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Hernan Cattaneo's podcast
The newest EM:RAP project and the first to be done by and for residents. We will cover the cardinal presentations, the canonical literature, and the coolest cases all with an eye to board-review appropriate chunky nuggets of clever goodness. Note: no funny Australian accents but we do have a French-Canadian.
This podcast reflects medicine’s most pressing issues through the eyes of residents. “The House” provides residents with a forum to share their stories from the bedside, where they are learning far more than the lessons of clinical medicine. Produced by the publishers of the New England Journal of Medicine, NEJM Resident 360 ( provides residents with the information, resources, and support needed to approach rotations — and life as a resident — with confidence.
The Emergency Medicine Residents' Association is the voice of emergency medicine physicians-in-training and the future of our specialty.
The Residency
The Residency week-on-week features mixes from the finest DJs both locally and from around the world.
The first Resident Evil Podcast that ever hit the internet. Started in January of 2013 on YouTube. We discuss all things Resident Evil. Discussions includes news updates, games from the series, and even exclusive interviews!
Welcome to the Residence of Evil Podcast, the show where we talk about the latest Resident Evil + Survival Horror news, interview the actors and developers behind the games and much more!
Join Jess Mason and Jenny Farah as they work their way through residency training in Emergency Medicine. From the Hippo EM, Essentials of Emergency Medicine, and EM:RAP team.
These podcasts will cover the 99 Priority Topics in Family Medicine as identified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada.DISCLAIMER: The following resource materials have been developed by the Section of Residents (SOR) of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC). Publication does imply endorsement by the CFPC. The following electronic resources are intended as an aid for family medicine residents preparing for the CFPC’s Certification Examination in Family Medicine. The info ...
Resident Weirdos
Are you tired of Earth? We are too! Check out our podcast Resident Weirdos where we talk about all things alien. We'll cover Reptilians, crop circles, alien abduction stories and so much more! Stay weird.
The stresses of modern medicine place physicians at substantial risk of emotional and psychological distress. They function in a high-end, high stakes, rapidly changing, multi-tasked environment, fraught with the spectre of poor outcomes, human tragedies, risk of litigation, unrelenting demands, and so much more. Residents are particularly vulnerable. Medical residency is a crucible from which few escape unscathed. Coping patterns learned during residency may impact and permeate a physician’ ...
A joint educational project between the Departments of OBGYN at the University of Colorado and the University of Oklahoma. Our goal is to improve OB education among resident physicians.
As a doctor, you spent decades in school to get to where you are. Unfortunately, during all those years in medical school and residency, you probably didn't receive a financial education. But, not to worry. That’s where I come in. Think of this podcast as your financial residency without the long hours and sleepless nights! I will guide you through a financial education resulting in money confidence and clarity in this critical aspect of your life. You’ll understand how you make money, how y ...
An hour of nostalgia with your hosts Lloyd, Dawn, Jim and Beth
Fanny Kemble was a British actress who married mega-plantation owner, Pierce Butler of Georgia. During her marriage she kept journals of everyday life, and after some years grew to detest the institution of slavery and the things Butler stood for. Kemble eventually divorced him, but it wasn't until after the Civil War had started that she published her journal about her observations and the experiences of the hundreds of African American slaves owned by her ex-husband. - Summary by James K. ...
Residence Podcast
Monthly episodes of Residence radio. A potent mix of Tech, Funky and Mainroom House brought to you by our residents Pete Maguire, Yunisun & Simon Glynn.
Residents Radio
Bi Weekly Radio Shows, recorded by members of the Residents. Each episode will have the individual DJ's style and favourite style. Subscribe to hear each one and let us know your favourite!
Resident Friends
"My Name is Alice." Julian and Jakrit, creators of 'Unusual Uptown', celebrate their friendship and love of barbecued zombie dogs by watching and reviewing the classic, highly regarded 2000s film series "Resident Evil", starring Mila Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez, if we're lucky.
The Residency
The Residency week-on-week features mixes from the finest DJs both locally and from around the world.
