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The Non-Prophets
The Non Prophets is a live internet radio show focusing on news from an atheist perspective airing on the first and third Wednesday of every month, starting at 7:30 PM Central
Prophetic News
Prophetic News is a Christian radio program lifting up the gospel of Jesus Christ. Exposing errors in the church, false prophets, false teachers, and end time events, leading up to the great apostasy and the coming of the Antichrist.We will discuss how some so called ministries pimp for money, manipulating people for their own greedy motives. We want to teach people to give out of love and not out of selfishness. We hope to see the witchcraft and miracle selling used on so called "Christian ...
One talk each weekday from a leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Welcome to Exploring the Prophetic podcast hosted by Shawn Bolz. Shawn has been a pioneer in ministry for the last 20 years. He speaks around the world and specializes on hearing God’s voice for yourself and for the world around you. On this podcast, Shawn interviews some of his close friends and leaders from different industries how God’s voice has caused great change in their world and lives. Alongside Shawn, you will hear from church leaders, politicians, entertainers, music industry, and ...
Prophetic Message
Prophetic message is a online Christian radio show equipping the Body Of Christ in walking in the gifts of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders.All Glory to The King of Kings and Lord of Lords Yeshua
Craig Phillips and Jeff Torrey debate and discuss all of their personally tested strategies and favorite players to build a fantasy team that will last through the season, and more importantly, thrive in the playoffs.
Podcast by Joy Harvest Church
Game Store Prophets
The Show Where Geeks and God Follower Collide
Greetings from Royalhouse Chapel MD Mission & E.T. Agormeda Ministries. I am so glad you are joining us from a time of prayer and prophetic declarations. The word of God is quick, powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword. Stand, war and make prophetic declarations with us. Your life will never be the same.
Prophetic Prayer Encounter is a weekly revelational and prophetic prayer broadcast divinely ordained to empower you towards taking your rightful place in destiny.Everyone made by God is ordained to be a solution to earthly situations, but it takes being empowered to feature in this, because your attainment in life is defined by the degree of your empowerment. Connect every week for revelational and prophetic word empowerment.
Retail Prophet
Join Doug Stephens, Founder of Retail Prophet and author of Reengineering Retail: The Future of Selling in a Post-Digital World as he explores the fascinating trends, technologies and behaviors shaping the future of retail and commerce.
Prophetic Song
Bill has been leading contemporary worship for over 30 years with an emphasis on realizing the experiential presence of the Holy Spirit within the worship set. As a worship songwriter he has recorded, worked with prause teams, and encouraged many in the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Bill is an ordained Anglican Priest. Find out more about him and his ministry at www.blomquistian.comArtwork: Pencil drawings of the Tabernacle of Moses and Ministry Stations by Paul Choate. Find him on Facebook a ...
Block Prophets
See what happens when a few entertainers get into one room crowd around some Mics and talk about different events that are occurring in the world. From Politics, Music, and whatever else comes up.
Adventures in Dominant Theology
The BEMA Podcast is a walk-through of the context of the Bible and the Text itself, as well as surrounding history.
A digest of sermons or other speeches and conversations from unitarian universalist ministers, mennonites, UMC, and other liberal religious voices.
All my accomplishments are rubbish compared to knowing Jesus Christ. Posting a Daily Prophetic Word For Today #DailyPropheticWord at
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Midnight Prophets Crew. Fresh beats, cuts and rhymes to renew your soul spirit and mind. Holy Hip Hop Mixes and spiritual battles sets by DJ Transform, DJ CrossWalk, Mike G, WishWon, DJ Reflects, and DJ Leftie. Featuring artist such as: lecrae 116 sphere trip lee sho baraka dillon chase shai linne timothy brindle stephen the levite crossmovement cross movement deepspace 5 ds5 mars ill ill harmonics pigeon john phanatik ambassador tru life flame theory hazit da truth and many more. Peep the t ...
Game Store Prophets
The Show Where Geeks and God Follower Collide
Prophet Ed Traut
Audio sermons of Ewald Frank preached monthly from Krefeld-Germany, Zurich-Switzerland and other countries around the world. Hear God's Word from this humble servant of God.
Welcome to the Prophetic Resistance Podcast is hosted by Rev. Michael-Ray Mathews. We travel the country talking to our beloved community of freedom-fighters, justice-seekers and faith leaders. Grounded in our diverse faith traditions, we are exploring what it means to embody love in the face of fear and to show up like hope in seasons of despair. Refusing to be chaplains to the logic and impulse of Empire, we choose to be prophets of the resistance.
