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This week on Grad Chat:Stephen Smith: History (PhD Candidate) supervised by Dr Jeffrey McNairnResearch Topic:How do newspapers and voluntary organizations, relate to organizing revolutionary military violenceOverview of research: My specialization is in voluntary organizing, violence, and the press in the nineteenth-century Lower and Upper Cana ...…
Whatever your rheological requirements are and will be in the future - MCR rheometers are always efficiently and confortably adapted to meet your needs.By Anton Paar.
New standards in efficiency, accuracy and range: The EC synchronous motor technology from Anton Paar. Find out more in the EC motor video.By Anton Paar.
Keeping the gap constant: TruGap™ for MCR rheometers. The TruGap™ feature makes sure the gap stays constant. Take a closer look here.By Anton Paar.
The HTR High Throughput Rheometer: robotic rheometry in a fully automated setup. For a first impression of Anton Paar’s rheo-robot, watch the HTR Video.By Anton Paar.
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