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Reflecting History
Reflecting History is an educational history podcast that explores significant historical events and themes without losing track of the ordinary people involved. Covering a wide variety of topics, it is a narrative driven podcast that delves into the connection between history, psychology, and philosophy on a personal level.
Inspired teaching on the daily Scripture readings of the Catholic Church and New Testament Bible study by Fr. Al Lauer, founder of Presentation Ministries
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Inspired teaching on the daily Scripture readings of the Catholic Church and New Testament Bible study by Fr. Al Lauer, founder of Presentation Ministries
Every week, in hundreds of churches and Christian organisations across the UK, leaders and congregations wrestle with the bible to determine both its meaning and application for our lives today. This website aims to bring together this material - both in written and spoken word - in a way that is structured and easily accessible.
Once a month Stoneface and Terminal present a 2h mix of their favourite tracks - for more info go to
Podcast reflections on the many facets of the world of Duke Ellington, sometimes referred to as “Ellingtonia.”
The Smalltalk programming language is not only the first pure object oriented language, but has been the birthplace for many of today's best practices in software development including agile methods, design patterns, unit testing, refactoring and incremental development. In the Smalltalk Reflections podcast, David Buck and Craig Latta guide you through the world of Smalltalk covering topics from basic object oriented principles to software testing, version control and deployment techniques. ...
Podcast by Reflection as a Service
Your Life. God’s Truth. His Way.
Free podcast of Carol Proudfoot-Edgar's monthly Reflections on the Practice of Shamanism, as read by Susan Gilliland
A journey in time through the films of the Criterion Collection.
Welcome to the WSWHE BOCES Data Analysis Services BLOG! We are excited to be able to provide you with the latest news and issues as they relate to data analysis and assessment in this interactive format. Please visit often and feel free to respond to the posts. For more information on anything you see here, please visit our main webpage -
Radio 3's award winning weekly in depth analysis of Asian issues from one of Hong Kong's leading journalists.After 18 years of weekly broadcasts, Reflections from Asia, written and presented by Harvey Stockwin, and produced by Phil Whelan, is taking an indefinite rest. Over the years, Harvey has informed listeners with his sharp and profound analysis of the major events and movements in our region, drawing on his extensive knowledge of politics and history, and his expertise as a narrator co ...
Gospel Reflections on Scripture, written by the Lutheran Pastors of Higher Things – Dare to be Lutheran.
Each week in “Reflections” segment, the Rev. Klaus, Dr. Meyer, or a special guest will provide a substantive discussion related to the that week’s message. Listeners will gain a deeper appreciation and insight of the message, encouragement, information or practical application of the message in their daily lives.
A history of the Philadelphia area: William Penn's Quaker Colonies. A wide-ranging series of discussions touching on the politics, economics, history and people of the Philadelphia area. A supplement to the very popular Philadelphia Reflections blog.
Helping you discover and develop your full potential as a unique individual. Learn to accept who you were, acknowledge who you are, and believe in who you are destined to become. Break patterns of sameness, and focus on things that are important to your overall quality of life. Learn relevant and actionable information that can help you no matter where you are on your life's journey.
Get up close and personal with Dan Peña, the 50 Billion Dollar Man! Take a ride with him in his Rolls Royce Extended Phantom and get some behind-the-scenes about the QLA Seminars and insights on how high performance people think.
Black Mirror Refections is a fancast on the show Black Mirror hosted by Stacy Baldwin, Jackie Hern, and Reese Dunlap.
Reflections for Lent 2016 is a podcast from Church House Publishing, featuring audio from the Reflections for Lent 2016 app out now on iOS & Android. Forty days of daily reading, reflection & prayer from Ash Wednesday (10 February) to Easter Eve (26 March).
