Best rehearsing podcasts we could find (Updated July 2017)
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This is Rehearse Podcast where we play and upload music every week. If you dont know what rehearse is go check out the videos explaining it:Skyline: - - are both versions of explaining what rehearse is and who they are.
OSNY Rehearsals Podcast
Oratorio Society of New York Rehearsals Podcast
No Rehearsals
The show is random, it is offensive to most, it is unrehearsed!
Inspired Rehearsals Podcast
The best advice on rehearsing your band comes from those who consistently do it well. The landscape of music education is saturated with experienced teachers who have developed and enhanced techniques over time. The IRP is a collection of conversations with inspiring professionals to help band directors enhance their teaching experience and inspire their students to have a genuine love for the instrumental arts.
UNREHEARSED: The Rehearsal Break
Your favorite sisters interview experienced dancers, the best choreographers, directors, studio owners and online sensations about how they create their own opportunities in dance.
Life After Rehearsal
Life After Rehearsal is a podcast hosted by two musicians in their early 20's, Ben Di Millo and Stephen Adubofuor, who have decided to document their conversations, thoughts and experiences as they attempt to traverse the world of musical performance.
Open Rehearsal Podcast
You’ll love Open Rehearsal in London! This exciting programme of events, running from Friday 29th September to Sunday 1st October '06, will enable you to sample the world-class music, theatre and dance that London offers - for free. If you’ve never set foot inside a concert hall, or you’d like a bit of inspiration about what to do, here’s a cut-out-and-keep A to Z guide to classical music and the Open Rehearsal weekend. For more information, visit
Hilltop Church Choir Rehearsal
Upcoming songs for the Hilltop Church Choir.
ACT's Rehearsal Podcast
This is the website for ACT's Rehearsal Podcast were cast members can download podcast episodes of rehearsals to rehearse at home!
Bass DCI rehearsal tool rev 1.01
Rehearsal music (mp3s) Left channel: Your part only. Right channel: Other 3 parts only.
Mystery Street Recording Company - Chicago's Recording and Rehearsal Studio
Chicago's Recording and Rehearsal Studio
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(An excerpt from “The Strangest Secret Library” – available on Amazon.) The Mirror Technique for Releasing the Subconscious The toughest problem that confronts most people is a lack of money. While I have heard of people finding bundles of $1,000 bills by using this Mind Stuff, I think that money comes as a result of combining Mind Stuff and en ...…
Hannah's not sure why she decided to go to Milly's dress rehearsal. But here she is, at the theater, curious to see if Milly will feel more comfortable with her acting today. She has no idea Milly is about to surprise her in more than one way. Credits The Marriage of Figaro Overture - by the Musopen Symphony - Recording released to the public d ...…
Rehearsal track recording of "Transition" in 2002 featuring Ken Baley on guitar and Steven York on bass.
N All 50/90 Demos
Had this all written in half an hour, felt pretty pleased with myself. Then it took me 25 minutes to record the piano part. Hate it when I write something I can't play. So I didn't have time to record the vocal properly, it's peaking all over the place, sorry.Really happy with how this turned out though. First thing I've written this year that ...…
(Jul 21, 2017) Pendragon Theatre is setting Shakespeare's most popular play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream," outdoors at Dewey Mountain Recreation Center starting tonight at 7 pm.Shakespeare's comedy includes fairies, wedding plans, a play-within-a-play, and a love potion all set in an enchanted forest. So, why not take the play into an Adirondack ...…
Jam Logs, the Podcast of The 1937 Flood
We’re very excited about the show we’re putting together to perform in Charleston next month. When we appear at Taylor Books on Saturday night, Aug. 12, we want to have an all-new show, featuring tunes we’ve not played in public before. It’s a challenge, but, hey, we like challenges. And it’s giving us a chance to learn some great new songs, in ...…
The live touring band (Bittersweet) rehearsing @ SIR studios in Hollywood Ca. for Village People United States and Canada 1978 tour. With yours truly on drums.
In Episode 284, Trev and AJ talk food allergies, the next steps in AJ’s career, and cultivating a mind like water. Then Trev sits down for Part 2 of his conversation with actor, director, and producer Judyann Elder, picking up with Judyann’s move to Los Angeles—in an era that was not unlike today, in many ways: an era of exploitation films, of ...…
The Tom Barnard Show
Rocco's too busy rehearsing for the Broadway adaptation of My Left Foot to talk to us, so instead we got Pokey, real name unknown. He spends most of the show defaming Rocco, but we make sure to get some heroin talk in there too.
