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Puck Podcast
A weekly hockey podcast that talks about nothing but the NHL with analysis, interviews, opinions and information you won't get anywhere else.
Puck Soup
We’re Greg Wyshynski and Dave Lozo and this is a hockey podcast, in the sense that we talk about hockey, both on the ice and about fan culture. That’s the “puck.” This is also a podcast about movies, TV, fast food, life lessons and general idiocy. That’s the “soup.” Unless you ordered the minestrone.
Puck Talks
Puck Talks is a podcast produced by Homestand Sports taken from live shows across North America.
Puck Off!
Radio legend Frazer Smith and comedian Joe Bartnick get together each week to talk hockey with their comedy friends!
On | Presented by
Pucks on net
A Vancouver hockey podcast that doesn't talk about fantasy OR fancy stats. A loose, conversational based hockey podcast with a round table format. The show features a weekly assortment of good friends talking hockey, telling stories and trying not to take themselves too seriously. Sound quality: 11/10
Beginner's Puck
A podcast for hockey fans, both new and old. Join Deb and Erika as we deep dive into what makes hockey the greatest sport in the world. Learn the lingo, explore hockey history, and listen to commentary on the most exciting, frustrating, and heart-stopping moments of the week. We love hockey and think you will too! #HockeyIsForEveryoneOur catchy theme tune is “Ephemeral” by Sunspot. Get the whole song here!Talk hockey with us! Twitter: @BeginnersPuck Email:
This supplement to the Puck Podcast gives you a brief recap of the top stories in the NHL every Monday through Friday.
The HOLY PUCK Podcast: "Hockey news, views and abuse," powered by Cheapskate Hockey.Available on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Pocketcast and Podcast AddictA podcast and blog presented by a pair of of incorrigible Australians, hellbent on injecting a healthy dose of "fuck you" into your weekly hockey coverage. Outlandish statements, wild speculation and yes, even a dash of factual, hockey-related reporting will all be front and centre in both our weekly podcast and our blog. In addition, we' ...
One Puck Short
A British based NHL podcast, featuring news, opinions and special guests from across the hockey spectrum joining host Rob McGregor. Visit the website at
Puck Dynasty is a podcast, produced by 1500 ESPN Twin Cities, about the Golden Gophers men's hockey team at the University of Minnesota. Declan Goff and friends provide up-to-date news, analysis and opinion on one of the most historically successful college hockey teams in the country.
A podcast about hockey. Well, sort of. A podcast with two long-time friends and lifelong feminists who recognize that their favorite sport isn't always perfect, but it's always getting better.
Puck Yeah! Podcast
New Zealand's home for hockey and official podcast of the NZIHL.Join us each week as hosts Logan Swinkels and Joe Durie talk to the players, the fans, the filmmakers, and everyone in between who make the hockey world such an interesting place.For your fix of New Zealand hockey news go to www.puckyeah.nzEmail us at:
Two brothers sitting around talkin about hockey. It's what we like to do.
Puck University
Tim Williams takes you through the world of college hockey every week.
Zero Pucks Given
WEEI's Dale Arnold discusses all things Bruins and NHL. Featuring interviews, analysis and lots of passionate hockey talk.
On | Presented by
Puck Pacific
A hockey podcast with Bo Hamby and Mason Riley, covering all things pacific division every Friday.
Puck and Gas
Jason Puckett and Mike Gastineau host a show on Sports Radio 950 KJR in Seattle every weekday from 10am to 1pm.
Your one stop podcast for all of the latest news and rumors surrounding the National Hockey League!
Jeff Marek of Sportsnet and Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports team up to agree and disagree on the NHL news of the day. This daily podcast will also include guests.
Pucking Thoughts Radio is a Hockey podcast hosted by Adam Bernard and JC.
Puck Podcast co-host Eddie Garcia talks nothing but his favorite team the Los Angeles Kings with interviews, analysis and opinions.
Puck It
An NHL podcast featuring Joe DiBiase (@DiBiase85), Jordan Hansgen (@JHansgen57), and Lou DiBiase! All the news and events from around the league! Also go to our website: Also follow us on Twitter: @PuckItPod / Produced By: Sammy DiBiase (@SammyDiBiSports)
Puck You
Robbie Fox, Kyle Limone, and various guests share thoughts on the NHL.
