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We talky talk about the retro games. The sore thumbs podcast! Join Ash Holmes and Nick McNamara as they entertain you through their experiences in gamings history.
We return to places which have been in the news - often a long time ago, sometimes recently - to see how local people are rebuilding their lives. Sunday at 9.10 pm. Or you can catch it online from Friday.
80s Revisited
Go back to the 80s. Relive it!
Podcast by revisitedpodcast
In 2005 a 13 year old Laura Kirk started writing a diary, chronicling her life in a small town just north of London famed for a beautiful cinema and a 12th century castle built by William the Conquerer’s half-brother. Her adolescence in Berkhamsted was a fairly quiet life of school, boys, MSN usernames, sport, growing up awkwardly and using words like 'phwoar' and 'lush'. Laura kept a diary for six years, right up until she went to university. Now, along with her friend (unhelpfully, also ca ...
A Place for Mischief and Magic
In 2013, 20-year veteran pro wrestler Justin Credible created a series where he taught some of the ins and outs of the wrestling business and interviewed some of the best talent. Relive the amazing series here, on the Shining Wizards Network. His new documentary is in the works. Visit for more information.
Home of the Dr Who Revisited Podcast and Episode Guides
Carpenter Revisited
Each week, hosts Noah and Gavin (The Blanchard Brothers) take listeners into the life and work of their shared favorite childhood director; the man, the myth, the Master of Horror himself, John Carpenter.
Revisiting Haven
Fan Site
Two grown blerds with plenty of thoughts and opinions on each episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Westworld Revisited
Westworld Revisited is a podcast that covers anything and everything about HBO latest original series. It’s a show full of unexplained and unspoken mysteries where every action and conversation can have a deeper meaning. Join our panel as we discuss existing theories and discover new ones of our own. Dissecting every flaw or plot hole hoping to discover if it’s an intentional mislead. Perhaps we may be the ones to figure out what’s in the middle of the maze before it’s even revealed.
"Fifteen years of listening to Adventures in Odyssey all set loose on this hilarious review of the highs and lows of each episode."
'O'Gorman Revisits' sees Paddy O'Gorman revisits the places he has reported from through the decades to see how much, if at all, circumstances have changed for the people who live and work there.
Was My Girl as sad as you remember? Was The Witches as terrifying? Was the Babysitters Club on of the worst movies ever made? On Upon Closer Inspection, hosts Allison, Graham, and guests, take a hilarious look at the movies of their childhood and find out if they stand the test of time, or if they’re just a product of their time.
Choice Revisited
Download our weekly rewind back in time, where we revisit some of the past interviews on Choice FM with Calvin Francis. Featuring some of the late greats and early day interviews of some of today's superstars.
In this podcast we reexamine education and all the new tools that can be accessed.
Retail Revisited is a complimentary podcast series centered around Harry J. Friedman’s experience with consulting for some of the largest and most successful retailers in the world. It is designed to discuss topics that are the most relevant for today’s retail environment while branching out to more than just traditional brick and motor, product focused, retailers. We take the classic Freidman Group principles and apply a modern approach to a variety of topics and industries. Our goal is to ...
This is a podcast that plays audio recordings of Libertarian Activist Alex Merced giving his perspective on todays issues. Subscribe to his main podcast, the AlexMercedCast Learn more about Libertarianism at Like him on Social Media: (Audio Live Streams)
Segments of interviews from the Welcome to the Neighborhood Radio Show
Thameside Radio 90.2 on : Archive recordings from London's Thameside Radio each Sunday.
Wordsworth re-visited - Audio
Revisiting all the movies and shows you loved as a kid. Each episode we'll dive into 90s and 2000s pop culture and watch all the things you used to be into, but haven't thought about for years. Come dive into a world of knowstalgia with us!Any movies we missed? Tweet us at @knowstalgia_ or email us at knowstalgiapodcast(at)
The premiere at the Théâtre des Champs Élysées in Paris on 29 May 1913 of The Rite of Spring Scenes from Pagan Russia was a quintessential ‘total work of art’. An interdisciplinary, international one-day conference was organized by Dr Claire O’Mahony (University of Oxford) in May 2013 which examined the cross-fertilizations between ballet and design in the creation of the original production as well its critical reception and global legacies up to the 2013 centenary productions. Fifteen scho ...
