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Java Pub House
This podcast talks about how to program in Java; not your tipical system.out.println("Hello world"), but more like real issues, such as O/R setups, threading, getting certain components on the screen or troubleshooting tips and tricks in general. The format is as a podcast so that you can subscribe to it, and then take it with you and listen to it on your way to work (or on your way home), and learn a little bit more (or reinforce what you knew) from it.
Current's The Pub
Current's biweekly podcast about news and trends in public and nonprofit media.
Trivial Warfare is the podcast that takes the pub quiz out of the pub and brings it home to you. Trivial Warfare is a weekly game shared by people all over the world that features all the same banter, jokes and fun that you share with your friends at your local quiz nights. TW is your gateway to a larger world of trivia and your invitation into an awesome community of people who love trivia games just as much as you do. Give the show a try and have fun with Jonathan, Chris, Carmela and Ben a ...
Testing In The Pub
Testing In The Pub is a podcast all about software engineering, engineering teams and how they deliver good quality software.
A bi-weekly podcast with 2 blacksmiths, Jesse and Rick, talking shop and hanging out with guests, all the great things about a pub with a blacksmith frame of mind. A pub is the social center of a community, a place to meet friends, share a drink, swap stories and have a laugh. It’s a place to relax and recharge, so come on in, grab a drink and join the conversation in the Blacksmith’s Pub.
Thinking and drinking. That is the unlikely goal of our meeting. Each month we invite a speaker to talk about an area of belief and to invite critical debate. We encourage skeptical thought and we enjoy challenging discussions.
Pub Quiz Podcast
This is a real pub quiz, recorded live in various South London pubs. You can play against the rest of the pub either alone or with some friends. All you need is a pen and paper, as well as a means of listening to the podcast. I also recomend you get a few beers and some snacks to recreate the feel of a real pub quiz. If you really want to get authentic, I suggest throwing some sawdust on the living room floor and inviting a few strangers in.
Pub Songs aren't just songs about drinking. For The Celtfather, these are fun songs you can sing-along and enjoy. Some are Irish or Scottish. Others are smash hits at science fiction conventions. Geek Pub Songs highlights the music of Marc Gunn, as well music from Celtic and Geek musicians that he loves. You'll enjoy this music over a pint at your local pub or while hanging out in your local game store. It's a show to make you smile.
Comedic conversations one pint at a time.
CFA Institute Pubs
CFA Institute Publications
The Game Show Gang Pub Quiz Podcast is a pub quiz style trivia game where the only contestant is YOU, the listener. Play with your friends or just challenge yourself. The Game Show Gang Pub Quiz Podcast is created and hosted by veteran game show writers/producers/jokers Jonathan Bourne and Doug Shaffer. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or sign up for our mailing list at CREDITS Produced, written and hosted by Jonathan Bourne and Doug Shaffer ...
From Corvallis, Oregon, home of Oregon State University, we bring new ideas and insightful lectures from leading researchers and scientists to a pub full of inquisitive minds every month. Recorded live at the Old World Deli and other Corvallis locations, these episodes cover everything from the science of marijuana to black holes and beyond. Science Pub is brought to you by Terra Magazine, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), OSU and our generous sponsors.
Pub Theology LIVE
Beer, Conversation, and God. People have been gathering in pubs and public spaces for ages, talking about life, philosophy, faith, and deep questions of meaning. Now we're bring the conversation to the interwebs. Watch our live recording Tuesdays 9pm at
Wood - Strings - Songs - Stories... Americana, Bluegrass, Old Time, Folk, Old Country, Alt. Country, Southern Rock
Punks in Pubs is a biweekly podcast not just for punks!Former punk radio producer Liam Bird sits down with a mic in one hand and a beer in the other and talks to individuals with some affiliation to the genre of punk in a *pub *Not always in a pub
Two Men One Pub
Two men in a deluxe homemade bar (with one squeaky barstool) discuss the issues that really matter. Join @MikeBubbins, stand up comedian, and @EggsyGLC, member of Goldie Lookin' Chain, as they wade through an endless sea of half thought out opinions on topics such as popular culture, future sport, science, the 1970s, television, and human zoos. Recorded live at Bubba's Bar and Grill, whenever they can be bothered.