Taking A Bow: Steve: Rogers-esque Cardigan Jacket by Mary Townsend Berroco Weekend DK in #2144 Squash Sizes 3 & 5 US/3.25 &3.75 mm Father Time Cowl by Steven Fegert Leading Men Fiber Arts Improv Sock Blank Size 4 US/3.5 mm Apocalypse Hat Leading Men Fiber Arts Box Office in Apocalypse Sizes 6 & 8 US/4 & 5 mm Callie: The Girl From the Grocery St ...…
Taking A Bow: Steve: Rogers-esque Cardigan Jacket by Mary Townsend Berroco Weekend DK in #2144 Squash Sizes 3 & 5 US/3.25 &3.75 mm Father Time Cowl by Steven Fegert Leading Men Fiber Arts Improv Sock Blank Size 4 US/3.5 mm Apocalypse Hat Leading Men Fiber Arts Box Office in Apocalypse Sizes 6 & 8 US/4 & 5 mm Callie: The Girl From the Grocery St ...…
In this episode honing your content and rehearsing all in the pursuit of mastery. Amateur to seasoned professional all must master these 8 tips. Join Rick and Mike as they share tips from Carol Roth, TV host and small business expert, Ramon Ray paid speaker for over 20 years, and many more. S1 E… The post How do you go about actually getting pa ...…
Alex and Molly sit down with their old friend and Broadway actor Robb Sapp. Get to know Monsieur Sapp and find out what cast members do on the road when they're not rehearsing. Rediscover flop-sweat, reconnect with the New Kids on the Block, and be relieved that Robb's most embarrassing moment didn't happen to you! He also shares tips for aspir ...…
In Culture File's first visit to the ICTM's 70th anniversary meeting, a samba rehearsal is interrupted by gunfire
On the Mic Stand Up Comedy
EdFringe17: Kirsty Marsh-Hyde in Forks, Sharks and Leafy GreensAfter hearing from her comedy partner, Lisa, in the last episode, enjoy 10 minutes of chat with Kirsty - the other half of European double act Kirsty and Elisabeth. How does one write and rehearse with a partner who lives almost 600 miles away? ‘Forks, Sharks and Leafy Greens’ is ap ...…
Reflecting God – Embrace Holy Living
RG AUDIO 071717 1 Timothy 1:1-17 One might think Paul’s introduction to his First letter to his protégé Timothy lacks grandeur when he whittles the purpose statement of Christ down to “a trustworthy saying” (1 Timothy 1:15). Yet, he draws us with two short phrases that serve as bookends, framing the profound statement he proclaims, “Christ came ...…
It's a first for the Cranford Dramatic Club. The CDC will be hosting the Hispanic Theatre Festival July 28-29 and August 4-5. Two one-act plays will be presented, Ana y las Langostas and Bony y Kim. Cranford Radio paid a visit during a rehearsal to speak with Joel Redmount, founder of the festival, Alicia Dolinsky, the playwright of Ana y las L ...…
As the story begins, we meet Detective Soma Dan, a mother of two and a homicide investigator at Helison PD, and Paul Stevens, a young man living in the southern city of Lieutenia. Both are about to have their lives upended. NewAlephChapterOne CHAPTER ONE: “Your tone implies you believe him.” “My tone?” lines formed on Detective Matthew Travis’ ...…
Living a Positive Life
From guest speaker Julie Armour: “It was twenty-five years ago that I first learned about the wisdom of the heart from Rev. Tom and Edie Skalitzky. We are experiencing challenging times right now and sometimes we don't know what to do. When things change we become fearful and question ourselves about where we went wrong, rehearse how we could h ...…
Ephesians 5:25-32
First we bring you a rare Jack Benny rehearsal for his 1954 Garden of Evil episode, then we bring you the actual episode with my old intro, then lastly we present Jack Paar focusing on Breakfast Foods!
with Ray Befus, part of the Church of the Resurrection series. Ray builds his talk on Matthew 18:21-35, highlighting Jesus call to live together as a forgiven and forgiving community. While we who attend church love to rehearse the way God graciously forgiveness us, we struggle to forgive others the way God forgives us. The Lord's Table invites ...…
The Peoples Temple was an American Communist Evangelical church led by the charismatic preacher Jim Jones. Due to the persecution of communists, the church had left the U.S. and built a compound in northwestern Guyana, Africa, known as Jonestown. Relatives worried about their family members in the church had written to their Congressman, Leo Ry ...…
Steve and Dag bring in Donnie to sit in while Brendan is gone. Steve takes some calls from listeners, and his headache medicine shipment gets delayed. The guys eventually get to talk to Brendan, who was out golfing before a friend’s rehearsal wedding.