Experience this creative mashup album, which highlights 2 DJs spinning on 4 turntables infusing a collection of musical genres into a listener's paradise. Explore and enjoy!
Something powerful happens when mercy is granted…
Revisiting the Classics is a podcast trip back to the past to play some retro games! Every Saturday, Bryan and Frank from Level Down Games will discuss the latest game they are playing in book club format with thoughts, opinions, and once finished, a final verdict. Join us for an audio diary down memory lane!
F# A# Revisited is the music review podcast where Nick and Joe celebrate, scrutinise and dissect the most interesting recent music releases. Music artists both underground and mainstream, from any genre, is fair game.
Good Film Hunting
Two sisters revisiting childhood films.
We Have To Go Back is a weekly podcast that discusses two Lost episodes each week. The podcast is scheduled to lead up the the Lost 2014 10-year anniversary reunion event in Hawaii.
In this podcast for fans of presidential history, John Dickerson of Slate’s Political Gabfest revisits a moment from the American carnival of politics. Hear about the grand speeches, emergency strategies, baby kissing, and backstabbing that make each presidential cycle so fascinating.
Revisiting Spaced, episode by episode. Watch along with Lydia and Belinda. Now on iTunes and various other platforms, so gis a subscribe.
"Star Trek" episode discussions and collectible reviews. Classic Sci-Fi movies & TV shows are revisited. Entertainment news and commentary.
delving into the dark mind of author O. M. Grey
Revisiting America's past, because hindsight isn't always 20/20. Delivering stories from America’s history with Kipling's own philosophy: “If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.” | We put the "story" back into History!
Raised by TV
When​ ​Jon​ ​Gabrus​ ​and​ ​Lauren​ ​Lapkus​ ​were​ ​growing​ ​up,​ ​they​ ​watched​ ​a​ ​lot​ ​of​ ​TV.​ ​Like,​ ​a​ ​LOT​ ​of TV.​ ​Now​ ​adults​ ​with​ ​minds​ ​hopelessly​ ​warped​ ​by​ ​television,​ ​they’ve​ ​come​ ​together​ ​to​ ​indulge their​ ​shared​ ​obsession.​ ​On​ ​Raised​ ​By​ ​TV,​ ​Jon​ ​and​ ​Lauren​ ​revisit​ ​the​ ​best​ ​and​ ​worst​ ​TV​ ​of​ ​the late​ ​80s​ ​and​ ​early​ ​90s​ ​-​ ​everything​ ​from​ ​game​ ​shows​ ​and​ ​TGIF​ ​to​ ​Oprah​ ​and​ ​cereal commercials. ...
Series revisiting the childhood neighbourhoods of influential Britons
Two friends revisit the Animorphs! Join us while we laugh and cry about sad morphing teens and the horrible aliens who hate them.
The Enemy Within Revisited. The classic campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st Edition gets a revisit as The Order of Chaos Gamers use 3rd edition rules to tackle arguably the best RPG campaign ever written.
Be introduced to, and revisit, classic TV shows with Josh, Mike, and Dom! Each week we tell you to watch an episode available through streaming services, then we talk about the episode, read your comments, and tell stories that may or may not be relative.
The Optical MP3
A journey back through the annals of Cinefex magazine, revisiting the movies and topics they covered 30+ years ago. We'll talk to people involved in the films, people who make movies, and people who love movies, and hopefully have a fun time doing it.
Appointment Television is a podcast about the TV you want to make time for. Every Thursday Margaret, Kathryn, and Andrew will revisit old shows, discover new ones, and debate everything from highbrow dramas to episodes of The Bachelor.
Revisiting the 90s TV world of fact and fiction.
The Dust Off
Three "grown ups" dig up the pop-culture relics that shaped us. We take a fresh look at movies, games, shows - anything - to figure out what stands up.
Twin Peaks Rewatch
Join us as we revisit David Lynch and Mark Frost's unsettling murder mystery serial, Twin Peaks. Each week we'll watch and discuss one episode—send questions and comments on the current episode to to be part of the conversation!
