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Retro Rejects
"Retro Rejects" is a monthly retro gaming podcast featuring YouTubers NESComplex and Vintage Video Game Geek. Regular segments include retro gaming news, guest interviews, game recommendations and 80's/90's nostalgia.
Remember those arcade games you played as a kid? They are still out there. Come with us and we will tell you all about what it is like to find, restore, maintain and play these old games. Interested in acquiring games and starting a collection or just hearing some stories and reminiscing about the arcades and games of the past? This is the podcast you've been looking for.
Whether romantic, social, professional, minor or paralysingly heart-wrenching, rejection hurts. Bad. And when it's not us who's hurting, we're equally bad at rejecting others. This podcast will tell real stories of rejection so that, hopefully, we become better at it together.
Redbird Rejects
Care to take a look behind the scenes of a Major League Baseball team? Former St. Louis Cardinals Brad Thompson and Chris Duncan talk locker room stories and break down Cardinals story lines in a way only two former major leaguers can with Redbird Rejects.
Remember those arcade games you played as a kid? They are still out there. Come with us and we will tell you all about what it is like to find, restore, maintain and play these old games. Interested in acquiring games and starting a collection or just hearing some stories and reminiscing about the arcades and games of the past? This is the podcast you've been looking for.
Radio Theater that spans the gamut from Drama to Comedy to Horror to Science Fiction and Romance. The absolute highest standards, from acting to sound production goes into the creation of this audio series.
Usual Rejects
From LIVE SOLD OUT Shows all over NYC, The Usual Rejects bring parodies of your favorite blockbuster films to life. This podcast takes that same irreverent sense of humor and applies it to film, tv, comic books, theater, and video games. Stay tuned as we bring a special version of our live shows to the podcast along with some very special guests.
Follow me into the inspirational lifestyle design of expatriates, travelers, entrepreneurs, and adventurers. You'll hear about their backgrounds, how they started, what they started and what they do to keep it going.
Radio Reject
Milwaukee's favorite DJ is back! Get ready for Wes Mckane .... you never know what he will say!
In anticipation of Rob Zombie's upcoming movie Halloween II, the hosts of Now Playing look back Rob Zombie's initial foray into horror with the films House of 1000 Corpses and its sequel The Devil's Rejects. Join us as we go into the home of the Firefly family and follow the on the run.
Follow me into the inspirational lifestyle design of expatriates, travelers, entrepreneurs, and adventurers. You'll hear about their backgrounds, how they started, what they started and what they do to keep it going.
Religious Rejects
Jamie, the Asian one, is a secular heathen. Jared, the white guy, is a new nature Christian reformer. Both of these guys used to be heavily steeped in Christian doctrine and tradition. Liberated from conformity having escaped the burden of religion, they are now free to jump in the air, do somersaults, blow up balloons, and spout opinions that sometimes offend their Christian peers. Religious Rejects keep it fun, wild, and free as they enjoy conversations with friends about different topics ...
Ultimate Rejects UR Podcast . Get your Latest Electronic Dance Music and UR exclusives monthly right here.
Red Shirt Rejects
Kyle and Zach "The Wild Turkey" Nichols dissect the latest news in the Star Trek ecosystem. They review the latest episodes, discuss the old series and movies, and get themselves into a little trouble. This is a Nerd Union Production. Check us out at To sign up for CBS All Access go to for a one week free trial.
Windy City Rejects
Windy City Rejects
Paying tribute to the Heroic Failures of Formula 1 - featuring discussion of current goings on in F1, and stories about the least successful drivers and teams in Grand Prix history! Tweet us @rejectspodcast
Defects and Rejects
Defects and Rejects bring you an eclectic mix of new independent music from all over the world.
An Are You Afraid of the Dark fancast
Open Mic Rejects
A comedy show with the best touring comedians in the country! No boring interviews, just topical discussions and juvenile games with the funniest comedians on tour!
Two former employees of Blockbuster Video who still love renting and watching movies. We reminisce about the Blockbuster experience and do spoiler-free movie reviews of new releases and old favorites.