Kilgallon's Pub
Podcast by Joe Kilgallon
Pub Chat
Going on a bender. One podcast at a time.
Pub Talk Podcast
Pub Talk started off with friends drinking a new beer each week and shooting the breeze about crazy news stories, playing games, and generally messing around. It has evolved to a craft beer podcast with some humor dashed in. We love craft beer and enjoy trying any we can get our hands on. We are based out of the Tulsa, Oklahoma metro area and love to support local Oklahoma beer (a scene that is absolutely exploding), but enjoy beers from all over the region, country and even the world.
This site is to contain the iTunes RSS feed for Sebastian's Pub Podcasts
We’re just a handful of dads that want to play games, design games, make games, play your games, sleep occasionally, then play some more games.
Pub Science
Ben and Isaac have been friends since school. Ben knows quite a lot about science. Isaac does not. Isaac suspects that's part of the reason Ben wanted him as co-host of this science-based podcast. But it's not all bunsen burners and particle physics (very little of either of those things, in fact): this is a podcast that, through the power of alcohol, rambling chat and questionable claims, hopes to break through the boring jargon of textbooks and research papers to make science genuinely acc ...
Hosted by Matt Heimerl & Shane JarryJust two dudes drinking brews and talking Heroes of the Storm E-Sports. Come join us every other Friday as we delve into the current world of HotS and try to break down the top plays and latest additions to the worlds top new MOBA. Rage quitting is allowed!
Just a couple of guys sitting around, drinking some good beer and talking about sports. for in depth sports analysis there’s ESPN, for guys keeping it real and having fun, this is the spot!
What the Pub?!
What the Pub?! Der Whisky Tasting Podcast oder kurz WTP?! In dem es rund um das Thema Whisk(e)y geht. Tastings, Herstellung, Geschichte usw. Mal allein, mal zu zweit. Immer ungeschnitten, ohne Intromusik, pur und ehrlich. Hört rein, hier gibt's hochprozentig was auf die Ohren.
The Vegas Video Network presents Pub Crawl, featuring the adventures of David and Alicia as they struggle to recall their adventures in and around Las Vegas. These crazy kids will give you a unique perspective on where to tear it up(!) in the entertainment capital of the world.
Patrick's Pub
Everything and current events.
Pub Chat
The Kickabout Scotland
Pundits Pub
Pundits Pub is "America's Public House" where YOU become the pundit. We'll discuss the major political, social and cultural issues facing the American People today. Pundits Pub is a feast for the mind, a special place to relax with a cocktail, or your favorite soft drink, and maybe have a few laughs while we discuss some pretty darn important issues. Bracing for the intellect, invigorating your artistic soul, Pundits Pub is your alternative multi-media destination.
Skeptics in the Pub Podcast — Cambridge, aims to promote science, skepticism, rationality and critical thinking. We aim to interview as many people on the Skeptics in the Pub circuit as they pass through Cambridge as we can. The hope is to provide an alternative for those as who can't make the monthly meetings, as well as covering additional topics for the interest of those who do attend.
Like an edited version of a good night out, Podcasts from the Pub brings you stories, chat, music, and guests. Regular hosts James Diamond and Nathan Human settle in the pub to share tales on a new topic each episode. These might be about our own lives or stories we've heard, seen, or stolen. From time to time a guest will join us at the bar and the jukebox.
Each episode we sit down with a member of the local punk rock community to crack some brews and talk about life in the Arizona music scene.
We are Middle Child, theatre that makes a noise.
The Pub Football Podcast is a conversational show about all things Football usually over a cold beer. Co-Hosts Martin and Dan, round-up the weekends English Premier League (EPL) fixtures and results. Also take a look at football news from around the world.
