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Tarot Talk
"Tarot Talk" is a thoughtful, laid-back weekly chat of all things esoteric with your Tarot-reading hosts, Raven & Georgianna--& our very special guests! Raven Mardirosian of Shivaya Wellness is a healer & artist based in southern VT. She specializes in Tarot. She is also a Reiki practitioner. Georgianna Boehnke of The Tarot Room is an artist & intuitive who works primarily with Tarot. She is based in Toronto. Join the conversation every Sunday 1pm EST as we talk with the most fascinating rea ...
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Raven Mardirosian is an author, teacher and sought-out Tarot reader who has given thousands of sessions worldwide for over 12 years. She’s written 13 books, most notably The Reluctant Tarot Reader: Adventures in the Gypsy Trade. On episode 14 Raven discusses the struggle with making her healing work a business, money habits + more…
The Biddy Tarot Podcast: Tarot | Intuition | Empowerment
I am so excited today to be talking with Raven Mardirosian. Raven dreamed of being a missionary, a vet, or an English teacher, and becoming a professional Tarot reader never crossed her mind. However, she went from being a staunch, born-again Christian and promising academic to life in the woo-woo world. Since become a professional Tarot reader ...…
We are joined around the campfire by Raven Mardirosian (Instagram: @ravenmardirosian, website:, Indra Singh (Instagram: @silentmoonimaginarium, website:, Chris Gruden (Instagram: @almagraph), and Rasia (Instagram: @_witches_brew, website:…
Out of the Fog with Karen Hager
What does "home" mean to you? Raven Mardirosian's new book, Home: Thoughts on Belonging, explores this question through the lens of her personal journey with adoption, being gay in the fundamentalist church, and embracing her wanderlust. Raven will share wisdom on soulmates, the writing process, and much more. This interview originally aired on ...…
Author and tarot expert, Raven Mardirosian joins me to discuss her new book, Just Another Crazy Cat Lady Story. Raven will share her journey to find herself after being rejected by the church, her sort-of girlfriend and the wild ride of what it means to be a lesbian. In her cross-country quest for a little peace, love and a good home, she finds ...…
The journey through painful events can transform our lives. Healer, author, and artist Raven Mardirosian joins Karen Hager to discuss how we can make the shift from fear to love right now, and how we can support and reaffirm that choice in every aspect of our daily life.
Connecting with Christina-- Psychic Chat and Eclectic Talk Radio!
Raven Mardirosian is a down-to-earth healer who uses her gifts through intuitive readings, mentoring and Reiki sessions. She believes that everyone is blessed with the gift of intuition. Her passion is empowering women for the betterment of the planet. Her specialty is “healing the healer” and mentoring those who have decided to offer their int ...…
Tarot Tribe - Beyond Worlds
Georgianna, from Toronto Canada, works as a tarot reader incluings one-on-one readings in person and on the phone. She also regularly reads at home parties and corporate events and does Tarot Coaching for individuals and small groups. She illustrated "Georgie's Deck" and is presently in collaboration with Los Angeles illustrator, Ivan Minsloff, ...…
Tarot Tribe - Beyond Worlds
Tonight Dawn and I will be interviewing the amazing Raven Mardirosian, intuitive consultant and host of “Tarot Talk.” Raven will be talking about her incredible new audio-series, Swan-Diving into the Universe: Making Peace with Uncertainty!" which contains 3 parts: * Pt 1: Marriage & Relationships * Pt 2: Money * Pt 3: Movement Following the in ...…
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