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Mark Levin is one of the hottest properties in Talk radio today. He is also one of the leading authors in the conservative political arena. Mark's radio show on WABC in New York City skyrocketed to Number 1 on the AM dial in his first 18 months on the air in the competitive 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM time slot. Mark's latest book, Plunder and Deceit, debuted at number one on the New York Times Best-Seller list. When your books are endorsed by Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, you know you have a winner ...
Sword and Scale Rewind, hosted by Matt Fondiler and Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, is the aftershow for the popular true-crime podcast Sword and Scale.
TV Rewind Podcast
TV Rewind is a weekly format TV review and news podcast where a TV enthusiast and her guests discuss the latest happenings in the TV industry.
The Kind Rewind
Travis and Teresa McElroy watch and review some of their favorite movies and tv shows and report back to you! Do they hold up? Would someone who's never seen them enjoy them? What is going to become your new old favorite? Check in with The Kind Rewind and find out!
Big Brother Rewind
Each Monday night at 6 pm eastern watch Andrew and Jessica Zarian discuss everything that happened on the CBS hit reality show “Big Brother”. This specialty show will throw you inside the house with discussion focused around the HOH competition, the POV and of course the elimination ceremony! Past guest include BB winner, Evel Dick. Follow along as Andrew and Jessica dive into America’s favorite guilty pleasure.
Mark Levin has become one of the hottest properties in Talk radio, his top-rated show on WABC is now syndicated nationally. He is also one of the top new authors in the conservative political arena.
VHS Rewind!
Mark Jeacoma & Co. discuss the old days of VHS, Betamax, Laserdiscs, 8-tracks, Vinyl records and the movies, tv and music that is on them.
Psych Rewind
Welcome to the Psych Rewind Podcast, a podcast dedicated to the show Psych which aired on USA Network from 2006-2014. Join our hosts as we review every episode!
The Retro Rewind Podcast is hosted by Francisco Ruiz, Paul Powers, and a rotating guest host. We take a fresh look at movies and video games from 15 or more years ago—discussing and reviewing them as Classics, Nostalgics, or Tragics. Prepare for an entertaining, clean show (except for the occasional potty humor) that dives into the nostalgia of adults that grew up in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and whether or not the movies/games we enjoyed as kids are still worth revisiting today. If you enjoy l ...
Horror Rewind
We revisit horror movies from our childhood. Our all women podcast features a discussion of a re-watch of an older horror movie, a mixology segment with original horror themed drink recipes, and a fast forward segment in which we talk about something new in the world of horror.
Monday Rewind
Oisin Langan and Raf Diallo review the weekend's sports and look ahead to the week's action
Assorted stories from WJSP-FM
Political Rewind
The political game in Georgia is more dynamic than ever. From local elected officials to state and federal government, we're facing complicated issues. On "Political Rewind" we take the time to break down these issues, speaking directly to the decision makers. We not only get you caught up on the week that was in state politics, but we look ahead so that you will stay informed.
Join HLN's Michaela Pereira for a limited series as she takes you on a journey back to the era of rollerblades, Blockbuster nights and dial-up internet. Discover what made the 1990s so special and the ways it still leaves its mark on us today.
MCU Rewind
Welcome to the Marvel Cinematic Rewind. The podcast that rewatches, reviews, and responds to every movie, show and one-shot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Welcome to the one and only Riverdale Podcast you will evaaaa neeeed. Join JLAG and NBEA as they recap season two of The CW's hit Riverdale! We can't wait to talk everything that is daddy drama, bi-polar Betty, and juggling Juggy as he deals with the pressures of reppin' the Serpents while being a good boyfriend to Betty from the block. Find us on iTunes and YouTube!Follow us on Twitter @Recap_RewindListen and download all of our recaps on iTunes here: ...
The Relevant Rewind
The best segments from Relevant Radio!
Retro Rewind
GSN brings you some of the best moments of classic game shows like Family Feud, Match Game, Card Sharks and The $25,000 Pyramid.
EdTech Rewind
Clint Winter (@clintwinter), Lee Green (@itsleegreen), and friends (@friends) get together to discuss what's going on in the world of EdTech and beyond.
A Harry Potter Podcast
VHS Rewinders
We here at VHS Rewinders cherish the gems that have been forgotten....and please, Be Kind, Rewind!
