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The Encouraging Christian Fathers podcast is a weekly source of encouragement and parenting insight for christian fathers. The show is co-hosted by Joshua Sheats (a 30-year-old father of 2 young children) and Joshua's own father, David Sheats (a 73-year-old father of 7 grown children and grandfather of 11). The combination of David's 51 years of parenting experience and Joshua's fresh and current challenges lead to engaging and relevant discussions on all aspects of parenting!
Ray and Donna Reish of Character Ink Bring You Material on Character Training From Their Seminar and Blog!
Podcast by Bill Beausay
Audio presentations by Kevin Elko and Bill Beausay based on their book, The Sender.
Join ex-game journalists Chris Johnston, Phil Theobald, Greg Sewart and Ethan Einhorn as they talk about console/portable/PC games, raising kids, and the meaning of life.
Digital Dads
Raising Kids in a Digital World
A podcast about a Catholic couple raising kids in a small town.Faith. Family. Fun...Scandalous.
We believe coaching is an amazing platform that can be used to shape the next generation. Coaching with Purpose is designed to encourage and equip you to use your platform to make a transformational impact in your players lives. Join host Theron Glenny as he interviews coaches who are impacting their teams beyond the game. Gain insight to building transformational athletic programs that produce successful athletes and the next generation of leaders.
Parent Nation
Parent Nation, this ain't your mama's parenting show. But it can be a place to pull up a chair, shake up a cocktail, and kick up your heels while you tune in to the refreshingly real talk about what it takes to be a functional - and fun - parent in today's wild world of raising kids.
Rad Parenting
She’s an expert. He’s not. But they're both parents. Together, they help you navigate the willful waters of parenting. Hosted by author/self-esteem expert Anea Bogue, M.A., B. Ed, and comedian/record label owner Joe Sib, Rad Parenting is your go-to podcast to answer all of the difficult questions that come along with raising kids.
Over the past 30-plus years, Dianne Linderman has worked as a counselor for troubled teenagers, owned her own restaurant, built a multi-million dollar company, owned a dozen businesses, started a publishing company, helped build a private school, authored an award-winning series of children’s books, married her best friend, raised two incredible kids, and consulted for large companies. Now a nationally syndicated radio host, Dianne covers a fusion of common sense, kitchen table politics, par ...
Geeks raising kids!
Ronda and Renee have been friends for ten years and been through the ups and downs of raising kids as single moms, buying a house,starting a business, marriage and divorce and of course dating. We are women just like you talking about everyday issues that affect black women. We are Black Women Talk.
The G&E Show
If you and your spouse want to be a power couple, you’ll have to learn how to build an empire. Elena and I work every day to make that a reality. We aren’t perfect, but we stretch each other to create massive growth in our relationship. On this show, we share how we run all aspects of our lives from raising kids, managing businesses, and supporting each other’s goals. Tune in to learn from our mistakes and successes. It’s not always pretty, but we’ve learned how to build a strong foundation ...
Raising Good Humans
As parents of future generations we are responsible for raising good humans, but that isn't always an easy task. Join me in this great life mission as I share practical tips and strategies that you can use to be today's parents of tomorrow's good humans!
Want to be a Digital Nomad Family or a Location Independent Family, or even a internationaly traveling family? Paul and Becky Kortman a location independent couple with 4 kids bring the insight and support needed for todays location independent nomads, families, business owners and workers who travel as a lifestyle or are just considering it. We cover topics like Digital Nomads, Homeschool, Worldschool, Unschool, International Banking, Visa, Flag Theory, International travel, raising kids in ...
Between Parents
This podcast is a dialog about challenges and opportunities parents face as they raise kids, enjoy marriage, and live a purpose-filled life. These honest conversations give parents fodder so they can talk to each other, be encouraged, and recognize they aren't raising kids alone.
Telling the stories, strategies, and successes of parents doing business. Hosted by contributor Dan Cumberland, the Startup With Kids Podcast is a playground at the intersection of business ideas, inspiring stories, and practical help for raising kids and launching businesses at the same time. Join us as we explore together. If things go as planned, you’ll find yourself with a growing business, more family time, more freedom, and having a lot of fun along the way.
Whitney Crispell and Drew Ludwig host Just a Phase, a podcast about modern parenting. Whitney is the mom to a toddler (and one on the way), and Drew has three kids ranging from ages 4 to 9. Together and with their guests, they explore contemporary issues related to raising kids and being parents.
