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Your weekly dose of retro gaming and technology news, views and interviews.
A Podcast that shares the pure love for Movies from the 70's, 80's and beyond.
"RGDS Podcast" is a retro gaming podcast for retro gamers by retro gamers! We cover everything from the 8bit days all the way up to modern indie retro inspired games.
The Retro League
The Retro League is a weekly podcast covering the latest retro gaming news and re-releases. We also review our favorite video games of the 70s, 80s,and 90s.
The Retro Asylum is the UK’s number one retro gaming podcast show that looks at gaming culture from a UK perspective. The site regularly features at top of the iTunes chart and sits among some of the industry's biggest names.
A unique digital radio show which plays retro Bollywood songs and stories from the era of 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s. Enjoy songs and stories that became a part of popular stars like Madhubala, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna, Dev Anand, Dharmendra, Raj Kapoor, Jitendra, Sharlima Tagore, Parveen Babi, Waheeda Rahman and more. Walk through the journey of legends like Lata Mangeshkar, Mohd Rafi, R.D. Burman, Asha Bhosle and more. Weekend Classic is the only place where you will hear st ...
The Centre Of Your Retro Gaming Universe
A quarterly podcast featuring roundtable discussion about retro and classic video games from the 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32/64-bit eras. Each episode, our crew picks a theme and reviews a selection of games that fit within said theme. Join us as we strive to bring you a great show that's both informative and entertaining.
A Retro Gaming Podcast
Retro Game Audio
Retro Game Audio is a monthly podcast about sound design in classic video game music. Hosted by Patrick ("bucky") and Steve Lakawicz.Patreon: feed:
Podcasting to share family friendly entertainment through old time radio, and more.
Grab a beer and hang with us as we discuss topics that range from the Atari 2600 to the Xbox 1. No experts here just fans who love retro and modern day gaming. Visit us at for more articles, how-to's, game reviews and more.
Retro games reviewed, the CSICON way.
A weekly take on gaming. We cover retro and current generation gaming from every angle, arcade to consoles.
Retro Jonez
A weekly look at Retro and Modern video games. We cover every generation, console, computer, arcade, and pinball.
Retro Computing Roundtable
A lively, accessible and entertaining weekly retro gaming podcast from Keith, Adrian, Dylan and Rob @ Any suggestions for future episodes are welcomed, as is feedback on podcasts that you've listened to.
Taking you back to the Vacation Kingdom of the World...the way it was...and the way it is in your memories
A Podcast that focuses on retro video games and their music from the 80's to late 90's hosted by Rick and Sal.
They are Tim and Andy; the Super Podcast Bros! They host this monstrous bi-monthly podcast full of retro gaming news, opinions, and historical analysis. The show began as a weekly podcast for, and now arrives twice each month on, packed with hours of lovingly crafted retro gaming content. From obscure Atari 2600 games to Japanese import coin-op, Super Podcast Bros. aims to be an all-encompassing retro gaming audio feast that engages the curiosities of hard ...
Retro Rejects
"Retro Rejects" is a monthly retro gaming podcast featuring YouTubers NESComplex and Vintage Video Game Geek. Regular segments include retro gaming news, guest interviews, game recommendations and 80's/90's nostalgia.
You've just found the Retro Radio Podcast. The Internets best kept secret source of Old Time Radio Comedy. All comedy radio classics for your listening pleasure. Hand picked by Keith, and sometimes by the Retro bots. Tell a friend about us. We also take requests! If you have a favorite classic radio show, that you would like to hear,send me your request. It doesn't even have to be comedy. If I have it in my collection, I'll play it for you
From the creators of Halo Nerds..Each Week we look at a new game on various game consoles, including the NES, Super Nintendo, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, Sony Playstation, Sony Playstation 2, Nintendo Wii, X-Box and X-Box 360. We talk about the games we are playing and gaming in general. Watch Marshal, Wayne and Chad play through everything from the retro classics to some of the hot new releases! All shows are recorded LIVE and have no post editing done. Voicemail with Skype - ...
