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Celtic Punkcast
A monthly podcast from Australia featuring the best in Celtic punk, Celtic rock and Folk punk. Hosted by Gareth Olver from the City Geek Country Geek DC Comics Podcast
The Brothers Grim Punkcast
The Brothers Grim Punkcast is available on and iTunes. Punk rock, hardcore, and everything in between. Send us your gripes and requests to, listen to us on Sundays at 3 p.m. and Tuesdays at 4 p.m. (both PST).
Digitalpunk is an electronic music experience. If chosen you will find yourself having fun, learning, and contemplating your life's direction, don't believe the above? Do the wrong thing and subscribe..
SLC Punkcast
Review of punk rock music and live shows
Music Manumit Punkcast
Music Manumit Punk-cast
Monthly || This is the steel city punk cast. We are a DIY collective in Sheffield that loves the DIY punk scene. We highlight the best punk bands the city of Sheffield has to offer as well as those from a bit further afield.
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SLC Punkcast
Original Record Date: 8/10/17 Episode 10: featuring interview with Jon Benjamin of Chin Up, Kid and tracks from bands Chin Up, Kid; The Sex Pistols; Emily's Army (aka SWMRS); No Doubt; Wednesday Night Heroes; Alien Ant Farm; and Free Energy. Talked about upcoming shows and tours.
SLC Punkcast
Original Record Date: 8/3/17 Episode 9: featuring bands 88 Fingers Louie, Descendents, Pennywise. The Bronx, The Might Mighty Bosstones, The Clash, Suburban Legends, and Blur. Talked about Descendents, The Bronx, and Endless Struggle concert and dropping satellite radio.
SLC Punkcast
Original Air Date: 8/3/17 Special Edition: Episode 8.5, All Rancid episode. Covering all nine Rancid studio albums: Rancid (1993), Let's Go, ...And Out Come the Wolves, Life Won't Wait, Rancid (2000), Indestructible, Let The Dominoes Fall, ...Honor Is All We Know, and Troublemaker.
SLC Punkcast
Original Record Date: 7/27/17 Episode 8, Warped Tour part 2: featuring bands Sick Of It All, T.S.O.L., Anti-Flag, Strung Out, Streetlight Manifesto, Street Dogs, Nena, Goldfinger, and The Alarm. Warped Tour talk.
SLC Punkcast
Original Air Date: 7/27/17 Special Edition: Episode 7.5, All Dropkick Murphy's episode, part 2 of 2. Covering albums Warrior's Code; The Meanest of Times; Going Out in Style; Signed and Sealed in Blood; 11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory
Hi everyone, i'm back again with the best in Celtic Punk, Celtic Rock and Folk Punk from around the globe. Not only do I have some great music to play for you guys this month but I also have a chat with Jonkoping Sweden's very own Black Anemone who have just released their latest album called 'In It For Life' which I hope you all enjoy listenin ...…
SLC Punkcast
Original Recorded Date: 7/13/17 Special Edition: Episode 5.5, All Tim Armstrong episode, featuring Rancid, Operation Ivy, Left Alone, Time Again, The Interrupters, Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards, Devil's Brigade, The Lordz, The Transplants, Time Timebomb, and Jimmy Cliff.
SLC Punkcast
Original Recorded Date: 7/1/17 Episode 4, Reel Big Fish live, Fat Mike, and featuring bands Neck Deep, The Attack, Streetlight Manifesto, Topnovil, Reel Big Fish, The Rabble, Of Monsters and Men, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.
SLC Punkcast
Original Recording Date: 6/27/17 Episode 4, H2O and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes live, featuring bands Creeper, Saints & Sinners, Mustard Plug, Perkele, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, H2O, Prince, and David Bowie.
SLC Punkcast
Original Recording Date: 6/16/17 Episode 3, Left Alone live, featuring bands The Menzingers, Goldfinger, The Business, Left Alone, Less Than Jake, Direct Hit!, Matt Skiba, Living Colour, and Mickey Avalon.
SLC Punkcast
Original Recording Date: 6/7/17 Episode 2, live shows, Punk Rock Bowling, featuring bands Flogging Molly, Authority Zero, Ramones, Victory, Green Day, Face to Face, Judge Dread, and Bad Ronald.
