dose of house music; just what the doctor ordered.Is there a doctor in the house?
Welcome to The Nerd Exercise Prescription Podcast! My name is Aron Buzzell I'm a fitness professional who is also a nerd! Follow me and my comrades while we play, review and talk about video games and nerd culture! Along the way I'll be helping listeners with their health/fitness goals and covering popular fitness topics that are related to nerdom.
Prescriptions for Health is a live call-in talk show featuring Dr. Len Saputo and Registered Nurse, Vicki Saputo. Dr. Len's tirades and Nurse Vicki's humor make an interesting husband-wife combination in presenting the latest cutting edge mainstream and complementary and alternative medicine news.
Hosts Jennifer PhD, E-RYT of and Adam of come together to share in their love of food and health. Each week they discuss how food affects us physically, mentally and socially. Learn something new, discover a new food you just can't live without and share in some laughs along the way.
Life isn’t brain surgery; it’s harder. Dr. Lee Warren helps us become healthier, feel better, and be happier, starting today.
Learn to experience better health by following the Creator’s design, with teaching from practicing cardiologist James L. Marcum, M.D.
Grassfed Farmacy is your wholesome health & wellness prescription! We focus bringing our thoughts and ideas about paleo-based nutrition, mobility & movement, fitness, cooking tips and developing healthy lifestyle habits to everyone in a way that is practical, motivating, thoughtful, down-to-earth, not filled with too much science that goes over our heads... Your hosts: Dr. Nathan Charpentier, PharmD left his work prescribing medications at retail to pursue a career of health and wellness coa ...
A podcast dedicated to ophthalmology
Dr Elaina George is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist. Her interest in the politics of healthcare and the reform effort have led her to become both a powerful voice for the practicing physician, an advocate for the patient, and a healthcare policy analyst specializing in healthcare consumer driven solutions. She graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Biology. She received her Masters degree in Medical Microbiology from Long Island University, and received her medical degree fr ...
Brian Bullock and Rob Shelley of The Burchfield Group share their insight and expertise from the world of pharmacy benefits. The Burchfield Group is a pharmacy-benefit consulting firm that helps plan sponsors understand and manage their pharmacy benefit programs. With a full understanding of drug manufacturers' influence, mail service profits and retail network margins, Brian and Rob bring innovation to managing pharmacy benefits.
A weekly radio show broadcast on WEDO Radio in Jeannette, PA.
Naked Minds
Naked Minds: The Naked Truth About Psychology and Psychiatry. Dr. Laurence Simon and Dr. Dominick Riccio team up to take a look at the facts, fiction and folly about why we feel and act the way we do. Through interviews and commentary, the program takes a critical and common sense look at mental health and the popular treatments for mental health issues.
Mark Bell's PowerCast is a weekly show featuring humorous and informative interviews with top names in powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, athletic training, coaching, and CrossFit. It is hosted by pro powerlifter, inventor and magazine publisher Mark Bell, along with co-host Jim McDonald. (Mark was featured in the 2008 Sundance documentary "Bigger Stronger Faster" and the 2015 Tribeca documentary "Prescription Thugs"). Sponsored by, Apeman Strong (, Comp ...
Welcome to the Essentials of Healthy Living, a program for news and advice on complementary and alternative approaches to living well. Join hosts Dana Laake and Dr. Kevin Passero, along with health experts, for a lively discussion of topics related to health and wellness. Essentials of Healthy Living is brought to you by Village Green Apothecary, bringing you individualized nutrition and healthy living resources at, as well as traditional pharmacy products and specialty co ...
Welcome to My Last Call live radio talk show. We offer help to people suffering from addictions. We are dedicated to finding solutions to the age old problem of addictions, Last Call is a forum for individuals whose lives have become unmanageable due to substance abuse and related issues.
Welcome to the Mad in America podcast, a new weekly discussion that searches for the truth about psychiatric prescription drugs and mental health care worldwide. This podcast is part of Mad in America’s mission to serve as a catalyst for rethinking psychiatric care. We believe that the current drug-based paradigm of care has failed our society and that scientific research, as well as the lived experience of those who have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder, calls for profound change. ...