Video Game Music Podcast
Retro Warriors
Retro Warriors is a podcast about retro games hosted by Justin Baker and Chris Saturn. We cover all things retro, with a passion for the 8-bit and 16-bit eras of gaming.
Join the RetroCollect Squad as they talk their way through the wonderful world of retro gaming. Talking points span the golden age of classic gaming to today's neo-retro modern releases - and whatever deviant paths our hosts travel down. One thing is clear in our discussions though and that is our passion for pixels from every era!.
For the sound of Retro Reggae we present the Retro Reggae podcast show, which is a downloadable music format for reggae on demand. You can listen to the show when it is convenient for you. The show is produced weekly and features the latest music, news and artist interviews. The shows feature host Chris Black alongside DJ Fanta-Cee.
The Retro Rewind Podcast is hosted by Francisco Ruiz, Paul Powers, and a rotating guest host. We take a fresh look at movies and video games from 15 or more years ago—discussing and reviewing them as Classics, Nostalgics, or Tragics. Prepare for an entertaining, clean show (except for the occasional potty humor) that dives into the nostalgia of adults that grew up in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and whether or not the movies/games we enjoyed as kids are still worth revisiting today. If you enjoy l ...
Retro RPG Podcast
Instead of remembering them, we go and play them.
Genesis Gems is a retro gaming podcast focused on the Sega Genesis console. Family friendly, fun, and goofy!
A weekly show about New Retro Wave music - the best music of 80's Пожалуйста, оцените подкаст - мне ВАЖНО ВАШЕ мнение! Спасибо! New Retro Wave - музыкальное направление, объединяющее в себе жанры электронной музыки, которые берут большую часть своего вдохновения от синтезаторной музыки и поп-культуры 80-х. Направление New Retro Wave часто раскрывает "футуристическую" тему, для которой характерно пульсирующее звучание ретро синтезаторов, а также мощная ударная составляющая. Становление жанров ...
Retro Movie Geek
A podcast dedicated the glory days of retro movies when video stores were everywhere and VHS was king!
Retro Blissed
Two gamers with a love for the history of video games play and discuss the best and worst titles in existence. Blow out your NES cartridge, check the batteries in your remote, and memorize your Game Genie codes… It’s time to get RETRO!
Podcasting to share family friendly entertainment through old time radio, and more.
Our Vantage Point, the Retro Wrestling Podcast! With our 40 years of combined wrestling fan-dom , we'll talk about things we remember and things we wish we didn't! Visit us at! Contact: or follow us on Twitter @ovppodcast.
Let's Talk About Movies! Remember those movies you watched growing up? The ones you loved, hated, or just weren’t interested at the time? Well here on Flashback Flicks we’re watching those movies and seeing how they hold up over time! It’s like Back to the Future, except instead of playing Johnny Be Good, we’re just watching movies. Each episode includes history, movie factoids, and edu-taining commentary hosted by Ricky Anderson II (aka stewdippin) and Grayson Howe (aka Grayson Howe).
Remembering all those amazing movies from the 1980’s
Podcasting to share family friendly entertainment through old time radio, and more.
New Game Plus is a podcast dedicated to retro gaming. Three guys take seven days to play one old game and then they talk about it. E-mail game suggestions and commentary to
Podcasting to share family friendly entertainment through old time radio, and more.
Retro Radio
The past of American Radio
A retro gaming podcast in which 2 drunken buffoons play and review old video games! Come have a drink with us! Cheers!
Retro Obscura is a podcast hosted by Aaron Hickman, Adam Kennelley, and Paul Stevenson about obscure and forgotten video games of the past.
"Everyone listens to music. Music is part of everyone's soul. It's poetry in form of beats, vocals, and instrumentation. Music is life."At the early age of 10, Music became part of DJ Parth's soul. He loved to dance to various styles of music from all cultures. Inspired by listening to DJ's mixing at Clubs and Radio, DJ Parth at the age of 14 started learning to
Sister podcast to the Retro Asylum join Zxspecstar and Malc1976 for a fortnightly dose of old school gaming tv and films.
The North American Retro Collective Podcast is about retro video game collecting, playing, and all things nostalgic in video games and pop culture.
