Best prog podcasts we could find (Updated May 2018)
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Prog-Watch is a weekly podcast dedicated to bringing the listener contemporary Progressive Rock music and artist interviews from around the world.
Music In Widescreeen. The Best Progressive Rock
The Prog Report
Interviews and more with the biggest names in Progressive Rock
The authority in House, Trance, Techno and Progressive.
The Show That Never Ends!
The Show That Never Ends!
Wednesday, 6-9pm EST, 10pm-1am UTC
Members of the Prog Magazine editorial team get together for a good-natured discussion of all matters progressive rock, answer readers' questions and chat with luminaries from the prog world...
The authority in House, Techno, Progressive, and Trance.
Talking Kotlin
A bimonthly podcast that covers the Kotlin programming language by JetBrains, as well as related technologies. Hosted by Hadi Hariri
Progressive Trance de Goa 20013
U Talkin' Prog?
U Talkin' Prog is a comedy podcast on 148 South Street Studio that celebrates Progressive Rock & Metal. Hosted by Evan Bonetti, and Taylor Blackburn.
Python Bytes
Python Bytes is a weekly podcast hosted by Michael Kennedy and Brian Okken. The show is a short discussion on the headlines and noteworthy news in the Python, developer, and data science space.
The Laravel Podcast brings you Laravel and PHP development news and discussion. Season 3 consists of interviews conducted by Matt Stauffer; previous seasons featured Taylor Otwell and Jeffrey Way as regular cohosts.
Hello and welcome to the Live From Progzilla Towers podcast – Proving that Prog isn’t just for Dinosaurs!Live From Progzilla Towers is a weekly radio show and podcast dedicated to new, forthcoming and recent releases, news, reviews, tour and release dates, interviews, competitions and much more from the world of Progressive Rock.
NodeUp is a podcast about Node.js
Dramatic Prog
The Dramatic ProgCAST – 'Prog' CAST, geddit? – takes a music industry related subject each week, talks about it in depth, and relates it to the Dramatic Prog style. Michael Jerome and New Pod City's, Frank Sasso are solid presenters with relaxed styles and the two often crack each other up often with listener-wide private jokes, current events, and also have interesting voices in there too, such as business reporters and other figures in the music industry. It’s only half an hour so it’s pre ...
Deep Tech Progressive HouseCast
All JavaScript podcasts produced by - JavaScript Jabber - My JS Story - JS Rants
The podcast about Python and the people who make it great
JavaScript episodes of Software Engineering Daily
The site for PHP professionals, Magazine, Training, Books, Conferences
Real-ale-related podcast mastery, that doesn't leave you suffering brewer's droop! Co-hosted by a motley crew of well-known piss-take artists...although no Mötley Crüe is included in the music element we employ! Our chat covering how we met your Atom Heart Mother is legen...wait for it...dairy, plus our talk concerning TV won't make you want to switch off! Enjoy, but not endure, and join in with the show where everybody knows your name...cheers!
Prog-Mania Podcast
Podcast by Ryan Brumlic
The Ruby on Rails Podcast, a weekly conversation about Ruby on Rails,open source software, and the programming profession. Hosted by Kyle Daigle.
The Podcast Edition of Prog Tech
Yes Music Podcast
Two fans' exploration of the world's greatest progressive rock band
Progressive Rock, Metal, Comedy, Classic Rock Obscurities and more from an ex-AOR Radio legend and his sidekick The Devil.
A podcast about Javascript on the server and the client
Go Time
A panel of Go experts and special guests discuss the Go programming language, the community, and everything in between. This show records LIVE on Thursdays at 3pm US/Eastern time. Hosts Erik St. Martin, Carlisia Pinto, and Brian Ketelsen welcome guests from around the Go community. Topics include Golang, DevOps, web development, infrastructure, Kubernetes, and more. If you develop in Go – or aspire to – this is the show for you.
Podcast by Stefan Baumgartner for ScriptConf
The first podcast by C++ developers for C++ developers!
JavaScript Jabber
Weekly podcast discussion about Javascript on the front and back ends. Also discuss programming practices, coding environments, and the communities related to the technology.
