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Don’t think too much about the answer, the answer is something which is dead. When you have the answer the quest is finished. The question is alive and the question would lead you, but not to an answer... An answer is only an escape from reality and truth; it’s not the direction to realize something. A spiritual question does not search for an ...…
Given in the Raja Yoga Workshop, Swami Durgananda gives a general overview on Raja Yoga and the eight limbs yoga system of Patanjali.
Second part of the Vedic Worship at Home Workshop, explaining how to build a simple altar and make the puja offering.
First part of the Vedic Worship at Home Workshop, covering the essentials of Deity Worship.
"...In order to let the love express through you, you need to come back to innocence. in this process you can reach the love of the jivan-mukti, the enlightened one....-Love is always for the Self- whenever there is love, whenever love appears, is because of the Self. That is highest love, love in its purity. Its not that bodily love is not lov ...…
"Asana is a posture that is steady, firm, and comfortable...the direction of religion is the opposite of what society teaches us... from the school we are accustomed that in order to pass exams we have to remember... to religion is the opposite because is the way of forgetfulness... and the first step is the body..."…
The relationship with the spiritual master is service and inquiry, the inquiry should be only how to serve better.
Bhagavad Gita 7:3 - "When someone meditates he thinks he will be the one in millions that will self realize?..."
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