Retro Reviews
Do the films you grew-up with still hold up? Well, Peter and Ray are here to answer that question in Retro Reviews. This podcast is about reviewing films that are 10 years or older but we don't go any further back than the year 1980. Listen, enjoy, repeat.
Retro Junkies Network
Nerd Cave Retro
Nerd Cave Retro is a podcast dedicated to those who grew up in the '80s and '90s with classic Nintendo games. Hosts Derek Diamond and Jason Robbins discuss their memories of NES and SNES games, and offer advice to those who want to get into collecting the classics.
Join David and Robert for Another Retro Gaming Podcast! We discuss topics, celebrate titles, entertain guests, and give away games, all with an old school bend. Subscribe and become an ARGonaut today!
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Ben Walker-Storey is back and he and Heidi discuss a young man’s desire to be a hero and the difference between retro and vintage. Find Ben’s podcast at: Cheap Chills Fan Club
This week, we introduce you to the forgotten 3rd video game console mascot! He's a caveman... or a cavebaby? That's right, it's Bonk time! And we decided to go all the way back to the original Bonk's Adventure and play it the way it was meant to be played... on the original Turbografix-16! Along the way, we discuss Bonk's strange evolutionary b ...…
The Bryan & Vinny & Craig Show is back today with our look back at Retro Raw and Nitro from 19 years ago this week! Nitro was actually an excellent show with some really good wrestling, and Raw was absolutely horrible up until the thing that spelled the difference in the wrestling war, THE ROCK VS. STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN, a feud that never, ev ...…
Pastor John speaks on fear in the next installment of our Retro series, focusing on the 90's. Pastor John teaches from 1 John 4 : 16-21. Join us next week as we end our series focusing on NOW!
Welcome to Season 10 Episode 8 of RPG Circus Episode Topics Topic 1 Hosts Jeff Chris Show Links KS: TravellerconUSA 2018 - - 05-07 October 2018 KS: CharCon Game Convention - July 13-15 KS: The Queen City Conquest 2018 KS: Black Void RPG KS: Shattered Tower RPG KS: Nagual KS: Journey Away — A non-challenge-based fantasy RPG KS: YNDAROS: THE DARK ...… this episode we delve into retro beat ’em up games
Join your host Duncan Under The Stairs discussing all things Horror on The Podcast Under the Stairs.This week Duncan is joined by Andy Blockley to run a three part series on the Maniac Cop trilogy!! With one review per episode we hope to chat a little more about the movies and highlight what works, what doesn't and chart the moments in the tril ...…
This episode of the Thrash Metal Show Podcast takes a look at the influence of Iron Maiden on the genre of thrash style heavy metal. Iron Maiden is one of the most iconic bands in heavy metal and have a large and passionate fan base, so it's no wonder that many thrash metal bands and players have taken influence from Iron Maiden. NoFriender con ...…
Life is weird sometimes... obviously. You are listening to a show on the Dark Matter Radio network so, of course, you know this. Following on the heels of two of our most popular shows ever we slow down this episode for a cautionary tale. A story about a man so dedicated to his job that he wasted a huge chunk of his life. Warning, this show als ...…
On this edition of the NoFriender Thrash Metal Show Podcast the discussion focuses on Motorhead and their influence on thrash and heavy metal music.
Sean Ross Sapp and Alex Pawlowski review the huge WrestleMania 34 show!! For additional premium podcasts, the Fightful Weekender podcast, members only podcasts, outtake and behind the scenes footage, retro shows, Q&A shows, dark match commentary, early access to interviews and segments, subscribe to Fightful Select!…
Join Mike and Chris on Easter as they celebrated by talking Avengers Vol 1 #17, Heart Throbs #60, Daredevil #8, Brave and the Bold #79, Fantastic Four #39, Judge Dread #2 Vol 1By (Geek Brunch).