Resident Tourist
Two women from the Midwest living in the big city. Follow our podcast and hear our adventures and advice on conquering this wild place.
Resident Radio
A podcast dedicated to bringing you underground House Music from Resident and Touring DJs Around the World.
In Residence
We're two twenty-somethings fresh out of undergrad who somehow managed to drag ourselves to the top. Now, one of us is in med school, the other a software engineer at Google. We're going to talk about how we got there, and how we've stayed.
Podcast by Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts
Camp Adulthood is the Millennial art of living like a trash bag while still managing to pay for your own s**t and being interesting AF. Camp Adulthood is doing very big and scary things, like having a baby or buying a house or taking care of an ailing parent or starting a business, while still not being sure where your checkbook is (or even how to write a check). Camp Adulthood is Tinder and Facebook and Instagram, but also Encyclopedia Britannica and Oregon Trail and John Hughes movies. But ...
Get your Weekend started with Letzgo’s Weekend Residency. 2 hours of exceptional dance music. Subscribe to his monthly podcast which will feature an essential selection of club records and feel good tracks hand picked to get your body moving to the beat. Find out more at
Published in 1796, Letters Written During a Short Residence in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark is a personal travel narrative by the eighteenth-century British feminist writer Mary Wollstonecraft. The twenty-five letters cover a wide range of topics, from sociological reflections on Scandinavia and its peoples to philosophical questions regarding identity. Published by Wollstonecraft's career-long publisher, Joseph Johnson, it was the last work issued during her lifetime.Wollstonecraft undertook ...
This is Rammy is a podcast for Ramsbottom and the surrounding areas. Hosted by Lee, I bring events, news, interviews and reviews as well as general information from the Ramsbottom area.
The podcast that will help you with getting into residency. Learn everything about residency programs, personal statements, CVs, letters of recommendation, and so much more! Official website:
Soirée Residents is a brand new podcast, brought to you by Renegade Jaxx Presents: Soirée. A new kind of house scene featuring DJ's and Artists bringing a new level of house music to a great new crowd. Each of the DJ's Featured on Soirée Residents is going to be bringing you a new trend of house in each series. Getting you into that weekend feeling. We hope you continue to support are DJs and follow us and them on twitter and facebook.
EM Basic
Your boot camp guide to Emergency Medicine. Made for medical students and emergency medicine interns- each podcast goes through the workup, treatment, and disposition of common emergency medicine complaints
The Surrey Residents Network is a hyperlocal media channel "From the residents perspective" that empowers residents of Surrey to have a strong voice in their communities.
A podcast for resident physicians created to help supplement their education
Podcast including 3 mixes from Housebound residents Marty Forster, David Vaughan and Greg Simpson
The official podcast of Resident Doctors of BC.
Steve Scher is Scholar In Residence at Town Hall, Seattle during the Fall of 2014. He sits down with Town Hall's visiting guests for in-depth and wide-ranging conversations.
Audio podcasts featuring the week's news plus your comments and pertinent interviews
:: Welcome to the OFFICIAL website of DJ Deja Vu get all the latest info,mixes and more here from the man himself
Are you concerned for your old aging parents who need intense care and supervision? Saucon Valley Manor is the senior apartment in Bethlehem can provide your elders with balanced lifestyle. Learn more at:
Neurology residency directors discuss reactions and adjustments to the ACGME’s 2011 work duty hour changes.
The EM Res Podcast
The Emergency Medicine Resident Podcast is dedicated to all things for and about the emergency medicine resident, and is a resource for emergency medicine educators. Our goal is to give you everything you need to succeed in residency and beyond, while giving educators a place to go for educational content.
Podcast for Maricopa Emergency Medicine Residency in Phoenix, AZ, USA. See
The Learn Psych Podcast is a monthly educational podcast on topics in psychiatry. It is targeted towards students and trainees, though certain topics may be relevant to a wide variety of healthcare providers.
Your weekly appointment with the muse. Listen to interviews and readings with Canada's top spoken word, slam, and literary poets. Canadian poetry, at its best.