A free monthly mix from UK and Ibiza DJ Neil Irving.To keep up to date subscribe with Itunes.
A podcast dedicated to progressive music in its various forms, including interviews with the musicians themselves.
HOI The music we love – Mostly metal, possibly prog, wholly homegrown, and the people making it. It’s all about the music we love here on House of Imp. Could be featuring tracks and artists from or from our own band Icarus Machine.
60 minutes of Hard Rock, all commercial free, with no talking DJ between songs. All songs Creative Commons by-nc-sa 1.0 licensed from the record label that isn't evil:
In this show, educator Zac Gordon talks with JavaScript Influencers inside and outside of the WordPress Community and asks them how they learn JavaScript and what their advice is for others who want to "Learn JavaScript Deeply"
One of modern modern music’s most enduring genres, progressive rock has flourished since the late sixties when radio switched to FM and music became adventurous and more artistic outside of the comfort zones of Pop. Progressive rock also branched into sub-genres; progressive folk, progressive metal, RIO — rock in opposition, avant-garde & experimental, progressive electronic, Psychedelic space rock, progressive Italiano, post-rock, krautrock, canterbury, jazz fusion, and many others. Unlike ...
Endless Boundaries
Music in and around the Jam Scene. Coming at you live from the Web, z88.9, and 95.1. We can be heard Saturday's 6 pm - 10 pm.
Your gateway to a world of interesting music
MSRcast has spawned out of the long running fanzine Mainstream Resistance from Texas. We started out as a webzine then branched out to print. After many successful years in print, and with some tough times around 2000, we decided to put MSR (Mainstream Resistance) to bed for the time being. Some of the writers and editors of MSR still kept their metal roots grounded by writing for other metal zines and staying in the local metal scene. "Now is the time to show the world the rebirth of MSR," ...
William, 30 ans d' Orléans, alias DJ Melkweg, mix maintenant depuis 12 ans. Influancé dès 1995 par l'émission Skyrave sur Skyrock. La tracks Legend B -lost in love- a été pour lui une révélation. Ses goûts musicaux sont parti de la dance en passant par la hard trance et même par le hardcore avec la compile Thunderdome. Melkweg signifie galaxie en néerlandais, pays où il se rend régulièrement pour participer à de gros event trance. C 'est dès 2006 que Melkweg commence à enregistrer ses mix et ...
Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast
Heavy Blog Is Heavy editors Noyan and Eden talk about happenings in the metal world.
A weekly podcast featuring short but in-depth technical analysis and critique of great progressive rock songs. See for more.
Metal radio on WSCA 106.1 FM - Black, Death, Speed, Thrash, Doom, Shred, Power, Prog, Folk & Traditional Metal Friday Nights 9pm-1am e.s.t. - Portsmouth, NH USA - Listen online live @
Live Show on every Thursday at 6-9 CST The Best in Progressive Rock
The Beta-lactam Ring Records semi sometimes often but not often Podcast of personality disorders.
Freelance writer Sid Smith introduces tracks from some of the discs that have come across his desk this week.
