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The Third Movement will encompass the future with strong determination to rise further, engraving an even deeper groove into the path of innovative music.Subscribe to this podcast to automatically get updated with the best accessible dark hardcore tracks out there.More information on
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The Endless Promo
Comic Vine's resident wrestling nerds discuss WWE events, talk to people in the industry, and answer your questions all while making dumb jokes along the way.
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HEARTS of SPACE is a nationally syndicated ambient - space - contemplative music series started in 1983. We can't legally podcast the entire program (blame the RIAA!) but we offer our weekly 30 second promos to give you a quick sample. You can stream the new shows free all day every Sunday at
Promo Marketing
The Promo Marketing Podcast brings you firsthand interviews and thought-provoking conversations with some of the $23 billion promotional products industry's biggest names. Hosts Sean Norris and Brendan Menapace offer witty, informative and concise takes on developing stories and ongoing trends.
Jumping Jack - The Austraian DJJumping Jack has been a regular within the Australian dance scene for almost 25 years now. From playing raves as one half of the infamous ‘Flow Motion’ to super slick city clubs, the boy who played his first set at the now defunct Daily Planet Night Club in Sydney back in `91 has firmly cemented himself as a permanent feature of the club circuit.Paul was first drawn into the dance world after going along to one of the huge indoor dance parties that used to be h ...
Sample some of Bobby's songs. Growing up inspired by "Jerry Lee lewis" and "Jimmy Swaggart" he taught himself to play piano. You will hear their influence in his music as well as his own unique piano style.https;//
A deep house mix done by myself DJ Loski, comprising of tracks by Maya Jane Coles, Atjazz, Nathan G, Phil Asher plus many more.Enjoy.1. Maya Jane Coles - What They Say 2. Reelsoul Ft. Kyla - For The Love of You (Vocal Mix) 3. Studnitzky - Hauke (Atjazz Base Elements Remix) 4. DJ Le Roi & Ben Moss - Hold On 5. Nathan G - Diamonds In The Sky 6. DJ Dealer & Groove Junkies Ft. Chezere - My Day Has Come (Destroyer Mix) 7. MA1 - High Definition 8. The Layabouts Ft. Shea Soul - Perfectly (The Layab ...
Book reviews, essay and article peer reviews, commentaries. Discussing research, genealogy, DNA & history of mixeblood peoples of early American history.
Hi Visitor , thanx to visit my Podcast and Feel free to Listen my Dj Mixes Saludos Dj Holsh
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I Promo Podcast
Territory only qualitative music !!! House, Deep House, Tech House, Soulful I* Promo Group - a group of persons by prior agreement, set various kinds of "events" =) Residents and friends I Promo Group creates an amazing compilation of music for listeners I Promo Podcast. These mixes affect the deepest vibrations of your soul. I* Promo Group - группа лиц, по предварительному сговору устраивающая различного рода "мероприятия" =) Резиденты и друзья I Promo Group создают удивительные музыкальные ...
London's leading underground promoters Halo Promo showcase 3 genres of music from their resident & guest DJs.
Promo Cowboys
A podcast about TV marketing, and storytelling, hosted by a 20-year veteran of New York's TV industry. Hear from creative TV pros about breaking in, moving up, making money and loving it, mostly.
Shoot Promo
Probably the only wrestling comedy gameshow in the world. Each episode two teams of three will attempt to discuss, dissect and dilute the past week in wrestling within the confines of seven sides of stupid improv rounds.Think Whose Line meets wrestling :)Our theme song is kindly provided by SuperBlizzard
My three-months promo mix. I hope that you like it.
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Initial promo for GetMoreRadio
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PROMO - DJ Panic
My name is Edwin J. Goitia and this is my first-ever podcast, Promo Rockstars.In this podcast, you will learn how you can identify the psychology and the philosophy behind the practices of experiential and promotional marketing in your life.More importantly, if you are a business owner, you will learn tactics and practical approaches that you can take advantage of for your own business to either get new customersor earn further loyalty with your current customer base.Also, for anyone wanting ...
Stream/Download music and mixes by Groove Govnor here. Enjoy and do share with your peers. Never compromise on good musicConnections/Bookings:Facebook: Groove GovnorIG: groovegovnorTwitter: groovegovnorBookings:
Welcome to Promo Wave Podcast!The best promo mixes of the World Dj's.
AznInvazn Promo Mix
Promo Mix
Podcast by Pop-Culture Promo
Weekend Promo Mix
Straight Up! presents the Weekend Promo Mix series featuring some of the best DJs from around the world.
Promo Megamixes
#1 All-Time Editor and DJ Artist of the world famous Crooklyn Clan ( New York )>>> <
Eat Sleep Promo
A podcast about all things promo hosted by Strideline's Zach Minnerly. Learn from industry experts, business owners, and sales leaders as they explain their trials, successes & strategies for success in the fast-changing promotional products industry.
Here is our brand new Podcast featuring the best sounds in Trance!!!
