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Obadiah and Nikki carry on (and on and on) every weekday morning. We think it's funny. You should listen.
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RADIOU Daniel Ott
Daniel Ott is a visionary home and building designer. His company, White Willow, Designs is based in Hamilton Ontario.
The RIOT covers the latest games, gear, and tech... aka, Obadiah and Nikki play video games and call it "work."
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Today’s lesson is a real treat! Joining Jeremy Howard today is Pastor Matt Gould and Chris Willet from Grace Bible Church in Springville. Together they explain how Truth finds it origin in GOD!
We are back with the next installment of Key Radio University! Today Pastors Jeremy Howard and Steve Pierson explain how God is Spirit. Now, get your notebooks out because you’re going to have a LOT of notes!
Take your seats, Professor Keith and Professor Chris are here with today’s lesson! They unpack and explain how God has been and ALWAYS will be the same! Specifically, they correct the view point of those who say God changes from the Old Testament and the New Testament, but if you’re wanting the answer you’re going to have to listen because we d ...…
Class is now in session! Today Pastor Steve Pierson and Pastor Jeremy Howard blow our minds with God’s Omnipotence! They do this by pointing out events we may not think of right away where God has shown His Omnipotence, some of which are providing mana for Israel in the Desert, Jonah and the whale, and many others! More importantly, they explai ...…
Another fine day at “Key Radio U!” We continue our theology proper study, focusing on God’s omnipresence. Say WHAT? We talked about God and that He’s everywhere! (Why didn’t we just say that?) Pastor Kirk Shull leads the conversation well, even in the midst of Mike and Heather’s interjections about ice cream-eating Kodiaks, abandoned supercars, ...…
Today, we discussed ET, and no, it’s not a nod to Steven Spielberg. ET stands for “Eternality and Transcendence” and after a little discussion about man-eating tigers prowling Manhattan, and the differences between introverts and extroverts, Pastor Matt Gould of Springville Utah’s Grace Bible Church schools us on another fun-filled discussion o ...…
Obadiah has been waiting and waiting… but its finally here! Beat Saber on Oculus Rift! Think Dance Dance Revolution with a light saber and you’ve got it. Check the ObadiahPlays video now at!
A day late, but for good reason you'll hear about next episode. This is the third, and last, episode in the three-in-one-night episode marathon to cover us while Joseph is in Japan. First topic, Joseph finally gets a chance to talk about the Netflix show 'Fastest Car', and on the whole he was positive about it. We then talk about car shows in g ...…
It's the first day of Hudson filling in for Nikki so today we find out why he's not a clapper. We also try to figure out what's wrong with the internet ads in the studio and find new jobs for Josh and Nikki.
We know where we're going on summer vacation this year: nude beaches in Ireland! While we're there we might eat some peepza and drink some La Croix. It'll all make sense after you listen to today's podcast.
Jason from Death Therapy talks to The RIOT about all their upcoming international shows and the one thing he absolutely has to eat every time he goes to Mexico!
This week on his podcast, Brian Humphrey sits down with longtime friend Craig Spear to discuss Hamilton's Climb for Cancer.
In his first interview with, Thomas Wade talks to Canadian Country Music star, Jay Semko of Northern PIke.
Once upon a 2005, Kids in the Way broke up and called The RIOT to announce it. It took an hour and a half to sort through it all. Today's podcast is brought to you by THROWBACK THURSDAY happening now at!!
In today's podcast from 2009, we begin to hear Obadiah's Diet Coke addiction begin to emerge... BIG TIME, Nikki reads Pride and Prejudice and Zombies for the first time and Obadiah has a bizarre experience at the pizza drive thru. Don't forget to support us during the Spring Fundraiser RIGHT NOW at!…
Graceful Closure stopped by today and they have strong opinions on microwaves, gas station food and car washes. Also, there's something in Diet Coke that shouldn't be there and the latest superhero gossip.