Daredevil Rewind is a part of the TeeVee podcast, providing recaps for Netflix's Daredevil series.
Superhero Rewind
Captain Logan's insane mission to review every superhero movie ever made.
YA Rewind
An exploration of fiction for children and young adults from the perspective of an 'almost' grown-up.
Come check me out on my new network for light-workers:http://www.intuitalks.comWelcome to Quantum Rewind Radio with Jenny Satori.Jenny Satori is a certified life coach, LOA coach, Intuitive, Rune Caster, and Reiki Master/Practitioner. Her show will explore all things spiritual and provide guidance to those looking for more than a traditional "reading." The universe is ever-changing, and so are we. This show aims to give you the tools to get there. Let's rewind first, get back to the basics. ;)
Host James Lott Jr talks about all things CBS Soap The Bold and the Beautiful! Past and current actors, storylines and stories!
When we "Rewind/Fast-forward" a season of a show, we will "Rewind" back to each episode and discuss them knowing what lies ahead on the "Fast-forward." While discussing each episode of the season, we will talk through the events, banter about things we liked, and in the process answer questions like... "What was that character going through, thinking, etc.?" "How does that play into the character's future?" "What did we see that we didn't see before?" "How did the events of the episode play ...
Re-live your childhood through Saturday Morning Rewind. We interview your favorite voice actors from the 70's, 80's, 90's and today. We also discuss all of your favorite cartoons from those decades. It's nostalgia in the form of a weekly podcast.
MasterCraft Boats creates some the best videos for wakeboarding, wake surfing, waterskiing and the overall the water lifestyle. The Rewind Series will bring you killer riding footage, behind the scenes with our athletes (like Rusty Malinoski & Harley Clifford) and other great snippets known as the MasterCraft lifestyle. So subscribe today and get a constant feed of great content...
Transformers Rewind is a short form Transformers TV Review Podcast
Edtech Rewind
Podcast by Clint Winter and Lee Green are Instructional Technology Specialist in Georgia who are the host of this monthly podcast. They also Keep it real
A podcast looking at movie's anniversaries or whenever we want to talk about older flicks.
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Sports, politics, and whatever else we want to rant about, nothing is off limits. Never unbiased, never politically correct.
LendIt Rewind
LendIt Rewind offers you a podcast library of sessions and keynotes presented at LendIt’s three annual conferences in the USA, Europe, and China. LendIt is the largest conference series dedicated to connecting the global online lending and financial services technology communities. Our events draw thousands of fintech innovators, investors and thought leaders from around the world who are interested in disruptive technologies, including online lending, fintech, blockchain, banking technology ...
Listen in as hosts JLAG and NBEA recap the seventh season of FX's American Horror Story: CULT. We are hardcore fans of the AHS family and have been watching since the first season. Stick around and chat with us as we bring you a new recap every week! Join our discussion, leave us a question or comment and we'll discuss on the air. Follow us on Twitter @Recap_Rewind!
Mixtape Rewind
Musician Mark Jeacoma loves listening to music, not just songs but entire albums from beginning to the very end. With the help of friends, fellow musicians and celebrity guests he offers a voice-over commentary discussion while the album plays in the background.
You Can Rewind It
Will we rewind our favorite movies from our childhood?
Childhood Rewind
Childhood Rewind is a nostalgic journey as Josh, J, and Dio discuss the films and tv shows that made their childhoods great.
Alias Rewind
Welcome to the Alias Rewind Podcast, a podcast dedicated to the show Alias, which aired on ABC from 2001-2006. Join our agents as we review each episode!
The Big Rewind
TheRetroCritic's Podcast
The bi-weekly podcast where Tim and Palmer take a look at every OSCARS® Best Picture Nominee from years past. Did the Academy pick the right film? Our hosts will decide.
Your hosts Katie & Lauren watch and discuss the unique and defining movies from their guests' childhoods!
Podcast that rewinds to cover WWF Monday Night RAW from the Attitude Era, going back 20 years to the corresponding week, and then fast-forwards to the present to cover new and events that happened through the week.
Flip and Rewind
Flip and Rewind is a podcast about the history and origins of our favorite things from back in the day, alongside our personal memories and experiences. Hosted by Rhianne Paz Bergado and Maria Yanez.