Afterthought is a podcast where we revisit media we enjoyed when we were younger. We’ll be exploring our favourite movies, TV shows, music, and more with our new adult eyes. We’ll try and figure out why we liked these things when we were kids and see how times and ourselves have changed.
A weekly podcast that revisits, reviews, and ridicules some of the world's weirdest animated series.
An IndyStar podcast that revisits musical conversations time very nearly forgot.
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Wasn’t it Don Lemon that accused Fox News of taking sides? In response to the remark made by Don Lemon’s boyfriend, Larry revisits the times CNN and Lemon have shown extreme bias. Next, Larry takes calls on the infamous Access Hollywood Tape and the Russian investigation. The post Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 05/22/2018 appeared first on Larry ...…
This is the free weekly edition of TMBS. To support the Michael Brooks Show on Patreon and receive hours of weekly members-only content, subscribe at Follow The Michael Brooks Show and crew on twitter: @TMBSfm @_michaelbrooks @mattlech @davidslavick @davidgriscom We revisit the intellectual dark web nonsense and lifestyle brand ...…
Comedians Mark Bailey, Mike Miller, and Steve Howard talk about passive aggressive audience members, what to do when the audience doesn't want to pay after they have entered a comedy show, Mike Miller's vanishing audience demographic, and they revisit radio-i zoo crew morning show gags that should have gotten Mark fired but didn't. Talk Funny i ...…
Updated at 1:05 p.m. ET It’s a financial nightmare for public school teachers across the country: Federal grants they received to work in low-income schools were converted to thousands of dollars in loans that they now must pay back. NPR revealed these problems in a series of recent stories. The Department of Education now tells NPR that it has ...…
On this special episode of the Konig Behind The Wheel Podcast, Joey Redmond of Wrecked Magazine sits down with us to discuss his “10 things learned from FD Atlanta”. You can find Joey’s “10 things learned after each and every event on We also touch a few of the more notable highlights from Formula Drift Atlanta, interesting th ...…
We are so grateful to everyone who has supported and been a part of The Yoga Moves You Podcast since we launched on November 29th, 2017! In just over 5 months, we have made a name and impact with our podcast, and that is with big thanks to our guests and everyone of you who listens! Season 2 will launch on June 21st, the Summer Solstice which i ...…
Hosts Mat Bradley-Tschirgi and William Thrasher discuss Joseph: King of Dreams. A direct-to-video prequel to The Prince of Egypt, Joseph: King of Dreams retells the story of Joseph from the book of Genesis. Led by his oldest brother Judah (Mark Hamill), Joseph (Ben Affleck) is sold into slavery as a prank. After cleaning floors, suffering in a ...…
This week I’m joined by my homie Chris Lehman (@BrothersLehman) from "The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour Podcast". I’ve been noticing there’s too many of yall cooking with Salt lately. So bitter that you don’t even know why you are rooting for certain teams or players to fail. Players, fans, so called “analysts” in the media & for sure on tw ...…
This is The Digital Story Podcast #636, May 22, 2018. Today's theme is "The True Summer Advantage" I'm Derrick Story. Opening Monologue Summer is the season of family vacations, solo adventure, BBQing, baseball games, picnics, and bare feet. But for photographers, there's another benefit that might not be immediately apparent, but can be wildly ...…
For our next episode for our Artist Analysis series we talk all things Kanye Omari West. We discuss our first introduction to Kanye and his impact on our lives at a young age, we revisit his discography, debate on his best body of work from his catalogue, the musical evolution of Ye, whether he is the best producer rapper of all time, whether w ...…
After tricking Data into evacuating the crew, a band of computer-dependent aliens hijacks the Enterprise. This is an episode that really stood out to when I was watching TNG for the first time on television back when it first aired in Australia and so I really wanted to revisit the episode to see if it was actually any good. Heath has been enjo ...…
Childhood education can never start too early. Revisiting President Reagan's reciting of The Cremation of Sam McGee with Bill Bennett in 1986.