The cake is all gone and The RIOT is having a hard time coping. Maybe they need an arctic survival vacation? Would that finally cure Obadiah's cough? (Hint: no, it's never going away.)
Brian and Vince, brothers in everything but blood, talk about intentionality, their free hug campaign, motivation and living in the service of others.
While immensely thankful for the support she received after the death of her brother, Imani Ritchie wonders why society values some young black men but not others. Once again, Imani tackles an enormously complex question with a wisdom and kindness that far outstrip her years. A remarkable podcast.
Today's podcast was NOT paid for by Big Hamburger... but it really sounds like it. We also see how much of Nikki's earwax is on her AirPods, map a potential ketchup career, and ponder Flamin' Hot Cheetos: The Movie.
The Apple HomePod is coming and we can't believe the price! We also try to figure out how to put an end to the Tide Pod challenge and Obadiah finally watches the new Godzilla.
Where does Gwyneth Paltrow want you to put your coffee? Nikki begs Obadiah not to tell you. We also talk big rigs, trolling, and where you can find a mini-horse on the cheap.
The Worst of The RIOT 2017 continues with scientific studies that prove your dark sense of humor denotes intelligence. (You're so smart!!!) We also speculate at what kind of horrific event could close the gym showers and try to fill a hole in our life by buying something.
A common theme emerges on The RIOT: "don't tell me what to do". It's on display in this podcast. We also hear about Obadiah's legendary 4k TV deal, sleeping in your clothes, Red Velvet Kit Kats, and... did we wear this shirt yesterday? This is part 1 in the Worst of The RIOT 2017!
It's the RIOT's Christmas show! They talk to Wolves At The Gate, Project 86, Mike Mains and Family Force 5 and give out their RIOT awards!
We've declared today "Gentle Thursday" due to everything we ate yesterday. We also get into Magic Leap, YouTube, Stargate, and put together a story pitch for a Hallmark movie about an Air Fryer and how it brought two lonely people together.
Finally someone gives The RIOT some tips for waking up in the morning! Also in today's pod Obadiah gets overwhelmed by toothpaste and we try New Mexican pine nut coffee.
Obadiah is already making excuses for Nikki's gift? Two words: Gift. Receipt. We also try to name the adult happy meal, talk about Obadiah's Pile of Shame, and Nikki introduces the single greatest lifehack in the history of the show.
KB joins The RIOT to talk about all the work it takes to get ready for Winter Jam. Obadiah's MoviePass arrives but there are issues. We also try to figure out how to live on only $6800 per week.
Ever scromited before? Word is that it is the hottest trend to hit ERs everywhere and might be your chance to get in on the bottom floor of a spreading craze. We also discover a secret family recipe for cole slaw, talk the Destiny 2 patch, and try to fix Obadiah's cold.
Bond Consultant Vice President Jennifer Edey says 99 times out of 100 companies don't know they are eligible for Revenue Canada's SH&RD program or haven't heard of the program's financial incentives. The list of eligible endeavours spans countless industries including agriculture, acoustics and mathematics.…
The Fram Oil Company ran a series of oil filter ads in the 1980s that resonated with buyers. Oil filters were cheap. Engine rebuilds were expensive. You can pay me now, or pay me later.It is this way with the heart. If a child suffers trauma, they build their lives on a faulty landscape. By airing and treating that long-ago wound the child incr ...…
Obadiah's not too sure about Wolfenstein 2. Sure, the graphics are top notch and the art design is fantastic but do those elements trump the over-the-top moments and middling game play? It's what we're discussing in this edition of RIOT CONTROL!
Obadiah's Emotional Support Squirrel band is starting to take place as we discuss opening bands and possible participatory art experiences on the tour. We also talk about the new Lord of the Rings TV show, KFC deep fried mashed potatoes and how we could make millions (or three hundred dollars a year).…
What is the single most downvoted comment in Reddit history? What is the perfect theme for an officially licensed toilet? Is the cake safe to eat? Nikki and Obadiah answer these questions and more in today's podcast.
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