We talk love, sex, marriage, raising kids, career and money.
A podcast by two teachers, who are married, about teaching school, going to church, raising kids and trying to make a difference in all of this. A weekly event.
Join Ted Hicks as he moderates the #LNPShow that discusses today's current events, social topics & raising kids in this current time.
A podcast about raising kids in an ever-changing world
This House
We're here to give you a perfect marriage and kids that obey you the first time, every time. Ok, not really. But we will have some fun talking about marriage, raising kids, and how the gospel impacts both.
Go to Girl is all about inspirational and actionable podcasts to help small business owners have more fun & flow in their business. Natalie Cutler-Welsh is the 'Go to Girl' and interviews guests as well as monologues to help make Social Media & Networking 'easy, fun & fabulous'. Get motived by others' stories and gain tips on how to run a business (and for some juggle raising a family) while also looking after yourself. Topics include Social Media, Interviews, Reviews, Networking. The storie ...
So Your Father's A Nerd......THAT'S GREAT! Hosts Alec and Zuby take you on a journey of, well, everything.... only NERDY! From gaming to movies, raising kids to politics, and everything inbetween, these two nerd dad's talk about it all from their prospectives. So come on board and talk nerdy with us.
Community for mompreneurs to get more done while raising kids and businesses.
Jake Carlson from Family Before Fortune discusses productivity, tackles obstacles and discovers success in this weekly podcast filled with book recommendations, online tips, success and reaching your potential stories, real world lessons, quotes and the weekly "shout out". The show format includes both interviews and monologue. A family friendly podcast filled with motivation, inspiration and fun. We also focus on raising kids with the knowledge, tools and resources to succeed in school, in ...
Bliss Is Ignorant
Stand up comedian originally from S. Jersey discusses experiences doing comedy, raising kids and things he finds interesting. Tune in and enjoy!!! Email me at
MOMgienists podcast
FRIENDSHIP. HEALTHCARE. MOTHERHOOD. Meet Christie and Jasmin. Dental Hygienists + Friends + Moms + 9 years + 5 kids later = MOMgienists. Healthcare moms who understand the struggles, the joys, and the self-doubts of raising kids, staying sane, and working. Listen to our regular conversations about everything except the kitchen sink.
Bad Daditude
Atom Smasher and Josh Reno are two radio personalities based in Houston, TX. Both married with two kids, thinning hair, high cholesterol, and sometimes shitty attitudes, they give you a little insight into raising kids and living with women who don't like them very much.
Bliss Is Ignorant
Stand up comedian originally from S. Jersey discusses experiences doing comedy, raising kids and things he finds interesting. Tune in and enjoy!!! Email me at
The New Family Podcast is the show that explores what families really look like today and the issues that matter to us most. Twice a week we interview some of the most compelling people whose stories represent the many forms family can take today. And we chat with top parenting experts with great insights on the challenges of raising kids in these interesting times. This podcast comes from the creators of the popular website,, which explores and celebrates modern family life ...
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The bullshit people have to say about raising kids!!
Are you afraid that your 10-yr old may soon find porn? We are. The guys also find out how the entire basement could have been destroyed at any moment over the past 12 years. Plus, Scott King from WGN's Blackhawks Crazy talks raising kids and drinking beer, while the guys review a classic beer from 3 Floyds. Join Chris, Ed, Mike & Wild Bill for ...…
Curt Harlow: Staying In Love - Staying Sane While Raising Kids by Bayside Church
In this episode, Mike shares his insightful perspective on fatherhood and raising kids today.
May 20, 2018 - "Raising Kids, Not Blood Pressure!" by New Paris Missionary Church
Jenny Mathews, contributing writer Cache Valley native Troy Oldham has had quite the career path. His adventures have taken him from Arizona to Seattle to Australia and all over the world . . . and back again. He now resides in North Logan with his wife, Anita, and their children. Troy is the force behind the Cache Gran Fondo bike race and the ...…
Big Jay Oakerson and Dave Temple are in studio with Bobby for amazing episode! Skin tags, raising kids and girlfriend expectations, no fold is left unturned!
Talking to kids about how to work through emotional pain may be easier than you think, and probably more essential. With the pressure to have the all important “Birds and the Bees” talk, Wendy makes a case for the value of preparing kids for the hurts in life as well. By teaching kids a few simple ideas about pain and loss, parents and kids wil ...…
This week we discuss the Old School vs the New School way of raising kids. Did the Met Gala really culturally appropriate religion? Where in the world is the best place to find a man?!(Asking for a friend) And we're living in a Beyonce/Rihanna world.