Table of Nonsense: Our guests this week: Ana, Melissa, Lauren 2:40 - Ana’s long island ice team bloody dark room story 6:30 - John’s bloody wildwood story 9:00 – Why women fake their period to put the breaks on sex 9:38 - John’s mouth surprise 11:10 – Melissa’s No Bullshit Hobrah Ho down 13:50 - Lauren… and the queen of spades 18:20 - Chris’s s ...…
Not its first event in the United States, but certainly gaining momentum, UNLEASH recently delivered a unique conference that simultaneously delivered both a macro and micro content and networking feel to participants. It was my pleasure to have contributed by delivering a 20-minute rapid fire session on the "Pulse of Recruiting Technology" (cl ...…
Finding the Answer in Jesus Christ
So much of life revolves around transitions. We transition when we change schools, when we move cities, when we change jobs, have kids, get married, break up, move in together, get a pet, and on and on and on. We are either coming out of or heading to some kind of transition. And yet, transitions don’t seem to ever stop being HARD. They hard to ...…
This is a revisit of our Kevin Love episode earlier this year.Email us at
We discuss the current happenings with a sporting good chain, The popular sound clip and revisit the white and gold dress.
This week, Lloyd & Mad Mike revisit the New York Giants NFL Draft choices, breakdown the NBA Conference Finals, why you shouldn't count the Cavs out just yet, what the Knicks should do with their #9 pick, and more. Let's GO!New shows drop every Monday -'re OFF next week for Memorial Day.…
We are so grateful to everyone who has supported and been a part of The Yoga Moves You Podcast since we launched on November 29th, 2017! In just over 5 months, we have made a name and impact with our podcast, and that is with big thanks to our guests and everyone of you who listens! Season 2 will launch on June 21st, the Summer Solstice which i ...…
Yerrrrrrrrrrrrr What's the deal? Ya boys AL n B are back with another episode of The Say No More Podcast. Health is Wealth and this is not a topic that's touched on enough in the culture. Whether it be physical or mental health, it is important to stay on top of them both. Fat Joe has changed his lifestyle as well as Rick Ross. Freeway being on ...…
In 2002, movie fans were wowed by the combination of Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg in the sci-fi action blockbuster Minority Report. Received to critical acclaim, we revisit this movie 16 years after its release and see if digging up the past gets a thumbs up from the pannel, or if all we get is dirty.…
Ep. #9: Stop Crying Poser Today we revisit the Shane Sheckler racist topic since you guys can't understand basic english. Then we discuss the conspiricy of minigolf, getting over a breakup, and WHY this series is called STOP CRYING POSER.
David and i talk about different types of radiation and revisit half-lifes. - Khan accademy radioactive decay - Boseman Science half life and radioactive decay - types of radiation - fuse schoolhttps://www.youtub ...…
In Working Classics, Jacob Brogan revisits some of his favorite episodes from his time hosting the show. In this episode, Jacob sits down with Tom King, the current writer of Batman to discuss his process, how he came to the industry, the mythology of the character, and more. In Slate Plus, Slate staffers ask their burning Batman questions. Lea ...…
Gangsta Boo Where Dem Dollas At Remix Gangsta Boo rounds up Asian Doll and Cuban Doll to revisit her 20-year-old […] The post Gangsta Boo ft Asian Doll & Cuban Doll – Where Dem Dollas At (Remix) appeared first on Verse77.By vERSE77.
This podcast episode was recorded months ago, in late 2017. I decided to hold onto this episode because it didn't fit the themes I was addressing for the kick-off of the podcast. It is usually the goal to encourage and inform, while keeping it light. Happiness is the over-arching theme of the podcast, hence the name, but we must not ignore the ...…
Join us as we continue reading through the book of Mark and revisit the life of Jesus and His crucifixion.
This week on BETA -- Stand-up comedian Laurie Kilmartin talks about how the loss of her father inspired her to find the funny side of death. Justin Simien talks about his ambitious, provocative and funny Netflix series, "Dear White People"; and just when you thought it was safe to to take a shower again, we revisit one of the most famous scenes ...…
Matt and Robb are joined by Jack as they revisit their first basemen rankings and all the other goings on in fantasy. Karl returns to present his S.O.P.
Stan finished talking about Dennis Schroder and took phone calls. He also revisited the Juli Jones conversation and went around college football. You will never believe what college football team made the most money in 2017-2018.