Reclaim Myself
Live Again
Kate Loving and the The Collective Wisdom.We are happy to share our wisdom with our listeners and look forward to you sharing your wisdom with us!!
Your ONLY source for prescription strength health information
Up north. Down south. Alpha Phi Alpha. Kappa Alpha Psi. ER doc. Ophthalmologist. Tall. Short. Brown skinned and well brown skinned. A different VIEW with THE TALK that is real!
Welcome to the Medicine Coach Online Radio Show. Nationally recognized pharmacist Dr. West Conner brings you the latest in both conventional and alternative medicine. Specializing in saving money at the pharmacy, Dr. Conner brings an upbeat show with plenty of good humor to keep your interest peaked. He offers a balanced approach to prescription drugs and healthy lifestyle. Subscribe now and be on your way to a healthier and happier life.
An edgy look at today's medical care with Alternative medical Advocate Dr Neil Raff. You deserve Optimal Health!
On Learn True Health, Ashley James interviews today's most successful natural healers each week. Learn True Health was created for YOU, the health enthusiast. If you are passionate about organic living or struggling with health issues and are looking to gain your health naturally, our holistic podcast is what you have been looking for! Ashley James interviews Naturopathic Doctors and expert holistic health care practitioners to bring you key holistic health information, results based advice ...
Your Dads Podcast
Perspective, not prescriptive
If you’re suffering from Insomnia, Syncope or hot flushes induced by viewing your Supercoach side, then you may need to see a doctor. Doctor Supercoach is an Australian Medical Association-certified* diagnostician specialising in Supercoach related illnesses. Doctor Supercoach operates multiple, quiet, private practices across Australia and performs procedures ranging from simple analytical consultations to player amputations from your side. Our expert medical team will help you with your si ...
Lively, upbeat podcasts designed for Persons with Parkinson's Disease and those who care for them. Educational, motivating, and completely positive. Hosted by a retired physician, Dr. Christian Hageseth, who has had Parkinson's disease for over 10 years and still does not take prescription medication medication.
Perfect prescription for sports addict
Not So Nice Advice is a comedy driven, entertainment podcast that analyzes advice columns and blogs. The show revisits letters already answered by the columnist or blogger, explains why the advice given is wrong and then offers the correct prescription for a successful solution. Hosted by comedian and television personality Chuck Nice, along with fellow comedians and celebrity guests, Nice Advice is a hilarious take on the industrial opinion complex. Listeners who are wise enough to request ...
Welcome to the Mad in America podcast, a new weekly discussion that searches for the truth about psychiatric prescription drugs and mental health care worldwide. This podcast is part of Mad in America’s mission to serve as a catalyst for rethinking psychiatric care. We believe that the current drug-based paradigm of care has failed our society and that scientific research, as well as the lived experience of those who have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder, calls for profound change. ...
Easy Money: Make More, Save More and Find Your Unclaimed Money Every week on The Easy Money Show, 13-time Emmy-Winner Elisabeth Leamy (Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, Washington Post) digs up eye-opening —even jaw-dropping— ways to MAKE more money, SAVE more money and FIND your unclaimed money. MAKE more like the young woman who paid for college by becoming an egg donor; MAKE more like the med student who made $100,000 by shooting stock photos. MAKE more like the recruiter who quit her job aft ...
Science now shows that meditation and mindfulness really work. For example, we now know that meditation not only lowers stress and improves mental sharpness but it also strengthens our immune system, gives us more youthful and healthy brain tissue, and can be as good or better than prescription drugs for treating mental illnesses like depression, addiction, and PTSD. So maybe there is something to what all those ancient masters were talking about. Turns out when you strip away the religious ...
Well Now
Well Now is a podcast featuring conversations with doctors, wellness experts, and healers of all kinds, that help you find your way from basic health to empowered personal wellness. Fuelled by a desire to help us all achieve health and wellness, Well Now is never prescriptive and always empathetic. On each episode, we open a dialogue about what it means to be well, and how that meaning is different for each one of us. Health and wellness practitioners of all kinds weigh in with their thought ...