Expat Rewind
Expats and geopats read blogs from their first year in a country and reflect on what they have learned since it was written
NFL Draft Bible host Ric Serritella recaps NFL pro day workouts and results. For more information log-on to or follow @nfldraftbible
Listen in as JLAG and NBEA recap MTV's newest reality TV show Siesta Key. Based in a small beach town on the coast of Southern Florida, the show follows a group of 20-somethings as they party and cause a whole lot of drama. Thankfully, for us, the cameras caught it all, and we can't wait to bring you a weekly hilarious recap of their crazy shenanigans.Follow us on Twitter @Recap_Rewind
Podcast Rewind
From two best friends whose main goals are to drink wine and dish on the podcasts they binge, Podcast Rewind offers up a new and fresh take on the world of podcasting! Join each week as Erika and Amie tell each other about the podcasts that had them laughing, creeped out and even learning a thing or two!
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A new MP3 sermon from Providence Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: The Saint Of God Who Is One Subtitle: Sermon Rewind Speaker: Jerry Foley Broadcaster: Providence Baptist Church Event: Camp Meeting Date: 4/4/2011 Bible: Ephesians Length: 50 min.
Twenty years ago one of the biggest monster movies ever arrived – Godzilla!This American monster film was directed and co-written by Roland Emmerich, serving as a reimagining of Toho’s Godzilla franchise. It was the first to be completely produced by a Hollywood studio, essentially “American Godzilla”. During a nuclear test in the 1960s, the Fr ...…
This episode, we're sorting through the VHS bargain bin for the red headed step children of movies to hand out second chances to those Terrible 80s/90s movies worth rebooting. Joining me, is a serial movie purchaser who recently dominated me in an 80s vs 90s battle as well as host of the Poop Culture Podcast! I welcome, Rick Mancrush to the pod ...…
In this episode we rewatch Mimic from 1997, share Lisa's drink creation for the week based on the movie, and talk about some current movies and TV shows including Truth or Dare.
Titanic, Good Will Hunting, As Good as it Gets, L.A. Confidential and The Full Monty were the best picture nominations for 1997. But which movie was truly the best?
(Season 2, Episode 6) Join Miss Rhi and Digital Beard, Owen, with special guest Elliot Sexton as they preview PROGRESSxMCW on Friday 20 April & MCW Ballroom Brawl on Saturday 21 April. Tickets available on See you at the show!
Be a guest blog reader on this podcast. Email me for more info stephfuccio (at) PODCAST WEBSITE: SUBSCRIBE: iTunes: INTRO MUSIC: Music courtesy of: ...…
Older Than Dirt by KJIL Radio
Low Class Flies First Class Low Class Flies First Class Mike and Political Paul are back, and half in the bag, for the newest episode! They discuss flying first class, and the horrible city of Philly. Enjoy! Google of the Day: How to fast forward and rewind a Podcast, circa 2012 Email the show at […] The post Low Class Flies First Class appeare ...…
In The Next few weeks on the Rewind we will pay tribute to Mixx-It and Cameron Paul.. Cameron has left us for the other side and this is the obit for the services coming up April 20th Cameron Paul Graubart, born and raised in San Francisco, CA passed away in peace with Christ on March 26, 2018 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Cameron was a music producer an ...…
In this episode of Mixtape Rewind Mark is joined by Geno Cuddy to discuss the remarkable 1990 debut album from Warrior Soul, Last Decade Dead Century!By (Mark Jeacoma).
