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Rad Parenting
She’s an expert. He’s not. But they're both parents. Together, they help you navigate the willful waters of parenting. Hosted by author/self-esteem expert Anea Bogue, M.A., B. Ed, and comedian/record label owner Joe Sib, Rad Parenting is your go-to podcast to answer all of the difficult questions that come along with raising kids.
The Rad Dudecast
New York Comedians Anthony Devito, Brendan Eyre and Greg Stone talk about life, love, weird news stories and basically whatever they feel like. On Twitter:@theradudecast@AnthonyDevito_@BrendanCEyre@Gregstone_Music by :@producedbyzipArtwork: @reidfaylor
Rad Crew
Rad Crew-nettverket gir deg podcaster om gaming, film, TV, og andre nerdete greier, siden 2011. Nå også på PressFire!
Хотите говорить на английском лучше?! Присоединяйтесь к слушателям нашего подкаста! Мы - профессиональные преподаватели английского языка, родом из США, живем и работаем в Москве. Мы любим говорить о том, о чем не говорят другие, уделяя особое внимание наиболее типичным ошибкам, которые совершают русскоговорящие студенты и предлагая свои способы изучения языка. Чтобы послушать наши подкасты, мы приглашаем Вас на наш сайт.
This Is Rad!
Kyle Clark and Matthew Burnside share their endless love of rad things with the world.
RAD Radio
Podcast by RAD Radio
The RAD Prodcast
What is the RAD Prodcast you ask? Well, it’s a podcast, hosted by me, Producer Brandon! That’s where the clever name Prodcast comes from. This is a weekly feature you can subscribe to today. Go on! Search for RAD Prodcast in your favorite podcasting app like iTunes, Google, Stitcher and of course directly from Every week, I will either sit down with a special guest like Rob, or Dawn and her husband Gary, my wife and even other members of the RAD Radio family! When a guest isn’t ...
The Grapes of Rad
A weekly comedy podcast featuring occasionally insightful commentary by consistently ridiculous people. Since 2008.
Khe Hy was one of the youngest Managing Directors at BlackRock before he took the plunge into deep, uncomfortable self-exploration. Bloomberg called him “The Wall Street Guru” and CNN “Oprah for Millennials” and he is the creator of the Rad Reads newsletter and Quartz’s First Entrepreneur in Residence. The Rad Awakenings podcast tells the stories of individuals who are stuck, undergoing transitions, or embarking on new adventures. These authentic and vulnerable conversations will teach us ab ...
Rad Scientist
A journey through the lives and discoveries of San Diego's raddest scientists — researchers pushing the frontiers of human knowledge. This season, you'll hear from the region's experts in sperm, plants, stars and nuclear physics.
Coulda Been Rad
We pick a bad movie and figure out how it coulda been... pretty good. Join Chris Nolen, Chris Gervais and Micah Troublefield as they power through the schlock, and improve movies that fell flat.Rated R for Rad.Subscribe on iTunes:
Rad Habits
The podcast that analyzes and experiments with making habits and how habits change your life so that you can achieve the success and happiness you want.
Velkommen til Iværksætter Podcast, jeg Nicki jeres vært, snakker med danske iværksættere hver uge! Du vil lære fra de bedste, høre deres bedste råd, hvad der motiverer dem og hvordan de blev iværksættere.
The podcast about two friends who look back at 80’s movies to see if they see if are still Rad Today!
Royski, a Southern California native now living in Minneapolis, MN became well known for his sharp mixing style and very innovative track selections.Royski is well known for his amazing versatility and range, with a unique depth of knowledge in many musical genres. He can mix everything from House, Trance, Tech-House, Progressive House, Deep House, and 80's New Wave. His specialty is House Music, Trance and 80's New Wave. His main focus is his bi-weekly Podcast "Club Compassion" and "Royski ...
Just Say Rad
Talking movies & more with Film Critic Radheyan Simonpillai (CTV's Your Morning & NOW Magazine)
The B-RAD Podcast is an experience of words, music, ideas, and stories. An invitation to discover and develop your essential self, being radical in your becoming.
