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Primary Concerns
Explore the 2016 election and today’s political news with host Brian Beutler and his friends from both sides of the aisle. A weekly podcast from the New Republic.
Supercharge your learning and enhance your practice with this Internal Medicine Podcast featuring board certified Internists as they interview national and international experts to bring you clinical pearls and practice changing knowledge. Doctors Matthew Watto, Stuart Brigham, and Paul Williams deliver some knowledge food for your brain hole. No boring lectures here, just high value content and a healthy dose of humor. Fantastic podcast for Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Primary Care, ...
Our Mission is to provide the best, most accurate, & pertinent information to both professional & civilian in regards to firearms, training, tactics, gear, and mindset.
This podcast is for general informational and educational purposes only and is not to be considered as medical advice for any particular patient. Clinicians must rely on their own informed clinical judgment in making recommendations to their patients. ©2016 by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, all rights reserved.
American history preserved through the use of Primary sources, Black History, African American History~ The african experience; Shared by the legends themselves, their descendants, loved ones, genealogist and scholars. Presented by The Gist of Freedom
Neurology in Primary Care is an excellent resource for practicing primary care providers. We respect your time and understand your need for a different type of educational media.
Medical Podcast
Primary Care RAP is an irresistible monthly podcast full of audio CME, presentations, reviews and perspectives. Get started today with some free CME.
In order to help us stay focussed as we study the Big Book, we use the “Big Book Study Guide” prepared by Joe and Charlie and Crusty Cliff of the “Dallas Primary Purpose Group”. This study format is currently being used worldwide, as the basic text for Big Book Sponsorship.
A weekly animation podcast based on the GraceLink Primary Bible study for ages 6-9
Ryan Ellis here, the founder and host of the PE Umbrella, a Primary Physical Education podcast that discusses all things PE. Interviewing inspiring practitioners from the primary education sector, I will be sharing the latest in excellent practice and discussing what makes PE and Sport such an important tool to engage and enhance the learning of children (across the curriculum) so they are ready to leave school with a solid platform to lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy lifelong physical act ...
Primary CareTalks
Primary Care Talks is a series of podcasts produced by the Eastern AHSN that discuss innovative developments in the primary health and care sector. Hosted by Dr Hasan Chowhan, each show interviews people working in primary care who are embarking on something new to deliver significant changes and increase efficiency.
Our Mission is to provide the best, most accurate, & pertinent information to both professional & civilian in regards to firearms, training, tactics, gear, and mindset.
Primary Sources
Primary Sources features extended conversations with politicians, artists, journalists, activists, business leaders -- each with a unique perspective on the history, society, culture, and politics of life in Arkansas.
A weekly podcast based on the GraceLink Primary Bible Study Guide for ages 6-9
A podcast about the newest form of psychological service delivery - primary care behavioral health. Listen to learn about how it works and how it could transform the practice of mental health care in the United States.
Primaris is a pioneer and trusted leader in America's challenging transition to value-based healthcare.
Primary Care Today
Primary Care Today features conversations with clinical experts representing a wide range of medical specialties to highlight the latest trends in primary care practice, from clinical pearls to updated guidelines, health informatics, and practice management. This series is hosted by Dr. Brian McDonough, a nationally recognized clinical expert, teacher, and public speaker in primary care.
This podcast was developed as part of an elementary-level Clark County School District Teaching American History Grant. The three-year grant will fund six modules per year with each module focusing on a different era of American history and a different pedagogical theme. This podcast focuses on the American Revolution and Primary Source Documents in Elementary Schools. Participants in the grant are third, fourth, and fifth grade teachers in Clark County (the greater Las Vegas area), Nevada. ...
Optimal care for depression should involve regular assessment of symptom resolution, treatment adherence, and tolerability. In this podcast, listen to experts discuss difficult cases and how they were resolved. This CME podcast series is supported by an educational grant from Takeda Pharmaceuticals International, Inc., U.S. Region and Takeda. The faculty for this CME activity and the CME Institute staff were asked to complete a statement regarding all relevant personal and financial relation ...
