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Jeff Coga from The Real Estate Strategy Lab reveals all of his online and offline strategies to generate seller and buyer leads, income sources and marketing tips and tricks so you can be ahead of the curve with your real estate business. Discover how you can create multiple passive streams of seller and buyer leads so that you can have the time and freedom to focus on serving your clients, investing, and do what you love. Although Jeff confesses he is not a billionaire (yet), he's been supp ...
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A video that talks about how you should be wisely invest your money into a variety of choices and wait for it to grow into a Golden Egg!
What is the best CRM? How is it possible to STAND OUT from everyone by letting customers manage the relationship
A quick story about the recent downfall about the stock market and some tips on how you should understand how money works so you can be master of money and not be a slave of it.
Let me tell you a story about Elon Musk's company and how we can relate this in our investments in the stock market, etc.
Here, Jeff shared his thoughts about the recent changes in tax regulations and how it affected his businesses and why it is always better to have short term pain and long term gains than this short term gains and long term pain.
Do you also have that face that whenever someone's telling a story, it seems that you are not listening to them? Me too! But as my mentor always said, you've got 2 ears and one mouth so you have to listen 2x more than you have to talk! Watch this video and you'll also learn a lot of things about "Reward Points"…
How do you do your marketing strategy? Is it working? There are a lot of things that can teach us about marketing, but this video is exceptional. Who would expect that a kid who sells candy bars can do marketing better than some of us? Watch this video and you'll learn a lot things about marketing and investing!…
Have you ever tried driving with a lot of fog in front of you and you're having a hard time seeing in front of you? Same in life, it's hard if you don't know what obstacles are in front of you, especially if your destination is not yet clear. This story tells a lot of things about being focused on achieving your goals. Straighten up soldier!…
Who knows how a simple air freshener could actually teach us a LOT of things about how we grow our business!? Here, Jeff shared an interesting story about the struggles of marketing Febreze in the early 90's and how it made its way to the top!
This is Jeff's advice to those who are pursuing success in their businesses and what new things to do in 2018 that will DEFINITELY change the way you earn as an entrepreneur.
In this video, Jeff talked about the comparison of why you should never ask a barber if you need a haircut into real estate life. He also shared about his thoughts with his future daughter.
Here in this video, Jeff discussed a lot of contents about marketing (especially, those tried and tested marketing strategies) where you will definitely get some tips and tricks for the success of your business in 2018.
Here in this video, Jeff shares a story about extreme ideologies and how it specifically affects how you think as an entrepreneur and how you can succeed in life.
Here, Jeff talks about the things he had done and has been doing when it comes to Facebook group marketing where you can learn some tricks and tips to help you become successful as an entrepreneur.
This video of Jeff talks about a specific ad on this link: which is about marketing and history of marketing from the late 70's. Jeff also shares his story of challenges in life where he ran into issues that he could have avoided if only he had the knowledge he had right now.
This is an old story about perseverance and hardwork and how it pays off in life.
This is a video full of contents, tips, and tricks about the Stock market and its relation on being a better marketer. Also, this talks about why and how the majority is always wrong and what you should do if that is the case.
This is a video of Jeff sharing his opinion on the latest news today about the NFL giving respect to the National Anthem. Also, Jeff shares some of his experience about racial prejudice and how we can live a better life without it.
Here in this video, Jeff shows some of the books he bought to rebuild his library. Most of them are books you can use to improve your business and yourself as an entrepreneur.
Here, Jeff shares how his life went through during his High School days. He tells us how we should appreciate our teachers in life because they were part of who we are today.
In this video, Jeff shares an article about the Housing Bubble in these links: **Article Referecened:…/house-flippers-triggered-the-us-housing-m… **MIT Article:…/rethinking-how-the-housing-crisi…/ **Federal Reserve Bank of New York: (Go to page 26) -…/resear…/staff_reports/sr5 ...…
This is a story where Jeff shares his own way of being fit and relates the discipline he does into being an entrepreneur.
Here, Jeff tells a story of what happened to the crash in 2008 and how it may happen again in the near future.
In this video, Jeff shares some things to ponder about the true meaning of perfection and being great on being an entrepreneur in every industry.
This video is a story of Jeff's beliefs of what hell means and how it may motivate you on who you could have become.
This is a story talking about understanding your strength and competencies and how you should take advantage of working together to get through things in life.
In this video, Jeff shares an experience where we can learn some tips and tricks about marketing and sales on how and why you should be developing your skill set for the betterment of your business.
Here in this video, Jeff tells us something about not buying your products in big companies and how you should be supporting those struggling to be successful in their business.
In this video, Jeff shares an experience on how you should be grinding and hustling in your business for you to be successful.
In this video, Jeff talks about how he is getting off of his addiction and how you can apply this concept in your businesses.
Here, Jeff shows a trick on How to Review Financials When Buying Or Investing In A Company and he showed a step-by-step process on how he was doing it.
This video talks about how you should live in a world of possibilities and how you should be certain or uncertain on every decision you do as an entrepreneur.
In this video Jeff talks about the things he did that scared the hell out of him and how he learned from it which he applies now in being an entrepreneur.
This video tells a story of what Jeff would do if he lost everything he has right now in his business. He also tells the advantages of being on sales and some tips and tricks on how or what you can sell.
In this video, Jeff talks about the equities market and its importance in the real estate market, then a side note talking about real estate in Inglewood because of a new stadium being built in it.
In this video, Jeff shares the tips on how he lost 14lbs of weight within a year. Jeff also compares his story of how he lost weight into the concepts of business entrepreneurship.
This is a quick story where Jeff talks about his own opinion based on his experiences in life about fear and greed. Jeff also relates the story about people who just complains in life but does nothing to solve the issue they complain on.
Here in this video, Jeff shares some tips about time management and shows what he personally does to manage his schedule on a daily basis.
In this video, Jeff shared with us a story about a general in a war and how you should act as a general in entrepreneurship.
Here, Jeff relates a Japanese puzzle being tried to be solved by a man for 10 years already, until he asks help from a tv show, then relates that experience in business and in life.
Here in this video, Jeff answers a question from a guy in instagram. The question is, "If im startig of, what is the best thing to do?"
In this video, Jeff shares an experience he had where he should have made money but failed to do so because of wrong decisions which taught him things he would never learn in school. That is experience.
Here in this video, Jeff shares a conversation he had with 2 future doctors of America and related it on being an entrepreneur.
Here, shared his experience on a time he had to sleep at the office because of working too much and how it teaches us on why we shouldn't stop hustling and grinding.
In this video, Jeff shares some of his thoughts on good to know trade secrets compared to must know trade secrets
Here in this video, Jeff shares his opinion about the things that we should have been doing to be successful in life.
Here, Jeff tells us what we should have learned when we were still in school and how it should have affected our path towards being successful.
In this video, Jeff shares a story about a girl having a hard time in school where her mom taught her on how she should take the situation as a person. In a boiling water, should she be a carrot, an egg, or a coffee bean.
Jeff shares his opinion on what you should prefer, facebook or instagram, in terms of business. Jeff also teaches us being smart on how to smart on the things that you are planning to do and how you should be comfortable with what you will do.
In this video, Jeff talks about how people are being rewarded for things that they practice privately. Jeff also shares how he was embarassed of how he was a year ago.
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