Leader| Speaker| Author| Mentor| Certified Consultant| Coach| Influencer| Thinker| Host: Reflections with FLA| Life Transformer| Husband| Father| Shepherd
Find out how an author thinks
Patrick Sabat's Reflections and Meditations on the Catholic Faith and Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is an audio Podcast originally aired over Radio Maria Philippines
Welcome to the R.O.A.D. Podcast. The show that gives you unfiltered opinions from the eyes and ears of 4 seasoned DJ’s from the Las Vegas nightclub industry. DJ Crooked and DJ Neva come to us by way of New York; Manhattan and The Bronx respectively. Both relocated to Vegas in the early 2000’s to open, what was then, Light and Jet Nightclub. Crooked is known for his work horse mentality, and high energy DJ sets, but has never been one for the industry politics. While DJ Neva has earned his OG ...
Weekly Devotionals and Thoughts with Thaddaeus Stapleton
Sami Yusuf
Using Reflection
Engineers Talking About What They Love and What They’ve Learned
Always progressing in some shape or form staying true to the scene. Stay tuned for more deep/tech mixes form yours truly. Thanks For The Love & Support. Christiano
Reflecting Faith
Thoughts on Your Journey
Tips for analyzing the yr in review & the outlook ahead.
Our goal here is that this short podcast could help you begin your day by leading you to think on and meditate on Jesus and His Word.
Comic Reflections
Weekly Discussion of Gold, Silver, and Bronze age Comics
Gospel Reflections
Perspectives and reflections on the writing and publishing life. Mark Leslie Lefebvre, a writer, bookseller, digital publishing advocate and professional speaker and publishing consultant, explores inclusive and collaborate opportunities for writers and book publishing professionals via interviews, discussions and reflections about the industry. (Mark's personal website is
Catholic Podcasts & Online Radio
Karl Bimshas is a leadership advisor, writer and no BS accountability partner. His consulting firm challenges clients to be better leaders. He shares quick reflections on leadership to challenge your perspective, provide inspiration, and give insights to help busy professionals manage better and lead well.
An in depth look at the world of education
Reflections from founder of Productivity in Tech, Jay Miller. This podcast was created to encourage you to start thinking about what happened in your day and what you can learn from it.
Reflections from day to day life to encourage, inspire, challenge, and motivate you.
An almost Family Doctor in Tokyo with interests in education and research and a part-time geek.
The history of Ontario is exciting and relevant to Canada and North America. Our goal is to use emerging technologies to present the stories that weave the makeup of our province in a way that is interesting and accessible to young and old alike. We create sets of modern, entertaining media meant to teach, preserve and promote our past. We are a non-profit venture funded primarily by the Ontario Trillium Foundation in partnership with the Living History Multimedia Association.
Cedar Lane is a liberal and welcoming congregation in Bethesda, Maryland. Look for our podcast in the Podcasts app or in the iTunes Store.
Welcome! Sentia Yoga was named after a Roman Goddess, and in these podcasts we carry the goddess theme through all the varied content! You'll find meditations, readings, interviews, and ideas. See more of what Sentia Yoga is up to follow me on Twitter and Instagram @sentiayoga or head to my website Thankyou and Namaste! x
Welcome to the Ethical Reflections podcast, by Briana and Enakshi.
Spiritual Reflections is a periodic podcast that exists for those who wish to know something further of their own path in life. Even if you are a little curious, then take a listen - I dont look to you to believe, just to get something positive for yourself in whatever path you choose to move your life forward in a positive way. The one thing to rememeber if you wish to move forward is simply to SERVE. That'll be something to think about. A full archiove of new podcasts can be found at WWW.s ...
Reflection Podcast
Night By Night ,Performance by PerformanceBruce Gibbons has been gracing the electronica scene by Headlining/Opening & playing along for such headliner DJ's such as, Morgan Page, Markus Schulz, Tritonal, Paul Van Dyk,The Blank & Jones, Armin van Buuren, Gabriel & Dresden, Kenneth Thomas, Tiesto, Kaskade, Armin Van Buuren, Blake Jarrell, Benny Banassi, Josh Wink, Kyau & Albert, Charles Feelgood, Donald Glaude, Sandra Collins, Serge Devant, Above & Beyond, Satoshi Tomiie, Retrobyte, Adam Freel ...
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Merritt and Gracie reflect on their travels to South Africa in January and the warm welcome they received there.