Sound Chaser Progcast
My personal journey with Prog rock from 1970-1985
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Hotfoot from the Royal Wedding in Windsor, Ivor Baddiel is our special guest at the Crypt this week. Music is supplied by the amazing Mono Club. Your hosts are James Shakeshaft, Georgina Sowerby and... comedy podcast hosted by Brian Luff, James Shakeshaft & Georgina Sowerby and recorded at the world famous Crypt Studios in leafy North London.…
Legendary musician Steve Hackett joins us for this lengthy interview upon completion of his North and South America tour, which mixed songs from his vast solo repertoire with selections from Genesis’ history. Steve continues to create new music at a steady pace, releasing studio and live albums to much acclaim and success. He just released the ...…
This episode is dedicated to the spirit of traveling. I was forturnate enough to travel in late April and reconnect with my family's roots and history. During this journey, I selected a few classic tracks that for me express the experiences and emotions resulting from this trip. Happy Listening! Tracklist Elegia (Original Mix Edit) - Alexander ...…
Subscribe itunes 1. Avicii - Fade Into Darkness (Albin Myers Remix) 2. Noise Zoo - Freefall 3. David Guetta, Martin Garrix, & Brooks - Like I Do 4. ATHOM - Citadel 5. Nicky Romero & Florian Picasso - Only for Your Love (Corey James & Camarda Remix) 6. EDX - Anthem 7. Cosmic Gate & Sarah Lynn - Folded Wings (Rafael Frost Remix) 8. Cosmic Gate & ...…
Ladies and Djentalmen I present to you Episode #7 of HB with Zack, Zak, and Barry of the heavy hitting prog metal band Amavasya! To say that I'm obsessed with this band would be an understatement, easily my favorite local band and a band that has what it takes to be the next household name in metal! Unfortunately since the time of this recordin ...…
Folk/Prog band Pagan Harvest take inspiration from the English landscape, that sense of place that can be found in Shakespeare’s forests and moors, Wordsworth’s mountains and streams, and even on Westminster Bridge. On 1st February 2018 they released their second album. Entitled 'Sacred River' it is a bold artistic statement encompassing the my ...…
Burleigh Drummond is one of the founding members of the 5 time Grammy Nominated band, Ambrosia. Along with David Pack, Joe Puerta and Chris North they formed the band in 1970. They had a string of hit sons; How Much I Feel, Biggest Part of Me, You’re the Only Woman, Holdin’ On to Yesterday, I Just Can’t Let Go, and other great songs very popula ...…
CLICK THE ARROW ABOVE TO LISTEN TO THE AUDIO INTERVIEW By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa All photos–Copyright–Kevin Nixon Photography Rock At Night (RAN) likes to provide in-depth interviews with musicians but sometimes it is interesting to look at those working behind the scene in the industry. Many of us at Rock At Night are professiona ...…
Edition 143 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast! Playlist: Bomber Goggles – Uneasy Truce (from Gyreland) The C:Live Collective – This City Is London (from The Age Of Insanity) Mirror of Dreams – Broken Memory; Desolation (from Broken Memory; Desolation) A Perfect Circle – Eat the Elephant (from Eat the Elephant) Halo Tora – ...…
This week, we’re talking about the who, what, and why of Chiptunes! A few parts music theory, a few parts video games, and a lot of speculation! Next week, Nier, far, wherever you are, we know that your heart will be… drifting out in space, ready to take down aliens? We’ll be talking about the Nier series! Episode outline Fandom Facts History a ...…
A thorough, respectful, secular but far from complete look back at a sub-class of music that is mostly ignored by many metal fans, the Christian metal scene of the 80's and 90's. A time when labels like Intense, R.E.X. and Pure Metal were putting out albums on par with some of the heaviest hitters of the secular thrash, death, glam and power me ...…
On April's episode of Techno Delivery Systems Radio we're proud to feature Dj Anya. Anya never disappoints regardless of the genre with which she decides to grace your, techno, progressive, trance and all sorts of amazing weirdness between...she always delivers something audiences enjoy! Anya's dropping a full two hours for the sho ...…
I went record shopping in Canada. These days, I prefer supporting economies other than the United States whenever possible. So then a rousing “Bon Jour!” to Canucks Boulie Noire, New City Jam Band, Lafayette Afro Rock Band, Baron Longfellow, Wall of Steel and Toulouse. I’ve featured the Quebec trio Toulouse before from their debut that was reco ...…
Lots of music talk on this week's show. I go through that WatchMojo list of the Top Ten Most Electrifying Live Bands. There's talk about the prog-metal band Tool and of a group of very young music students doing a Tool cover. A friend risks death or at least grave injury by suggesting to me Pete Townshend is much of a musician! And there's a se ...…