Rejected Podcast
Hello and welcome to the Rejected Podcast, I am your host Macauley lewis, The rejected podcast is a place where a group of people come together each week and talk about tech, gaming, and whatever else tickles our fancy.If that sound like your cup of tea stick around and get comfortable because who knows what shenanigans we might get into. Thank you for listening and have a wonderful day.This Podcast was created using
Moto Rejects
weekly livestream with your favorite Moto Amino members. make sure to subscribe to the MotoAmino Livestream channel on YouTube
This is a setting of the story of Jesus as if it had occurred during early twentieth century America. The narrator's point of view is that of an outsider looking in at the story of Jesus. Howard Pyle (1853 - 1911) was an American illustrator and author. - Summary by Wikipedia and david wales
Break free from shyness and self-doubt to create the life you truly want. Join the world's leading confidence expert, Dr. Aziz, as he teaches powerful skills to increase your confidence in dating, relationships, business, and life.
Art Frat Rejects
A weekly story podcast created by three artistically disinclined Columbia University students. Huber, Veronica, and Sophia—three undergraduates who all weren't cool or qualified enough to rush art frats—take turns writing chapters of a crime novel, trying to keep things on track and find out who killed Clara Willoughby.
Jeremy Firth and Brigham Featherstone share their personal stories of living in, then leaving the Mormon church, as well as interviews and current Mormon news. With some comedy mixed in.
Music and more from the System Rejects crew. Expect the latest techno and acid from all over the globe, nostalgic crate digging and influential tracks from the past.
Studio Rejects is a comedy podcast from Will Rogers and Bobby Koester (of Will and Bobby Know Everything), where they read scripts for movies that never existed! Whether it's an unfinished draft of a horror movie, or a completely unused script of a huge franchise, they both act and riddle out the reasons why these scripts were tossed out! Follow Will and Bobby on Twitter: @BobbyKoester @WillRogers2000 @TalkBomb Studio Rejects is a proud member of Talk Bomb! Find more at!
A Bachelor/ette Recap Podcast where we snark on contestants' myriad henleys and deep v's, rejoice in dude tears and other histrionics, and play arm-chair psychologist for the weird behavior that defines this glorious and terrible show.
Defects and Rejects
Defects and Rejects bring you an eclectic mix of new independent music from all over the world.
August, Bates, Poof, and Raymont a small group of gamers that have been playing table tops for years and the discussions that come from it.
Join Dan and Kelly--a couple of everyday writers looking for some heat in a cold world--as they discuss the seedy underbelly of the lit life. From our duty as writers in times of trouble to the annoyance of literary magazine reading fees, your hosts have plenty to say.
A show about fantasy football from fans for fans.
After hard frosts and heavy snows, finally March Madness begins. It brings not only the best show in basketball, but Easter lilies in Wal-Mart and beautiful new dresses on racks for moms to buy for their little girls. It’s the triumph of warmth over cold, of tulip blossoms over ugly bulbs, but most of all it’s the time when more than 2 billion Christians across the globe look back to the events of Passion Week, the Last Week, the time when Jesus was rejected in Jerusalem. . His Last Week on ...
Download Podcast on iTunes: Joris Voorn’s all-encompassing Spectrum project seamlessly merges hand curated events with stunning music and photography, allowing him to share the full reach of his extensive musical tastes. Spectrum Radio combines these elements each week to bring you a live set recorded at some of the worlds most iconic dance music venues. Also expect forgotten classics and regular premiers of new music from Joris and his friends. You never know what you w ...
GraceLife Ministries helps people discover Jesus' unconditional love and grace for themselves.
Success Unfiltered
Success Unfiltered has interviewed some of the most unique guests; from multi-seven & eight figure entrepreneurs, post-Shark Tank vets, authors, performers and investors. My guests share the most intimate and inspiring stories about the raw truth of rejection, being told NO, being vulnerable, and overcoming adversity. I host some of the most successful people on the planet that share their insights about how it really is in business and in life and how they overcame obstacles to create extra ...
Hard Pass
Every Monday, Josh Barro and Linette Lopez explore, examine, and reject the business of every day life.
Learn the latest cutting edge marketing strategies and discover how to market you and your business. We discuss traffic and lead generation, conversion of the traffic and leads into prospects and then into repeat customers! Learn how best to use social media, overcome call reluctance, know exactly what to say and deal with rejection when using the telephone in your business.