Da Pub Life
The best place to find out where the best beer, food, and fun are in your area.
A show from the West End of London, England about pubs, writers, attractions, theatre and a bohemian lifestyle. Includes 52 Things To Do In London.
Indie Pub Podcast
Podcast by Indie Pub Podcast
Pub Talk is a modern Junta as in Benjamin Franklin's 18th century think tank. We gather at a pub and discuss whatever touches our fancy. Look for our Podcast in the iThues store
Welcome to the very first episode of a great new series we're introducing called CREATOR SPOTLIGHT. A series designed to explore more about the creators behind indie comics and their self-publishing process.
Da Pub Life
Beer, Food, & Fun
Theology @ the Pub Melbourne
Two dudes talk, over drinks, with guest authors and bartenders, about writing, and other stuff.
Audio Podcast of Pub Theology Events
Pub Talk TV
Podcast by Pub Talk TV
Pub Talk Radio
Your casual sports podcast. Pub coaches and critics. Information to win your next pub argument.
Kyrie Pub Church
Kyrie is a worshipping community for the wicked and thirsty meeting in a pub on Sunday evenings. Worship usually consists of live music, gospel, preaching, communion, and sharing peace. It is open and inclusive as the bar remains in operation to the public as we worship. Sundays at 5 PMChimera Brewing Company1001 W. Magnolia Ave
Politics in the Pub
Podcast by New Farm Neighbourhood Centre
The Vegas Video Network presents Pub Crawl, featuring the adventures of David and Alicia as they struggle to recall their adventures in and around Las Vegas. These crazy kids will give you a unique perspective on where to tear it up(!) in the entertainment capital of the world.
Disseminating professional health information in common language, guaranteeing conversations you'll never forget!
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Erman Bradi & Brandon Waiters are former Hollywood interns and co-founders of entertainment event series MixKnowledgy, and The Film Empire, a unique filmmaking contest. The Film Empire provides a grand prize winner the invaluable opportunity of mentorships and meetings with industry professionals embodying the entire filmmaking process, from de ...…
One big show today, UFC middleweight champion Rob Whittaker is live in studio chatting to the guys and Kyle asks Intern Pete to take his shirt off in front of him. Also we catch up with Bluey the guy from Brisbane who had a bit of a situation with Malcom Turnbull in a pub. Not to mention a big plot twist today with 'Am I The Best Sex You Ever H ...…
How good are you at Trivial Pursuit? Are you the type that loves those trivia nights at your local pub? We delve into why these useless facts stay with us when other knowledge doesn't. But let's be honest, we also talk a bunch about the use of hankies, awkward conversations, and give a tiny review of Ready Player One. Let us know what thing abo ...…
Welcome to the pub version of the Infinity War reviews. In this final part of the Making Lemonade Infinity War reviews. My guests are my two best mates Ben and Steve and we talk all thing Infinity War, x-men and comic book movies.
