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Look Who's Here!
A local podcast featuring various artists, musicians and comedians. Available on Itunes and Stitcher.
"The official podcast of WTBU's award-winning "Beanpot with Reimer & Clauss," a talk show of underwhelming proportions. Join syndicated sports talk radio host Alex Reimer and news personality Kyle Clauss as they sweat the small stuff and discuss everything from Boston sports, to current events, to Kyle's misanthropy, to Alex's ongoing struggle with Boston University's dining hall staff. It's like a cup of black coffee for your soul. Tune in to "The Beanpot with Reimer & Clauss" Sundays, 10am ...
WEEI Podcasts
Check out all of WEEI's podcasts, including Kirk Minihane's Enough About Me, The Real K&C Show, Rich Keefe's #DORK, Ever-Green with Michael Holley and Rich Keefe, The Bradfo Sho, Two Outs with Alex Reimer and Steve Buckley, and more.
TSS:Without A Curse
Alex Reimer has been hosting the critically acclaimed, “Without a Curse,” since July of 2005. Alex has been profiled in The Boston Globe, as well as been a guest on both “The Today Show” and “The Tonight Show” for his work on the podcast. Alex has very strong opinions, and is not afraid to share them! Anything stated on the show will be factually backed up…and if a guest doesn’t back up his opinion, then Alex will challenge them on it. In the offseason months (November-April), “Without a Cur ...
Weekend Shows
WEEI's weekend lineup features Mustard & Johnson, Trenni & Tomase, Buck & Reimer, NFL Sunday and more.
Koza Baptist Church
Hear me out
We talk all things college football, we get college football player interviews, we provide entertainment for your daily commute, your morning hangovers, or anything in between. We deliver hot takes and talk chalk.
TSS:No Holds Barred
Alex Reimer has been hosting “No Holds Barred” since October of 2005. Alex also hosts a Red Sox podcast titled, “Without a Curse,” and has been profiled in The Boston Globe, as well as been a guest on both “The Today Show” and “The Tonight Show” for his work in the podcasting field. Alex has very strong opinions, and is not afraid to share them! Each episode features Alex giving his witty, entertaining, and informed insights on the wrestling world. Interviews with wrestling journalists and w ...
The weekly podcast of Venture Church, led by Pastor Jesse Reimers.
Inside Jokes
The Wisconsin State Journal declared, "...the [epitome] of the coalescence of ingenuity, hilarity, and virtuosity. Inside Jokes is to Comedy what Jazz is to Music. 8 out of 10."Shows: Your Message Here. with Adam Podell - NYC standup comedian Adam Podell sets out to explore the standup and comedy universe through deep-cutting interviews and discussion with fellow comedians. Sometimes things go off the rails, but it's always a great time and sometimes educational.The Whole Nine Words - A succ ...
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In setting out to discuss the future of education, it quickly becomes clear that this is an entirely too-complex issue to wrap up in just 40 minutes. Still, me and Joe Reimer give it a shot. We cover everything from smashing cell-phones, to boredom, to the power of the internet, to what the heck a teacher is supposed to do. We're not sure about ...…
Ao longo dos últimos anos a definição de masculinidade e das características de um homem, tem sofrido grandes mudanças. Antigamente havia uma certa forma de vestir, falar, comportar e sentir que eram características determinantes da masculinidade.O Filho de Deus, Jesus Cristo, tomou a forma de homem e tornou-se o modelo de um homem perfeito. Es ...…
On the weekend edition of the podcast, I'm speaking with guest Michael Reimer about managing a construction project.
Thomas and Matthew discuss the 3-0 win vs Boston, starting Reimer, scratching Haley, Hit on Trocheck, and more.By (Whyhockey).
Fishing Team ventures west to the Pedernales River at the first sign of blooming red buds. They have most of Reimer's Ranch to themselves as they reel in the spawning whites. Jamey hooks up on a mysterious monster, and Matthew manages to sink up to his knee in quicksand-like mud. Will this be the trip where they finally limit out on schools of ...…
I'll be in the lodge by the fire drinking coffee while you go out and attack the slopes, you Mogul Maniac! Maybe I'll stand on the Joyboard for awhile and pretend I'm out there with you. Naahhh, I don't want to spill my coffee. Oh hi! I didn't see you come in, sorry. Won't you join me in discussing Mogul Maniac and the Joyboard controller by Am ...…
As introduction to the podcast, some of this material is reprinted from a post earlier today. Scroll down for the audio file or links to access it on iTunes or PlayerFM. “The promise of autonomous vehicles is great.”–Dan Lipinski “My opinion is that it’s a bridge too far to go to fully autonomous vehicles.”–Elon Musk Wait–what? The man who thin ...…
The BitGeeks welcome back Martin Reimer to rank the Top 10 games for the grandaddy of Nintendo portables: GameBoy.