Matt previews episodes 6-10 without spoilers! See individual episodes for the show notes. Copy/paste
How do you use comics, movies, and other pop culture in college writing courses? Join us as we find out first hand from Weber State University professor Scott Rogers.. Scott spent the last decade implementing curricula in two different areas: concurrent enrollment courses and popular culture. Come along as we discuss adding comic books, movies, ...…
Be a guest blog reader on this podcast. Email me for more info stephfuccio (at) PODCAST WEBSITE: SUBSCRIBE: iTunes: INTRO MUSIC: Music courtesy of: ...…
Dustin P & Jenius discuss who was in Negan's car, Simon's attempt at a power grab from Negan, Dwight's role in the war to come and throw in a little Curly Shuffle compliments of Aaron.SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!!!Explicit Content
High school baseball season is just past the halfway point in district play, and Star Local Media is here to break down some midseason storylines developing in a several of their districts. Discussion kicks off with the top four teams in 14-5A (1:30), including a look at Prosper’s continued dominance, Lake Dallas’ bounce-back year, plus the exp ...…
If you’re a 90’s kid like me, you probably remember watching movies on these bulky plastic cartridges called VHS tapes that you had to rewind when you were done. I watched Empire Strikes Back so many times in the summer of ’97 I broke the tape and my mom had to buy me a new one.Then came the rise of the DVD - CDs that played movies. Not only co ...…
Find the show on twitter @potu4motu Thanks to today's sponsor www.electrifiedporcupine & @elecporcupine Check out the MOTU Classics Rewind Reviews and the other terrific content over there.
Hear the best of the Tuesday edition of the Roundtable
This week we recap Fight to Win Pro 68 in Miami. We Preview of IBJJF DC Open that Josh will be competing in and Maine will be at covering the event. We also Preview Fight to Win Pro 69. in Cleveland Ohio. This episode is the calm before the storm that is the rest of April into May. Maine and Josh also talk about additional coverage and upcoming ...…
"Lego Batman The Movie: DC Superheroes Unite." Troy Baker, Clancy Brown. Directed by Jon Burton Originally uploaded onFebruary 17, 2017. Superhero Rewind is an in-depth analysis. If you haven't seen this movie you might want to before listening to this review. Superhero Rewind has been on Geekvolution on YouTube for 9 years and while we're fina ...…
Be a guest blog reader on this podcast. Email me for more info stephfuccio (at) PODCAST WEBSITE: SUBSCRIBE: iTunes: INTRO MUSIC: Music courtesy of: ...…
Groove Junkies & Reelsoul ft Nichelle Monroe – “My Truth” (Groove N Soul Truth) HP Vince – “Jamming Theme” (Original) Groove Junkies & Opolopo ft Solara – “We Rise” (GJs & Opolopo Main) Shane D – “Down” (Original) Track Of The Week Prohibited – “Resist” (Original) MIx 2 Darryl D Bonneau – “Not Just Sunday” (Reggi Steele) David Penn & Lisa Mille ...…
High school softball season is just past the midpoint, and the Star Local Media sports staff chats about some district title and playoff races within a few of their districts. Topics include Coppell’s race to repeat as 9-6A champions (1:15), the logjam for the last couple playoff spots in 5-6A (2:10), some big bats in Lewisville ISD (3:30), Pla ...…
Kylee Young recaps the Jazz 107-97 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, Dan Bongino, Contributing Editor at Conservative Review and NRATV, fills in for Mark. Robert Mueller’s special council is a clown show and a smokescreen, and he’s the perfect guy to run this scam investigation. The FISA court is a serious thing; so serious that the FBI and Department of Justice have procedures to ve ...…
The Pitbull of Comedy was in town playing the Improv in Addison, Tx I was privileged enough to get him on my show... He arrived earlier than planned, but that's when you throw plans out the window!
Zita, Jen, Kevin & Scott tackle Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and learn that people are complicated beasts capable of both terrible and lovely things.