Mixed Mental Arts
As kids, we're like little sponges blindly copying culture from the people around us. The cultures into which we were all born evolved to fit very old agricultural environments. Each contains timeless wisdom about human affairs but none of them is ideally suited to navigating the ever-changing environment in which we find ourselves. The goal of Mixed Mental Arts is to steal the best cultural software from everywhere and apply the core principle of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do "Adapt what is usef ...
Timothy Plain and Alrik Bursell discuss independent filmmaking, everything from writing, producing and directing to working as crew. But this is not just a podcast about "making it," it's also about struggling with rejection, self-doubt and everything else that comes with pursuing a career in film. Follow along as we forge our own way through the industry and talk to guests who are also making it happen.
This is not your typical social anxiety tips show... You'll get revolutionary solutions available from Western traditional therapy AND Eastern energy psychology. You'll hear from the super stars of the therapy and psychology world who have been originally trained psychologists or psychotherapists who have incorporated energy psychology into their practice. They share their most effective techniques, most empowering solutions, and share unbelievably inspiring stories and perspectives that hel ...
A unique digital radio show which plays retro Bollywood songs and stories from the era of 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s. Enjoy songs and stories that became a part of popular stars like Madhubala, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna, Dev Anand, Dharmendra, Raj Kapoor, Jitendra, Sharlima Tagore, Parveen Babi, Waheeda Rahman and more. Walk through the journey of legends like Lata Mangeshkar, Mohd Rafi, R.D. Burman, Asha Bhosle and more. Weekend Classic is the only place where you will hear st ...
A podcast for showcasing rejected stories, essays, and poems
Success in business, sales, and most things in life, often requires you to face tough situations or deal with unfavorable results. After a setback, it is the people who can get back on the phone, face their clients, and deal with their shortcomings who will be most successful in life. However, it is not your genes that will determine your ability to handle adversity, but your degree of resilience.
Meeting targets, KPIs and budgets can mean the difference between staying in business, and keeping your job - or not. However, the reason many don't reach their goals/targets is often not from a lack of motivation or determination, but rather from a lack of 'bounce-ability'. That is, the ability to quickly recover from the unexpected setbacks that throw you off course, slow you down, or wear you out.
When you are faced with a challenge (i.e. managing a new team, prospecting in a new market, adopting a new system, or speaking to an audience), the biggest obstacle to your success is YOU. More specifically, your internal self criticism.
Pastor Michael L. Okine is the founder and Senior Pastor of Perfecting Faith Chapel (PFC).Be Blessed by our weekly sermons.
Hi. My name is Tripp Kramer. I started the “How To Talk To Girls Podcast” because I’m passionate about sharing all the tips, tricks and techniques I’ve learned over the last 9 years of going out, approaching girls and mastering the subtle mating dance between men and women. Whether you’re interested in getting more dates or a long-term relationship you’ll learn thousands of "field proven" step-by-step systems to help you accomplish your goal. You will learn everything from word-for-word line ...
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Wayne Chan on Mark 14:16-3125th of March 2018
Mark 1:2-8 - The gospel is the good news that God has kept his promise to send a Messiah, the one who will take away the sins for those who believe in him. This is the message of John the Baptist, Jesus’ strange cousin and the last in the line of the Old Testament prophets. In this sermon, you will see how John’s message still echoes across the ...…
Democracy Now! 2018-04-17 Tuesday Headlines for April 17, 2018 Trump's Legal Worries Grow as Judge Rejects Effort for President to Review Docs Seized in FBI Raid Deadliest U.S. Prison Riot in 25 Years Shines Light on Inhumane Conditions in Prisons Across Nation Hip-Hop Artist Kendrick Lamar Makes History by Winning Pulitzer Prize Download this show…
Drew’s guest, Noah Kagan got into the tech game in his 20’s. He put in long hours and sacrificed his evenings and weekends to be a top producer. He worked at Facebook and and currently he is Chief Sumo at his own company, He has had his share of successes and failures and freely shares the lessons he learned and how he challe ...…
I. The Nature of Sin Rejecting or Ignoring God Rebelling against God a. Living without reference to God b. Not being or doing God requires II. The Effects of Sin Death Disintegration of all creation III. The Fight against Sin By Faith in Christ Through the Power of the Spirit On Three Fronts a. The World b. The Flesh c. The Devil Q 16 What is s ...…
The pain we deal with the most in life is emotional pain, and the most common form of emotional pain is rejection. Let’s discover how we can best deal with rejection, and how pain has a purpose.