WEEI's controversial host Alex Reimer joined Leddy on our 8th episode. The elephant in the room obviously was Alex's comments regarding Tom Brady's daughter a few days before the Super Bowl. However it is time to move on, because if TB12 can forgive him so should we. Maybe I'm bias, but us Natick guys have to stick together. We moved on to talk ...…
Com a participação de Telma Santos.A simples realidade é que a luz brilha, e vence sempre sobre as trevas, e esta luz brilha através da nossa vivência. As nossas palavras têm pouco impacto se a nossa vivência não for uma que reflete a natureza da Deus.▶ VÍDEO:…
A luz de Deus que brilha em nós e por consequência através das nossas vidas, é a Sua própria glória.Esta glória vem sobre nós, e cresce em nós quando simplesmente acreditamos na Sua palavra e obedecemos a todos os Seus mandamentos, sem questionar.▶ VÍDEO:
Quando aceitamos Jesus como nosso Senhor e Salvador, somos resgatados das trevas para a Sua maravilhosa Luz. Ao longo do nosso caminhar com Ele vamos encontrar a verdadeira vida e a restauração completa de todo o nosso ser.▶ VÍDEO:
Praticar a Palavra de Deus é termos fé com as obras que demonstram o nosso arrependimento.▶ VÍDEO:
Quando estamos «em Cristo», somos uma nova criatura, uma nova criação, uma nova pessoa. Esta nova pessoa já não se encontra debaixo da obrigação da Lei, mas tem acesso à Graça e à Salvação. Esta salvação traz transformação total em todas as áreas das nossas vidas, trazendo a manifestação do Reino de Deus para as nossas vidas.▶ VÍDEO: https://ww ...…
Ao entrar num novo ano, iniciamos um novo tempo de oportunidades e a possibilidade de cumprir a vontade de Deus nas nossas vidas.▶ VÍDEO:
«E eis que em teu ventre conceberás e darás à luz um filho, e pôr-lhe-ás o nome de Jesus. Este será grande, e será chamado filho do Altíssimo; e o Senhor Deus lhe dará o trono de Davi, seu pai.»Lucas 1:31-32▶ VÍDEO:
No inicio do livro de João (João 1:9-14), é explicado de uma forma figurativa a vinda de Jesus à terra. Estes versículos explicam como o “Verbo”, a Palavra de Deus, se fez carne e habitou entre nós. Isto é incrível! A própria Palavra de Deus, que criou tudo o que existe veio para habitar connosco. Jesus veio para estar connosco e trazer todos o ...…
Lembro-me de uma música que se cantava na igreja, quando eu era criança: «Jesus está passando por aqui.» Era uma música com uma melodia e letra que ficava bastante no ouvido. A letra dizia algo assim: «Quando Ele passa, tudo se transforma. A tristeza vai e alegria vem…»Esta música fala acerca do poder manifesto através da vida de Jesus, em que ...…
Sermon by Klaas ReimerActs 26:15, 17-The world has nothing satisfying to offer.Luke 9:23- Our response to the call of God needs to be yes all the time.- If we don't give up selfish pleasures, we can't be Jesus' disciples 1 Peter 1: 19 2 Peter 1:4
Just me, solo, once again here for Episode 18. The show is officially now available on ITunes and gives you guys another free option. I talk post Royal Rumble and Takeover show, who won what and which show ruled the weekend. I lend the fans who attended the 25th Raw Anniversary in the Manhattan Center a shoulder to cry on. I ask for assistance ...…
237 – rumsnumret på ett av de hemsökta rummen i The Shining. Men 237 är också det antal avsnitt som hittills utkommit av din bästa podcast Kvack!. I detta tvåhundratrettiosjunde avsnitt är David förkyld, Frida hes och Henrik trött. Trots detta hinner vi snacka om alltifrån klimatförne… klimatrealister, förlåt, till 3D-printers. Dessutom: CFS, D ...…
Charlamagne crowns Boston Radio host Alex Reimer Donkey of the Day after disrespecting Tom Brady's daughter. Reimer works for a station that has extremely close relations with Tom Brady.
Mike Petraglia, Mike Alongi, & Alex Barth look at the biggest storylines pertaining to the New England Patriots on Super Bowl Monday. Rob Gronkowski is still going through the NFL's concussion protocol, how does that effect his status for the game? Running back James White has had a relatively quiet playoff stretch, will that change on Sunday a ...…
Grants us, Lord, the grace of giving... Familiar song in our church. But what does that look like? What does God command of us when it comes to our finances? Guest speaker Mike Reimer brings a word from 2 Corinthians, helping us better understand what it means for Christians to give.
Kirk Minihane joins Buck and Reimer on this episode of "Two Outs," where he proceeds to tell Buck why the Boston Herald deserves to go bankrupt. Kirk also reviews Alex's performance since he returned to K&C in October.By WEEI.
With Matt Reimer and Kevin Schlagel
​In this teaching during our Sunday morning service, Dr. Martin Sanders & Dr. Rob Reimer talk from Luke 7 about when Jesus heals your entire life.By (New Life Fellowship).
​In this teaching during our Saturday evening service, Dr. Martin Sanders & Dr. Rob Reimer talk about living in the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.By (New Life Fellowship).
In this teaching during our fourth Saturday session, we hear a testimony of healing, and Dr. Martin Sanders & Dr. Rob Reimer field some questions.By (New Life Fellowship).
In this teaching during our third Saturday session, Dr. Martin Sanders & Dr. Rob Reimer talk about how Jesus heals us body, soul and spirit and teach healing prayer models.By (New Life Fellowship).
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