South Korean singer Hwanhee (환희) – 뻔해 officially drop new single Tittle “(Obvious)” which Team up with the fellow Rapper and features guest Appearance include Jung Ilhoon (정일훈) of BTOB) assisted him for new collaboration and the both singer have been working so hard in other to surprise and make a great music due for their fans out there. Korea ...…
Fresh from seeing Deadpool 2, Clay and Dursin talk about how Ryan Reynolds should be patting himself on the back pretty hard. Plus, The X-Men Wedding Special and what Dursin thought after finally seeing Justice League. Discussed in this Episode: X-Men Wedding Special Click Here to Buy from Deadpool & X-Force Omnibus Click Here to Buy f ...…
In this edition of Beer, Bros & BS we discussed the upcoming event Sin City 8 and the world’s largest orgy, Chipotle’s latest painful news, a book plagiarism, an Aussie marsupial that goes out with a bang plus other BS! Plus we got to review beer from Grimm Artisanal Ales, Third Space Brewing, Bottle Logic Brewing, Funky Buddha Brewery, Jackie ...…
Red Dirt Radio Show with your host's Jeremy Scott and Jimmy Ray Taylor Episode 02 Segment 01 (20 mins) Rosalie – Cody Canada & The Departed One More Song The Radio Won’t Like – Kathleen Edwards Break My Heart Sweetly – John Moreland Little Baby – Mickey & The Motorcars Segment 2 (10 mins) Texas Can Wait – Big Smith Red Dirt Girl – Bo Phillips B ...…
Local band manager Samantha Graham came and chatted to Tuesday Drive about several musical events coming up in the area. Beatles at Bondi is a musical appreciation night accompanied with snacks and drinks. Local music teacher Darryl Chute will take guests on a musical journey through the Beatles eight year recording career, focussing on one ico ...…
Mary-Beth Keefe is the brewmaster at Toronto’s Granite Brewery, a job she has dreamed about since her father bought the pub when she was 10 years old. Join us for a dive into her journey to becoming a female brewmaster, the process that goes into creating a new beer and where she sees the industry going next. Find out more about Mary-Beth and G ...…
In episode 40 of The Simon Time Trivia Show, Simon kicks off round 2 of the Tournament of Champions with returning winners Dan, Drew and Cheryl! This episode brought to you by Devaney's Pub!
Episode 41 sees John (back from his Birthday celebration) Wragg and Michael discussing the weeks sackings, Neil Lennon's Celebration and everything in-between! There is a little quiz thrown in and also we make use of the Trivial Pursuit cards that were on the table in the pub.Enjoy!You can get in touch with us via...Follow on Twitter - @footbal ...…
Please note this episode contains some bad language. If you are easily offended you are advised not to proceed.By any stretch of the imagination Bill Wolsey is a remarkable man. Born to staunch socialist parents in Belfast in the 50s Bill borrowed all the money his parents had to start his first pub in Bangor. He now has a portfolio of pubs, re ...…
The Knights in White Lycra started with a small bunch of British guys in a Tokyo pub looking for a way to get fit. They bought some bicycles and thought it would be a good idea to start helping out people along their journey. Now they have members from many different countries who are determined to make a difference by raising money for those i ...…
Jacob is passed out drunk in a gutter somewhere, and Wallace is MIA for the 47th week in a row, so Danny is joined by a rare non-comedian guest, Jason Knebel! Follow us on Twitter, @NaNaNaPodcast, Facebook Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Podcast. Follow Danny on twitter @DannyRathbun, and Wallace @AMouthyBroad, follow Jacob @Colburn918. Check out our l ...…
Join Barnstorm Basketball Association’s Commissioner Jack Williams, Zeke Harris and Bruce Knox for Episode 5 of This Week in Barnstorm Basketball. Topics include: Setting our sights on the Steel City Classic Speaking with one of Southwestern Pennsylvania’s most established AAU programs Looking back at Cincinnati’s Tri-State Tip Off Previewing s ...…
Dub and Ken give you their takes on whats happening in Springfield Nightlife. The duo chop it up about the pub crawl from the Illinois Times and the talk music news of the week. This weeks after topics include: More on the Tidal streaming “scandal” Spotify dropping artists from playlists over hate speech Kanye previews music ahead of album rele ...…
Clifden may be a small community in southern Ireland but its connections are so strong to Canada that it celebrates Canada Day, as we do, every July 1. Barberstown Castle was owned until recently by guitarist and singer, Eric Clapton, and now you can rent one of the rooms in the castle section. Kylemore Abbey, near Dublin, is a riches to rags s ...…