On today’s episode Hilary continues to explore the subject of fear and its impact on entrepreneurship. Today we tackle the fear of rejection. Learn five steps to identify reframe how you think about rejection – and how to move beyond it. 3 During the Show: 00:43 – Read the book “Rejection Proof” by Jia Jang. 02:02 – It is important to see the f ...…
It's always a deep blessing to be joined and taught by our brother, Gideon Tsang. Gideon shared a message on the ways we cling to judgement and keeping score, and in doing so, forget the very nature of Jesus' definitive act of reconciling love for all people, and our call back to the table which serves to remind us. Gideon serves in the leaders ...…
Featured on #JasSucces is a touching story of Jacquelyn Pulgo’s successful achievement in freelancing. Discover how she got started in freelancing as she reveals how hard life was for her, sleeping literally in a ‘karton’ and comfortably now in a ‘kutson.’ Jacquelyn’s story is definitely a must watch as she gives inspiration of how freelancing ...…
This week Megan, Shane and Mark are joined by our special guest Dame who also suggested our theme, which is Movies By Rob Zombie. If you are a horror fan like Shane and Dame then no doubt you have come across some of his work already. This week we are taking a look at The Devil’s Rejects, Halloween and 31.…
Fear of Rejection and Fear of Failure causes people pleasing.
Feeding the SoulJohnnette Benkovic, host of WOMEN OF GRACE, shares that we should always strive to be Saints. There are many people who are holy in Heaven awaiting the call to be canonized. Guest Sue Brinkmann shared her thoughts on why she thinks people are fascinated with Eastern Spirituality. It is something different and they are hungry for ...…
Feeding the SoulJohnnette Benkovic, host of WOMEN OF GRACE, shares that we should always strive to be Saints. There are many people who are holy in Heaven awaiting the call to be canonized. Guest Sue Brinkmann shared her thoughts on why she thinks people are fascinated with Eastern Spirituality. It is something different and they are hungry for ...…
As artists we are constantly struggling to find our way. It's really easier than we think though. This podcast covers the different traits you need to embody to become a well rounded artist. Committing to the process and enjoying that process. They constantly create & stay committed to the process - All great artists constantly make art in an e ...…
I am a dating app veteran. I am also a real life dating veteran. But I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that dating apps, online dating whatever the hell you want to call it are hurting us. Here's why: They consume more time than it would take to have a real interaction with someone you found attractive or interesting - Nobody wants to ...…
Notice how I said think. I'm not saying I am but I think I am. My content may never find an audience or provide any value, but in the event that it doesn't, I wanted to let you know why I think I act the way that I do. So here goes, the reasons Why I Think I'm So Creative: Genetic predisposition - I come from a long line of creatives, alcoholic ...…
I deal with a lot of females. Some of them, especially ones you find in place like dating apps, who may build unrealistic expectations of someone they have never met, false narratives or project their desires on to other people do not understand how a high value person lives. High value men like myself do not operate by the same set of rules as ...…
Today, you’ll learn three key insights that are critical to making you a highly skilled ethical influencer: What you sell isn’t as important at how you sell it. Context is more decisive than content when it comes to ethical influence. Expanding your comfort zone isn’t as terrifying as breaking through your comfort zone. Welcome to the All Selli ...…
While Israel’s widespread rejection of King Jesus resulted in a postponement of the earthly kingdom, we should remain confident in God’s impeccable promises as we work and patiently await the King’s second coming.
Pastor Steve LammSunday Morning ServiceRomans 11:1-10By (Pastor Steve Lamm Grace Church Santee).