Join Mike and Chris on Easter as they celebrated by talking Avengers Vol 1 #17, Heart Throbs #60, Daredevil #8, Brave and the Bold #79, Fantastic Four #39, Judge Dread #2 Vol 1
Welcome to another week in the multiverse! This week we are joined by our brothers, The Retro Gamers. This is a crossover, so be sure to check out part one here. Their portion of the crossover is discussing all things Ready Player One, while here we are talking all things on the new Tomb Raider film with Alicia Vikander. Music by Logan McElroy ...…
It's Our Vantage Point, the Retro Wrestling Podcast! With our 40 years of combined wrestling fan-dom, we'll talk about things we remember and things we wish we didn't!IN THIS EPISODE:- Special Guest: Scott Keith- Mount Rushmore and Death Valley of Wrestlemania'sAND SO MUCH MORE!Website: ovppodcast.comTwitter: @ovppodcastContact: ovppodcast@gmai ...…
¡Hola mis amores! En este video vamos a platicar de los productos de cabello que actualmente estoy usando y que son perfectos para los peinados estilo pinup que nos encanta. Espero que estén bien y que el mes de abril les traiga muchísimas buenas vibras. ¡Gracias por todo su amor y apoyo, los quiero mucho! Besitos y bendiciones INSTAGRAM instag ...…
Today we talk about the amazing Pico-8 — a retro-style virtual 8-bit game console that lets you play games and/or make them! It's a game platform and a game authoring platform at the same time. We're fascinated and quite smitten, and we think you will be too.
Hi, lovelies! In this video, we’ll be talking about all my current favorite hair products for pinup styles and they are perfect to use for all the pinup hairstyles we love. Happy April and may this month bring many good vibes. Thank you fur all your love and support! Kisses and blessings. INSTAGRAM SHARE WITH ALL YOUR ...…
NoFriender continues his amazing look at the origins and evolution of thrash heavy metal. This episode takes a look at the influence that the legendary heavy metal band Judas Priest had on thrash heavy metal. This incredible podcast, exclusive to the When It Was Cool website, has been amazing. Check out all the parts for a complete understandin ...…
For the podcast's first retro review Conor and special guest jerk Charlie Blowers review the cult classic 'Tremors' and try to predict how long Charlie would last as a character in Tremors.Movie Grades for Tremors:Conor - A+Charlie - A-Tremors Review: [4:45] markMovie Trivia Round: [24:30] markMusic By: Andrew David Vilaythong (…
(artwork coming soon) Welcome back to the Retro Retro Retro Podcast! This month we are talking about Toy's R Us. ----------------------------------------- MOVIE REVIEW: The Creation of the Humanoids 1962 They Live 1988 Eyes Wide Shut 1999
(artwork coming soon) Welcome back to the Retro Retro Retro Podcast! This month we are talking about Toy's R Us. ----------------------------------------- MOVIE REVIEW: The Creation of the Humanoids 1962 They Live 1988 Eyes Wide Shut 1999
On this edition of Wrestling With the Dawg, Eric Allen from On the Stick Network joins the Dirty Dawg Darsie to chat about Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie vs. the New Age Outlaws for the WWF Tag Team Championship in a Dumpster match at WWF WrestleMania XIV! They discuss Mike Tyson in the WWE (as well as comparing Mike Tyson to Ronda Rousey), S ...…
Self-destruction is the theme of this week’s episode of Jessica Jones. Paranoia Agents continues to blow us away in our first retro review. While Black Lightning lags behind.Jessica Jones S02EP2 – 0:02:24 Black Lightning S01EP8 - 0:14:06The Tick S01EP8 – 0:39:00 Paranoia Agent S01EP2 – 0:49:00
We wanted to talk a little JRPG and their relation to western role playing games or tabletop RPGs, but first Steven introduces Kai to a new robot, one that doesn't like people all that much, and DRUM definitely proves jealous of the newcomer. Patreon: Show notes:…
With “Ready Player One” pixelating into our collective consciousness this week, we discuss one of the many cameos featured in the film: The Iron Giant. Do we make a new metal friend or is this one giant alien not to be reviewed?Time StampsWhat We’ve DoneFraser: Stained Class RecordsAlejandro: TwitterSean: Disney Movie Club + “30 Rock”00:09:55 - ...…
Yoto slips on his eyepatch and challenges Matt and John! watch Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl
