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Real Life Ministries Treasure Valley
Sermon audio podcast of Real Life Ministries Treasure Valley in Meridian, ID.
Philosophers & Madmen Podcast - Barefoot Blog
The Philosophers & Madmen podcast aims to expose some of the people we find inspiring, interesting, and passionate. We're trying to keep it light-hearted but interesting, and will normally be conversations with different guests about what makes them excited about their crafts.
WGN Plus - The Steve and Johnnie Podcast
The Steve and Johnnie Podcast from WGN Plus
Sermons from Walnut Street Baptist Church, Jonesboro, AR
Walnut Street Baptist Church is a church in Jonesboro, AR that exists to love God through our worship, witness, and walk.
There Is One by Gutman Locks
Deep Jewish thoughts, insights, and meditations
From The Old City by Gutman Locks
A Practical Torah Commentary
This Week in Chiptune
This Week in Chiptune is an open-format music show highlighting some of the best new 8-Bit, Chiptune, and Internet music from around the world. The show is hosted and mixed live by Dj CUTMAN, and is supported by it's listeners through Patreon. Full track-listings and download links for all music played on TWiC are available in the description of each episode, and also on Sometimes called chipmusic, 8bit, bitpop or lo-fi, chiptune music is so ...
Reality Check
Gay? Lesbian? Skeptical? Check out "Reality Check!""Reality Check" is a radio show hosted by Tony Pitman and broadcast on JOY 94.9 FM in Melbourne, Australia. Each episode, "Reality Check" brings you a round-up of LGBT world news and a movie review, plus a heavy dose of critical thinking and skeptical analysis of pseudoscience and the paranormal. Psychics, ghosts, UFOs, astrology, diets, alternative medicines and much more all come under the critical eye.
Case of Jennie Brice, The by RINEHART, Mary Roberts
The flood brings in not only the muddy waters but a series of suspicious clues that convinced Mrs. Pitman, a boarding house keeper, that a murder has been committed at her boarding house. Jennifer Ladley aka Jennie Brice is missing and with the help of Mr. Holcombe, a quirky gentleman with a passion for mysteries, they embark on a quest for the truth behind the disappearance of Jennie Brice. (summary by Wina Hathaway)
Fantasy Faceoff
Dave Pitman and Johnny Harris sit down and discuss the world of Fantasy hockey - Adds, streams, trades & more - while sharing stories and taking jabs at each other along the way.
To Eat, Perchance to Dream!
Indie author Nate Gutman attempts to finally put to rest all those old wives who say that eating certain types of food right before bed has an affect on dreams. He's joined by nutritionists, dieticians, dream experts, and everyone in between in his search for answers to a question no one is asking. And, like the scientist he isn't, he puts these so-called dream-affecting foods to the test.
Bird Call Podcast Series - Bird Call
Welcome to the Bird Call podcast series "On the Air". Created and written by Calvin Lester. Bird Call is designed as an episodic television program. The premise? Birds run a radio station in an old radio in the backyard of a human named Wally Zutman. The birds are not allowed to speak to humans due to their Bird Union Code and live in a secret society. These series of podcasts feature the radio programs that take place in the birds secret radio station. We hope you enjoy the antics of Bird Call.
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Vineyard Community Church
Putty Putman teaches about our Identity and Destiny in the Kingdom of God. This is a raw recording, but well worth listening to.
The Vineyard Church: Weekend Messages
Speaker: Putty Putman. God has revealed incredible truths in His word for living wisely in many arenas of our lives. We can access His wisdom rather than running first to Google.
The Vineyard Church: Weekend Messages
Speaker: Putty Putman. God has revealed incredible truths in His word for living wisely in many arenas of our lives. We can access His wisdom rather than running first to Google.
Real Life Ministries » Weekly Sermons
“Salt and Light” JIM PUTMAN June 15-18, 2017
It’s famous for its Elvis Festival and a telescope dish that helped put man on the moon. But now Parkes, in central west NSW is about to become famous for something else altogether: solar power. Popping up on a property next door to the town’s mayor, the Parkes Solar Farm will come online towards the end of 2017. When it does, it will power the ...…
The second Episode of Spare Bit of Parchment, where are heroes discuss with artists how their art would be different in the Wizarding World.Article depicting the artwork we discuss in the beginning of the Episode: Putman: Wuertz: ...…
Real Life Ministries » Weekly Sermons
2 Peter 2-3 JIM PUTMAN June 8 & 11, 2017
Serve No Master : Escape the 9-5, Fire Your Boss, Achieve Financial Freedom
You're sitting there staring at a blank page. Seconds turn into minutes and then into hours. You can feel your life force fading away as your dream novel turns into a living nightmare. Is there any way to escape this mental prison? A Dose of Reality Writer's block only comes when you decide to procrastinate. If you are writing a book by the sea ...…
Real Life Ministries » Weekly Sermons
2 Peter 1 JIM PUTMAN JUNE 1-4, 2017
Episode 15! Some real vibes this week with a heap of fresh new music from all over the world. Use #revivalradio to let me know you're listening :)Tracklist:Wonder - Hillsong UnitedNew Day - Blake Whiteley ft. Brianna CapriceI Heard The Truth - Bryson Price ft. Lecrae***TRACK OF THE WEEK***Holding Me Down - Chris Howland x Montell Fish x Sarah J ...…
In an age of streaming and downloads, Doug Putman believes there's still a business case for records and CDs. He's opening Sunrise Records in former HMV locations across Canada, including Prince George.By