Ayyyy Yo🗣 The crew is back! This week we reflect on parental guidance, growing up and ideas of raising kids one day. What lessons have your parents been right about? In today’s society, disciplining kids have been called to question. So, how will you keep your kids in line? What are some of the worst whoppings you’ve gotten? George, Jade, Jamal ...…
Here we are again! and today's episode I talk with a good buddy of mine, and she her children with her, no serious they are in the podcast as well as we watch angry birds, and paw patrol too! Warning there is some moments were I don't say anything dead air, I just get too into those shows. Anyways her name is Jacquelyn Elijah and she's always a ...…
We here at Kitten Whiskers and Kanye love our mothers and all mother figures in our lives, so we invited our own moms on to talk about what it's like to raise tiny human beings (hint: it's not easy.) Join us as we talk about embarrassing stories from our younger years, some of our favorite fictional moms, and what it's like raising kids in the ...…
Jenny Mathews, contributing writer Whitney Crimefighter is a #momboss with a cool name, a cool job, and a passion for creativity. She runs her business, Little Dreamers Tutus, from her home in Mendon with her husband, Cameron, and their three children. Years ago, Whitney’s young daughter saw a tutu in the window of a children’s boutique and fel ...…
They fellas are joined by Author and Illustrator, Nathaniel Gold to promote his series of novellas THE DIARY OF HENRY CHIMPMAN. Later they talk about raising kids in the modern world of geek culture, Star Wars, Cobra Kai and more!This episode is brought to you by, and www.comiconn.comListen to see how ...…
Hi there, this episode we are talking about what is about difference on Finnish Way or parenting or is there? What can you do to give your child the best start in life following these simple steps to the Finnish Way of parenting. Some of these tips are no brainer really as they are what we do every day in our parenting journey, or are they? Che ...…
Get to know Erica & Season’s moms in this episode! Joan and Vicki join the Biggest Little Moms to talk about how parenting has changed since they were moms and what has surprised them about Season & Erica being moms. They also discuss the pressures they each faced while raising kids and how the pressures have changed in the last 30 years. Find ...…
The interviewer becomes the interviewee. Kyler askes Jessica what life is like in a big metropolitan area, especially one as spread out as Los Angeles. They discuss a variety of topics; from raising kids to safety and diversity. Jessica follows up with Kyler about a couple of things regarding technology and WiFi. Next month, we’ll be back talki ...…
For this week’s episode, I would like to share my interview with Aysha Razak, who is a young mom, currently learning how to face challenges in raising her 4-year-old autistic twins. Click to listen to what was her first reaction when she first found out and how Aysha and her husband move forward. You can follow the twins' progress at atypically ...…
You can correct your child’s misbehaviour in loving ways! Dr. Todd Cartmell will share the importance of looking for—and affirming—positive behaviour, helping your child look past their failure, and the importance of modelling your faith to your children.
this week we talk about the "This is America" video and after that its really up and down from there featuring the 10 commandments, admendments, raising kids in the wild, KOD, Atlanta reminding us of school, and other things
Jenny Mathews, contributing writer Cache Valley’s very own Tyler Whitesides is an author, performer, drummer, fisherman, husband, father, and really imaginative guy. His dream of becoming a “book writer” began at a very young age and his youth was spent developing idea after idea. It wasn’t until he was working as a janitor at a middle school t ...…
Join Ted Hicks / Rich Valdez as they moderate the #LNPShow that discusses today's current events, social topics & raising kids in this current time. Rich and Ted discuss whether Kanye West is harming the black community?!?!? FEATURED GUEST: Todd Vandenberg from Cinema Savants joins us to discuss Avengers Infinity Wars plot holes - from Gamora t ...…
Facing Death I was a teenager in the late 80s, when cable TV and VHS machines were all the rage, and when each town’s video rental store was one of the hubs of commercial activity. And being a teenage in this time and living in the suburbs meant a lot of weekend evenings hanging out at my friends’ houses and watching movies. One of the movies I ...…
(message begins at 21:05 in the video) When it comes to restrictions, our culture is confused at best. What impact does this have on our kids? What, if anything, can we do about it? Listen to this message to get some helpful thoughts about raising kids! The post How to Raise Kids in an R-Rated Culture appeared first on Seabreeze Church.…
Arlene returns to the podcast to discuss her new book, Parents Rising, a candid and honest look at why parents of this generation seem to have given up authority. We'll talk about practical steps to influence your child in God's ways and how we can fight this culture of entertainment. Connect with Arlene Website: Arlene Pellicane, The Happy Hom ...…
This episode is about the struggles in raising kids with different beliefs and/or backgrounds.