Join the Conversation is a podcast from the Student Housing Matters blog. This podcast is dedicated to providing interesting interviews with leaders from the higher education community. The blog and this podcast exist to share ideas and insights about how your student housing can do things beyond simply housing students.
UCL writer and artist-in-residence look to the skies - Video
UCL writer and artist-in-residence look to the skies - Audio
Reclaim Your City
Tune in every Saturday at 8 pm on
pathCast live-streams Anatomic & Clinical Pathology lectures by renowned pathologists. Follow us on Twitter: @EMadrigalDO | @MannanRifat03 | @pathologyCast
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Another week, another round of games conversation to be had. This week the James/Cameron podcast crew covers the weird Switch version of Resident Evil 7, why the new Pokémon Go update has kind of missed the mark a bit, the whole "PS4 in it's last phase thing", Ubisoft's spooky Siri knockoff and why no reasonable person should be upset about the ...…
Guest Host: Chris Hinkley, RBN host of Road Warrior Radio | MILITARY, GOVERNMENT Memorial Day – Wikipedia Republic Broadcasting Netwo ...…
Guest Host: Chris Hinkley, RBN host of Road Warrior Radio | WAR, SOCIETY CLIP:
GameEnthus Podcast ep344: Visual Novelty or meant life This week Pam(@Jasyla_) from @_MediaMavens and Youtube(CannotBeTamed1) joins Tiny(@Tiny415) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) to talk about: Retroware, Cartridge Club, Bioshock, Overwatch, Aquaman, Orm, Justice League, Deadpool 2, Solo A Star Wars Story, Movie Pass, Boss Key, Law Breakers, Ra ...…
New York City is ranked 9 th on The Trust for Public Land annual ParkScore index. They rate park systems based on access, size, investment, amenities. “How many residents live within a ten-minute walk of a park, spending per resident, and a bunch of what we call amenities, basketball hoops, dog parks, playgrounds, recreation and senior centers, ...…
Advisors on This Week’s Show BRIAN KILB KYLE TETTING STEVE GILES (with Max Hoelzl) Week in Review (May 21-25, 2018) SIGNIFICANT ECONOMIC INDICATORS & REPORTS Monday No significant announcements Tuesday No significant announcements Wednesday Five months after its highest level since the Great Recession, the annual rate of new home sales declined ...…
Having grown up in the mid nineties NYC rave scene, Rachel Noon is no stranger to the underground. Rachel Noon endlessly strives to push her own boundaries and to take herself and her audience outside of their comfort zone. Noon's dj sets are hugely informed by her training as an architect in their creativity, focus, and structure. She delivers ...…
Joan Herman speaks with two South Bend residents about their work aiding undocumented immigrants and their families in South Pacific County.
Tony Lamont, host of Open Lines on WTLC 106.7 FM, speaks with Moira Carlstedt and Trevor Meeks about INHP's innovative partnerships and programs supporting long-term, sustainable homeownership options and choices for Indianapolis residents.
Carmel Mims InterviewCarmel Mims, a young entrepreneur, is the owner of Pet Porter Pals, a company which specializes in providing pet care assistance to seniors in order to ensure proper health of their pets. Much of the care required for pets can be physically challenging, especially for those experiencing mobility difficulties, but Carmel is ...…
Every time we turn around we learn some thing new. While on vacation here on beautiful Anna Maria Island we noticed a machine that was cleaning out resident trash (garbage cans) and recycling carts. A day later Rather Welch walked into the Island Coffee Haus (where it seems everybody comes by) and we struck up a conversation about the new busin ...…
Every time we turn around we learn some thing new. While on vacation here on beautiful Anna Maria Island we noticed a machine that was cleaning out resident trash (garbage cans) and recycling carts. A day later Rather Welch walked into the Island Coffee Haus (where it seems everybody comes by) and we struck up a conversation about the new busin ...…
A pregnant goat gives birth at a yoga class, woman visitng a prison is now a resident, guy goes "Mike Tyson" on his friend and other weird, wild, wacky stories in M&C's "Other News"!The post Goat Gives Birth At Yoga Class! appeared first on 96.3 KKLZ.
