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Indie Streak
Award-winning host Rachel Galvin interviews filmmakers from around the world on what it takes behind the scenes to make the movie magic happen. Learn practical tips to follow and pitfalls to avoid while navigating through your cinematic climb to the top!Check out my NEW MAGAZINE at, on hiatus. Listen to archives for now.
Podcast - Rachel Ní Chuinn
Sound is a physical form. Sound waves have physical dimensions and interact dramatically with architectural structures. The ear hears sound as vibrations brush against small hairs inside our heads. This tactile dimension to sound makes it inherently sculptural; it exists in space in a concrete way. A meandering line traces the parallel development of music and our built environment. Did our neolithic ancestors implement acoustic design 5500 years ago? Architects outline the physics of acoust ...
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Rachel Galvin contemplates the politics of complicity. Produced by Katie Klocksin.
Rachel Galvin contemplates the politics of complicity. Produced by Katie Klocksin.
Rachel Galvin contemplates the politics of complicity. Produced by Katie Klocksin.
In the short film "The Lord of Catan," starring Amy Acker and Fran Kranz, a husband and wife find themselves thrust into an apocalyptic rivalry over a game of Settlers of Catan. Although "The Lord of Catan" is his first film, Stuart C. Paul has done very well in screenwriting and publishing. After receiving his BFA in Screenwriting from the USC ...…
Lydia Hyslop, known for her work on "White Reindeer," "Vacation!" and "Lake Dead," has created a clever and timely comic drama with "Burnout." The film centers around Ada, a beautiful girl who seems to have her life all in order until it suddenly comes crashing down around her. No one would expect that this girl next door actually sells marijua ...…
with Rachel & Isabel (Grisabel Comedy), Tobias Manderson-Galvin, Mark Wilson, Jade Burstall Grisabel Comedy Fringe Show: Twitter: @rachannedavis Tobias Manderson-Galvin Fringe Shows: ...…
Scientist by day, filmmaker by night, Troy Bernier and his fellow director, Eric Swain, have set the film festival circuit on fire with their documentary "Journey to the Planet X" and their film "Planet X, Part II: The Frozen Moon." And now that their documentary was secured by Lionsgate and is available on Epix ( ...…
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