This podcast gathers objectively effective catholics to learn from their practice, expose our listeners to new ideas and support spiritual growth. In this podcast my parents share different raising kids in a foreign country, languages, culture and more!By Christopher Agron.
Fear Not, God Is With Us My little brother Luke was born when I was 20, so I got to see a lot of him from age 0-3ish, and pretty much every time Luke was scared of something, he would come running into my room and jump into my lap or grab my hand. It was always real cute. But one particular day, I had a lot going on and I didn’t really want to ...…
Curfews, makeup, training bras, real bras, mood swings, BOYS!… Raising kids as a single parent is never easy, but raising a teenage daughter as a single dad? Well, that can be frustrating at best and sheer torture at worst. From boyfriends and prom dresses to teen angst, drugs and alcohol, navigating those teen girl waters isn’t easy for a grow ...…
On tonight’s episode of Divergent Thought, we talked about the challenges that parents face raising kids of a different race and the challenges children face growing up in a mixed race household. We also discussed strategies/tactics that parents and kids can leverage to meet those challenges
Bryan Suits fills in for Shannon, Cosby accusers let him have it in court, Trump has yet to make a Syria decision, CA Gov. race update, Justin Worsham talks the cost of raising kids, Tech Talk, Strange Science and more!
Link to the full post: Subscribe to the podcast on Itunes: Content covered in this episode includes: Letting go of good friends who have betrayed me Trying to rebuild trust w ...…
Today is not your average hunting interview, but to me, it’s as every bit and even more important. A good portion of hunting is about heritage, likewise, this episode is heritage. It is also about life and insights from those who have lived before us.packing, to me, embodies so so many great so much of […]…
Today is not your average hunting interview, but to me, it’s as every bit and even more important. A good portion of hunting is about heritage, likewise, this episode is heritage. It is also about life and insights from those who have lived before us.packing, to me, embodies so so many great so much of […]…
Special guest Dan Cummins, comedian extraordinaire is on the podcast today. We discuss growing up in Idaho, raising kids, his worst job, and so much more. Dan Cummins will be in Birmingham, AL April 10th, 2018 at the Stardome Comedy Club. Make sure you go to that show. You don't want to miss it! Listen to the Pandora exclusive album, Maybe I'm ...…
Erica Smith and her husband, Matt. Jenny Mathews, contributing writer Erica Smith, M.D., is an OB/GYN with Intermountain Budge Clinic OB/GYN and loves her job. In her own words, “What’s the difference between a 40-hour-work week and a 50-hour-work week if you love every minute of what you do?” Cache Valley was appealing to her and her husband, ...…
Matt Smith (photographer and athlete), Nicole Smith (singer, manager and creative director), Natalie and Graham talk about running in sandals, photography, singing, recovering from addiction, raising kids and living in Sarasota. Check out to see Matt's photography!
Probably the hardest part of pursuing my passion of writing/speaking/blogging/podcasting has been the waiting. The growing slow. I started writing, with the intent for actual people, like real life people, to read it in 2013. I relaunched my current blog in October of 2016, and most recently this podcast a little over a month ago. Five years, a ...…
The Saunders Family Jenny Mathews, contributing writer Mykee Saunders and her husband, Paul, are the parents of four and love to travel with their “monkeys” as much as possible. Recently, Mykee decided to start a travel website, blog, and Facebook group to help other parents who would like to travel with their families but are nervous because, ...…
Author and fellow comedian Steve B. Howard, of Nagoyacomedy joins Mark Bailey on Talk Funny. Steve and Mark talk funny about raising kids in Japan, how to classify dirt in Japan, how having a wife and kids in Japan is a comedy jackpot, the most ridiculous arguments with our Japanese spouses, and what Mark has learned from his anti-Mensa wife. a ...…
In this episode we talk about the struggles of being a working parent and raising kids. We end up discussing the fears we have with internet safety.
Gentrification, kids growing up soft, vegan delis, Mormon neighbors. New York City has changed quite a bit since I first visited in the 90's and especially since moving here 5 years ago. But what does it sound like from the perspective of someone born and raised in Brooklyn? We get into it on the latest episode of "Derek Mansplains It All."Gast ...…
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