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The Intersection of Social Media, Pop Culture and Technology
A podcast dedicated to demystifying Venture Capital. Nick Moran interviews the VC and Angel investor experts on how they find, evaluate and select the next generation of great technology startups.
Ratchet Talk
A weekly podcast that talks about the latest in Pop Culture with host Isaac and co-host Deja. Use the #RatchetTalk to ask questions on twitter or ask anonymously on New episodes Tuesdays!
You'll be joining us soon!
Ratchet Rant
Join Krys and Channel as they rant about celebrity gossip, tv shows, and the hottest topics of the week.
The official podcast of Ratchet+Wrench, providing strategies and inspiration for auto care success.
Woke and Ratchet
Woke and Ratchet is a complicated forum discussing real life topics in real ratchet ways. Join the hosts, acclaimed comedy duo, NLN and Parris, as they get together for their regular mess and bring it all to you!
If you follow the patterns in your life, you will find that everything points back to SELF LOVE. Self love is the answer to the void we all possess at some point in our lives. We find that self love is ultimately connected to the choices we make: from the men we choose, the jobs/careers we take on, decisions about our health/lifestyle, and even the friendships we engage in. So join Sista Love and Cherie as they share their own stories of navigating this journey of Self Love. “When the roots ...
Ratchet Intelligence Takeover
Underground/Indie Hip-Hop/R&B at it's finest. Real talk guest interviews, Celebrity Gossip, Real life topics...We goin' IN!
Millennials today have made their everyday Ratchetness the new Religion. So if you love Jesus and trap music, lets have a conversation. Welcome to the Ratchet Religion Podcast.
This podcast is aimed at helping young people navigate threw this thing we call life.
Ratchet 2 Rich
Go from Rachet to RICH With Me... Learn The proper Mindset to go with the HUSTLE
Ratchet Intelligence very own hostess Mystic gives you one on one advice about love sex and relationships.
Relationships, Controversy, Debates and Interviews
Phenom Blak, Deirdre, Twan, and Xmike talk Hip-Hop, Music, Pop Culture and Black News in a Barbershop Fashion with Comedy and Ratchet Musings.
Andrew Melton and Luis Pj Quinones two educated easty Los Angeles natives letting the people know their raw uncut opinion on world events......probably intoxicated Andrew Melton Twitter-SNCDREW Luis Quinones Twitter-SNCSU
Phenom Blak, Deirdre, Twan, and Xmike talk Hip-Hop, Music, Pop Culture and Black News in a Barbershop Fashion with Comedy and Ratchet Musings.
Three Fifs Podcast
The Three Fifs Podcast covers everything from politics to pop culture to nerd culture to ratchet couture, all from the unique perspective of Ashleigh, Bre, Eric, and Justin.
KiAnna is Sarcastic, Funny, Brutally Honest, Unbiased, Realistic… everything you like really. She does a lot of social commentary and even debates her co-hosts on a variety of topics, all in good fun though. If you're looking to laugh, question society and be more introspective, be sure to subscribe.
Neck of the Woods
Hosted by Black Twitter's favorite cousin, blogger Freshalina invites listeners to take a seat on her front porch as she sounds off in her signature southern accent on hip-hop pop culture and beyond. Neck of The Woods is a hilarious weekly wrap-up of everything ranging from ratchet to righteous.
Open minded individuals discussing everything from social issues to entertainment with some ratchetness and lots of comedy.
Podcast hosted by @spcmtn and @novacain007. We talk sports,music, relationships and any topic we find interesting or ratchet.
Entertainment and pop culture discussions, reviews and history broken down in a super Black, sometimes ratchet, always informative way! Features the Say Something Nice Podcast (film, TV, music) and The C-Dubb Show (pop culture, TV, music & more)
Ratchet to Righteous…& Everything in Between.