Otterly Rad!
Otterly Rad is a podcast where two nerds tell you about rad stuff they find for kids and parents of all stripes. Dinosaurs aren't just for boys, feminism isn't just for girls, and there's something out there that's just right for every kid.
RAD T.V Speaks about everything that has to do with the culture of Music, Fashion, Arts and Media.
Charting the borderlands between religion and pop culture
Rad Dad
Rad Dad Show is a podcast about parenting for guys. Interview series covering topics from pregnancy, to birth, infants and toddlers, parenting dilemmas like hiring a babysitter or getting your grandparents involved, early learning, schooling, and much much more. Hosted by Kirill Zubovsky. My goal is to give expecting and new dads a place to ask questions and to learn from others. Parenting can be challenging, but others have done it before you. Whether you are a startup CEO, a fisherman in A ...
Hi! My name is Rodolfo, or Rodd. Whatever is easier on the tongue. I'm 25 years old, I enjoy bemani music rhythm games, and I am the most extroverted introvert ever!
Welcome to the Girls Guide to Rad Women Podcast. In this show for all ages, a couple of regular kids will introduce you to rad women around the world!
TV, Music, Movies, Video Games All 80's!!!!
We RAD DADS is a show and community dedicated to improving the lives of Dads who put their families first. We are single fathers, men in blended families and dads of non-traditional families looking to learn the lessons of this difficult path from others who've journeyed this difficult path before us. Above all, we are caring and nurturing fathers who continually value and seek improvement for ourselves and other parents. We face our own struggles and seek to dominate them as a means to livi ...
B-Rad(10) and NoSwagDad(32) attempt to connect while discussing video games, movies and professional wrestling
Rad Raptor Radio
Join each week as geeky friends break down what's happening in their lives, geek culture, and the new comic books that came out.
Rad Chinese gathers Chinese people for dinner, discussion, and activities that reveal systems of oppression and help us work towards alternatives. Learn more about your people as we share personal experiences, identify privilege & internalized white supremacy, and generate next steps in preparing to fight for the liberation of all oppressed people.This podcast holds recordings of our Rad BYOB events, where 2+ members summarize a 30 minute reading in 15 minutes, then lead a group discussion o ...
Photographic industry interviews, tips, and tricks from the Totally Rad Actions team.
news satire, podcast, comics, poems, reviews, videos, and more
Rad Mormon Dads
Mormon men and dads (and the women who love them) talking about whatever comes to mind. Cracking open cold ones and being open and honest.
Tech, Culture, Movies, Food. Consuming podcasts like cheap calories. I just want to join the cool kids.
A weekly podcast about all types of ill shit.
The Rad Dudecast
New York Comedians Anthony Devito, Brendan Eyre and Greg Stone talk about life, love, weird news stories and basically whatever they feel like. On Twitter:@theradudecast@AnthonyDevito_@BrendanCEyre@Gregstone_Music by :@producedbyzipArtwork: @reidfaylor
RaD is a network of podcasts from Ruth and Darrin including Trekker Talk, Warlord Worlds, and Xenozoic Xenophiles!
A general talk show based around our experiences in life, and occasionally stories from our viewers.
B-Rad's Podcast
Podcast by Brad Henderson
Ricky Garvey is an Orange County, CA based musician and worship guitarist. These are his quick chats with some of his favorite musicians.
History as I Remember It
Join Paul "The Hat Guy" Flinders, Alan Morrison, Darren Truby, Alex "Xander" Mcnicoll and guests as we talk about current events and anything else that stumbles out our minds and into our mics. We will talk about anything: nothing is taboo, so listener discretion is advised.
“If you sit down to discuss music with Jayson , you”ll notice an instantaneous twinkle in his eye. He lights up and is eager to share. Should the discussion turn specifically to pop culture of the 1990’s and 80’s that twinkle turns into a full-blown glow, as though an internal switch has been flipped on. Before you know it , he’s beaming from head to toe and can’t stop talking. For the past decade Jayson has worked as a NASCAR pit crew member , Live Music promoter , bartender and Actor. He’s ...
