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Derek, Vin Tendo, Alex & Beth.
Rob from Mildly Disturbing Podcast sits in with Alex and I. We take a call from Jimmy from the RRC. Jimmy has schizoaffective disorder. He makes music to cope with it. His music is... interesting to say the least.Then we talk with Pastor Bill Jenkins about god. It was a very constructive conversation. Pastor Bill said a prayer for the show and ...…
The one where Moe got racist.
The one where Fernando calls to hit on Lilly. Alex loses his shit.
Mayweather vs. McGregor – “Conor McGregor” calls in (2:20) Trump – Arizona rally/Joe Arpaio pardoned/Sebastian Gorka fired (15:50) Hurricane Harvey (31:00) Evangelical bigots release “Nashville Statement”/Evangelical, home schooled idiots & their parents/Reagan on separation of church & state (49:50) Texas “Rape Insurance Bill” (1:04:20) Salt L ...…
The one where Fern stole Lilly from me.
One of the many lost episodes.
The one where I talk about online dating.
Another dick in the room. That's gay.
Thad, Jeff and Venus call the show. Typical Bedroom Radio behavior ensues.
Tonight we talked to Moe about you guessed it, weed. Thad calls in and talks about killing babies. Curtis calls in and gets rudely cut off. I take a call from Jayme, Kenny and Hans from John Podesta's Pizza Party. We talk politics. I also ask if Costa Rica is an American territory. I was brutally laughed at.Then we talk to Thad, Jeff the drunk ...…
How do you approach someone you are attracted to?
Bruce is mad at J dubbs.
Why or why don't you believe in god?
Bruce and I discuss the addiction debate that happened in last nights chat. We take a very personal call from Mingo about his addictions and the ones he witnessed growing up. Alex calls in to weigh in. We discuss addiction and music. How he lost a great friend and band mate to addiction.This episode is fire.…
The one where Bandit (stubby) destroys Jason.
FEAT: Kodi HostKodi is a survivor fanatic and he host's an ORG that mimics Survivor. Listen in as I learn more about him.
FEAT: Jesse Chase HiltnerJesse stole was involved in not one but two high speed chases. Let's peel this onion.
Bruce and I talk to Jeffrey the morphine addict, Moe the pot head, Apple Jacks the great!
Bruce and I discuss life.
This week on Mom Talk Radio, Eirene Heidelberger, founder of GITmom, shares 5 tips for treveling with kids this summer. Spotlight on Moms features Toye Releford-Penny of Injury Prevention Specialist at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Jennifer Hoekstra, shares tips for safely kicking off summer. The Windy City Nanny, Florence Ann ...…
Thaddeus hates his girlfriend.
I talk with long time friend Noah Robinson about life after Bleed The Sky. Are they getting back together? Your guess is as good as mine.
Phil Hobby and Zane Releford join nic to chat about A Pup Named Scooby-Doo! How could it have taken this long to come up with the Scooby Dude pun?! Dolphins, drugs, Street Cake and a very 80s-tastic episode!
This week I spoke with social media celebrity, Mia. She is a Floridian transplant who now resides in small town Tennessee. Her dance videos are viewed and shared by hundreds of thousands of people each day. She tells us about growing up in your typical American Broken-ish home. She takes us on a journey through her life, discussing her upbringi ...…
Kayla is a typical twenty something stoner from the east coast. The one thing that separates her from the rest (besides her GREAT hair) is that when she sits down to smoke, a couple thousand people watch and interact with her. Her periscope has 40,000+ followers and is on the verge of 4 MILLION hearts. We had a great early morning chat about he ...…
I haven't spoken to this old friend for over 5 years. Last time we talked we had beef. He was released from Prison last Thursday and I decided to reach out to him. Listen in as we bury the hatchet.
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