Terry Patten is a lifelong practitioner of both contemplative spirituality and real-world activism whose new book, A New Republic of the Heart: An Ethos for Revolutionaries–A Guide To Inner Work for Holistic Change, gives us lucid instructions for how we can start to ask the hardest questions and engage the toughest problems in our age of globa ...…
Can you create anything you want simply by re-wiring your mind? Laina Caltagirone is an entrepreneur working to modernize the world of personal + spiritual growth by bringing people simple and practical tools to live their best life. She’s an attorney, a certified life coach, a meditator, wellness lifestyle lover, manifestation expert, and co-c ...…
In the latest episode of #LM2Talks, tune in for a conversation about black media using the foundation of a thesis I developed when writing a proposal for a paper exploring the civil rights movement in the social media era while I was pursuing my masters in communications and media. I’ll be exploring the shows Dear White People and Atlanta, as w ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Dayspring Fellowship is now available on with the following details: Title: Wisdom from God: Closing Reflections Speaker: Greg Van Court Broadcaster: Dayspring Fellowship Event: Midweek Service Date: 5/23/2018 Length: 8 min.
Hey kids, do you like poodles? Fluffy, soft, cute little poodles? No, you don’t? Well, what about killer mutant poodles? I bet you like those kinds, don’cha? If so, well then you’ve come to the right podcast. This week, on the Next Level Network Production of What Lurks Behind Podcast Zero, Floofsoms, the killer mutant poodle ghoul is a topic o ...…
This week, my guest is etiquette expert Julie Blais Comeau. As the world was engulfed in the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this past weekend, it seemed fitting that this would be an ideal time to reflect on the social graces and customs, not only of royalty, but in our everyday lives. How we interact and communicate in social ...…
Another podcast from the FTP boys!Your favourite professional couch pundits reflect on a poor FA Cup whilst analysing the current state of managerial appointments and preparing for the Champions League final! Massive shout-out to our special guest, Kelvyn!TOPICS: FA Cup ReviewManagers, Managers & More Managers!Football EconomicsThe Evolution of ...…
I sat down today and added how many times I can remember physically moving in my life. As I wrote the addresses and reflected on the moves I couldn't believe the total from childhood would turn out to be 51 times! Unbelievible! LOL Yes, i know but it is very true. Some moves were 1-3 months but to me they still count. The more important thing i ...…
You are surrounded by miracles, yet why don't you see them? In this sexy episode, I free-ball to show you WHY things seem so bad sometimes, and how to reframe your approach to absorb light and not darkness. Our Kickstarter is 122% funded. Check out The Sweet Ass Domination Deck.
Ainsley Moir has always wanted to make an impact. Growing up she dreamed about working for global companies like Coca-Cola where she could use her marketing skills to shape the world’s biggest brands. So, she did. She spent a decade in corporate life before awakening to the fact that if she was working this hard to grow someone else’s brand, wh ...…
Episode 33: I help Rashaan and Her Daughter Sydney Banish Scholarship Search OverwhelmRashaan's daughter Sydney is a gifted rising senior whose tests scores don't reflect her ability. Like so many of us, Sydney doesn't test well, but I show Rashaan ways to compensate for this common issue, as well as other valuable strategies.P.S. If you join t ...…
In this podcast Shaykh Sadullah Khan introduces the great companion Hudhayfa ibn al-Yaman (may Allah be pleased with him). He was from the tribe ‘Abs, who had accepted Islam. Hudhayfa grew up between both Makka and Madina. This is how Hudhyfa had a connection to both Makka and Madina. Hudhayfa grew up in a Muslim household. His parents were of ...…
#RoyalWedding preacher reprise - Before Presiding Bishop Curry was known around the world as the Royal Wedding preacher, he, of course, was - and is! - the beloved Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church. Months ago, he was also our scripture reflection author for our Palm Sunday episode (look for “Precious Lord” in your podcast feed). Today w ...…
Pentecost is celebrated as the Birthday of the Church. Fr. Tony Cutcher reflects on this feast and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Hey says: “The Holy Spirit intervenes. Even as I speak, you are hearing something different. Because the Holy Spirit is giving you what you need to hear this week…If the Spirit is within us and God is love, we are cal ...…
Incredible photo opportunities from the reflections in 'Mirror Lake', Yosemite NP �️
Each of us is called for a mission, for a purpose. Fr. Ethan Moore expounds upon this idea as he reflects on the feast of Pentecost. “We are a Pentecostal people,” he says, adding: “That’s not just a moment in history that we remember or read about in the scriptures…those flames of the fire of God’s love are supposed to rest in us in a way that ...… download Live from our Elevator Studio @ Open Engagement: We are honored to be joined by OE Keynote presenter, the one and only Lucy Lippard! We find out what Lippard has been up to in New Mexico, her local newsletter, and Amanda and Dana vie for an invitation to m ...…
The first in a series of episodes in which Tracy and Chris look back at some of their favorite shows over the past 2 seasons of The Compassionate Achiever Podcast and reflect on the journey so far.