Sports, punting, rants, lashings and a whole lot of opinion. Join Rad and Luke on the cheap seats for a different kind of podcast where no player, critic, club or organisation is safe from scrutiny.
A podcast for the schemers and dreamers. Identical twins Dave and Jeff Rosenberg, along with host Mike Karnell come up with true hustles and make billions so you don't have to.
Mega64 Podcast
The cast and crew of Mega64 ( talk crap for an hour. Rad.
Four crazy comics come your way every week with podcast radio show that is no like no other. Everything and anything is on the table. You like out of control radio??? This show is for you. New segment with Joe, Pothead Cookbook, learn how to cook when you have the munchies the most. More too come. Listrn live every Wednesday with B-Rad Joe "The Caveman" Ellis at 9PM and live stand up comedy on Thursday nights at 8PM OR ANYTIME ON- ...
RDU 98.5 FM
KILL YOUR TELEVISION... presents the most interactive form of audio entertainment on radio today. THE RETURN OF THE MIXTAPE! "I Made You This Mix Tape" is heard twice a week on the first 24 hr low power radio station in the country, WRFR 93.3fm, located in Rockland, Maine. The show, hosted by Nate Greenleaf and produced by Renee Philbrook, revives the personal compilation tapes made by individuals in the 1980's. Often built upon a theme, the mix tape consisted of songs, poetry, comedy bits, clips from tv s ...
Welcome to the Explosomagico Podcast Network: a diverse collection of humorous shows filled with rad jingles, fun segments, and empty promises. Explosomagico is guaranteed to make you more attractive to your gender of choice.
So we talk about gamez, ok?
Come on a journey through lands unknown towards Fitness Mountain with your travel companion, Spod.
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It was a day of firsts for the rookie, Mickael Bimboes (FRA-1st Place) who claimed his first career FWT win and podium thanks to hard-charging big mountain confidence, perfectly stomped airs and a huge must-stick gap jump over the lower couloir, which has never been seen before in a competition on the “Wildseeloder” venue. Kristofer Turdell (SW ...…
Today we talk to our friend and brochacho, Ryan Malott of 500 MILES TO MEMPHIS. Ryan takes us through his songwriting and recording process and offers some insight on what it's like being in a hardworking independent band slugging it out on the highways and bi-ways of America. Ryan's work ethic is second to none and his music is goddamn fantast ...…
Scott travels to hell again, this time with his kids. Grim Dawn is always there for you. Brian decides to jump ahead in Middle Earth. Book of Demons is like Paper Diablo. Lone Sails will have you wondering for 4 hours. Super Mega Baseball 2 is rad. Miracle Merchant is still really good. Guess My Game, emails and more!…
We talk about Mothers Day, Book clubs, and Peits recent experience with Physiotherapy.