Original Recording Date: 5/23/17 This episode features the introduction to SLC Punkcast and bands like Cock Sparrer, Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, The Explosion, Against Me!, Goldblade, and the Voodoo Glow Skulls
Hi everyone, welcome to episode 3 of the Celtic Punkcast, the best in Celtic Punk, Celtic Rock and Folk Punk from all over the world! It's June, so it's winter here in Australia, cold and frosty so why not kick back and listen to some great tunes from some brilliant artists! If you like the music you hear then please go and seek these bands out ...…
Episode 169... A bunch of classics (what I would call) this week! Keep shredding y'all! Stream worthy from your smart devices and downloadable here: Bros Grim 169 Every Tuesday 4pm PST on Podunk Radio Send some mp3's to Like My coffee PUNK... Government Flu 2:04 Dead Kennedys Plastic Surgery Disasters / In God We Trust, ...…
Episode 168... One last Guttermouth tune off of their new EP's. A bunch of tunes from Rotten To The Core Records this week! Go check them out! Stream and download here: Bros Grim 168 Every Tuesday on 4PM PST Send us mp3's to Rotten alright PUNK... Mail Order Bride 1:57 Guttermouth New Car Smell - EP ...…
Episode 167... A quick ripper again this week. Surfed it up a bit with some usuals. Download and stream here: Bros Grim 167 Every Tuesday 4PM PST on Podunk Radio Know angry Punx... Know It All 1:40 Nobodys Hussy This Is The Angry 1:04 7 Seconds Committed For Life 7" Me Han Detenido 1:04 Sida Split 7" Perfect World 1:53 Guttermouth Musical Monke ...…
Hey everyone, back again with another batch of the best celtic punk, celtic rock and folk punk from around the world for you. Thanks to everyone who listened to episode one and supported it, it was greatly appreciated. Once again if you like what you hear go check out these bands, buy their merch, see them live etc. Until next month, enjoy! BLO ...…
Episode 166... some skate and fast stuff as usual! Check out Joe's show The Best Table In Hell Stream and download here: Bros Grim 166 Catch us as always on Tuesdays 4PM PST on Podunk Radio Punkers delight... Over The Edge 1:41 REVOLT Mad Ax Solo Project- kill all the earthlings 1:54 Mosh Backward 2:06 Thrash Forward Instrumental Old Man 2:34 G ...…
Episode 165... better late than never. New Guttermouth that you can't pass up! Download or stream: Bros Grim 165 This is Pun 4 Punx.. Spud Like Torso 1:46 Guttermouth New Car Smell - EP Uncontrollable 0:52 Jerry's Kids This Is Boston, Not L.A. Cult Band 0:43 Poison Idea Pick Your King 7" Give And Get 2:01 Pennywise Unknown Road Seven Are the Ho ...…
Episode 164... Still random shows like Hell. Some new stuff from Bandcamp and old stuff you can't beat. Stream as you wish and download here: $$$$$$$$$$$$$Bros Grim 164$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Catch us Tuesdays on PoDunk Radio (new look BTW) 4PM Cali Surf time! Send us MP3's to Drowsy on PUNK... Lust Murders 1:06 Drowse Drowse 7" ...…
Welcome to the first Celtic Punkcast! Hosted by Gareth Olver from the City Geek Country Geek DC Comics podcast, I aim to bring you the best Celtic Punk, Celtic Rock and Folk Punk each week. Each month I'll be bringing you a feature artist as well, this month it's a favourite in the Olver household (my 3 year old daughter LOVES them!) Chicago's ...…
Episode 163... Some new Guttermouth (on tour with The Queers now in Texas) and plenty of gay stuff. I nearly ended up with a S/T special show. Guttermouth had all their stuff stolen from their van in Houston. A Gofundme account is set up at their Facebook page. They plan to finish their tour regardless. Total badasses!!! Best of luck fellas... ...…
Episode 162... While y'all worried about Trump, inaugurations, and marching, Bros Grim is making Merica great again with songs about drinking and blowing stuff up, in true US fashion. Download and stream here: Bros Grim 162 Every Tuesday 4PM West Coast time on PoDunk Radio Send us mp3's to PUNK out... AA 1:36 Poison Ide ...…
Episode 161... Hiatusville lately but bringing in the New Year with some bang and some bands that are worthy for their 2016 releases. and some 90's yuck yuck to enjoy. Download and stream from your smart device here (iTunes as well): New Year Bros Grim 161 Every Tuesday 4PM PST on Podunk Radio Send us mp3's to New PUNK ...…
Episode 160... New New New! Brand new stuff from Guttermouth and The Nobodys! Dr Bob's Nightmare (get on bandcamp) and Dogsflesh right off the press too! Even a lick from Mad Ax's solo project! Cyber Monday is at high tide right here on the Bros Grim! Stream or download here: Bros Grim 160 Every Tuesday on Send us mp ...…