Tune in to get fired up with inspiration & insight for purposeful living, conscious relationships & soulful success. The Prescription for Living Your Life Out Loud…
This podcast addresses hope and effective recovery options for individuals, friends, family, parents and associates who have been or may be addicted to opioids, heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs, fentanyl laced drugs, etc. and want to overcome the addiction. There are interviews with former addicts, stories of having gone through numerous failed rehabs, parents and loved ones that describe the horrors and ultimately methods they have sought and found to save lives and help. Issues include ...
he Addiction Recovery Radio program was created to assist my wife, with her recovery with alcohol and prescription addiction. Quickly in the process, we felt a need to help others struggling to fore-go the first stages of getting sober. Posting our podcast was something we doubted anyone would be interested in. Once we received our first email that our dialog is actually assisting people, we decided it may be a good idea to focus on helping others. Since then, we have materialized a show to ...
Life Butter Radio
LBR is a holistic health, beauty and wellness channel dedicated to presenting the simple, fun and easy ways that we can look and feel as good as we can for as long as we can. This is not about prescriptive rules or the latest fad: think of LBR as your own personal health and beauty editor, cutting through the overwhelm of information to present what really works. We are discovering the place where science meets lifestyle and how we can look and feel our very best while enjoying a fun, free a ...
Wednesday's 10am - Heroin and opiate prescription pain medication addiction is a massive health problem that is pandemic and now threatens an entire generation of young people, aged 21-35, their families and their friends. From 2009 to 2013, Arizona deaths from heroin and prescription opiates (Percocet, Oxycodone, hydrocodone, etc) overdose have doubled and now claim the life of almost two young people per day. Nationally, more deaths now occur as a result of drug overdose than from automobi ...
This podcast consists of friends meeting to have conversations. No plan, no pre scripted material
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Anne C. Beal, MD, MPH, is dedicated to improving health care in the United States, particularly for vulnerable patient groups. Her career is devoted to providing access to high quality health care and has included delivering health care services, teaching, research, public health, and philanthropy. Dr. Beal is Senior Vice President and Head of ...…
Marlies van Dijk and Maya Pajevic give an overview of design thinking -- what is it and how can it be useful in designing healthcare services around the user. Hint: the first step is empathy.
This week join us for some whisky-drinking, gun-slinging, ass-kicking fun when Jane makes Kurt watch Wynonna Earp! In the ep we chat about diverse depictions of femininity, complex sibling dynamics and the absolute RIGHT way to deal with pregnant lead actress in an action-heavy genre show. It's not that hard people, just treat them with a bit o ...…
One of the most effective ways to feel better isn’t made in a factory or bottled in a jar. It doesn’t cost money or require prescriptions. We know, and science confirms, just how good nature is for us.
Regional stories from the KBIA newsroom, including: New Kansas City Airport Will Have 4 More Gates Missouri Considers Unprecedented Addiction Help for Moms Senate Cuts Prescription Drug Monitoring Program in Budget ProposalBy (birt_lydia).
Asha Saxena speaks with Ari Caroline and Issac Wagner about their progress with artificial intelligence and big data in clinical trials at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. In this episode, the role of big data and artificial intelligence and its impact on cancer patients who participate in clinical trials is discussed candidly and pr ...…
If you want to be successful, you're going to have to develop some traits that are not going to be looked on positively by the established order. In other words, you're going to have to be Ruthless. That being said, here are some things that explain what it means to be Ruthless. You put yourself first so that you can provide for others second - ...…
When people think of drug abuse, what comes to mind are meth addicts or marijuana users. But the United States is seeing a crisis involving a much more accessible drug — opioids. According to 2016 data on the CDC website, 42,000 people died that year from opioid overdose. And 40 percent of overdose cases involve prescription opioids. How did su ...…
In today’s episode we continue to look at functional and integrative medicine and discuss how this approach can support and play a significant role in breast cancer recovery. This approach of multiple prescriptions, while sometimes helpful in triage, sometimes create other secondary problems that can be as debilitating as the original symptoms. ...…
In today’s episode we take a look at what functional medicine is and discuss how this approach differs from conventional medical practice of relying heavily on prescriptions to treat symptoms. This approach of multiple prescriptions, while sometimes helpful in triage, sometimes create other secondary problems that can be as debilitating as the ...…
BIG show tonight. I have a total of eight guests coming on tonight from all over the country. Each of them was assigned teams that they will be drafting for, and we will do a LIVE Mock for the upcoming NFL Draft. We go pick by pick, and none of these are pre-scripted, each pick is live, just like the real NFL draft. Some of the things to look f ...…
How to find the Hero! Dr Rademaker’sPrescription For Your Transformation, Interview with Edwin Coppard, CEO & Founder Real People Music.