May 20, 2018 John 15: 26-27; 4b-15 Kevin Powell First Lutheran Church Calgary, AB As we start the season of Pentecost, Pastor Kevin reflects on change and the work of the holy spirit to enact transformative and loving change through us.
Darren and Holly reflect on their fun weekend at the IPN show. Not only the cars and exciting events, but the amazing people they met who shared the stories of their car passion. Listen for the interview with the Low Car Limbo winner, and Carlisle native, Brian Benson. Cars of Carlisle decided to commit Episode 6 to the sounds of The Rolling Ex ...…
Jocelyn Lai has assembled teams at Droga5, R/GA, and GSD&M. She now does this for companies all over the place through her own consultancy in Pittsburgh, JSL Talent Consulting.We discuss:- Ways to re-energize your career- Reflecting on whether advertising is for you anymore- How to move beyond your advertising careerVideo: http://www.sweathead. ...…
Bran and Gray chat about the Rockets/Warriors Game 4 and make some more predictions about tonights Game 5 between the Celtics and the Cavs.
Christian let’s everyone know why he’s writing this book and to let everyone reflect on how his life went in some ways. He also talked about not making excuses for your actions, to be responsible and handle it like civil people. — Thembalethu Msibi and Mpumi Ngwenya-Tshabangu are in the stu! The team that created the much talked about Telkom ad with Kwesta talks about the way they create the work, strange agencies, and a whole lot more. I mean, come on!
Rest Senior Pastor Chee-Seng FAH | Sunday 20 May 2018 Vision To build disciples who represents Jesus to everyone, everywhere with everything Our everyday life is often a collection of ups and downs, highs and lows. Our lives are marked with times of stress and heartache to season of joy and serenity and all the different times in between. Yet t ...…
Skipper Fiao'o Faamausili has put her retirement on hold with the naming of 28 of New Zealand's top female rugby players becoming the first-ever 15s players to be offered Black Ferns contracts.The 28 contracted players include 17 Black Ferns from the 2017 World Cup winning side.Black Ferns Head Coach Glenn Moore said Faamausili was encouraged t ...…
RG AUDIO 052318 John 4:28-42 As a youth, George attended church with his parents. The message of Christ went over his head until one day when churchgoers shared their testimonies. As he listened to these individuals’ stories, he began to want what they had: a relationship with Jesus, who carried them through troubles, worked miracles, and chang ...… - Mike Garrigan reflects on his fourth semester of law school.
Three doctors sat down for a picnic by a river. An emergency physician, an intensive care specialist, and an epidemiologist. Suddenly they notice a body in the water! They rush into the current to pull the man ashore, clear his airways and start giving CPR. But then they see another person in the water, face down. They rush out, and drag her in ...…
The other day as I was sitting in my recliner, reading, I saw the sun's rays pierce through the array of trees outside my living room window, resembling a glowing, illuminated cross. Special moments like these bring to mind thankfulness. As I sat and reflected, my mind turned to other parts of our planet that we call home, where our brothers an ...…
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