Thruway Puck
Dan and Otto talk about recent happenings and upcoming events in the world of hockey. Also, a a few sprinklings of other sports from time to time.
Leafs Nation
Former Toronto Maple Leafs GM Gord Stellick & former National Hockey League forward & Olympian Todd Hlushko team-up to provide the most insightful Maple Leafs pre- and post-game show with Leafs Nation.
Just because you can make a podcast revolving around your homeristic obsession with the only SoCal hockey team that matters, doesn't mean you should. But it's either this or return to schlepping in Daryl Evans' Shiny Suit Sweatshop, so listen and subscribe for new episodes and follow us on social media for bonus material(read: unnecessary Todd selfies).
What the Puck?!
Lena's in California. Jono's in Georgia. We Skype every other week and turn our calls into podcast episodes.New episodes released every other Wednesday.
A Hockey Blog for Hockey Fans by Hockey Fans
Hockey Podcast | NHL Podcast ~ Radio ~ Chicago Blackhawks hockey talk with host Chris Block and the human paradox "Superstar." is an independent ChicagoBlackhawks-centric web site and is in no way affiliated with the Chicago Blackhawks or any of its related partners. And everyone is much better off for it. The Third Man In ~ Radio occasionally contains coarse language and is intended for mature audiences.
Melted Puck Podcast
Discussing the Arizona Coyotes hockey team and the rest of the NHL
Podcast by No Pucks Given Podcast
Bearded, Middle-Aged, Hockey-loving thread slingers. We talk hockey...and other stuff.
All you need to know relating to the Ottawa Senators & Toronto Maple Leafs, in addition to league wide hockey talk.Subscribe to us on iTunes! If you liked the show leave us a review!
'Puck of Pook's Hill' is a fantasy book by Rudyard Kipling, published in 1906, containing a series of short stories set in different periods of English history. It can count both as historical fantasy – since some of the stories told of the past have clear magical elements, and as contemporary fantasy – since it depicts a magical being active and practising his magic in the England of the early 1900s when the book was written.The stories are all narrated to two children living near Burwash, ...
Philadelphia Flyers beat writer Dave Isaac of the Courier Post and freelance hockey writer Zach Hopkins discuss all things Flyers and hockey in general in this weekly podcast. Occasional special guests will provide commentary as well.
Puck Chatter Hockey Show is a podcast focused on bringing you up-to-date with the week in hockey. Topics covered include on the ice National Hockey League (NHL) news, off the ice happenings, and an American Hockey League (AHL) report, as well as discussing hot topics from around the world of ice hockey. Tim Coulis and Brent Tremblay are your hosts as they take you on a journey through the biggest stories in hockey.
Knuckle Puck Podcast
A podcast dedicated to the Bakersfield comedy scene, hosted by Ben Bradley and Bruce Gray.
Sports Fans with Big Mouths
Pass The Puck
Hockey players from a hockey league in Vancouver BC discuss their games, league and hockey at the Canadian Brewhouse after every game they play.
The first of many more to come! we are 2 guys who love hockey. We do a weekly podcast of all things hockey related, including all 7 Canadian teams! This is our first shot at a podcast so please listen, drop a like and subscribe for more weekly content! thanks a lot! Ryan and Sean!Follow us on Twitter @TalkingPuckP and on our YouTube Channel
Julie Puck's Podcast
Another hockey podcast. Focussed on the Leafs and Senators, in addition to league-wide hockey talk.
Puck Face Podcast
From the mythical reaches of Vancouver Island, it's a podcast where hockey culture and counter culture collide. Brought to you by friends, Taylor & Aleris!
Home of Obey the Puck
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April 2nd, 20181:30 Bruins Past few games; standouts5:50 Bruins line ups8:49 Chara Contract extension12:14 Nesn 7th Player award15:30 most disappointing teams in NHL this year20:30 Sedins Retire24:25 Bruins final games32:00 Carlo Injury34:00 Potential Playoff Matchups 34:00 potential playoff matchups…
Sens captain Erik Karlsson gives his postgame thoughts after a 6-5 loss to The Jets
I'm joined by Ed Brickeen on this podcast and we discuss the upcoming NHL playoffs, if the NHL can fix their problems with penalties, and how we would fix the worst teams in the league.
