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2 Guys and whatever Craig is, review every Dragon Quest title released here in the U.S. Discuss it's legacy and influence into the RPG genre. We will also highlight the MAJOR people that have been behind the games. A overlooked series finally gets some love in the form of a podcast.
The Palomar Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is a liberal religious community, diverse and dynamic; nurturing mind, body and spirit; fostering compassion, peace and justice; caring for the Earth and the life that it sustains; building the Beloved Community.
Puff Podcast
Sponsored by @puffamericastore | Podcast | Comedy, Media Entertainment, Storytelling | *NSFW* DMV | | | @puffamericamedia - IG |
A podcast of Sunday sermons delivered by the Rev. Dr. Beth Johnson, Fellowship members and guests at the Palomar Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Vista, California. Founded in 1959 by primarily religious humanists who sought to create a place where each individual could explore and grow in freedom. Unitarian Universalism is a values-based liberal faith that emerged out of liberal Christianity, but has grown to be broadly inclusive theologically. If you value a caring and dynamic communit ...
Explore the Monastic World with Dr. Robert Puff and learn how we can spend a day, weekend, week or lifetime at these holy places.
Let's get decorated, but first, let's talk.
AUUF Podcasts
Fake friends laugh behind your back...Real Friends put you on YOuTube and then laugh at you!! PUFF TV
GM Puffing
Bite sized info on roleplaying and gamesmastering, from one of the top proffessionals.
Sports Discussion Podcast We will discuss the previous week in the world of sports presented by Valley Rat Sports Empire
Puff Chats
Tunes that get you paid, then laid.
Mr Huff and Puff
Sport science knowledge and information to support learning in sport and physical activity. Aimed at students at KS3 and 4.
Podcasts of the CUUF services
Join Jesse and Luis as they discuss the world of cartoons!
Rat and Puff
Rat and Puff
Podcasts of the CUUF message
Our first attempt. Don't hate. Quite Vulgar. be warned.
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show series
Another older unreleased show...funky audio. Please join us for the LIVE Pride48 Weekend at 11pm ET on Friday June 22 on
you will be, you will be...
This week's episode brought to you by @PuffAmericaStore (IG) & @naeALERT bring back reoccuring guest host Kandi Rane (IG: @redarane) and our good friend Keif (IG: @Kief3) to discuss low sex drives after age 25 for men and women, #Tekashi69 beef with Chief Keef & #DjAkademiks and more!!!!! Enjoy!…
How often we should follow this advice, and yet...
Rev. Shelley PageBy (Ken Winterberger).
Dr. E.J.R. DavidBy (Ken Winterberger).
The guys are back after a month long delay. We discuss said delay, and Jacob stumbles on words for the I-tunes review. Then get into the highly divisive DQ6.
This week's episode is brought to you by @puffamericastore (IG) Chaz & Nae chat with @redarane (Rane)& Murph (no IG)about men with #NapoleonComplex, #YE album and #KanyeWest 's current #mentalhealth, using the #WhiteVoice at work? LOL #DrakeVsPushaT and Drake not responding to the #StoryOfAdidon track. We also discuss ...…
is there a theme going on? perception, perception, perception!!!
setting up your players to be aware of your world
Whilst walking in a fog, Perception was reduced. do you cover perception well in your game?
Rev. Shelley PageBy (Ken Winterberger).
Koala VandruffBy (Ken Winterberger).
This week's episode brought to you by @PuffAmericaStore (IG)www.puffamerica.comNae & Derek Chaz back with @RedaRane (Rane) and special guest @un_fukwitable (DJ)to discuss the STATE OF EMERGENCY in HipHop with this old, resurfaced Pusha T & Drake rap beef/battle. King Push had some words for Drake on the Track "Infrared" from his new album #DAYT ...…
This episode is brought to you by our sponsors @puffamericastore. Special sponsor from Derek Chaz & Nae invite friends Lighty & @killaceeson (CJ) with reoccurring guest host @redarane (Rane) to recap #WomenVsMen2018, Is chivalry dead? #NoHoldingDoors, #IGModels & #SnapPorn, #SelfPleasureVsTheBuildUp, #MeekMill returns ho ...…
Rev. Shelley PageBy (Ken Winterberger).
Rev. Shelley PageBy (Ken Winterberger).
just a quick poddy about adrenalin
some thoughts on the first session
This episode is brought to you by our sponsors @puffamericastore. Derek Chaz & Nae are back with reoccurring guest host @redarane (Rane) and she brought her sister Bang & friend @Sweett3a (Tiff). The ladies shoutout Fabolous throughout the entire episode. LOL Discussion includes: #BoodUp #EllaMai, #Yanny #Laurel, Using the term #bro or #sis too ...…
We discuss some Cavs vs Celtics /Warriors vs Rockets/ Caps vs Lighting/ Knights vs Jets. Plus we got a special interview with NFL Insider Joe "FATCAT" Erzar
AUUF Youth GroupBy (Ken Winterberger).
Rosene Beachy, DLREBy (Ken Winterberger).
Seminarian Becca BernardBy (Ken Winterberger).
Matthew TeafordBy (Ken Winterberger).
Kathryn Milligan-MyhreBy (Ken Winterberger).
What control do your players have, murder hobos or citizens of the empire
The heart and core of all ny thoughts on the matter.
thoughts on heroes arriving at a town
we briefly discuss the Cavs vs Celtics, Rockets vs Warriors, and the NHL Conference Finals also features The Worst Charles Barkley Impression of All Time
Some thoughts on weather, daily costs, provisions and your game style
Players need as much info on a creature to gauge its likelyhood to flee, fight or freakout.
Board of DirectorsBy (Ken Winterberger).
we review the draft ,talk some playoff hockey, and playoff basketball.
There are several reasons to be a hero...
just a small compliant about mobile browsers
how the current xp system has created the murder hobo
Rev. Dr. Patricia Wilson-ConeBy (Ken Winterberger).
Judith Anderegg and Dave PeltoBy (Ken Winterberger).
Podcast EpisodeBy (Ken Winterberger).
you read that right this is the mock draft special we used some dragon energy to come up with our picks enjoy
weather makes a great backdrop, create feels with good story telling
does your character have one?
Andy BakerBy (Ken Winterberger).
just a few thoughts on the broarder topic of barter.
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