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Off-Ramp is a lively weekly look at Southern California through the eyes and ears of radio veteran John Rabe. News, arts, home, life... the show covers everything that makes life here exciting, enjoyable, and interesting. More Off-Ramp at
Savvy Creative Adventurer
Savvy Creative Adventure with Ben Rabe
Blues Zeppelin
"Working hard to make reality less painful", the Blues Zeppelin airs on Sunday afternoons from 15h00 - 17h00 CET on Radio RaBe, Bern's alternative radio.Hosted by Mark Stenzler, the Blues Zeppelin, which has been part of the Swiss radio landscape since 1989, features an eclectic mix of blues, zydeco, folk and world music. In addition, a wide range of musicians, artists and writers have been guests on the program.
Skin&Bones - The Modern Savage.
Join Jordan Rabe and Ernest Romero in all encompassing, candid conversations about life and our unique takes on living to your potential, dealing with struggle, modern philosophy and getting comfortable in the uncomfortable. This is Skin&Bones.
Skin&Bones - Skin&Bones
Join the rich, sensual voices of Jordan Rabe and Ernest Romero in senseless rantings, probably penis jokes and candid conversations about life and our unique takes on living to your potential, breaking down comfort zones, while not taking yourself too seriously. This is Skin&Bones.
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The Brownble Podcast - Cooking, Being Vegan & Improving your Relationship with Food
Listen on the Go or on iTunes or Stitcher! If you read or listened to last week's post or episode you know we're right in the middle of our delicious vegan barbecue series, in which I get to teach you some of my favorite plant-based goodies to pop on that grill this summer. Last week we covered vegan meats and marinades, and today it's time for ...… education reporter. Re: Education reform: Feds find Connecticut’s plans lacking. education reporter. Re: Education reform: Feds find Connecticut’s plans lacking.
It all happens in John's car: Tom Petty's keyboardist, Benmont Tench and his Casio get in the back seat to play a very Off-Rampy song ... Queena Kim conducts a creativity masterclass ... Food writer Russ Parsons brings pie ... Charles Phoenix & Chris Nichols on the joys of getting lost in SoCal ... And Mayor Garcetti challenges John to a backga ...…
On the second to last episode: an expert on relics, mummies, crypts, and the way we live with death ... KPCC's Matt Bloom looks at the fungal disease killing LA's ficus trees ... The amazing career of Ruth Batchelor: founder of the LA Film Critics Association and songwriter for Elvis ... Lou Adler on the 50th anniversary the Monterey Pop Music ...…
Made in Germany: The Business Magazine
Fake news items increasingly cause economic damage. At the same time, new business models are emerging to control data better. Alexander Rabe from eco, Germany's internet industry association, talks about the risks and opportunities.
The Heidi, Will and Woody Catch Up - hit92.9 Perth - Heidi Anderson, Will McMahon & Woody Whitelaw
Pam Rabe: Wentworth Great Escapes Manly Men.
Education and children’s issues reporter for Re: UConn Health finds itself pretty ill fiscally.
Education and children’s issues reporter for Re: UConn Health finds itself pretty ill fiscally.
The Kyle & Jackie O Show
Today on the show Kyle and Jackie O caught up with Pamela Rabe, aka 'The Freak' from Wentworth, and Desperate Housewives', Terri Hatcher!
Brian Henson pays tribute to his dad Jim's bawdier side in "Puppet Up! Uncensored" ... the new book "Everything I Need to Know I Learned in the Twilight Zone" ... A restaurant where you're served by our robot overlords ... We talk with the dancing homeless Crenshaw Cowboy by his spaceship ... And rescuing The Formosa Cafe, a piece of Hollywood ...…
Anna Blanch Rabe has returned as a guest to give us some tips on how to make PCS integration easier with a quick chat she calls "Hit The Ground Running"! Good stuff here!