Classic 1027 — Richard Cock is joined in studio by our resident sport guru Kgomotso Mokgatlhe. They round up the sport fixtures for the week and let you in on everything you can expect this weekend.
Hi Weirdos! Welcome to the second installment of our CULTS series! (Check out Episode 17 if you want to hear us discuss what makes up a cult: the leaders, the followers, and what makes a cult different from a religion) Tyler Schuelke, our resident Cult Enthusiast is back with us and this time we're talking about BRAINWASHING. We discuss the dif ...…
Our resident know it all, Danielle, has the solution to any problem. Today we hear from a guy who's sister is having a Memorial Day cookout but didn't invite his girlfriend because last time they were together there was a big fight over politics!By (WAAF).
In this episode of the Seekers of Meaning Podcast, the guest is Rabbi Cary Kozberg, director of Side By Side, which offers support for families and caregivers of older adults who themselves are coping with “caregiver stress.” About the Guest Rabbi Cary Kozberg For 25 years, Cary Kozberg served as Director of Religious Life at Wexner Heritage Vi ...…
Every Friday, we turn back the clock on Morning Edition with local historian Gary Entz to find out what life in the Northwoods used to be like. This is part of a new initiative by WXPR to tell the history and culture of northern Wisconsin. Issues of immigration, military conflicts overseas, and how we honor veterans are current topics of politi ...…
Today you are being reminded of your true self. The self that resides within you. The one where anything is possible. The one that isn’t limited by beliefs, expectations or past experiences. Within you resides the truth of your wholeness, the one that is ever expanding, creative, powerful, wise and sacred. You have the ability to receive inspir ...…
NW corner Residences on Georgia offers charming outlook over heritage home & surrounding greenery to corridor views Coal Harbour, Stanley Park, Lost Lagoon, City & Mountains. Bright home professionally renovated for comfort & flow. Solarium removed to offer great room style living/dining/kitchen. In...…
Guests Barnabas (Son of Encouragement) A stateside Hip Hop artist that is taking fresh inspiration from the divine power. Barnabas | Free Listening on SoundCloud D - Sew Sew Resides in East London, born in the East End with Indian roots. A young, strong, woman who is living her journey called life. Music is what I do. Work is just an investment ...…
We cover the last round of the "Most Delco Bar Bracket." Things heat up and accusations are made. This is #Delco. Officer Dorman is #Delco's, John McClain. We hear from long-lost #Delco residences. Things get real.
Area residents keep hamming it up!
On this week's episode we're diving into the show we all love to hate--Riverdale! Joined by our pal and resident Riverdale expert, Maura, we recap season two and discuss the highs and (many) lows. --Music by Purple Planet Music: www.purple-planet.comArtwork by Julie Campbell: us on Facebook: ...…
In this episode Corin is joined by the fourth and final Cowshed resident to be introduced to the listeners, Georges Villeneau AKA Georges. With a DJ career that's spanned many years, Georges's style has evolved and matured with age as he now brings his unique blend of smooth house vibes and disco influences for his first episode...…
Joe Ardis Horn is a Professional Fitness and Nutrition Specialist, C.O.O. of SkyWatch TV, dog behavior expert and Certified Professional Trainer/Instructor. As the best-selling author of the groundbreaking book Dead Pets Don’t Lie, his incredible personal story—from the gates of death and back again—prompted the Special Investigation that now r ...…
CBS News Foreign Affairs Analyst & Resident U.N. Correspondent Dr. Pamela Falk -- Distinguished Lecturer, International Law & American Government, Hunter College -- talks to WDEL's Allan Loudell from New York
In this episode we mourn the loss of Best Buy's Gamer's Club Unlocked program. Discuss some recent comment by the head of the Playstation division of Sony Entertainment. Will the PS5 arrive sooner than we thought? Resident Evil 7 gets a "cloud" version for the Nintendo Switch in Japan. Nintendo announced dockless Switch's will be sold in Japan. ...…
For more than five decades, an iconic eatery in Maggie Valley served up healing helpings of homey charm and a hash brown casserole that can’t be beat. That all changed last summer, when owner Brenda O’Keefe closed the restaurant, citing health concerns. Residents worried that it would be the end of an era, but a year later, under new ownership, ...…
Kirsten Hassenfeld working at Dieu Donne paper mill Kirsten Hassenfeld moved to New York in 1999 and has been living and working in Brooklyn ever since. She focused on making sculptural works from paper until 2012, when recycled materials and objects became her primary medium. Originally a printmaker, she most recently has turned her attention ...…
Navigating the dating world and relationships in general is difficult. When you mix dating apps, other people’s opinions, your own expectations and anxieties it can be downright exhausting. Loving, nourishing and investing in yourself is the best way to find a connection within and with others. At the end of the day everyone wants to be connect ...…
Deerbrook Forest's Team shares best practices on team building and relationship building...for staff and residents....the Rockstar Way.