We have our wrap up of SC Comicon 2018 and Melissa Klink joins us again to share some snacks she brought back from Canada. We manage to find things to talk about in between as well. Click here to support Trevor Furlong's expenses and recovery. Topics: Fundraiser for Teddy and the Bassman. Chris' moment of shame and apology. We welcome Melissa K ...…
Did the grrouch and the turkey finish their games? What does serge think about his first ever walking simulator? Was it a stimulating simulation or were those boots made for walking on out of there? How about the Turkey? Were his sins punished appropriately? Did he get his waggle on? Was the waggle the punishment and was the WiiU the Sin? Also ...…
Tonight on GeekNights, we consider socks. We care more about them than you might expect (unless you realize how old we actually are). In the news, we have a history of NESticle, it turns out knuckle cracking is shockingly complex, and no one knows how to walk anywhere. We will be live at PAX East, and are continuing both GeekNights Presents Ute ...…
Tonight on GeekNights, we consider socks. We care more about them than you might expect (unless you realize how old we actually are). In the news, we have a history of NESticle, it turns out knuckle cracking is shockingly complex, and no one knows how to walk anywhere. We will be live at PAX East, and are continuing both GeekNights Presents Ute ...…
Retro melodies fused with future house beats! Retro Fusion 12 "Stylistically superior! Best vocal house podcast on the net." (iTunes Review). Top 50 Electronic Podcast 2018 (Player FM). #FutureHouse #VocalHouse #ProgressiveHouse iTunes Google Play Spotif ...…
STCPod is back taking on the competition of podcast wanna-be winners and copiers. We thank our sponsors and the Bill argues with Joe for the rest of the episode. Enjoy! This show is brought to you by The Barrie Game Exchange ( Nonsense (You Tube) Is there something you want to tell me (Transformers and Video Game ...…
TNA/Impact/GFW is the stop for another episode of the Retro PPV Review Show, with Garth choosing to educate Rob in the good 'ol days of TNA, with Destination-X 2012 the port of call today. Aries challenges Bobby Roode, AJ Styles bleeds for his love child with Claire Lynch in a Last Man Standing Match with Christopher Daniels, whilst the X-Divis ...…
Dory Weiss, VP of Engineering at nCino, joins the AppChat to talk about embracing the Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) methodology in developing cloud banking products on the Salesforce platform. Other subjects include her unusual start as a writer of code, maintaining company values amid growth, “pollinating” ideas across teams, and a way to show off ...…
Guest Sega_Lord_X SegaLordX. 3.5K likes. News, reviews, opinions, and commentary on everything video game related. Sega, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and all the retro coverage I can muster. Sega Lord X - YouTube Sega_Lord_X - Home | Facebook This cast we're joined by our good friend Mel (SEGA Lord X) for an exclusive SHIRO! interview regarding hi ...…
In honor of Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One, we have decided to re-issue a podcast from our Hamsters On Ice days, The Hook Retro Review. Two years ago, host Rob Champion and frequent guest Erin Bee reexamined this divisive 1991 film, They discussed rather this movie holds up, the questionable behavior of a young Julia Roberts on and of the ...…
new retro maart 2018
Welcome back to Bindle Boiz Podcast!This week Tye and Andy are shaking things up once again as the podcast develops into a masterpiece. Topics this week include Uber Eats, NCAA Tournament, Retro Fads and more!Don't forget to follow usInstagram: @boho_hobo_lifestyle & @boho_hobo_veganFacebook: @bohohobolifestyleTwitter: @boho_hobo_randyYouTube: ...…
Host Mike Imboden welcomes Joseph Perry back to the United States after having lived in South Korea for years. Joseph talks about the reverse culture shock of moving back to the U.S. Joseph talks food differences and culture differences. Joseph recommends Annihilation the movie then talks about some assorted film festival movies listeners might ...…
PC Perspective Podcast #493 - 03/29/18 Join us this week for our review of the new XPS 13, Noctua NH-L9a, news from NVIDIA GTC and more! You can subscribe to us through iTunes and you can still access it directly through the RSS page HERE. The URL for the podcast is: - Share with your friends! iTunes - Subscribe to the ...…
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