Danson Primary School Podcasts
Radio show and more. Listen to the students as they present interviews, debates, poetry, plays and their weekly radio show
CancerCare's free Connect Education Workshops are a way for people to learn about cancer-related issues from the convenience of their home or office. Leading experts in oncology provide the most up-to-date information in these workshops to help you and your loved ones better understand and cope with your cancer diagnosis, treatment options, quality-of-life concerns, treatment side effects, pain management, doctor-patient communication and other important topics.
Primary Food
PRIMARY FOOD is an exploration into all the things in life that nourish our minds, bodies and souls—all the fun stuff that guides us towards the quality of the food we eat. Hosted by Rev. DJ CherishTheLuv, who is currently undergoing aggressive cancer treatment and seeking the finest, and funnest, things in life.
Primary Tourist
My name is Spike DiMartino, and I've been writing, off and on, ever since my eighth grade English teacher told me that I did it well. In this podcast, I'll be reading from my novel, "Primary Tourist," which is about the link between the New Hampshire Primary and my life, and how mythology permeates the lives of everyone, from Presidential Wannabes to Wannabe Artistic Icons and everybody in between, and how Myth does its damnedest to shape truth, even when, hell, especially when you live in a ...
The Ticket 2016
The Ticket: A Presidential Podcast from The Texas Tribune and KUT News. Each Week KUT's Ben Philpott and the Tribune's Jay Root provide a rundown of the week's campaign actions and bring you interviews with people who make a living working on, covering or commenting on the campaigns.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Remember that saying, “Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten”? The saying “Everything I need to know, I learned in Primary” is also true. Primary is Sunday school for children who belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church or Mormons). Every doctrine of the church is touched on in Primary, so it stands as the basis for children to have all the knowledge necessary to be baptized when they are eight years old. It doesn’t mean that every 8-year-old is a ...
This activity is designed to meet the educational needs of primary care physicians, nurses, social workers and other healthcare professionals involved in the management of patients with blood cancers.
Blackhall Primary
This podcast contains some examples of our animations and radio shows.
Primary MFL
Support for Modern Foreign Languages aimed primarily at school children at Key Stage 2, aged 9 to 11. Songs, stories and activities covering grammar, vocabulary and punctuation.
This podcast, provided and recorded by the Publisher of The Primary Care Companion for CNS Disorders, John Shelton, PhD, provides audio summaries of each issue of the peer-reviewed Primary Care Companion, as well as special commentaries and offerings on mental and neurologic illness in the clinical setting.
Beachlands Primary
Hillstone Primary
Hillstone School is a vibrant, happy school where children enjoy their education and make excellent academic progress.
Longshaw Primary School in Chingford East London very own Podcast Show!
The Melrose Primary School Podcast is created by year five and six students at Melrose Primary School. Each week they highlight current news from the school, in addition to exploring issues relevant to primary school students.
Video news and learning resources from Northwood Primary School.
Diabetes Core Update is a monthly podcast that presents and discusses the latest clinically relevant articles from the American Diabetes Association’s four science and medical journals – Diabetes, Diabetes Care, Clinical Diabetes, and Diabetes Spectrum. Each episode is approximately 15 minutes long and presents 5-6 recently published articles from ADA journals. Intended for practicing physicians and health care professionals, Diabetes Core Update discusses how the latest research and informa ...
We have just discovered the world of podcasting in the welsh valleys - hello world
What's going on at Nightingale.News,reviews and work around the school.
Primary School Teaching: English
The Power of FOX News on Radio!