This week on FriendZoned we discuss our first film review, Breed Specific Legislation and our thoughts the #MeToo movement.Please like our Facebook page follow us on Twitter you liked the music you heard in this episode check out 20 Watt Tombstone http://thegoddamns. ...…
Topics discussed include John McAfee, jet packs, teleporting, and more.We also play a game of Power Underwhelming, and another Faberge Egg Update is provided.Hosted by Andrew and Nathan.Intro song: Com Truise - Hyperlips
It is with great pleasure that Rip Curl announces the addition of Canadian snowboarder Chris Rasman to our elite snow team! Chris has been taking the snowboard industry by storm for many years, and we are excited to have him live the Search with us at Rip more rad ...…
I det här avsnittet pratar jag med Carina Arvidsson, som gör det mesta i livet snabbt, även när det gäller att måla bilder i målarböcker. För andra kan det se ut som stressmålning, men så upplever inte Carina det alls. Hon berättar också om det fiffiga penntricket, som gör att hon kan använda färgpennorna fast de egentligen är alldeles för små, ...…
Beep Bo Boop. This is your pal, Nostalgic 80s Robot, here to tell you to take out a can of Tab and get out your Calico Visions, cuz its time for the Four Horsemen of Rhetoric to review Ready Player One. It's oh so fun, and where's the beef!? Anyway, did I do thaaaaaat? Oh wait, wrong decade. Danger! Danger! Ay ay ay ! Oh screw it. I'm a 90s kid ...…
Shut up and listen to this. First, Quinn wants to talk about... the seasons? Then, Jim wants to talk about non-reusable things that we can reuse. *** GET THE BRAND NEW DAVE FRANCO'S DREAM BOYS MERCHANDISE RIGHT HERE: Theme Music - Christo Graham Email us at t ...…
Second episode fresh and out of the oven! Carrie Craft and Tom Winters count down your favorite news items of the week! It's the royal wedding downer, John Cena is a crybaby, sad songs, and our most favorite mail stealer steals our hearts. Find out why this week on Rad Pitbulls. As always, email us at with any comments, po ...…
This week we discuss... Gummi Bears That Tan Your Skin, Would You Buy A Synthetic Male Or Female, Rad Complains About The Listener Abuse He Got For "Doing It" In The Porta Potty, Alexa/Google Home Can Be Taken Over By Sounds Possibly Coming From Your TV or Music, Man Tries To Pay His GF To Break Up With Him (Break Up Presents), Woman That Sends ...…
Videorozhovor INSP.EAT s Andrejom Kiskom mladším, ktorý je venture kapitalista. Čo toto povolanie vlastne znamená? Sú venture kapitalisti skutočne extrémne bohatí? Ako pomáha Credo Ventures technologickým startupom z Európy preraziť do sveta? Aké knihy ovplyvnili jeho život? A čo sa zmenilo, keď sa jeho otec stal prezidentom? Andrej je partnero ...…
Eleventyfans asked for more Solo Button episodes, and we're given'em to you. This is a completely exposed dive into individual songs from Rad Science. Matt takes you behind the scenes of "Microchip" and lets you hear what all the parts and tracks sound like soloed. Hear raw vocals, guitar, synths and how they all work together to bring the song ...…
This is our last episode on the types of insecure attachment. These are the two more extreme forms of insecure attachment. We address the characteristics of the parent and child with disorganized attachment and RADS. Trauma, addiction, and abuse often play a part in these two types. These children sit in our classrooms and are often in foster c ...…
Right now, in this very special episode, the boys of Mind Poison try to figure out Mansplaining and get into natural disasters (sadly, NOT the tag team from the early 90’s). Jesse talks about those odd conversations that straddle the line between discussions and fights, and Mark took a bad flight back from a rad wedding. Oh, hey… is that an e-m ...…
This episode's tidbits are recordings from the PFT Media and Get Rad Records event! Audio is surprisingly fantastic!
(NSFW) When the good people up at Dark Sky Brewing asked if we wanted to come up to Flagstaff and chat we said yes. It helped that the date we settled on was their 3rd Anniversary Party. We sat down with Ryan Sandlin Co-Owner, Brewer, and all around pretty cool guy. We talk about how a night of backyard drinking with friends turned into this be ...…
From Winki to the Bells Bowl to Rincon, Rosy Hodge walks us through the famous event site at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach. Join us, behind the scenes.The event site at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach is unlike anything else –drenched in history and frequented by the all-time-greats of surfing when you walk down the hill from the carpark at Winki a ...…
