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DJ Mixes from Razorgrrl. Long for mixes that do *not* include Razorgrrl's annoying dialogue? Here they are! Finally! Mixes will not be on a regular weekly schedule (like her ReGen Radio podcasts), as sometimes, life gets busy. She will post mixes at her leisure, usually themed around a certain genre. >> Previously: Each week, Distorted Circuitry brought you two hours of the latest releases from the world of industrial, EBM, synthpop, IDM, breakcore, and rhythmic noise. Based out of Toronto, ...
RaZoR CuTz
DJ Mixes from Razorgrrl. Long for mixes that do *not* include Razorgrrl's annoying dialogue? Here they are! Finally! Mixes will not be on a regular weekly schedule (like her ReGen Radio podcasts were), as life gets busy. She will post mixes at her leisure, usually themed around a certain genre.
An hour of the best in industrial, goth, EBM, synthpop, IDM, breakcore, alternative and electronic music; downloadable every Monday provided by DJ RaZoRGrrL @ ReGen Magazine.
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Be sure to check out this week’s episode of ISN radio, hosted by myself, DJ Razorgrrl, with my trusty sidekick, [spit:fire]! Lots of laughs, awesome music, and unscripted fun! Don’t miss... [ This is a teaser only. Visit my website for full post! ]
Features songs by Aliceffekt, CompUterus, Iszoloscope, Fabrik-C, Menschdefekt, XP8, Ivardensphere, Converter, C/A/T, IAMX, Crystal Castles, Angelspit, DYM. -->
Features songs by Raxyor, Fractional, Curtis Chip, Hypnoskull, DJ Donna Summer, Otto Von Schirach, Lucidstatic, Atari Teenage Riot, Edgey, Mathhead, Bong-Ra, Cakebuilder, Edgey. -->
Features songs by Novproc, Noisia, Uberbyte, Mordacious, Suicide Commando, Rotersand, Converter, Manufactura, Studio-X, Menschdefekt, Iszoloscope, Captive Six, Asche. -->
Features songs by Klangstabil, Mimetic & Iszoloscope, Imminent, Download, Bong-Ra & Dirty Dread, Nebulist, Toecutter, End, Servants of the Apocalyptic Goat Rave, Enduser, Lucidstatic, Aliceffekt, Acrnym. -->
Features songs by HexRx, Flesh Field, FabrikC, Captive Six, Alter der Ruine, Grendel, Modulate, Uberbyte, Zombie Girl, Worms of the Earth, Reaper, C/A/T, Angelspit, Mechanical Moth, Mordacious. -->
Features songs by Zombie Girl, Haujobb, The Thought Criminals, The Future Sound Of London, The Lonely Island, Necrotek, Unter Null, Mindless Faith, Celldweller, Alien Vampires, UnterArt, Modulate, Uberbyte, The Azoic, Komor Kommando, Zombie Girl, Noisuf-X, Soman, Memmaker, DYM, C/A/T, Angelspit, XP8, Fgfc820. --> ...…
Features songs by Sister Machine Gun, Liar's Rosebush, Acrnym, Toecutter, End, DJ Donna Summer, Phallus Uber Alles, Lucidstatic, Curtis Chip, Iszoloscope, Edgey. -->
Features songs by Objekt 4, Dead Man's Hill, Worms of the Earth, It-Clings vs Pneumatic Detach, Razor Edge, Raxyor, Famine, Razor Edge, Famine, Worms of the Earth, Iszoloscope, Worms of the Earth, Famine, Czechoslovakian Cock, diff.cult, It-Clings vs Pneumatic Detach, Dead Man's Hill, Famine, Objekt 4 --> ...…
Features songs by Stray, IAMX, Klangstabil, The Grand Panic, The Cure, Apoptygma Berserk, System Syn, Ashbury Heights, Ellen Allien, Battery Cage -->
Features songs by Blipvert, Famine, The [Law-Rah] Collective, Nine Inch Nails, Dead Man's Hill, Camanecroszcope, Vromb, Metria, Orphx, Concrete Cookie And The Maggot Farmer, 100blumen -->
Features songs by Ginormous, Disharmony, Famine, Mimetic Fake, Scorn, displacer, Anhedonia, N0nplus, Architect, Freeze Etch, Vers, Nullvektor, Tonikom -->
*Final Edition* of Distorted Circuitry with hosts Morgana and Razorgrrl. Featuring Mindless Faith, X~Fusion, Mind.In.A.Box, Alice in Videoland, Seabound, Rotersand, Individual Totem, Psyche, [:SITD:], 16Volt, Ayria, Run Level Zero, Low Technicians, Snog, NUN, I:Scintilla, theStart and more. Stay tuned for news from Razorgrrl about a new radio t ...…
Features songs by Acumen Nation, Suicide Commando, Cyanotic, Synkro, Duran Duran Duran, Iron Lung Corp, Cynergy 67, DJ Acucrack,, Selffish, Knifehandchop, Raxyor, Sidney Crawford, Sissy, Limewax, and more.
Features songs by, Faderhead, Entropy, Donna Summer, Antigen Shift, The Groggs, KMFDM, Ebola, Suicide Commando, LAF-O, Belladonnakillz, Vorpal, Snog, and more.
Features songs by Idiot Stare, Ellen Allien, Milanese, Experiment Haywire, Blaqk, S.O.R.E.H.E.A.D., The Birthday Massacre, prOmetheus buRning, Odori vs Famine, DJ Hidden, S.i.m. on kor Funkle, Skeeter, Blank, Modeselektor, and more.
Features songs by prOmetheus buRning, DJ Hidden, S.i.m. on kor Funkle, Skeeter, Hazing Ritual, Blank, Eyesoar, Alice in Videoland, Modeselektor, Raxyor, Milanese, Phrizzm, LAF-O, The First Seed, NWODTLEM, 16 Volt, and more.
Features songs by LAF-O, transfer19, s:cage, displacer, theStart, Rotersand, 16 Volt, Nine Inch Nails, Terrorfakt, Scrap.edx, Aaron Spectre, Mentallo and the Fixer, and more.
Rotersand, Enduser, Milanese, Venetian Snares, Nine Inch Nails, Snog, The Mercy Cage, Hecq, Mimetic Fake, Amon Tobin, and more.
Features songs by Bong-Ra, Drop the Lime, Atari Teenage Riot, Enduser, Venetian Snares, Rotator, Mathhead, Bong-Ra, Cake Builder, Edgey, Curtis Chip, Venetian Snares, Enduser, Needle Sharing, Enduser, Belladonnakillz. -->
Features songs by Architect, Cake Builder, Edgey, Autoclav 1.1, Iszoloscope, Mono No Aware, The Azoic, Asche, Combichrist, Rotersand, This Morn' Omina, Manufactura. -->
Features songs by displacer, Black Lung, Re_agent, Black Lung, Folterwelt, Echorausch, Flint Glass, Empusae, Communication Zero featuring Princess Coldheart, Scrap.Edx - Liar's Rosebush, Cdatakill, CTRLer, Somatic Responses, Snog, End, End. -->
Features songs by Broken Fabiola, Manufactura, C2, Asche, Censor, Enduser, Shitmat, Bass Force One, Mono No Aware, Pneumatic Detach, KiEw, Download, Scrape[Dx], Re_agent, Belladonnakillz -->
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