This week, Conner, Dick and Chris talk Ready Player One, do a group Rewind of 1954’s On The Waterfront, and play a game called Lost In Translation. Be sure to tune in and tell a friend! The Ticket Stub is Sponsored By: The Movie Tavern – Like and Message us on Facebook: Email the guys: ...…
Quin and Matt hit the studio to recap day 2 of #UCET18. Listen as they share their favorite moments and insights around the theme “Communication.” Some of the highlights from this episode include: The Google Trainer Demo Slam: The winner was... Ignite: The Power of Moments Matt Levels up his Arduino skills Exploring VR Bring student tech into t ...…
Be a guest blog reader on this podcast. Email me for more info: stephfuccio (at) PODCAST WEBSITE: SUBSCRIBE: iTunes: INTRO MUSIC: Music courtesy of: ...…
Aaron Rewinds and goes track by Track on Licensed to Ill the debut studio album by American hip hop group Beastie Boys. It was released on November 15, 1986 by Def Jam and Columbia Records, and became the first rap LP to top the Billboard album chart. It is one of Columbia Records' fastest-selling debut records to date and was certified Diamond ...…
It's finally here! It's the somewhat anticipated S01 Finale of BlunderDogs, the official indie pod blooper show. Join hosts Phillip Kirsner, Chris Green and special guest, Nicholas “Nicky-poo” Murtha as we crown our first victor. Also, S02 is already in the can and will release in early May. #MyThingCanBeatYourThing #GravityBeard #UnderDogPods ...…
Be a guest blog reader on this podcast. Email me for more info Email: stephfuccio (at) PODCAST WEBSITE: SUBSCRIBE: iTunes: INTRO MUSIC: Music courtesy of: ...…
Segment 1: Final Foul Time, Sweet 16 Rewind, and the Elite 8 throwdown. The Twitter Terminator’s bobblehead and salud o’clock shenanigans go Farking Wheaton Wooten as the almighty Grayson Allen body pillow appears. NFL news, the updated catch rule, and the Super Bowl impact. The Odell Beckham, Jr. rumor mill kicks into high gear plus the LA Ram ...…
"Watchmen," 2009. Jackie Earle Haley, Billy Crudup. Directed by Zack Snyder. Originally uploaded in six parts on January 1, 2012. Superhero Rewind is an in-depth analysis. If you haven't seen this movie you might want to before listening to this review. Superhero Rewind has been on Geekvolution on YouTube for 9 years and while we're finally mak ...…
"I was evading capture... but the cameraman was hungry."Sam and Kevin hunt the most dangerous game: Arnold Schwarzenneger. Along the way, they pick up the scent of Takeshi's Castle, Stephen King, and eighties professional wrestling.
Before we take another break, let’s chat about last night’s episode! We finally find out when the Carrie Musical episode will air, plus why a horror themed episode playing in the Spring? So much happened including beef between families. Just Jess and Nomi have you covered with the latest theories, recaps and character mishaps with today’s River ...…
This article is for: * Students who want to understand the true cost of their education and the sacrifices their parents make in order to make better choices with their careers. * Parents who make too much to get financial aid, but not enough to feel like they can comfortably afford private school. * Students and parents who feel bad for attend ...…
Hear the best of the Thursday edition of the Roundtable
From the back seat of the Mystery Machine to the kingdom of Eternia, Rhianne and Maria have traveled far and wide to bring you to history of Saturday Morning Cartoons. Learn about how the cereal industry created a 50 year ritual of milk, cereal, and toy commercials that shaped pop culture today.
The high school soccer playoffs begin this evening and Star Local Media takes look at the first-round action ahead in Class 5A. Much of the discussion centers on the bi-district matchups between 13-5A and 14-5A, starting on the boys side with Prosper vs. Frisco Wakeland (2:00), RL Turner vs. Frisco Reedy (4:30), Lake Dallas vs. Frisco Lone Star ...…
"The Amazing Spider-Man 2," (2014). Anderew Garfield, Emma Stone. Directed by Marc Webb. Originally uploaded on August 13, 2017. Superhero Rewind is an in-depth analysis. If you haven't seen this movie you might want to before listening to this review. Superhero Rewind has been on Geekvolution on YouTube for 9 years and while we're finally maki ...…
Quin and Matt hit the studio to recap day 1 of #UCET18. Listen as they share their favorite moments and insights around the theme “Get out.” Some of the highlights from this episode include: Quin’s Session where he shares his journey to Stockholm, Sweden withthe Google Innovator Academy Exploring Arduino Staying out of your parents basement Hig ...…
We’re motivated by our fascination with entertainment, news, and random stuff. We make an effort not to suck the fun out of every film or TV show we watch. Instead, we enjoy them for what they are, entertainment! We critique without focusing on the most negative thing possible. Quick Summary While I regret saying podcasting doesn’t equate to br ...…
Hype Podcast recaps WonderCon 2018, reviews Farenheit 451 and The Hate U Give, and talks The 100, One Day at a Time, Once Upon a Time, Avengers and much more. If you like what you hear, consider supporting Hype Podcast on Patreon with $2 a month for even more pop culture content and special features! This week’s bonus segment will be a discussi ...…
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