Chaud PodCast
If you love reading the monthly online magazine dedicated to bringing you what's hot and at the cutting edge of pop culture, you'll love the Chaud podcast! A weekly round table of what's happening on the online streets, social media tips and pop culture news. Join @MsKKj who takes the hosting seat and Reenie the Chaud Editor-in-Chief as they do their weekly roundup with a guest!
Mskane has been in radio for a little over 6 years right here on blogtalkradio. she has interviewed some big name in hip hop, R/B, reality stars, etc. you will find on her list of interviews the real FREEWAY RICKEY ROSS also some detectives from the first 48. she has been more creative in her ability to produce shows that carry a lot of controversy topics. especially the infamous "CELEBRITY GOSSIP & NEW MUSIC" done every night @10PM. even with her craft to say speak foul, mskane has audience ...
Black Love Matters
What happens when a young educated (...and sometimes ratchet) black couple moves from Detroit to white ass New England in search of a better life? Well, we about to tell you… Black Love Matters are hilarious and raw conversations about love while being black. From finding your inner Barack and Michelle (or Jay-z and Beyonce) to your spouse eating the last of the ice cream to building a better life without losing your roots, Niram and Niambi tackle all these matters and more.
Pick Up The Pieces
Weekly musings and thoughts of a guy trying to walk the fine line between righteousness and ratchetness featuring the star of The Tam Show.
Movies, music, TV and more broken down in a super Black, sometimes ratchet, always informative way.
Across America a mysterious disease is turning ordinary people into raving, paranoid murderers who inflict brutal horrors on strangers, themselves, and even their own families. Working under the government's shroud of secrecy, CIA operative Dew Phillips crisscrosses the country trying in vain to capture a live victim. With only decomposing corpses for clues, CDC epidemiologist Margaret Montoya races to analyze the science behind this deadly contagion. She discovers that these killers all hav ...
Ditty Dirty Coonery
Just random ratchet shenanigans. #AskCoon or #AskSaditty...EPIC RANDOM FOOLISHNESS!
Lets TLK...
5 Girls , 5 Opinions and a whole load of laughs. No topic is off limits as we cover everything from the ratchet to the real... so come, Let's TLK :-D
Welcome to Soul Filling, your healthy dose of classy ratchet & get your life. A podcast about becoming the best version of yourself. We break down the complexities of everyday life and give solutions to make life not only better, but abundant. We all deserve a life full of joy and fulfillment. We only have one life, let’s live it extraordinarily.
Oh You Thought...
The place where you get a heavy dose of positivity, sarcasm, knowledge, and ratchetness.
•BWLM NetworkA platform for all Black women who have been told they’re too loud, too Black, too unapologetic, too ratchet, and too much. 🗣💁🏿‍♀️
Phenom Blak, Deirdre, Twan, and Xmike talk Hip-Hop, Music, Pop Culture and Black News in a Barbershop Fashion with Comedy and Ratchet Musings.
J. Teezy, Darryl Superior, D. Kelly, and Alexx Wayne are "The Goodplairs". Join them each week as they discuss hip hop, the hot topics of the week in a style that is often ratchet, sometimes sophisticated, but always entertaining. They're just two plairs discussing Hip-Hop, entertainment, the culture, and all the ratchet s#!+ in between.
Like my Facebook page Follow Me on Also download all these mixes on ITunes: Podcast now features one one of the best EDM / House / Future House mix series on the Web for over 5+ years: The "Secret Sauce EDM" mixes, which releases couple times a year with all the new Festival EDM to Dope House, Chill, Trap, Future House, Bass House & More..PLUS ...
Find Yo Edges!
A new podcast starring people you've never heard of bringing you realness, randomness, AND ratchetness. Don't be an edgeless wonder. #findyoedges
Politics, Pop Culture, & Sports from the urban intellectual perspective. 2 brothers, 2 sisters ✊🏾❤️ and a little ratchet...