Rach's weekend includes the Royal Wedding, A Pedal Pub, & lingerie. by Ken Evans & Rachael Gray
While attending the 2018 Toronto Comic Arts Festival, I dropped in on the Small Press Publishers Unite! panel session. The intimate gathering focused on the process of starting and growing as small press publishers, including how books are selected and approved, as well as the topics of finances, distribution, and marketing. The panel organized ...…
On this week’s episode of Loose Cannons, Mathew and Justin discuss the sex ‘comedy’ HOT CHILI, the most hygienic fast food in the world, and their love of Robert Z’Dar. Is Hot Chili worthy of the Cannon Canon? Listen to find out! Download the MP3 directly HERE Subscribe on iTunes: HERE Subscribe on Google Play: HERE Subscribe on Stitcher: HERE ...…
Dan Park is manager of the Duchess of Cambridge pub, opposite Windsor Castle. You could call it the Queen's local. It's certainly an establishment that favours the Royal Family. It changed its name to honour Kate after the last big royal wedding in the town in 2011. But there's competition in the glamour stakes in the UK on Saturday, and the pu ...…
Our Guest Artist: Audra Ricketts Our Host Artist: Carol McQuaidOur Bar: The Pemberton Station Pub in West VancouverOur guest artist today is visual artist, actor and the mind behind the hilarious Rabbit Rabbit Greeting Card line, Audra RickettsListen in at the Pemberton Station Pub while Audra and I swap notes on some shared art residencies and ...…
Description: Bachelor party weekend part deux is finally catalog on this cream-filled episode! After their day trip to Eugene, the boys head back to Portland, OR and hit up lots of brew pubs and eatin’ holes, but most notably Oregon standout Great Notion Brewing and Modern Times new Belmont Fermentorium - with a few quick shoutouts to Deschutes ...…
Below is the transcript of the podcast if you'd like to read it instead of listening. Remember this is a transcript, not a written script. Please make comments below. Hello, hello and welcome to the Simple Organic Guide Show where we talk about everything and anything in the natural and organic living space. I'm your host Jan Davis, coming to y ...…
This week Moose and Pete talk shop, with details of the latest merch update (including patches and flags), a look back at the latest Primordial pub quiz and what the future may hold for that idea, as well as talking about a major change to the 'Everybody Gets One' campaign. They also embark upon a tech-related experiment, with mixed results. Al ...…
Between 1978 and 1983 Dennis Nilsen, known as the “British Jeffrey Dahmer” gruesomely murdered fifteen males; his victims ranged from age fourteen and older. His murder spree went unnoticed for 3 years, until he was finally discovered after a plumber was called to his apartment to clear a blocked drain. The plumber discovered that human flesh a ...…
Bartalk returns! Karl, Jordan, and guest co-host Dan are joined by Ben & Bri of the Pillory Pub. They talk about their origins, running a seasonal business, and picklebacks! Yadda-yadda-yadda count: 3 Intro music is from "Coast to Coast" by Cory Gray.
Hello you beautiful people, this episode sums up the last day of the Prem, the managers losing their jobs, Arteta? really?, Champs League and Europa league preview and lots more. We will continue throughout the summer with all your sporting pub chat...and the World Cup is around the corner...hooray!
Todd Olson - Onalaska Rotary Pub-n-GrubAmy Gabay - Driftless Sports ConverganceChris Callaway - Program feature of weekly sports update featuring high school sports, college sports and professional sports. The trials and tribulations and the story behind game. DAN WHALEN, TOTS. - How to cook tator tots…
In episode 11 we get Duncan Alexander from Opta in the studio to wow us with the some goalkeeping stats from the is season and beyond. There will be stats in here that you'll be telling your pals down the pub. From expected goals, to BBQ coals. Who has the best pass completion rate in the PL? Who has saved the most 'goals' in the PL? And which ...…
Fausto Fernós and Carma Nibarger go for a ride in the original elevated train at the Chicago History Museum. Photo: Fausto Fernós. Spring is here and summer is right around the corner, so it’s time to get busy! Are you ready to swipe right on this podcast? Today my good Judy Carma Nibarger joins me to chill out and take a look at the hot news— ...…
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); In this raw, uncut, and unforgiveable special everyone is a mess. Trigger Warning: Pretty much everything I can’t in good conscience recommend anyone listen to it.