In this episode, we talk about the Cycle of our development that was detailed in Episode 10, but we focus on how we progress through the stages, what causes us to revisit the stages, and how to remain in happier, more peaceful stages longer. What stage are you spending most of your time in right now? What stage would you like to focus on? Regis ...…
Join Katie and Drew as they journey back through the strange world of The Tom Green Show through season 1's episode 4 and season 2's episode 10. Katie tries to find something good to say about the show and the infamous "Bum Bum Song" is revisited, along with its surprising connection to Seattle. Plus, Drew reminisces about the horrible mess tha ...…
Another thoroughly engaging week with Jenny Johnston. We revisit the Crystalline Cave and expand on last week’s revelations, discuss animal souls, ET, random number generators and much, much more. Come and join us and enjoy this particularly fascinating discovery of your own past life ‘Akash’, and retrieve your skills and talents from your many ...…
Tony adopts out the closest thing he has to a son. While revisiting a few ye olde fave yarns, Luke probes Tony on his close encounters in a pop quiz that is anything but succinct. Haunting visions of blackish nuns, repetitive brotherly love and holy movie sequels shake up the English banking sector. Abominable alpine encounters are recited as r ...…
Grab your badass beret and throwing knives because this week hosts Cam Smith and Tony G are enlisting with Sly and the gang in order to revisit 2010's superstar team-up adventure The Expendables. Directed by Stallone, the film, which mashes up a collection of iconic tough guys including Jason Statham, Jet Li and Arnie (sorta?), was originally c ...…
With the release of the trailer for The Predator, the new film written and directed by Shane Black, we decide to revisit the franchise and try and figure out its convoluted timeline! So get to the choppa and join us!!
Tonight we witnessed the reveal livestream for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and before that we hosted a very special Gamereactor stream where we revisited previous games from the series.
Check out this weeks KICK ASS PODCAST with ya boy QPC and co host Thomas Leinbach with special guest John Reece ... It's more fun than your uncles "Hitter in the shitter" t-shirt, I PROMISE !!! LOL !!! Topics discussed: NC Militias, The 7 life cycles, Rock and Roll twilight zone revisited with Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones Johnny Horton and ...…
In our Season One finale, the Executive Producers (Nailah, Dennis, and Ben) share their experiences creating Getting To The Root and revisit some of their favorite moments from the first season. Originally aired on 05/15/2018 on WRHU-FM. Music featured in this episode: Ryan Little: "West Coast"By (Getting To The Root).
In this episode Devan and J.S. revisit Ray Bradbury's classic novel Fahrenheit 451, a book we were all required to read in school, but how does it hold up and what does it have to say about 2018 society? SHOW NOTES 00:00 Intro 00:48 Discussion of Fahrenheit (1953) 38:27 Outro MUSIC Theme Song: “Blue Water” by Tokyo Brass Style – Brass Style G – ...…
In Episode 18, Alice revisits the issue of sexual assault, breaks down Alabama's civil asset forfeiture program, and challenges voters to evaluate the Attorney General candidates based on their plans for the state--not how deeply they have tied themselves to President Trump.
We are so grateful to everyone who has supported and been a part of The Yoga Moves You Podcast since we launched on November 29th, 2017! In just over 5 months, we have made a name and impact with our podcast, and that is with big thanks to our guests and everyone of you who listens! Season 2 will launch on June 21st, the Summer Solstice which i ...…
Max hits the mid-week mark by reexamining his commitment to being an independent, and reminds his listeners that he supports some of Trumps ideas; infrastructure, beautiful healthcare, trade that’s free but fair, and a solid middle class tax cut. Big prob though.. we will see it...? Max is ever the optimist and keeps looking for anyone in DC, R ...…
Simo and Redmond revisit 2002 and some of the happenings and awesome cars from that time!By Simo & Redmond.
Get your posse together, because Western Month is only getting more rugged and dangerous. Jon and Greg brave some dangerous ne'er-do-wells in this week's episode, as they revisit 1952's High Noon. Subscribe to Aspiring Snobs on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Soundcloud, or any podcast service of choice. You can email us at fo ...…
We were on Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour's 2018 24 hour charity live stream on Saturday 28th April to raise money for The British Heart Foundation, to donate, you can do so here: Join music critic supervillain Joe, and lil' Nick, as these music enthusiasts put the most recent music releases through the ringer. This e ...…
Garret gets deep as he revisits some moments from his childhood.
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