School radio at public primary school CEIP Marina de Cudeyo, in Cantabria, Spain
Another excellent weblog
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Escuche este audio libro completo gratis en Título: El reino animalAutor: Juan RomayNarrador: Ramón Fernandez de CastroFormato: UnabridgedDuración: 1 hr and 21 minsIdioma: EspañolFecha de publicación: 12-03-14Editor: AudiomolCategorías: Science & Technology, BiologyResumen del editor:Orígenes de las diferentes espec ...… In this episode, Jessica was in Havana, Cuba interviewing Marta Ortega, a dancer with Acosta Danza. Acosta Danza was formed in 2016 when international ballet star, Carlos Acosta retired from a highly regarded 30-year ballet career with the Royal Ballet and moved back to C ...…
Este episodio #1 de CS se titula, “El Comienzo” El mejor lugar para empezar es en el principio, ¿pero donde es eso exactamente en la Historia de la Iglesia? ¿Donde empezamos? La mayoría de Cristianos CONTEMPORANEOS probablemente empezarían con Jesús. Y eso es razonable. Pero adonde empezarían los PRIMEROS Cristianos? Ellos eran Judíos y pensaba ...…
Music behind DJ: springtide - "The introduction (with no word)" - Sounds strange, weird, but unmistakably romantic [CC BY-NC-SA. Today I'm bringing you fabulous tracks from the last few years' compilations from Los Emes Del Oso - a netlabel from South America. Here's their FMA page.] Calvary Scars - "Fui un fracaso en mi vida anterior" - KL04K4 ...…
La familia es el grupo humano primario mas importante en la vida del hombre. DOWNLOAD Benvenuti su Podcast Italiano. In questa intervista ho l’onore di intervistare Luca Lampariello; per quelli che non conoscano chi è Luca Lampariello, Luca è un poliglotta, ovvero una persona che parla tante lingue. E’ italiano, è di Roma, ...…
Hoy hablamos con Joss Green, podcaster veterano, que lleva la red de podcasts "Punto Primario". Aunque Joss Green no está ubicado en España, lleva tanto tiempo dentro de la "podcastfera" española y colaborando con otros podcasters, que teníamos ganas de charlar con él. "Socializo más con podcasters y evenots españoles que en otros paises." Cómo ...…
Ascolta questo libro audio completo gratuitamente su Titolo: Impara a risolvere i conflittiAutore: Claudio BelottiNarratore: Claudio Belotti, Stefania Nali, Michele MariottiFormato: UnabridgedDurata: 1 hr and 25 minsLingua: ItalianoData di pubblicazione: 05-17-16Editore: GoodMoodCategoria: Self Development, Communic ...…
Ascolta questo libro audio completo gratuitamente su Titolo: Pensando in versi elementariAutore: Alfonso IannelloNarratore: FrancescaFormato: UnabridgedDurata: 31 minsLingua: ItalianoData di pubblicazione: 04-03-16Editore: Bore srl - Youcanprint.itCategoria: Fiction, ContemporaryRiepilogo Editore:Composizioni in r ...…
在慢速中文的留言板上看到有位名叫Jesse的外国朋友的留言,他问:“萌”是什么意思?是不是“可爱”的意思?今天,我们就来聊一聊“萌”这个话题。 “萌”在中文里最初的意思是“萌生”,也就是“产生”。比如:这部电影让我萌生了去西藏看看的念头。还有一个词叫“萌芽”,意思是:植物种子破土而出,长出来的幼苗。 我发现东西方女性有个很大的差别,在我任教的美国女子高中,十五六岁的女孩子的穿着打扮都比较成熟,有的还化了妆。如果在街上遇到这样的女生,大部分中国人都会认为她们已经成年了。而在中国,即便是大学生,或者刚刚走上职场的年轻人也都很少把自己往成熟的方向打扮。在中国、日本、韩国,无论男女,都觉得看起来年轻而可爱的女性更有魅力,所以这几个国家女性的妆容都会相对年轻化,相对更甜美、更可爱。 也就是在这 ...…
在慢速中文的留言板上看到有位名叫Jesse的外国朋友的留言,他问:“萌”是什么意思?是不是“可爱”的意思?今天,我们就来聊一聊“萌”这个话题。 “萌”在中文里最初的意思是“萌生”,也就是“产生”。比如:这部电影让我萌生了去西藏看看的念头。还有一个词叫“萌芽”,意思是:植物种子破土而出,长出来的幼苗。 我发现东西方女性有个很大的差别,在我任教的美国女子高中,十五六岁的女孩子的穿着打扮都比较成熟,有的还化了妆。如果在街上遇到这样的女生,大部分中国人都会认为她们已经成年了。而在中国,即便是大学生,或者刚刚走上职场的年轻人也都很少把自己往成熟的方向打扮。在中国、日本、韩国,无论男女,都觉得看起来年轻而可爱的女性更有魅力,所以这几个国家女性的妆容都会相对年轻化,相对更甜美、更可爱。 也就是在这 ...…