A buzzed Dan leads this weeks episode discussing the retirement of the Sedin Twins, and NHL Player Safety is on their inconsistent roll. Chicago turns to an emergency goalie and goalie interference gets moved to... The post Obey The Puck (521): NHL Safety Joke and Sedin’s Retire appeared first on HIAC Talk Radio.…
Golden Knights Blues Final Act The regular season is winding down and the Golden Knights Blues Final Act saw a very intensely played playoff themed game tonight with your Golden Knights coming out on top in OT. Knights battled against a Blues team fighting for their playoff hopes and played a very good hockey game. Let’s drop the puck! Scott Fo ...…
So HDPE stands for High Density Polyethylene. It's a type of plastic and it's incredibly handy for float centers. Float On switched to using this any place they previously would've used wood in their building materials. Graham and Ashkahn break down exactly what this miracle product is, where you can buy it, all the different uses it has in a f ...…
Greg and Dave break down the final stages of the Stanley Cup Playoff race, from matchups we want to the fate of the Golden Knights. Plus, Connor McDavid for Hart, Taylor Hall is libeled, Lozo has an issue with the NHL's social impact, which characters on FRIENDS likely voted for Trump, coaches that might be fired, Mike And The Mad Dog reunite, ...…
Tenna B holding it down once again! Talking Big Meow, Gopher Puck, and Restroom Rambunctiousness. All that and oh so much more!
THIS IS NOT EPISODE 200!! Lets just get that straight off the top. With Coach Dan unavailable this week, Brandon goes Han Solo on this episode. I’ve got a bad feeling about this. The Caps have just 5 games left and have yet to clinch a spot in the playoffs. Will they make the playoffs?? Yeah more than likely. However with the struggles they’ve ...…
Saint Louis Live! correspondent Jeff Jones drops by to provide a puck update with Joneisng for Hockey. WOO! Jeff sticks around with guys and joins in responding to the final 12 queries of our “16 Burning Questions for the 2018 Cardinals.” TT’s Pink Eye wins #FairOrFoul.
We played The Puck Stops Here, Tim shared his kitchen thoughts, we talked about failed beauty trends, did Who On The Show, Entertainment Schmig 2, Sports Chatter, told you how underrated St. Louis is, and gave you the average wedding gift costs.
Golden Knights Coyotes Final Act Attempting to sweep the five game series, the Golden Knights Coyotes final act for the 2017-18 series saw a team battle that did not have much to play for and brought a sixth man on the ice in form of the pipe. Several shots were denied by the iron. On a positive note, we will not be denied the playoffs! Let’s d ...…
In the first hour, Jason Puckett and Mike Gastineau reveal the daily poll question over Marco Gonzales' new nickname, talk about the arguments for and against having Colin Kaepernick as the Seattle Seahawks backup quarterback, and hear from listeners.
In the second hour, Jason Puckett and Mike Gastineau talk about the new rule changes and revisions in the NFL including the catch rule and helmet to helmet hits then the guys discuss Ichiro's possible return to Safeco Field, then hear about Las Vegas' odds on Mariners wins.
In the third hour, Jason Puckett and Mike Gastineau hold Lunchtime with Listeners, talk to former UW and NFL quarterback Hugh Millen about Colin Kaepernick and Huskies football, and finally talk with Tim Ferleman of Anthony's.
Former UW and NFL Quarterback Hugh Millen joins Jason Puckett and Mike Gastineau to talk about the possibility of Colin Kaepernick becoming the Seattle Seahawks backup quarterback and also what people should be looking for with the start of Spring Football for the Washington Huskies.
