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Sudden Depth
A profoundly superficial conversation about trends in society, culture, and politics with hosts Alex Riddle and Rashon Murrill.
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In this "Sudden Depth" clip, total ladies' men Alex Riddle and Rashon Murrill shatter into little tiny pieces the myth that women who are equally situated to men in the workplace are making $0.77 for every $1.00 the men make.
In this "Sudden Depth" clip, Alex Riddle and Rashon Murrill discuss why perpetual progressive protests over absolutely everything the president does won't work, and how the Left can be more effective in making political change.
Donald J. Trump, now the 45th President of the United States, once proposed a "complete shutdown" of Muslims entering the country. In this Sudden Depth clip, Alex Riddle and Rashon Murrill try to allay the fears of liberals everywhere by discussing why such a shutdown could never happen, and why the proposal was never serious in the first place.…
This week, it's all about Christmas past, present, and future! Alex Riddle and Rashon Murrill discuss the impact that the Christmas holiday has had on their lives, what it means to them today, and how the holiday's relevance will change during the upcoming Trump administration. All that and more, on Sudden Depth!…
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YouTube Link Bob Mcllvaine is a former history teacher from Pennsylvania. His son Bobby, graduated from Princeton University and became assistant vice president in media relations for Merrill Lynch and worked in the WTC complex where, on 9/11, Bobby died with the nearly 3000 other people who died on that tragic day. Bobby’s body is the only one ...…
In this episode, Merrill drags Hash on a journey through the mind of one of Horror's godfathers, Wes Craven.By (Fat Guys Network).
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