The 2018 Tampa Bay Wealth Summit
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Приветствую ценителей качественных медляков, я продолжаю восстанавливать свою эпическую серию миксов. Welcome :)
In 35 years of Hearts of Space, there've only been a handful of occasions when we devoted an entire program to a single album or composition. This week we do it with a superb collaboration between Iranian singer MAHSA VAHDAT and Norway's 50 voice SKRUK CHOIR, under the direction of PER ODDVAR HILDRE, with music and arrangements by the great Nor ...…
По многочисленным просьбам восстанавливаю файл. Название микса изменено для удобства, но суть при этом не меняется. Enjoy
Mark Sweet is welcomed back to the show for his record 3rd appearance, as he discusses balance between work time & personal time, his purpose & motivation, as well as answering rapid fire questions at the end. He has a quick mind & a great sense of humor which makes for a very enjoyable interview.
A brief overview of the usefulness of case studies in the industry. 2 case studies about Strideline socks are read - those studies & more can be found here: your case studies with for a free gift card to Share t ...…
From the prehistoric days of musical instruments, we have the flute, the rattle, and the drum; later, primitive trumpets and reeds; and from ancient Mesopotamia more than 4,000 years ago, early members of the chordophone family of plucked strings — lyres, zithers, harps, and lutes. Stringed instruments have come a long way since then. In Europe ...…
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Jeff Laniado, who worked for distributor Axis Promotions before moving to a promo buyer role at CBS, gave us the inside scoop on what it's like making the switch, what he and other promo buyers are looking for, landing large accounts like CBS and some common mistakes distributors make when pitching prospects. Let's just say Jeff isn't a fan of ...…
"Гармоничные мелодии, звуки в буквальном смысле слова перезаряжают наши внутренние аккумуляторы жизненной энергии. Гармоничная музыка – самое безопасное профилактическое средство. Она не вызывает побочных явлений и негативных последствий. Она показана всем без исключения. Это то средство, которое доступно каждому и никогда не принесет вреда. В ...…
Descending into the autumn soundscape, we return to the slower, darker, burnished electro-acoustic sounds of the season: cello, piano, electronic keyboards. It's a time for descending progressions, dark drones and minor key harmonies, as the music echoes the shorter days and declining light after the fall equinox. On this transmission of Hearts ...…
A quick update on the purpose of the show & the trajectory moving forward from your lovable host, Strideline's Zach Minnerly.
Ностальгия по острову
Hi Guys. Please check my Spring Travelling Tape now and enjoy my current favourite jams, Including Hits & Remixes By: Dan Only, EikaMano, &ME, Mazimba, Bruce Loko, Urban Musique, Atjazz, DWSON, Aero Manyelo and more..Spread the gospel
One of the core experiences of ambient and electronic spacemusic is the feeling of weightless floating. These subtle sounds seem to dematerialize us, expand our personal space, and slow our sense of time. It's kind of magical — and for many of us, highly pleasurable, even addictive. Since the introduction of mass-produced electronic instruments ...…
Taek Sung, senior vice president of sales and marketing for iClick, joined the show to talk about PopSockets, content marketing and the unexpected speed bumps that accompany 275 percent year-over-year growth. (Such as: Do you have enough parking spaces? What about bathrooms?) Plus, Sean and Brendan discuss Colorado Timberline's sudden closing d ...…
Учёные почти доказали, что матрица всё таки существует, некоторые уже ищут выход...
Учёные почти доказали, что матрица всё таки существует, некоторые уже ищут выход...
What's in a groove? In music the term usually describes a repeating rhythm pattern that creates a cycle of movement and a sense of propulsion. The word has been used in jazz since the 1930's, but grooves have been key to dance music around the world for centuries, and are an element of many popular genres. Swiss musician DON LI has taken the co ...…
#DoYouRemeber Boatride Podcast by Sheezys Promo
IRV TEIBEL was an innovator and entrepreneur who created the ENVIRONMENTS series of ambient sound recordings in the 1970s. He perfected the concept of functional therapeutic background sound, once comparing his recordings to "a bar of soap." Teibel realized that nature sounds had a soothing, calming, restorative quality, so he concentrated on o ...…
Forthcoming on Promo Audio, 24/09/2018 available in all the shops such as : Juno,Beatport,iTunes,Spotify,Deezer and more!
BrandVia Alliance was a big riser on our 2018 Top 50 Distributors list, jumping eight spots from No. 31 in 2017 to No. 23 this year. Sam Brown and Eric Nelsen joined the podcast to talk about that growth, plus a look at company culture, customer experience and (a recurring theme) getting sh*t done. Plus, Brendan and Sean discuss the fake Warren ...…
Вторая часть магического релакса не заставила себя долго ждать :) Джинглов нет.Всем приятного прослушивания!Комментарии приветствуются, понравилось, поддержите работу.
GLIDING IN in on sleek electronic waves, marking time with a subtle four-note sequence, drifting across ethereal atmospheres, and riding off on the solar wind. Yes, spacefans, we've arrived at that timely combination of chilled electronics and the season we call... SUMMERTRONICA. On this transmission of Hearts of Space, ambient electronics to c ...…
Strideline cofounders Jake Director & Riley Goodman join the show & discuss supplier relationships, company culture, and long term goals.
Посвящается моей любимой девушки, приятного прослушивание вам всем
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