在慢速中文的留言板上看到有位名叫Jesse的外国朋友的留言,他问:“萌”是什么意思?是不是“可爱”的意思?今天,我们就来聊一聊“萌”这个话题。 “萌”在中文里最初的意思是“萌生”,也就是“产生”。比如:这部电影让我萌生了去西藏看看的念头。还有一个词叫“萌芽”,意思是:植物种子破土而出,长出来的幼苗。 我发现东西方女性有个很大的差别,在我任教的美国女子高中,十五六岁的女孩子的穿着打扮都比较成熟,有的还化了妆。如果在街上遇到这样的女生,大部分中国人都会认为她们已经成年了。而在中国,即便是大学生,或者刚刚走上职场的年轻人也都很少把自己往成熟的方向打扮。在中国、日本、韩国,无论男女,都觉得看起来年轻而可爱的女性更有魅力,所以这几个国家女性的妆容都会相对年轻化,相对更甜美、更可爱。 也就是在这 ...… è una piattaforma per misurare l'engagement su Facebook e Twitter creata dalla Social Business Agency Ambito 5. L'obiettivo primario è quello di aiutare i propri clienti a ottimizzare i propri contenuti e migliorare le performance delle attività sui social media.Continua a leggere: ...…
Ascolta questo libro audio completo gratuitamente su Titolo: Cibo per il cervelloSottotitolo: Gli alimenti e le abitudini migliori per la menteAutore: Erica BerniniNarratore: Francesca Di ModugnoFormato: UnabridgedDurata: 1 hr and 36 minsLingua: ItalianoData di pubblicazione: 10-05-15Editore: Area 51 ShortValutazion ...…
Escuche este audio libro completo gratis en Título: Cultiva Algas para Sacar Ganancia [Cultivating Algae for Profit]Subtitular: Cómo Construir un Fotobiorreactor de Cultivo de Algas para Proteínas, Lípidos, Carbohidratos, Antioxidantes, Biocombustibles, y BiodieselAutor: Christopher KinkaidNarrador: Cal HunterFormat ...…
Sos gèneres fìlmicos sunt acapiados a s’astrinta intre de issos e arribant dae gèneres literàrios, codificados in s’andare de sos millènnios. Pro de beras sa teoria de sos gèneres literàrios no at tentu posca gasi medas evolutziones dae comente l’aiat sestada Aristòtele, in sa partzidura intre formas tràgicas e formas còmicas. Oràtzio l’aiat to ...…
Esta semana no podcast Marketing Digest falamos de 10 Táticas Inovadoras de Email Marketing, sugeridas pela empresa Lyris.Subscrever e não perder mais um episódio:Artigo: https://fac ...…
After today’s lesson we will all feel like we need to go back to elementary school, unless of course you already know how to calculate the area of a trapezoid. Just kidding, but after this lesson you will be able to identify some basic shapes in Portuguese. Dialogue A: Você é professora do primário, não é? B: Sou sim, adoro meu trabalho. A: E o ...…
Ascolta questo libro audio completo gratuitamente su Titolo: Customer serviceSottotitolo: L'eccellenza nel servizio al clienteAutore: Francesco MuzzarelliNarratore: Francesco MuzzarelliFormato: UnabridgedDurata: 32 minsLingua: ItalianoData di pubblicazione: 04-11-12Editore: GoodMoodCategoria: Business, Career Skil ...…
Breve descripcion del Modelo Primario Exportador en Mexico
Transcripts in English and Spanish: As the U.S. performed its semi-religious rites in memory of 9/11, it does so with little real question of why 9/11 happened--at least among average Americans. For they have been ill-served by the media, primary educational systems and even many universities, which teaches approved lessons designed to instill ...…
Si usted labora en el segmento inmobiliario, conozca en este programa las soluciones de negocios en internet que le permiten al mercado inmobiliario aumentar sus ventas y presencia global. Exponemos aspectos relacionados con el mercado primario (nuevos desarrollos inmobiliarios) y secundario(reventa de inmuebles).…
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