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Clearly, You're Retarded
Avitable from talks about the world.This Podcast was created using
Hey Douchebag! (Radio)
Free Internet Radio. 1 Bus Driver. 1 Chef. Lots of stories.
The Three Musketards
This Podcast features Skype calls of Hunter M., Michael M., And Kyle H. Cause they get rather interesting at times. Also Interviews/Special Guests will be on here! It's like good morning America, but better!
This is the official podcast of RetardedVikings.
Drabblecast B-Sides
Drabblecast B-Sides \ˈbēˈsīds\ n. 1. The Drabblecast’s awkward, hilarious but mildly retarded half-uncle that every so often drops by unannounced with his prize-winning pet mole.
Enchantment Radio
El programa de retards para retards
Grab a beer, spark one up & feel the retarded every Wed. night @ 9pm cst with Bryan, Barnum, Chrissy-pissy & friends on Jamming the best local St. Louis metal bands, talking smack & your calls!
No Love, No Dragons
No Love, No Dragons is the war cry for the retarded and a podcast by two guys who often disagree.
Four Screaming Men
4 Guys sitting and talking about random topics, with some segments including retarded news, Russian rubdown, Brad's Thoughts, and more. Enjoy!
Montessori Method, The by MONTESSORI, Maria
In the early 1900's Dr. Maria Montessori began to reform educational methods with her work the 'Case dei Bambini' in Rome, Italy. Montessori began her work by developing methods to educate mentally retarded children, the method she developed was used with several children who at age eight took the state examinations in reading and writing, the children passed with above average scores. Because of this success (which is known as the 'first Montessori Miracle') Dr. Montessori was asked to open ...
H.U.E. Podcast
H: Horrible U: Understanding of E: Entertainment is a podcast that goes over the most recent movies, trailer, tv shows, and more, in the most retarded way possible.
Project Blue Balls: Finding My Dream Girl
Project Blue Balls documents my quest to find the girl of my dreams at dance clubs. Each episode I try out a new "pick up artist" technique in order to boost my confidence with women all in the safe confines of the dance club. My theory is that if I'm able to become more confident that it will bring me one step closer to finding my dream girl. This podcast will not stop until I have found THE ONE. My friends think I am retarded, and I would have to agree.
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Polar Bears! Take off to the Great White North where we prowl around with an animal expert to learn all we can about polar bears! But first, let’s introduce our guest for this episode! Adam Morris is a wildlife and environmental toxicologist, working as a “postdoctoral fellow” on campus at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. He works with E ...…
Afrim Gjonbalaj becomes a “made” regular as the guys chat with The Chronic for a special segment called ‘Chronic History’ and also have a surprise visit from MC Double R -The Real Retard; an odd call comes in from an odd caller who identifies himself as John Johnston.
Rocket League goes clear, Humble drops another outrageous Bundle, RPCS3 gets some hate mail, and VALVe removes over 170 “fake” games. Then Bogus Detour faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail. Subscribe: Listen: Download: (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro Steam News: It’s a start ht ...…
The Civil War, how Trump keeps Twitter alive, the difference between bristles down and bristles up, musket comparisons, the best way to eat a potato, how to paint flame retardant panels, and speculative caveperson foreplay.
Eve Gartner of Earth Justice Warns Consumers Bout Dangerous Flame Retardants
Neurology® Podcast
Show description/summary: 1) Neurology® Genetics: ExACtly zero or once: A clinically helpful guide to assessing genetic variants in mild epilepsies 2) What’s Trending: Orphan drug pricing This podcast begins and closes with Dr. Robert Gross, Editor-in-Chief, briefly discussing highlighted articles from the September 26, 2017 issue of Neurology. ...…
Neurology® Podcast
Show description/summary: 1) Neurology® Genetics: ExACtly zero or once: A clinically helpful guide to assessing genetic variants in mild epilepsies 2) What’s Trending: Orphan drug pricing This podcast begins and closes with Dr. Robert Gross, Editor-in-Chief, briefly discussing highlighted articles from the September 26, 2017 issue of Neurology. ...…
Red needle cast is a relatively new disease hitting pine plantations in New Zealand and retarding tree growth. Plant pathologist Dr. Nari Williams has been looking at ways to manage it.
Red needle cast is a relatively new disease hitting pine plantations in New Zealand and retarding tree growth. Plant pathologist Dr. Nari Williams has been looking at ways to manage it.
AMK Morgon
Gäster: Johannes Brenning, Robin Berglund, Albin Olsson, Simon Gärdenfors --- Missa inte att köpa biljetter till AMK Late Night, höstens stora stand up-turné med komiker ni känner från programmet! Premiär 8 okt på Scalateatern i Stockholm, därefter hela Sverige fram till 28 nov i Malmö, Norrköping, Eskilstuna, Uppsala, Linköping, Växjö, Kalmar, ...…
Bass Grifters Podcast
It's just me (Christian) telling you whats new with us. Also some rambling, and an edible activates halfway through that makes me sound retarded. Shrimph
Potentium Podcast
Mayweather vs. McGregor – “Conor McGregor” calls in (2:20) Trump – Arizona rally/Joe Arpaio pardoned/Sebastian Gorka fired (15:50) Hurricane Harvey (31:00) Evangelical bigots release “Nashville Statement”/Evangelical, home schooled idiots & their parents/Reagan on separation of church & state (49:50) Texas “Rape Insurance Bill” (1:04:20) Salt L ...…
Integrity Radio
What Prevents Success? • Mission to Succeed - Fragility • Communication and cooperation • Great Advice • ❤️ • where's your proof • Stupid or Retarded • Philosophy? • The Future of Philosophy • nothi...