Episode 159... missing but back with a sorta political set. New Guttermouth and The Nobodys next week. Download and stream here: Bros Grim 159 Trump Era Each week Tuesdays on Send us mp3's to Trump Punkocalypse... Pure Delusion 0:20 Crossed Out Crossed Out/Man is the Bastard split EP White Silence 3: ...…
Episode 158... Halloween special with a Bros Ripped Off addition of Mike Mann's All Go No Slow show #102 (Zombie themed). A few themed sets for your Trick-or-Treat action. Send us tunes to Every Tuesday on PoDunk Radio 4pm PST Download and stream here (search for All Go No Slow also): Bros Grim Halloween 158 Punx still ...…
Episode 157... Another great surprise from Guttermouth! Song released for another new ep "New Car Smell" to be released this coming Black Friday (Nov. 25). Great work boyz! Some themed sets this week. Stream and download here: The Bros Grim 157 Tuesdays at 4PM PST Cali Surf time on PoDunk Radio Send us mp3's to Old PUNK ...…
Episode 156... Our first show without Brutal Existence Radio (RIP). Nothing too exciting just a ton of punk licks (which, to me is exciting). Went mental for a couple sets. Enjoy! Thanks for listening... Click here to download and stream: The Brothers Grim Punkcast 156 Send us tunes to Every Tuesday replay 4 PM PST on P ...…
Episode 154... Been gone awhile as advertised. Found a rad band on bandcamp; Dead Fly. Dudes shred! Guttermouth is out on the road with their new ep, tearing up some new places. Thanks for listening. Stream and download safely here: The Bros Grim Punkcast #154 Send us mp3s to (which I gave the wrong link to in the ...…
Episode 155... RIP Brutal Existence Radio. BER is now off the air. Thank you so much, Fowler and gang, for having us take a slot for the past four years. This show won't reflect the news because it was recorded 2 weeks ago. Try to enjoy (in my best Mark voice). Download and stream here: The Brothers Grim Punkcast #155 Catch us Tuesdays only now ...…
Episode 153... More New Guttermouth (can't beat that) and a new addition to the show... "Bros Ripped Off". This week we rip off a set from Stussey's Worst Case Scenario #16WCS Archive. Keeps getting better over here. Download the show and stream safely here: Bros Archive and 153 Send us something fer real to The Point 1 ...…
Episode 152... We'll give you a large dose of Guttermouth the next few weeks with the new EP. Thanks for listening. Send us MP3's to Podunk Radio Tuesdays 4pm PST BER Sundays 3pm PST Download Stussey and Joe and us here: Bros Grim 152 Shitty punk as usual... Sh*tty Situation 1:33 Guttermouth Got It Made - EP Perfect Wor ...…
Episode 151... You Dirty Rat starts the show off! Thanks for the awesome care package from Matt! Now YDR is repping the Bay Area Cali hard! Check out their new EP on Bandcamp! Stream and download from this link: Bros Grim 151 Tuesday 4pm PST Po Dunk Radio Sunday 3pm PST Brutal Existence Radio Send us rat tunes to City P ...…
Meander Time with Hamish Paterson
This episode of the podcast is a bit of fun. Matt Young is a Melbourne based stand up comedian who runs the Guerilla Comedy Room at the Resistance Bar and Cafe in Glenferrie. You can find the venue here Matt is from Tasmania, and started his stand up career there. Last year Matt moved to Melbourne to pursue his career in comedy as well as a deg ...…
Episode 150... A new Guttermouth track from the upcoming "Got It Made" ep due out July 15th (which was announced literally 6 hours after I recorded this show two weeks ago)! Find us Tuesday 4pm PST on And Sunday 3pm PST on Stream from your smart device and iTunes here: Bros Grim 150 Definitely go ...…
Episode 149... late on the advertising but some NEW DRI from their EP "But Wait... There's More". A set of Rapid City Punk this week (link below). Like always (in a Mark voice)... Enjoy! Stream the mean and download here (iTunes as well): Bros Grim 149 Tuesdays forever on PoDunk Radio 4pm PST Sundays for the longest on Brutal Existence Radio 3p ...…
Among The First Podcast
Who are the biggest influences of pop punk? And what bands got us wanting to make music? Thanks for listening and subscribing!Have a question you want to ask us?amongthefirstmusic@gmail.comIf you'd like to become a supporter of this podcast please visit leave a small tip! Thanks to all who listen! You rock!Twitte ...…
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