In our thrilling ninety-first episode Fox and Conrad take a break from reviewing weekly progs to reminisce on the whole of 2000 AD comics for the year 1982. It’s a chance to reflect, review, and give out awards! Welcome to the 1982 Spinnies! At the end of every chronological year in our prog timeline we’ll give out awards to the storylines and ...…
“This is interesting” is a phrase that can easily go two ways. Oftentimes we say it in order to acknowledge that something is unlike anything we’ve heard, but with the subtext that we’re really not hoping to hear it again. Such is not the case with Letters to Maro, the new album from Frequency Drift. With this album the listener will be treated ...…
ProgStock 2018 is coming! The sophomore edition of the three-day Progressive Rock music Festival will take place Oct 5-7, 2018 at the Union County Performing Arts Center in Rahway, New Jersey, USA. ProgStock will be three days of fun, food, merriment, photos, recalling stories, hanging out with old pals, making new friends, and sharing in our m ...…
Miraks's new single Barada is out today. Miraks plays a selection of trance and prog house to show off his musical taste. Tracklist: 0:00 to 4:45 : First State Vigel - Resurrected 4:15 to 9:00 : Alex Klingle - Epilogue 9:00 to 12:35 : Yves V Vs. Florian Picasso - Here With You 12:35 to 15:22 : David Gravell - On The Move (Extended Mix) 15:22 to ...…
Depending on your point of view, we review the jump on/off Prog. This is over a whopping two hours long and will surely make your ears bleed while you shout at the hosts that they are WRONG! John gives a convention review. 'Ash v Evil Dead' is disturbingly awesome. Mr. Ross and Julius go to Hell. And the gang talk about the future readers of 20 ...…
It’s safe to say that if you have been pushing out music for the past 51 years, you’ve probably got a little something for everyone. It’s also a pretty good chance that not everything in your catalog is going to elicit the same enthusiasm from all audiences. For those of you who appreciate early Prog Rock, you probably like the Genesis 1972 rel ...…
It’s safe to say that if you have been pushing out music for the past 51 years, you’ve probably got a little something for everyone. It’s also a pretty good chance that not everything in your catalog is going to elicit the same enthusiasm from all audiences. For those of you who appreciate early Prog Rock, you probably like the Genesis 1972 rel ...…
Drum legend Mike Portnoy joins Prog Report host, Roie Avin, as they go through a list of the best covers songs Portnoy has recorded with the various groups he has been with. Find out the stories behind his love for thes
Nick D’Virgilio is one of the most respected and revered names in progressive-rock. First stepping into the spotlight as founder member and drummer for the US band Spock’s Beard, he later released two great solo album, 2001’s “Karma” and 2010’s “Pieces”, and have collaborated with countless other artists and producers including Fates Warning an ...…
I'll warn you right here, in the first sentence: this is the lengthy conclusion of the Floyd series. Crack a cold one and join the boys for one last dip in the prog-psych jacuzzi before shutting up about this damn band forever. As always, you can leave a voicemail for Dr. Bill and The Pak at (669) 257-4046. Love mail for Pak/hate mail for Bill ...…
In our thrilling ninetieth episode Fox and Conrad continue their journey through the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic with Progs 293-296 of 2000AD, covering December of 1982. Join us as Judge Dredd catches the Executioner, Robo-Hunter sings a song, and we start our first Time Twister stories! I’m sure you’ll enjoy our new time-based air horn! Thrills … ...…
There are 347 free-standing USPS blue mailboxes in Seattle. And photographer David Peterman took a photo of every single one of them and posted those photos over the course of a year. In this episode, I talk to David about how the Mailboxes of Seattle project got started, how he planned his photography, and what it was like taking selfies with ...…
A 3 hour show that goes out EVERY Sunday via Midlands Metalheads Radio @ 4.00pm. The Progmeister features music from all ages of Prog and from every country. With the very first FUSION event scheduled for Saturday 31st March 2018, this show takes a look at the featured acts PLUS a nice chat with Trevor Horn, the complete version of "Fly From He ...…
The O’Reilly Programming Podcast: How to build evolvable systems. In this episode of the O’Reilly Programming Podcast, I talk with Rebecca Parsons, chief technology officer at ThoughtWorks. She will be leading the workshop Building Evolutionary Architectures Hands-On at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON), July 16-19, 2018, in Portland, ...…
Dean Ween is one of the most celebrated cult musicians in rock. As one half of the musical duo/band Ween, he helped craft a truly eclectic (and humorous) mix of prog rock, punk, metal, psychedelia, soul and more, as evidenced on classic albums like Chocolate and Cheese and The Mollusk. Dean is back with Rock2, his sophomore solo release with Th ...…
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