The Educated Black Siblings Podcast is a fun show hosted by two Educated Black Siblings. Each episode they tackle current events, pop culture news, music, movies, dating, philosophy, religion, the ratchet, the righteous and everything in between. Every episode they present a "Top 5" list. Top 5 movies, Top 5 Beyonce Songs, Top 5 Cartoons, if a list of 5 can be made of it, eventually they will get to it! Join in on the conversation.
Peace ☯️ Love ❤️ & Light ✨. Mostly enlightenment mixed with a quarter of Ratchet. Channeling Positivity only ! 🧝🏾‍♀️😊
Listen in as we discuss everything in life, from self improvement to ratchet recaps!
Not all black girls are alike, but we are all magical, even when we disagree! Join, Jasmine and Jenae, sisters with vastly different health and beauty regimes, as they discuss beauty myths, disasters, and triumphs in all their #blackgirlmagic glory. Listen as they tackle everything, from ratchet to righteous, in the world of beauty, health, and wellness for people of color.
If you're not thriving at your highest level, The Renaissance Humans Podcast can help. We're all about scientifically-supported methods of overcoming chronic disease, reaching new levels of vitality, becoming happier and more efficient, and ratcheting up your athletic performance. We talk about plant-based diets and lifestyle and mental performance improvements proven to make a big difference in the lives of those who put them into effect.
THE BROWN LIQUOR REPORT was birthed at the intersection of friends reuniting over heated and humorous discussion about politics and pop culture, chicken and liquor. It has quickly evolved from just an innovative way to catch up and share thoughts on hot topics, to a hot weekly podcast with an ever-growing following. It has emerged as a unique voice for Generation Xers who find themselves straddling ratchet and responsibility. It is the podcast for those who want to learn more about social ju ...
This is a comedy podcast about sexuality, TV, spirituality, politics, race relations and ratchetness! #FirstSundaysParental Advisory. Explicit Content.
Mondays 6pm pst/ 9pm est @ •Email:•Voice mail: (662) 771-1306 “Men and Women Talk: the Mars/Venus Show” is a radio show with a panel of women and men talking about issues of the day. This program deals with a wide range of topics such as relationships, Dating being superficial, the workplace, Catfishing and much more.Each Monday @ 6pm pst/ 9pm est you can expect a panel of women and men to discuss these topics. The goal of this show is to show how ...
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Episode 40 and we're kick things off with the news of Donald Glover leaving the animated Deadpool series. We talk about the MCU shows on Netflix and a couple of them can be problematic. Ratchet talks Batman White Knight, and we get April's fooled on some "leaked" Game of Thrones footage! Have a listen and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Sou ...…
Kendrick of Compton has inspired David of Auckland to Commonwealth Games gold.David Liti offered nothing short of outrageous courage and brilliant theatre to secure gold in a sport he once thought was "boring".The 21-year-old won the men’s over 105 kilogram weightlifting on the Gold Coast, combining a 174 kilogram snatch with a 229 kilogram cle ...…
This episode we talk ratchet reviews and being put in the friendzone.
This episode we talk ratchet reviews and whether or not families are off limits in the entertainment industry.
This episode we talk ratchet reviews and the ins and outs of a situationship. Also, can you imagine Lo pregnant??