Episode 75: The stunning seventy-fifth episode of the PokeProblemsPodcast. This week, we have an incredible special guest, the amazing writer Jean Rabe! Jean started off in journalism, majoring in it at Northern Illinois University. After several years covering news at newspapers in the Midwest, she applied to work at TSR (now part of Wizards o ...…
A seeker and a famous son build a city in the High Desert: Ding Le Mei and Lloyd Wright's Institute of Mentalphysics ... John rides in the last B-24 ... Jean-Michel Jarre is in town this weekend: go see him. WARNING: This episode has NO Twin Peaks spoilers. (Photo: David Lynch, 2016, by John Rabe)
The China History Podcast
Laszlo finishes off the overview of the Rape of Nanking as well as the stories of John Rabe, Robert O. Wilson, Minnie Vautrin, Rev. William Magee and others who directed the Nanjing Safety Zone during the worst weeks of the atrocities. The aftermath of the Nanjing Massacre is also examined. TERMS FROM THIS EPISODE: The Nanjing Safety Zone Nánjī ...…
The China History Podcast
By popular demand Laszlo finally introduces the Nanjing Massacre. This is a very emotional, controversial and sensitive subject for a whole lot of reasons. Over the next two episodes Laszlo will review material from past episodes to discuss the lead-up to the Massacre. Then in Part 2 the actual event itself as well as the story of the Nanjing S ...…
Braless Podcast: Unhooked and Unleashed
Host Erin Whitehead goes DOWN UNDER with her Australian friend, Anna Blanch Rabe to discuss being separated by a common language and all the crazy-ass animals that live in Australia. We actually learn some pretty cool stuff in this one, folks! Like... Why would you ask for a rubber at college? Are kangaroos assholes? (Spoiler: yes, they are) Is ...…
Nate Rabe who was born in Madurai, grew-up in Gadag, Madras, Allahabad and Mussoorie is an American-Australian writer and entrepreneur based in Melbourne. (भारत में पैदा हुए अमेरिकी मूल के नेट राबी ऑस्ट्रेलिया में एक उद्यमी, लेखक और पत्रकार के रूप में अपना जीवन यापन कर रहें हैं. नेट के भारत में जीवन और इनकी आने वाली किताब के बारे में जानने के ल ...…
Case 54: Ungan asked Dôgo, “What does the Bodhisattva of the Great Mercy use so many hands and eyes for?” Dôgo answered, “It is like a person in the middle of the night reaching with his hand behind his head groping for his pillow.” Ungan said, “I understood.” Dôgo said, “How did you understand it?” Ungan said, “The whole body is hands and eyes ...…
To The Batpoles! Batman 1966
“The Joker’s Last Laugh” arc is Lorenzo Semple Jr.’s last writing for “Batman”, a teleplay from a story written by crime novelist Peter Rabe. But that story originally featured Two-Face! (Read the treatment here. Thanks to High C for providing!) The Joker version contains at least one vestige of the Twofaceiness of the original story, and also ...…
A frank and involved discussion on non-resident US Military spouses and how the immigration status changes affect them. Anna Blanch Rabe is an Australian-born writer and photographer. She has been published in a range of academic and popular publications,
Max Martini, a New Breed for Hollywood?!? There is a new breed of actor coming out of Hollywood these days with the likes of Gary Sinise and Max Martini in their support of America's Veterans. After meeting an Army Ranger, Max Martini became inspired to write the screenplay for Will Gardner about a vet who rides his Harley across America sortin ...…
Jazzpod 073 - Denise RabeTracklist:1. Years Of Denial - Purgatory [DEATH003]2. Restive Plaggona - Black International [Several Minor Promises 002]3. SHXCXCHCXSH - SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs [AVNLP003]4. Nur Jaber - There He Goes (Stephanie Sykes Remix) [OSF002]5. Remy Kruyer - Ho Chi Minh (Pjotr G & Dubiosity Remix) [PRRUKBLK018]6. Antigone - N ...…
13 Reasons Why is the new Netflix show that everyone is talking about. But is the hype warranted? Plus, Wentworth is back, but for a show that is SO good, why don’t all Australians know about it? We speak to Pamela Rabe, the woman behind ‘The Freak’. Married At First Sight and Big Little Lies have finished, but we’re only sad to see one go (gue ...…
CelloJoe mixes classical music with urban/hip hop culture and he does it like a pro. Enjoy this ES episode with him joined by singer/guitarist Justin Ancheta and beatboxer Syzygy performing and chatting in the studio. Enjoy Playlist Be Alright ft. Ra​.​be 333 by CelloJoe on - (-) Own Light (What Hearts Are For) by Brother Ali on - (-) Bike Girl ...…
The remarkable George Takei gets the whole hour. We get an exclusive preview of JANM's new George Takei exhibit, talk with George himself about his life and times and his new role in the Sondheim musical “Pacific Overtures,” hear from "To Be Takei's" director that George is NOT a performer at heart (WTF?!), and hear George and John Rabe sing. M ...…
Last week, I tempted you all with a pretty delectable truffle recipe from The First Mess Cookbook, getting you somewhat acquainted with the author, Laura Wright, and what she's serving up. This week, she's debuting on the podcast, chatting with me on everything from why she chooses a plant-based lifestyle to how her cookbook came into fruition. ...…
The following is an explanation of the Hadeeth “The religion is Sincere advice” given by Shaykh Rabee’ al-Madhkali.In this first part of double sitting in Manchester Abdulilah translates this explanation giving advice to the Salafis to work together upon birr and taqwaa.Recorded at the Salafi Centre of ManchesterMore beneficial audio can be fou ...…
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