It’s Spider-Man: Homecoming review time! We give you OUR Spoiler-Free (mostly) take on the newest friendly neighborhood Spider-Movie. PLUS: Winter in July? We break down the return of Game of Thrones with Den of Geek’s David Crow! Here’s an excerpt from the Podcast: David Crow Den of Geek: Michael Dolce: Whats your favorite episode so far in th ...…
Musicians Unmuted Podcast
Episode 6: Freedom of Speech features some of Brisbane's most talented, young free improvisers, including Andrew Ball, Brodie Mcallister, and Hannah Reardon-Smith. Through their diverse influences in jazz, classical, cross-genre and other styles, the musicians share their experience in finding a platform that expresses their artistic vision and ...…
07-13-2017(Photo: File:Panoramic View of Caracas night.jpg) @BatchelorShowVenezuela is Syria in the New World. @JosephHumire @ELALUSA Report w/Malcolm Hoenlein @Conf_of_pres.The implications of such an action would undoubtedly be an escalation of force in an alrea ...…
07-13-2017(Photo: File:Panoramic View of Caracas night.jpg) @BatchelorShowVenezuela is Syria in the New World. @JosephHumire @ELALUSA Report w/Malcolm Hoenlein @Conf_of_pres.The implications of such an action would undoubtedly be an escalation of force in an alrea ...…
This week on the pod we talk to Dirty Dirty. I sat down with Ian Forrester and Drew Shreve in their rehearsal space as they were loading out for a gig. This week is a shorter one but we had enough time to talk about the new recording, how it spans three drummers, and how Drew is fitting in to the band. We also talked about some goals of the ban ...…
On today's date in 1829, the German composer Felix Mendelssohn was in London, participating in a gala concert to raise funds for the victims of a flood in Silesia. "Everyone who has attracted the slightest attention during the season will take part," wrote Mendelssohn. "Many offers of good performers have had to be declined, as the concert, eve ...…
Wynton Marsalis joined us for Behind The Note Podcast today! We talked many things including leadership, building a team, and turning vision into reality.Rate Behind The Note Podcast on the platform you're using right now to read this script and to listen to the show.Press Play. Enjoy. Share. ---------------------------------------------------- ...…
The Big Wedding Planning Podcast
We talk about every element of wedding planning on this podcast, and we try to break things down so that the information we are sharing is useful and accessible. We share our personal experiences, our opinions (so many opinions), and our best advice after more than two decades of being professional wedding planners. In this episode, we go one s ...…
On this episode of the podcast, we hear from Central City Opera’s Music Director, John Baril, who is also conducting COSI FAN TUTTE this season. He delves deep into the opera, discussing what makes Mozart’s music stand out for him, how Cosi compares with the other Mozart/Da Ponte operas, and the art of singing and conducting recitative. He also ...…
Jessica Maillard - casting director, pal, and wife to Episode 5's Brian Maillard - joins Pam & Brooke to give us even more insight into her wedding. This includes family drama, a pants mix up and one rouge member of the bridal party. The gals also talk about marrying the bad boy, opinionated grooms and one stubborn grandma. They also get into m ...…
In Episode 283, Trev and AJ introduce us to the term “meatspace,” venture into rant-land over the current state of click-and-submit services, and respond to a listener question about working on set, what to include on your resumé, and how to position it all with a bit of industry parlance. Then Trev sits down for Part 1 of his conversation with ...…
Royal New Zealand Ballet’s rehearsal pianist Michael Pansters has landed a gig of a life time at the Royal Opera House in London. He’s off on his adventure later this month, taking the role of rehearsal pianist for the Royal Ballet. His first tasks will be working with the company’s Artistic Associate Christopher Wheeldon on Alice’s Adventures ...…
This week on DPCast, Paul and Dan celebrate their 20th episode by doing the podcast the same room. Hurrah! In "What's New With You?" they discuss their week, and they have not been very well at all. Dan has a new car and talks about an embarassing rehearsal.The Old Man returns to deliver another hypothetical question in the "Hypot ...…
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