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: NATO Ratchets up Missile Defense despite Russian CriticismAuthor: Steven ErlangerNarrator: Keith Sellon-WrightFormat: UnabridgedLength: 5 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 05-06-16Publisher: The New York TimesGenres: Newspapers & Magazines, News & Cu ...…
If your shop is dependent on word-of-mouth advertising, then you need to understand how to talk about your shop with customers and area businesses. Eric Twiggs, a coach with the Automotive Training Institute, discusses a few simple steps you can take to perfect your verbal business card and effectively market your shop to networking groups, whi ...…
The ratchet minute with Shaun and Ny will talk about former Howard University student, Tyrone Hankerson, living his best life off grant money, Fabolous, a.k.a. Fab Turner, going ham on Emily B., plus a few notables before getting "woke-ish" on a few topics like the smoking ban in public housing and the shooting of Stephon Clark by the police. O ...…
In Episode 3, I take a look at the game of the week, Uncharted 2! I read and respond to your feedback on the game and share my thoughts. I also briefly discuss Destiny 2's new update, Fortnite, Diablo 3, Slay the Spire, and Shadowgun Legends, and prepare for next week's game of the week: Ratchet and Clank!…
Mike welcomes The 45th Podcast's Susan Simpson to the show, in Part II of The Politics Guys / The 45th Podcast host exchange. Mike and Susan open with a look at the shakeup at the VA, with Mike questioning the managerial qualifications of Ronny Jackson, President Trump's choice to take over for David Shulkin at the massive VA. Susan argues that ...…
My throat hurts and my mind told me to record dumb shit I know lol
Ready for a mind-shift? We're talking productivity and discipline as we go into year two of our startup, amongst other topics including:- Peeing in public -- we know, we know - don't you dare judge! - Our $300 gift-bags we had at the Women Grow summit! Shout out to 1906 (Inaugural sponsors of our first ever dab bus) ...…
We have Dreads aka Autumn aka @autumns_ep on the show and we discuss her many endeavors in the creative world as well as making it as a women in a male dominated industry. We then get ratchet and discuss how much cheating is too much cheating and why three strokes aint enough.
Welcome back Ratchet Ministries. This week, Sistah Love & Cherie discuss a listener letter from a wife and mother who is feeling lost, which spark some honest self reflection on how we need to walk into relationships knowing who we are. Be sure to leave your comments below and follow us on Instagram and ...…
In this episode, we are joined by Gerald from the Buy Black Podcast, and we discuss the origins of his show, networking, ham and stabbing, Stephon Clark, Alton Sterling, Fairweather Allies, and more. Enjoy. Call the hotline at 916-572-9016 Leave an email at Twitter: @ShantaFabulous, @BuyBlackPodcast @SingleSimulcast,@M ...…
Why are we like this?
After almost a year's absence, Andrex, sbf717 and Mallys are back to sooth your ears with sweet, sweet game talk. What are we playing? Sony's remake streak: Ratchet & Clank and Shadow of the Colossus. Kingdom Hearts 3 is actually coming out. 😮 Is Xenoblade losing sight of the first game's appeal? Also, Tales of the Abyss. So long Wii Virtual Co ...…
Welcome to Episode 32 of the Bacchanal Podcast. With Easter coming up this week, we decided to a break from the nerdy news, tech talks, and ratchetness but instead hit you with some righteousness, bacchanal style. We have gospel recording artist, professor, and all around dope person Stanley Johnson. On this episode we will be discussing hypocr ...…
If you love all things Righteous, Ratchet & Real like this podcast, please rate & review our show on Apple Podcast & tell your friends to listen in. #PrettyLitPodcast #AudioWaveNetwork Episode 53 features the beautiful Kierstyn Matthews of the Beauty Hour. She discusses how she came to genuinely love herself by way of getting to genuinely know ...…
Another episode of The Young N the Ratchet news discussing topics like Blac Chyna, tekashi vs the game, and Cardi B and Offset.
This episode we talk about HV and HIV Prevention with Desiree Jennings aka The Ratchet Blogger (ig: @theratchetblogger). The crew also talks cartoons, Beyonce & Jay Z, the Austin Bombings, and more.Chani The Hippie: ThehippieJust Snazz: justsnazz_Paris Christopher: x.parischristopher
What are our top 5 games that have stood the test of time? We also review Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Mobile, Ratchet and Clank, and the Nintendo Switch Magic-NS Wireless Controller Adapter.
This episode is the return of the Match Matt podcast in Detroit to talk about Lil Caesar's, Mo'Nique, responsibility of platforms, and me being a hater. It features The Ratchet Blogger, Mike who is a photographer and runs, and Janice our queen of women's studies.