Episode 104: MAXIMUM Driftcast: Boneless Chicken Supra with Ola Jaeger On today's episode we have Ola Jaeger, the Supra driver from Norway who just won Formula Drift Pro 2 Atlanta. Learn how he got a hold of Fredric Aasbo's old "Chucky", how Rad Rad became his spotter and why he prefers boneless chicken wings over bone in! Enjoy! Join our discu ...…
The HMB gang sits back to bring the scary, and fail hilariously. Yams discusses possible dating prospects for Troll and B-Rad talks about a demon house as Danny yells about the G.O.A.T. and Chris dies. Hold My Beer RSS
“Who’s the idiot and who’s got the instruments?” -John Fryer In this episode, we interview the world-famous producer, John Fryer and ask him how we can possibly make songs one tenth as good as the ones he’s helped create. John is most well known for his production work for bands like Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, White Zombie, Cocteau Twins, J ...…
Podcast 25! Vi snakker blant annet om: -Cody Garbrandt som gangster rapper (ja du leste det riktig) -Darren Till som viser litt mer av sin douchy side (se link nederst), og hvordan livet til en sparringspartner må være. -Chuck Lidell sin "return" i Oscar de la hoya sin promotion, og en potensiell rematch mot Tito Ortiz -Yair Rodriguez blir drop ...…
On today’s episode of badass women, we have jasyme serpa, otherwise known as ziggy starpunch. this rad gal is on the central coast roller derby and is kicking ass. Hear about her roller derby experiences and catch her around town hitting up the skate parks doing some aggressive quad skating into the bowls !! Music brought to you by: Lexie Rohrl ...… Pull out your scrunchies, nerd pie, it’s time for Clarissa to explain herself! Is she really THAT into fashion or are her constant clothing changes really just an incontinent cry for help? Why has she given the neighborhood peeping Tom full access to ...…
It’s Thursday! Kinda. This was actually filmed on a Saturday (April 28) during LinuxFest Northwest 2018. With a live audience asking me — and my super rad guests (Matt & Paul) — whatever questions they have on their minds. And it’s all over the map. Watch on YouTube or grab the audio podcast below. Contribute to the show at ...…
Gå in, stäng fönster, dörrar och ventilation! Så brukar det låta när det kommer ett Viktigt meddelande till allmänheten - VMA. Men följer vi dessa råd? Vet vi vad vi ska göra om vi hör Hesa Fredrik-signalen? Vet vi smart phoneberoende nutida människor ens var vi kan hitta den viktiga information som sänds ut? Lyssna och få tips av Gülsen Bergsd ...…
Ryan Cooper is a Filmmaker, Writer, Producer, Superstar. We talk the weird boundaries of self-promotion, his latest films, an upcoming project in development with OUT TV and Ryan's passion for telling LGBTQ stories through film. It's pretty rad. @EverSickStefan on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat@EverSickPodcast on Twitter & FacebookVisi ...…
What happens when two Ritzfit approved product creators collaborate to make a product together? I'm excited to introduce to you Medicinal Mushroom Ghee brought you by the creators of Gold Nugget Ghee and Real Mushrooms! I had the opportunity to interview two of my favorite product creators for the second time. What was super rad about this inte ...…
This Ep was recorded before B man came back and was thought to be lost. Well it was lost but I found it. Also, voice mails are back! We got calls from Paul Wall, Skelator and The King of the moon. Check em out. Also, call up. Leave a VM! 775-591-1106
Topics discussed include Greek yogurt, the flat Earth conspiracy theory, Puerto Rico, "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar", and more.We also play a game of Who, What, Where, When, Why, and Howie Mandell, and another Faberge egg update is provided.Hosted by Andrew and Nathan.Intro song: Com Truise - HyperlipsHot-to-Trot commercial ...…
I avsnitt 1 får du som lyssnare lära känna Emma och Filippa, och vad de sysslar med i deras liv just nu. Veckans tema är utlandsstudier där de bjuds på erfarenheter och tips. Hur har man råd? Vad är positivt/negativt? Och hur kändes egentligen den där dagen då man skulle åka iväg och lämna allt man visste för något okänt?…