Lena's in California. Jono's in Georgia. We're like a morning talk show in podcast form. New episodes released every other Wednesday.EPISODE 9 TOPICS: New jobs, nose jobs, ghosts, and couples night.FEEDBACKWebsite: www.puckingpodcast.comEmail: puckingpodcast@gmail.comFacebook:…
Episode Notes This is Volume 10 "Heroes Lost and Found" Issue 1 of 3. After his run in with Jack Chance and a close call with his Doom, Puck has become reclusive. If there is anyone who can pull him out of his shell it just might be Alina. Special thanks for this volume to Mike Amendola and Christian Victoria Allen who helped Elsbeth flesh out ...…
In the first hour, Jason Puckett and The Gasman debut another new Twitter poll question revolving Earl Thomas plus the guys hear and react to John Schneider talking about Earl Thomas yesterday and Pete Carroll responding to Richard Sherman's comments.
In the second hour, Jason Puckett and The Gasman talk with Brad Adam of ROOT Sports about Seattle Mariners Opening Day on Thursday then the guys chat with Steve Wyche from the NFL Network about the recent and possible future moves by the Seattle Seahawks.
In the third hour, Jason Puckett and The Gasman share Lunchtime with Listeners calling in to talk about food and Earl Thomas plus the guys discuss Trevone Boykin's statement and wrap up the show with cross-talk with Ian Furness.
Brad Adam of ROOT Sports joins Jason Puckett and Mike Gastineau to talk about Seattle Mariners Opening Day on Thursday at home, the team's roster being finalized over the last few days, the starting pitching rotation, Dan Vogelbach, and of course his hair.
Steve Wyche, Reporter and Analyst on the NFL Network, joins Jason Puckett and Mike Gastineau to discuss the future of Earl Thomas on the Seattle Seahawks, how Pete Carroll and John Schneider are reshaping the team this off-season, and more.
New CWHL Clarkson Cup and NWHL Isobel Cup champions crowned, and the future of women’s hockey. The refs help decide another close game, and a look at the new “Big Bad” Bruins. Finally, a preview... The post Obey The Puck (520) Frozen Four, Clarkson and Isobel Cup Winners appeared first on HIAC Talk Radio.…
The best part about hosting and producing a podcast is the ability to reach people all over the world. I’ve been behind a microphone before, so putting my voice out to the world didn’t bother me – it was the content that concerned me. A little self-doubt kept creeping in even after I produced a few episodes and I wasn’t sure where this would go ...…
In the first hour, Jason Puckett and The Gasman debut the Puck and Gas Show including the return of Mike Gastineau plus the guys discuss everything Gas missed over the last five and a half years.
In the second hour, Jason Puckett and The Gasman continue to recap what Gas missed over the last five and a half years, then the guys discuss the changes in the sports world for better and worse and finally talk about the latest Mariners news.
In the third hour, Jason Puckett and The Gasman talk about Felix Hernandez being named the Seattle Mariners' Opening Day starter, Dan Vogelbach making the roster, Earl Thomas' tweet about his love for Seattle, the guys read texts about where Gas has been, and then cross-talk with Ian Furness.
We said "good-bye" to Missed Connections, played the Puck Stops Here, shared what is online at, Jen gave you her vacation "quirks", we took your vacation "quirks" calls, did Entertainment Schmig 2, told you some "Food Stuffs" stoires, and ended the day with some funny randoms.
Saint Louis Live! correspondent Jeff Jones provides a puck update with Jonesing for Hockey. Jeff talks a little Cardinals baseball to boot. Travis rants about the Cards roster and the organization’s belief in their prospects. The gents are not enjoying KU’s return to the Final Four but are quite pleased with Sister Jean’s presence.…
Roman was super excited to catch a puck at a hockey game that he took his son to over the weekend. His three year old son Tristan wasn't nearly as excited though! As parents, sometimes we're more excited for something than our kids are! Check out the examples these Stylz and Roman listeners gave
Bonjour! Good to have you back. Have you ever forgotten to click the “record” button when you and your friends get together to record a podcast? Don’t worry; James hasn’t, either. Jeremy introduces this episode’s topic, “How do you test and measure new business ideas or products?” He opens the discussion by stating that he’s fired some people i ...…
On this episode of the Moran-Alytics Podcast, Patrick Moran interviews Bleacher Report NFL features writer and Western New York native, Tyler Dunne. Tyler discusses his recent deeply personal profile on new Houston Texans and former Arizona Cardinals cornerback Tyrann Mathieu AKA the Honey Badger after Tyler flew out to Arizona to spend time wi ...…
Garden update On this episode I describe all the recent developments in the garden as of the second day of spring. Several plants within the newest bed have popped up and are showing good promise. The sweet potatoes won’t be denied. My mushroom compost seed sprouting experiments are a unanimous failure. And we have had some wacky weather over t ...…
In the first hour of the final Chuck and Puck Show, Jason Puckett, Matt Mikolas and Tony Softli discuss the Seattle Seahawks signing Tom Johnson and debate like a court case the arguments for and against trading Earl Thomas and then review texts.