Episode Notes: 00:10- Ramon is horribly ill & unhappy with Daylight Savings time stealing an hour from him. 2:40- Jason needs a dictionary in studio 3:00- American dollars aren’t good here anymore? 4:15- The boys try to name every member of the WuTang Clan 5:17- We discuss Raekwon and his 360 waves, Malcolm X & Black gun ownership 13:00-The boy ...…
Sistah Love & Cherie are addressing the Ratchet Ministries on the importance of having high expectations for how your loved ones should treat you. The Evangelists of Soulful Ratchet also get into an interesting debate about threesomes. Take the poll on our Facebook page, and let us know who you side withfor this week's "Ri & D Disagreement of t ...…
In this episode, We Watch Ratchet Marlon Wayan's Stand Up, and Richard Pryor's son "The Anti-Protege". The WM40A Crew does a Check-In and Deirdre reacts to Jessica Jones Season 3 while Phenomblak discovers Buffalo Chicken Tender Pizza. We update yall with some T.D.E. where have they been and what are they doing talk in... The post 618: ” 9th Wo ...…
It's my fucking show and I do what I want!Freeza's back. NLN's hella spicy. Niggas are still woke and hella ratchet.Music from:
Jess is back with more fun ratchet stories! Planned Parenthood Visit! Russian or Neit! Paint-Huffin in Pomona! and much more fun, characters and sillyness...
EPISODE 31 We have another action-packed ratchet episode of The Bacchanal Podcast with your host KC & Akil and special guest Comedian Sosqiue (Tricia). On this EPISODE of the PODCAST, drive into that drama that is cultural appropriation, we also discuss Lil Dicky Freaky Friday, DJ Envy vs Desus and Mero, Michael Blackson vs Faison Love, Rihanna ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: The LieAuthor: C.L. TaylorNarrator: Penelope RawlinsFormat: UnabridgedLength: 12 hrsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 04-23-15Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers LimitedRatings: 3 of 5 out of 2 votesGenres: Mysteries & Thrillers, SuspensePublisher's Summ ...…
Controversial wilderness and banking bills rile Montana's House and Senate elections; support — or lack of — for single payer health care could play a central role in the House Democratic primary; a new online poll shows President Trump remains much more popular in Montana than in the rest of the country; and pleas for campaign donations are ra ...…
Episode 50.1 features @TGTheHost, Will & Dre Perry of the Group. After Will & Dre popped up to the studio, we got into discussion of being Righteous & Ratchet simultaneously, and if we want to be "ratchet" for the rest of our lives. TG is technically a first time guest, so he shares his most Righteous & Most Ratchet moment with us. We get into ...…
50% ratchet, 50% insightful. I had a ball editing this episode because it is outrageously funny.
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: TriptychAuthor: Karin SlaughterNarrator: Michael KramerFormat: UnabridgedLength: 13 hrs and 20 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 08-11-06Publisher: Books on TapeRatings: 4.5 of 5 out of 3317 votesGenres: Mysteries & Thrillers, Modern DetectivePublisher ...…
This Episode, we are joined by Candice of the Ratchet Ramblings Podcast. We talk about: Married to Medicine, RHOA, Safaree (eye emoji), Taye Diggs, Rae Carruth, Mo'Nique and much more! Follow Candice: Twitter: @londonNMommy Ratchet Rambling Website: Follow Me: Twitter: @mochaminutes F ...…
In this JAM-PACKED episode of the Playsound Podcast, we get introduced by the one and only founder of Vans Warped Tour, Kevin Lyman. Such a cool dude and we're honored he recorded this for the podcast.We also dive into...- The Avengers: Infinity War- Breadsticks- Twenty One Pilots- Matt Skiba (Blink 182/Alkaline Trio) accidentally slitting his ...…
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