A weekly class on Islamic foundational principles, theology, law and ethics based on al-Sharh'l-Mumti' 'alā Zād'l-Mustaqni'. Taught by Abu Eesa Niamatullah. For more information, visit:
This podcast presents the series “Noble Ones Around The Chosen One”, by Shaykh Sadullah Khan, originally delivered at Masjid al-Furqan, Islamia College, in Cape Town, South Africa ( The series highlights snapshots of the lives of the phenomenal people who were in the company of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said about his companions (may God be pleased with them): “The best people are ...
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Prophet Bernard El-Bernard Nelson-Eshun is the Senior Pastor of Spiritlife Revival Ministries in Accra, Ghana, a thriving apostolic-prophetic mission based church and the CEO of Bernard Nelson Ministries.. Tel + 233 23 40 777 88
With this, being the last generation - to include the astrological signs of the time, the Age of Aquarius. It is imperative, important and critical that we understand the signs of "our" times and of the soon return of Jesus Christ at the moment of the Rapture of believers unto Himself. Jesus the Messiah will be in our presence! No other prophecy must take place before the rapture of the church (saved/born again Christians); the blood red moons are clear messages as they happen on the last re ...
A podcast of prophetic dreams and forums set in context to a group discussion. Each podcast sets out to encourage the Body of Chist in it’s mission to faithfully sojourn unto the Day of the Lord.
Listen to the Prophets...The Two True Freaks Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Podcast. Covering every episode of Scott Gardner doesn't have to.
The Beyond the Prophy® Podcast will empower you and inspire you to seek career excellence while pursuing your passion.
Call in at 319-527-6027 to Randy's Show for Randy to personally prophesy to you Monday - Thursday 9pm-12am (call is free). Randy is a compassionate, kind host and loves to prophesy to all those who are searching for Him but got lost in the process. The prophetic reveals that God knows you, sees you and loves you unconditionally. Let the prophetic connect you to your future and reveal that your past failures are graciously wiped out. Randy believes you've been created for it and nothing can s ...
In this series you'll gain keys to greater understanding of the spiritual realm
Training and equipping the body of Christ in the prophetic ministry.
2 guys on a journey to find truth and wisdom over a coffee and chat
Islamic lessons, talks, and reminders—with explanations of Qur’an, commentary on Prophetic hadiths, and practical guidance for living Islam–from reliable, qualified scholars from SeekersHub (
Part of the Dollar Van Network
Producer Salma Hayek discusses Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet, a breathtaking animated film inspired by the Lebanese poet' work. Written and directed by Roger Allers (The Lion King)—the film features scenes from filmmakers and animators from around the world.
Prophet Alex Owusu
Podcast by Prophet Alex Owusu
Audio sermons of Ewald Frank preached monthly from Krefeld-Germany, Zurich-Switzerland and other countries around the world. Hear God's Word from this humble servant of God.
A charismatic and dynamic leader, razor sharp prophet of God, faithful and compassionate shepherd, Prophet Michael Carter is a man of God with the heart of God. He is a hand-picked servant of God who from an early age has walked through great adversity and affliction as his father died when he was two and his mother when he was seven years old leaving him an orphan. This experience was not the end as God raised him by grace and entrusted him with an uncommon anointing and a great ministry. H ...
Hebrew for Fun and for Prophet - with Moreh Gavriel Sanders
Welcome to Prophets Don't Wear Plaid with C.K. Thompson and Bryan David. "Let 'er rip!" C.K. shares from an extensive history of prophetic dreams, visions and encounters. Don't let her self-deprecating manner fool you. This little prophet/seer has a bold and sometimes irreverent message."Let Your Will Be Done." © 2014 Bryan David Thompson. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.
A story about the Irish, just before the onset of the famine of 1847, with all the color and dialogue of a man who lived it. (Summary by JCarson)
A podcast all about the man without fear!@ultranova05
Practical instruction on administering the prophetic gifts from DayStar Ministries. Also, some of the words given.
Prophet Of None
Prophet Of None takes a look at the mysterious circumstances surrounding the 2017 death of Brent Wilkins. A member of the Trinfinity Academy and student of Bentinho Massaro, Brent devoted his life to the betterment of himself and others. So why on December 9 did Brent jump off a cliff near Midgley Bridge in Sedona Arizona? We will explore the questionable practices of the academy and it's millennial aged guru, in this compelling story navigated by Brent's high school classmate, Megan Estes.
Prophet Kofi Oduro
Prophet Kofi Oduro,Phd. is a dynamic and prolific preacher who teaches the word of God with Power, Clarity, deep insights and revelations. Give it a listen and you will be blessed.
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