In our second episode, we break down the ways we talk to women about intelligence, our own struggles growing up as young women who were interested in our own education, identifying intelligence as a commodity, and what that means to women today. Here are some things we reference in this episode: Emma Watson's speech at UN Headquarters for the H ...…
We're trying something a little different for this week's podcast. Host Matt Mikus attended the Petoskey Middle School Career day last week, and let the students interview him. Big thanks to guest hosts Emma Daniel, Bea Putman, Autumn Naturkas, Cadin Schlosser, and Tristan Finwall. This podcast is sponsored by Roast and Toast. Check out their w ...…
00:00 - Connecting the dots between Daylight Saving Time, Brett zapping his alarm clock with static electricity, an alarm clock that uses a wearable to wake you up with an electric shock, and Kevin O'Leary! 19:05 - The Province has cut a $1M grant to the Dakota Collegiate Community Sports and Recreation Field, and has cut funding for a new gym ...…
Blue Springs Baptist Temple
2 Timothy 1:6 Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands. Statements: You may have been born a male bit you must become a man. What is manhood? Why is that important to women? If a man is not working he becomes disoriented. ( disillusioned and/or confused) Women were cre ...…
This week on Revival Radio we talk about the awesome grace of Gods forgiveness.Full tracklisting:Chance the Rapper - Blessings (reprise)BJ Putman - Beautiful (Kingston Remix)Cortes - Say IDerek Minor ft. Hollyn - Change The WorldEikon - Take A Moment (United Pursuit Cover)Fresh Life Worship - WorthKB - Crowns & Thorns (Oceans)Marshall Marshall ...…
There is not a distinction between a Christian and a disciple – Jim Putman Real Life Ministries Senior Pastor, Jim Putman, author of Church is a Team Sport, Real Life Discipleship and co-author of Discipleshift, joins Brandon Guindon, Senior Pastor of the newly planted RLM Texas with Luke Yetter, of the Relational Discipleship Network, to discu ...…
One Day You'll Die with Vic Rivera
Keturah's IG: juicy_kouture237 Garrett's IG: young_mogul23 Intro/Outro Song: Da Bomb (Kid Wizard Club Edit)
The last 2 weeks we’ve done some serious business with God with a view to reaching our full potential in Christ. We’ve fully committed ourselves with a solemn promise to pursue this until we reach our full potential, and then last week we offered to the Lord our greatest fear and failure, never to take it back. And I am excited. As your pastor, ...…
Real Life Church Podcast
We all have obstacles in our lives that keep us from our dreams, hopes and passions, but are there obstacles in your life that are keeping you from God?In the book of John, we see Jesus overturning tables in the temple courts because the religious leaders were putting obstacles up for those wishing to worship the Lord. God did not put man on ea ...…
This week Vishal and Tareque try to put Man City's resurgence and Leicester's free fall in perspective at two ends of the spectrum & question if the title race is really over as well as looking at the revival of Swansea
Host Bojidar Marinov Description What changes did the Industrial Revolution bring to the Christian family? Did it weaken it or did it strengthen it? Did it help the Christian family fulfill its purpose in the Kingdom of God, or did it set it off its course in a direction which would eventually render it meaningless? Did it open up new horizons ...…
How does Jesus invite us into relationships with Him? Listen to find out as author Jim Putman joins us to discuss his new book, The Power of Together. Hear what true discipleship is through Putman's experience and be invited to go deeper in your relationships.
Wills Valley Community Church
cd#17.01.15January 15, 2017SCRIPTURE READING“(18) And Jesus walking by the Sea of Galilee, saw two brothers, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen. (19) Then He said to them, `Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.’ (20) They immediately left their nets and followed Him.” Matt.4: ...…
Show #367 ( Artists We Lost in 2016) Guy Clark - The Dark (The Dark) Steve Young - Love In My Time (Rock Salt and Nails) Leon Russell - Delta Lady (Leon Russell) Red Simpson - Highway Patrol (Hello, I'm a Truck) (mic break) Ralph Stanley - Worried Man Blues (A Distant Land to Roam: Songs of the Carter Family) Jefferson Airplane - The Farm (Volu ...…
Hit the Mic with The Stacey Harris
Welcome to episode 319 of Hit the Mic with The Stacey Harris. It's Friday and that means another 3 things episode. This week we're going a little bit left of center and we're going to talk about personal branding. I think this is such an important topic because there are some misconceptions around personal branding and having shifted to a perso ...…
Remembering The Passed
The Prototype Horror Show Host Remembering John Zacherle, Tammy Grimes, Curly Putman, Met Life Snoopy In the 1950’s when the movie studios sold many of their B-horror movies to television, program directors realized they were hard to watch. So they developed the gimmick of the horror movie host to liven up the movies. John Zacherle was the mast ...…
Matthew Bannister onRobert Vaughn - the actor who made his name as Napoleon Solo in "The Man From Uncle" TV series and also appeared in films like "The Magnificent Seven", "Bullitt" and "The Towering Inferno".Ewen Whitaker, the self taught astronomer who became an expert on the geography of the moon and helped direct Apollo 12 to its landing si ...…
Matthew Bannister onRobert Vaughn - the actor who made his name as Napoleon Solo in "The Man From Uncle" TV series and also appeared in films like "The Magnificent Seven", "Bullitt" and "The Towering Inferno".Ewen Whitaker, the self taught astronomer who became an expert on the geography of the moon and helped direct Apollo 12 to its landing si ...…
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