In this episode of Convention Correspondents guest host Gerry Green of "Bat Books for Beginners" and "The Professor Frenzy Show" discusses Big Apple Comic Con. Bat Books for Beginners at the Batman Universe: The Professor Frenzy Show: Convention Correspondent ...…
Hey everyone, First of all, we create ads for podcasts (because podcast ads tend to be so bad). Featuring ads for Let's Start A Cult Podcast, Random Ramblings with Rob, and Moviesaurus Rex. Then, Jim wants to talk about the choicest alien invasion scenarios. It's surprising how many result in the death of humanity. *** GET THE BRAND NEW DAVE FR ...…
In episode Number 2 Cam and I discuss everything from abuse in relationships, PCOS, taking leaps of faith eating disorders and how to balance our three brains (Head, Heart and Gut) to make the best possible decisions for ourselves! There are a few swears, so listeners discretion is advised. Cam teaches women how to grow their own self-respect, ...…
New Episode Alert! In this episode, I interview Chris Robinson from Beards and Buddhi. He is a rad yoga and meditation teacher from Jupiter, Florida. He is super passionate about Sobriety and spreading the message of hope. I LOVED our conversation! Chris is a 36 year old human doing the very important work of living life. He has identified, and ...…
Huge thank you to Josh who is the Bassist for Monument of a Memory, which is a Metal band out of New Jersey, for joining me for today's podcast!"[The band's] music takes inspiration from a variety of genres, from black metal, to thrash, and even metalcore, melting it together with a vigorous edge. While their influences are varied, including ba ...…
Guests Bradley Edward Davis Founder of @Podchaser, #11 on a BuzzFeed list, unfollow if your favorite show isn't Breaking Bad Podcast Episodes on Podchaser Bradley Edward Davis (@beradleydavis) | Twitter Podchaser The IMDb/Letterboxd/Fazoli's breadsticks of podcasts. Beta is live at Podcast Episodes on Podchaser Podchaser ...…
Blackout showcases bottomless pow in Revelstoke as well as steep lines in Alaska. The action is complemented nicely by a narrative that describes an experience with a season-ending injury.Skier: Colston VB - @colsogramFilm/Edit: Jamie TannerFor more rad ...…
This week we discuss... AL-B Hits A Cinco De Mayo Block Party In Hollywood, Rad Works As A Wedding MC, How Many People Confess to Having Sex At Festivals, A Woman Switches Her Urine With Her Friend To Get A Job, Guy Gets Stabbed By Girlfriend Who Is Dressed As A Clown, Do You Delete Your Ex's Photos When You're In A New Relationship, At A Resta ...…
Magnus joiner oss for første gang som fast medlem, og vi snakker Nintendo LABO, overraskende gjestekarakterer i spill og Pillars of Eternity 2. Pluss: Harry Potter-mobilhelvete.iTunes: … Les mer →
We all survived Free Comic Book Day, Bobby is the kid whisperer, and Jeff still hates Marvel tie ins, and we talk this week's best comics in another thrilling edition of Rad Raptor Radio!
Bec Stevens - if you havent heard her, she is about to be your new fav. artist you just havent heard yet. She's as rad as they come - and is a massive Adrian Edmonson fan. You can hear her special brand of 'sensative rock music' at the following links also - Th ...…
Spawn Point - Series 9: Episode It's another game-jammed episode of GGSP! This week we've got reviews of the latest Donkey Kong and Harry Potter games. Plus, Rad straps into a cardboard robot suit and destroys a city! All that and we answer more of your questions in Ask SP, and we bring you The Scoop on what's happening in the world of gaming!…
Er Ólafur Darri kyntákn Ísland? Ef ekki hann, hver þá? Hlustar þú á sóðabrókar sögur? Hefuru pælt í fantasíum? Áttu kannski enga fantasíu og ekki eina einustu hugmynd um hvernig fantasían gæti litið út? Hér les ég upp nokkrar fantasíur og kem með ráð um hvernig megi nota fantasíur og hvað þær eru, og hvað ekki.…
Former X-Play host Adam Sessler joins the ESA Cast to discuss his new video game-focused social listening platform, his views on current video games media, and why E3 2017 was his favorite E3. Reed & RAD also review the latest E3 Coliseum announcements and talk about Fortnite's latest in-game event.…
A short conversation about what happened at Mission Crit with James Grady. + A longer conversation about what happened at Red Hook Crit Brooklyn No. 11 with Gabe Lloyd. Presented by (use the code STTB to support the show!) For more information about the races visit: Visit www.fixedge ...…
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