On this episode of The Red Eye Report, we talk about the Rewritten History. Keeping with the fucked over theme, we review the film Hidden Figures. And finally, we….oh…well let’s not get ahead of ourselves.Introduction and Main Conversation (20 minutes): Rewritten HistoryMistic: Horse Racing ...…
Look, you poptart, I'm a retarded sloth on ecstacy and I'm damn proud of it so you can shut your damn pie hole. Shit man, sorry.
The cicadas are in full force as Michael and Ivan go to see Atomic Blonde and solve the mysteries of the universe. Ivan has a new movie pitch. Michael defends Barenaked Ladies. Also, crappy movie directors driving their teenage offspring to suicide.
hoganj17 on Narro
Bert T. CombsApril 5, 1967 - June 5, 1970Nominated byMabel Hall ( m. 1937-69)Helen Clark Rechtin ( m. 1969-86)Battles/warsWorld War IIBertram... jurist U.S. state Kentucky Kentucky Court of Appeals 50th Governor of Kentucky Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals President Lyndon B. Johnson Clay County Univers ...…
The research laboratory of Virginia M. Miller, Ph.D., focuses on conditions specific to women: ovarian function, preeclampsia of pregnancy and menopause. These conditions are associated with dramatic changes in one of the sex steroids, estrogen, and can accelerate development of chronic conditions including cardiovascular disease and aging proc ...…
Impale Your Resolution
Oh, joyous Friday. It is here and new IYR is here with it. We tackle the latest superbly retarded crusade against Cracker Barrel. We try to resurrect MySpace, and The Impaler has a thing for old people...... I guess. Listen in and figure out what all this means.
Matt Lockwood and Ben Avery met up with the boys at a doctors office in West Los Angeles (USA) to prove they are not retarded
Travis The Band Travis joins us on this epic episode with our first actual guest. Travis has been doing comedy in the Greenville area for years and is a beast on stage. We smoke some bird shit and get all tazzed up. Our little boy diddled in the pool. Mike and Trav try to carry on a coversation while eating Christian's ass. We officially get ta ...…
GOLDen Life - Day 12 DESIRE (Dont Embrace Sin It Retards Everything)
Joel Annesley: Welcome to the Mindset To Millions Podcast. I’m Joel Annesley and I am super excited to introduce our guest on the show today. This person’s going to give us some pretty incredible insights to understanding our beliefs around money from a really interesting perspective. An amazing background, this person was raised in a billionai ...…
Grunt Free Press Podcast
Vampires versus Werewolves versus the American Revolution. It's kind of like Twilight. Topics - Unanswered trivia, Telltale Games games, The Wolf Among Us Season 2, fake game news, Leatherface: not retarded?, Empire: Total War, blocking my ports, the useless French, shit ships, square formation, rage boners, Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines, ...…
This week, it’s all about Marvel’s First Family, and how they’re completely useless in their own title. Seriously, only Ben Grimm is worthwhile. Reed is a doofy aspie, Sue is an enabler, Johnny is functionally retarded. Only Ben stands above, as a paragon of all that is awesome. We can live without a Fantastic Four title, but we’re always gonna ...…
Who Are These Podcasts?
This week we review The Weed Show which is hosted by the zany Chris Iacono. And by zany I mean retarded. It's apparently a show that is made for stoners but we've never met a stoner who was interested in talking about lizard people. If you're the kind of person who likes their comedy podcasts to have zero jokes and a dash of anti-semitism than ...…
Jul 16, 2017 Ep 123 Revolution, persistent Kali USB for a new career Bubble finally dropping, it will soon be time to start investing again if you haven’t already been doing so. Revolution doesn’t have to mean what Alex Jones wants you to think it means. Let’s be practical and a lot less crazy. Hacking also isn’t’ always bad, learn it and use i ...…
Check out Cinema for Cynics, a movie channel for cynical assholes, at TJ and Paul Vs. Transformers: Age Of Extinction Kirk Patreon Drunken Peasants Podcast Facebook ...…
The Savage Sacktap
Buongiorno ya fucks! I'm fresh offa di plane from Italy, with a fresh episode of The Savage Sacktap...I call this one 'Toxic Masculinity.' Download now to hear me: -Discuss the differences between Europe and the U.S. -Explain my new favorite way to cleanse my anus. -Breakdown my failed attempt to have sex with a bus full of retards. -Overcome m ...…
Do Work Media Podcast Network
this weeks episode the guys are joined in the studio by Dru Dash (@flyhighdru) a regular in the studio and they quickly run through the Rob Kardashian/Blac Chyna fake scandal. They also posed the question is 21 Savage Simping for the Camera? Blac Youngsta looks very queer and retarded on the cross. The bang comes when the gang recaps The Roland ...…
BS and Bourbon Podcast
Just like the title of the episode says... More BS and less Bourbon this time around. We talk about a chick that intentionally blinded her self with drain cleaner... WTF. Can you say, uh, retarded?Give us a listen. Be sure to SHARE, SUBSCRIBE, RATE and REVIEW. Tell your friends. We are on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play and, of course, So ...…
Episode 72 is here! This week we talk about being trans retarded, how much cooler ice skating would be if they fought instead, the difference in generations, offensive words vs "tame" words, parenthood, dreams, Blake's mushroom experience, Baby Driver, and politics/economics. Then Paul defends cheating in the Special Olympics. Enjoy!…
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