Recorded 2018-05-15 17:18:24 Download, Distribute, and Donate!By (DNBRadio).
Recorded 2018-05-15 19:06:54 Tracklisting: * DJ Die - Slide Away * Camo & Krooked - The Sloth (DLR Remix) * Zero T - The Question (Feel) * Artificial Intelligence - Is This Real (Zero T Remix) * Amoss, MCJC - Bleed It * DLR - A - DLR & Script - Electronic Heroin * Verdikt - Brutality * Alix Perez, Skeptical - Room 667 * Bou - Keep Away * Skepti ...…
The city of Joliet is waking up. There's new businesses opening up. There's new festivals being organized. Art and music is being created at break-neck speed. There's food and beer that you'll dream about after ya try it. We can provide all of the proof that you need. Our podcast is recorded live from Third City Sound in Downtown Joliet on the ...…
Buffalo Calf Road WomanFor this episode, we took a look at verbal accounts of Buffalo Calf Road Woman. Her history has been passed down many years to Cheyenne contemporaries. Two women play a significant role in telling her tale. Kate Big Head and Iron Teeth. Another author, Mari Sandoz also writes the flight north from Indian Territory based o ...…
Laura found Mike Riversdale and Raj Khushal in a pub, and brought them into the studio to chat about their podcast Access Granted. The team from Access Granted host awesome interviews with amazing people from the world of technology. They're also running Techweek TV 2018, streaming live interviews from Techweek events around New Zealand. Visit ...…
Subscribe on your favorite podcatcher, just search Downballot! Check out all of our podcasts Support us on patreon Join our chat Panel: The Good Wife The Councilman Producer Dave Docket
This podcast features "Top Tech" - how it can be incredibly helpful (especially to people with special circumstances) but also we touch on the problems it causes - especially in my case. So much so that I wrote a song about my attempt to rig up a "smart home". "NOT SO SMART HOME" SONG - words and music ©2018 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved ...…
Rossi's on 3 hours of sleep but managed to prepare the best questions for us, tune in to hear how this quiz went!
Annie Lawrence loves being a woman! She is a woman of faith, a wife and a mother. This month she joyfully presents on 'Australia's beauty crisis and why every woman should know she is beautiful'. Her talk looks at what true beauty is, the struggles women today face, femininity and relationships. Her message is as important for men as it is for ...…
The Full English Exposé teaches you more about the English speaking world, so you can be confident you know what you are doing, and you don’t do or say the wrong thing, and don’t get egg on your face. This edition of the podcast we’re helping make sure you don’t get egg on your face, with the Full English Exposé, all about Fox Hunting. For the ...…
The Full English Exposé teaches you more about the English speaking world, so you can be confident you know what you are doing, and you don’t do or say the wrong thing, and don’t get egg on your face. This edition of the podcast we’re helping make sure you don’t get egg on your face, with the Full English Exposé, all about Fox Hunting. For the ...…
In our final show of Season Seven, we honor the best performances, plays, athletes, breakout stars, underappreciated stars, and more as we hand out our annual’s Sportszoney Awards. Enter your email address:Delivered by FeedBurner Does your business, group or organization need a podcast? If so, call at 740- ...…
Glenn Marvin runs 5 businesses as well as Ultra Marathons. While he works massive hours when he’s working, he also enjoys a great life of travel, planned downtime and relaxation. And he’s also another example of taking an alternative route to success. A university dropout, he travelled the world for 5yrs getting caught up in the crazy world of ...…
And the London Poetry Cafe #dylanday
Join Dr Suzannah Lipscomb as she explores the great Georgian Piece Hall in Halifax, a small thatched pub in Cornwall, which has been brewing its own ales for many years, and the shop in Rochdale known as the birthplace of the modern co-operative movement. The 100 places featured in this series have been nominated by the public and chosen by a p ...…
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