Spotify is going public today under the ticker SPOT. Robinhood Launches Commission-Free Crypto Trading in 4 US States. is banning all cryptomining extensions from its Chrome Web Store.'s Joke Falls Flat Amid Tesla Model 3 Output Risk, Cash Burn. abandons ...…
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Pajama Gramma's Chronic Pain Killerz
Pajama Gramma's Chronic Pain Killerz Prescription...Frequency of pain
Pajama Gramma's Chronic Pain Killerz Prescription...Breathe.
Pajama Gramma's Chronic Pain Killerz Prescription...Action
Pajama Gramma's Chronic Pain Killerz Prescription...muscle testing?
Pajama Gramma's Chronic Pain Killerz Prescription...if it's to be...
Pajama Gramma's Chronic Pain Killerz Prescription...Flip Book
Pajama Gramma's Pain Killerz Prescriptions...Fear Flip...
Pajama Gramma's Pain Killerz Prescriptions...Patturns. What patturns?
Pajama Gramma's Pain Killerz Prescriptions...Remembered.
Pajama Gramma's Pain Killerz Prescriptions...CAN Do.
Pajama Gramma's Pain Killerz Prescriptions...what else is possible?
Pajama Gramma's Pain Killerz Prescriptions...Write ir down!
Pajama Gramma's Pain Killerz Prescriptions...Tools.
Pajama Gramma's Pain Killerz Prescriptions...what works for you?
Pajama Gramma's Pain Killerz Prescriptions...STOP Lying!
Pajama Gramma's Pain Killerz Prescriptions...Alone, NOT!
Pajama Gramma's Pain Killerz Prescriptions. .Momentum
Pajama Gramma's Pain Killerz Prescriptions...You are what you eat.
Pajama Gramma's Pain Killerz Prescriptions...Water.
Pajama Gramma's Pain Killerz Prescriptions...Procedures!
Pajama Gramma's Pain Killerz Prescriptions...Medications.
Pajama Gramma's Pain Killerz Prescriptions...Supplements.
Pajama Gramma's Pain Killerz Prescriptions...Don't take it personally!
It’s the last show of the month and it’s time for us to round up March with a show dedicated to some of the most recent AT-related news of the past few weeks. We talk about everything from Steve’s misadventures getting to CSUN to Apple’s new proposed Disability Inclusive Emojis and everything in between! Show Notes Uber Self Driving Car Death S ...…
Medicare Supplement Plans do not cover prescription medications, when you choose a Supplement Plan you will also choose a stand-alone Medicare Part D Plan. There are typically over 30 different Medicare Part D Plans, the benefit of choosing a stand-alone Part D Plan is that you will get to choose the Part D Plan that covers your medications for ...…
When he was a high-school junior in Phoenix, Arizona, Jacob Staudenmeier created an elaborate “prom-posal,” Staudenmeier decided to remake the opening scene of the movie La La Land in order to ask the film’s star, Emma Stone, to go to prom with him. (Despite his efforts, Stone declined graciously.) The trend of “prom-posals” has led to high-sch ...…
Hello my friends, this is Dave Denniston, and welcome back to another episode of Freedom Formula for Physician's Podcast. The podcast dedicated to helping doctors like you slash your debt, slash your taxes, and live a liberated lifestyle. As you know, there has been a lot of focus on the tax reform. This will be my final one for the current fut ...…
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