In the second hour, Jason Puckett, Matt Mikolas and Tony Softli hold a People's Court on Earl Thomas' future with the Seattle Seahawks, Puck talks with Westwood One Broadcaster Dan Dickau about the NCAA Tournament, and the guys answer the final WTF Chuck and Puck questions.
In the final hour of The Chuck and Puck Show, Jason Puckett, Matt Mikolas and Tony Softli review all the top stories of the day in The Nooner, discuss the new shows and Vegas odds involving the Seahawks and 49ers, plus the guys end the show reflecting on sad moments.
Westwood One NCAA Tournament Broadcaster Dan Dickau joins Jason Puckett to break down all the Sweet 16 games in the tournament last night and today as well as the massive upsets throughout and Gonzaga losing to Florida State.
Dale and Ty reconnect to discuss the immediate impact of Ryan Donato and how he changes things for this team come the postseason. They also touch on NESN's 7th Player Award, and how some nifty cap management has the Bruins set up to be contenders for a long time. This is Zero Pucks Given presented by Star Market and Wise Snacks.…
Hector and Andy talk the last week in Omaha beer league. Beer League Blunders paying, pucks to the face, and beer league stat guys. Tip of the week is pick your head up rook.
Saint Louis Live! correspondent Jeff Jones provides a puck update with Jonesining for Hockey. The gents play a game of Name that Movie. Chris and Travis are not really interested in Facebook’s latest scandal. The amount of news being distributed these days can be distracting. Is the United States in the Empire Hall of Fame? Herb Herbstreit wins ...…
In the first hour, Jason Puckett talks about the Seattle Mariners suffering another major injury then the guys take calls on people's predictions for the 2018 Mariners season and who should start on opening day.
In the second hour, Jason Puckett talks with former NBA star from the area Brian Scalabrine about his Senior Housing Project in Des Moines, the desire for the Sonics return, and the NBA, then the guys discuss why people want Terrelle Pryor on the Seahawks and finally answer WTF texts.
In the third hour, Jason Puckett reviews all the top stories of the day in The Nooner, listens to KJR hosts reading mean tweets about the new daily lineup at 950, and then the guys talk about Mariners hopes for 2018.
Former NBA star from the area, Brian Scalabrine, joins Jason Puckett to talk about the complicated NFL catch rule, his Senior Housing Project Adriana in Des Moines, the desire for the Seattle SuperSonics to return, the NBA, and how the Boston Celtics season is going.
In the first hour of the final show together, Chuck Powell and Jason Puckett celebrate their final show, listen to how much new Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman D.J. Fluker loves nuggets, breaks down the new addition, talks about Luke Willson going to Detroit, and answer texts.
In the second hour, Chuck Powell and Jason Puckett talk with 950 KJR Reporter Curtis Crabtree from Arizona about Mariners Spring Training in Peoria as well as the Seattle Seahawks signing D.J. Fluker, also the guys debate Felix Hernandez vs. James Paxton on opening day and answer their final WTF Chuck and Puck texts together.…
In the final hour of Chuck Powell and Jason Puckett together, the guys review all the top stories of the day in The Nooner, listen to Nick Saban complaining about reporters, and then give final goodbyes being the last show together for everyone.
950 KJR Reporter Curtis Crabtree joins Chuck Powell and Jason Puckett to talk about the Seattle Seahawks signing offensive lineman D.J. Fluker, Luke Willson walking to Detroit, and Mariners updates from Spring Training in sunny Arizona.
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