Reuters News Service published the following story today “Japan activates first marines since WW2 to bolster defenses against China” and free nations around the world should collectively applaud Japan’s effort to reinvigorate its military nearly seventy-three years after the end of World War II, which also marked the beginning of Japan’s pacifi ...…
Attorney General Maura Healey is hailing a federal judge's decision upholding the state's assault weapons ban. WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Karyn Regal reports.
Friday, April 6th -- Spence debuts a new Song of the Week.... "Rejected VGK Songs." AND Kayla attempts to use an English accent for her Joke.
Friday, April 6th -- Spence debuts a new Song of the Week.... "Rejected VGK Songs." AND Kayla attempts to use an English accent for her Joke.
Social Immune Systems The Hidden Psychology of High-Stakes Organizational Decisions Some of the very best critical thinking research in the world has been done with flight crews and medical teams. There is an almost endless number of fascinating cases to explore. There’s one, though, that I’ve become more obsessed with than others. It happened ...…
The system used in New Zealand to approve aluminium composite panels for highrises has failed a critical safety audit, but the government officials who commissioned the report from an expert in Australia in the wake of last June's Grenfell Tower tragedy have rejected his findings and are now looking for a second opinion. Louise Swann is an Auck ...…
In early March, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt approached the White House with a request: He wanted substantial pay raises for two of his closest aides. The aides, Sarah Greenwalt and Millan Hupp, were part of the small group of staffers who had traveled with Pruitt to Washington from Oklahoma, where he had served as ...…
The Trump administration on Monday rejected an Obama-era plan to make automobiles more fuel efficient, opening up a long process to weaken current standards and putting California and the federal government on a collision course over vehicle emissions.Scott Pruitt, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, said in a statement that t ...…
Pana TeknoIf DavidoFall DavidoMad Over You RuntownLebeh Lebeh Ding DongAYAYAY PumpaShe Bad TurnerSanko TimayaPam Pam KetchupBaby Na Yoka FlavourI Like The Way TimayaNwa Baby FlavourBend Down (Pause Remix ft. Wizkid & Machel Montano) RuntownMami Lo Tiene Machel MontanoFast Wine (Jillionaire Remix) Machel MontanoRough Wine (Ultimate Rejects Remix ...…
Joanna Turner is an author, motivational speaker and mentor to smart women entrepreneurs, providing courses that ensure structure, accountability and total support as they build their businesses and their dream life. Her journey began while she was still a Chartered Accountant and discovered a passion for health and wellness. Pursuing this inte ...…
This episode is all about use rejections to fuel your motivation and spirit to do better and go stronger.
Our guest today Constantine Georgiou spent 18 years in corporate and had a lot of jobs along the way. It took him a while before he decided to leave though he knew that it didn't really suit him that well. With the help of a great life coach, he discovered that he may really be an entrepreneur and started his journey together with some co-found ...…
The resurrection of Jesus Christ is by far the most important and controversial event in the history of mankind. That's why every person that comes in contact with the Risen Lord must make a decision; either they must reject Him or they must believe in the truth of the resurrection. By taking a look at John 20:1-8 we see serveral pieces of evid ...…
In this episode, I jump on the ol' Tinder and have a bit of a swipe. This is a super relaxed and kind-of random flick through Tinder with some pointers and tips as to how you can make the most of it. What is also interesting, is how judgmental I become, which just shows the reality of online dating, and what skimming through peoples photos does ...…
David Hogg rejects Laura Ingraham’s apology. Who is the real bully? Hogg or Ingraham? Larry tears apart the boycott controversy and breaks it down. The post Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 04/02/2018 appeared first on Larry Elder's Elderado.
Lynn Nichols Federal Tax Update Podcast March 26, 2018, edition Listen as Lynn Nichols provides commentary on 5 Items pertaining to current developments in U.S. tax law. This week’s topics include: Plastic Surgeon’s Fraud, Tax Evasion Conviction Affirmed A divided Third Circuit upheld a plastic surgeon’s conviction for fraud and tax evasion ste ...…
In this episode we discuss Perseverance and the will to never give up! Reject the urge to quit!
In a world filled with photoshopped pictures, filters, and only showing the good parts of life on social media, the word "authenticity" is starting to become more and more rare. Have you ever struggled to truly share with others what you are going through, or who you really are on the inside, for fear of being rejected or not being enough? In t ...…
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