Local resident Roger Burrows joins Cool Science Radio. Burrows has written many books, and is a mathematician and an inventor. His new book is 3D Thinking in Design and Architecture from Antiquity to the Future . The book describes ways in which ideas of the past can be transformed into new concepts for the future. Burrows hope for the book is ...…
This week we have our resident the infamous Cubase Dan in the mix! Just ahead of his new "Water" on our new sub-label M Tracks. Different Rhythms Radio airs every Wednesday on Pioneer DJ Radio beginning @ 3pm PST & re-airs Thursday mornings @ 5AM PST. Make sure to follow us on Soundcloud, YouTube & Twitter! Keep it HOUSE!…
Austin is a songwriter/producer from northeastern Pennsylvania. A lifelong musician, Austin went to the Berklee College of Music in Boston, there he began working on several songs that would make up his first EP "Dreaming at the End of the Universe". After graduating he moved back to Pennsylvania and started working on his first full album "The ...…
Cottage Advisors is a family owned business that began in 2012 by building seasonal communities in Maine. By 2015 they were building year-round homes in "Cottage Communities". These communities are developments in which homes are nestled together in order to allow residents to make connections with their neighbors and to allow for the use of op ...…
On this episode, the guys discuss their favorite brands (right now). Andy's all about some ZT and Jason is into Spyderco. They're also giving away a Spyderco ClipiTool this episode, so tune in to find out how to enter. Featured in this Episode: ZT 0462 Sinkevich Folder Item ZT0462 - Price $240 ...…
We’re looking at the big movie that hit cinemas this week with our resident Critic William Mullally!
We’ve seen again and again what can happen when the makeup of a city’s police force doesn’t match the diversity of its residents. Many cities are trying to hire officers of color.By (Ryan Denham).
In this episode, Don and Shawn talk about the last 3 shooting cases, which all happened in residences, and all ended up with felony convictions. Kaarma, Smith and Wafer are all currently serving prison sentences. Don and Shawn talk about the series and give more insight on the cases, and what could have been done to avoid convictions.…
Welcome to another episode of Media Boat Podcast. Today, we talk about the hot water that Show Dogs is in as well as thoughts on Deadpool 2. Next up, we have a strategic move by ESPN to pick up the broadcasting rights to the UFC as well as thoughts on Rise, American Idol, and Farenheit 451. Later, we talk about Gwen Stefani's new residency in L ...…
On this special episode of Soccer 2 the MAX, Sean Garmer, Erik Watkins, and Rachael McKriger begin talking all things FIFA 2018 World Cup. Specifically they put their focus on Group A for this one. Rachael the "resident Russian" covers her homeland discussing their chances in the group. While Erik has the toughest team to figure out in Saudi Ar ...…
On this special episode of Soccer 2 the MAX, Sean Garmer, Erik Watkins, and Rachael McKriger begin talking all things FIFA 2018 World Cup. Specifically they put their focus on Group A for this one. Rachael the "resident Russian" covers her homeland discussing their chances in the group. While Erik has the toughest team to figure out in Saudi Ar ...…
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