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Best Rick Gutierrez podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Rick Gutierrez podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Willful Ignorance
Catch comedians George Anthony & Joshua Cabaza every Thursday on Willful Ignorance.
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Comedian Rick Gutierrez from Comedy Central, Netflix, & Fluffy's Food Adventures joins George & Cabaza on this episode. InstagramRick Gutierrez @funnyrickGeorge Anthony @gacomic Joshua Cabaza @FMCWStudiosBy FMCW Studios
George and Cabaza talk about their dads, getting hit on once every few years, and testosterone shots.InstagramGeorge Anthony @gacomicJoshua Cabaza @FMCWStudiosBy FMCW Studios
Winner of Funniest Comic in Texas Grady Pruitt is back! On this episode Grady talks about the two times he was almost attacked at a comedy show, and George thinks he witnessed a kidnapping.Instagram:Grady Pruitt @pruittgradyJoshua Cabaza @FMCWStudiosGeorge Anthony @gacomicBy FMCW Studios
George & Cabaza are joined by the very funny comedian Javi Luna. The guys talk about old jobs, growing up, banned movies, religion, & comedy.Javi Luna @javilunacomedy website: https://www.originalgordito.com/George Anthony @gacomicJoshua Cabaza @FMCWStudiosBy FMCW Studios
Cabaza & George are joined by one of our favorite guest Edward Hernandez, & Vance Bradford who has managed some of the biggest names in comedy. The guys tell stories about being on the road, they talk a little basketball, and Edward fights a guy who claimed to be a cop.By FMCW Studios
We have a lot of guests on this episode. Tram Trinh, Jennifer Marroquin, Chris Breakell, & Jay Whitecotton join Cabaza & George at the LOL Comedy Club in San Antonio. If you are an animal lover fair warning do not listen to this episode, because there is some sad stories.By FMCW Studios
George & Cabaza talk woke comedy, drugs, drinking, comedy venues, and growing up.By FMCW Studios
George & Cabaza share stories about growing up, how it was when they started comedy, & Cabaza being OCD.By FMCW Studios
Comedian Dustin Ybarra from the show Gotham, & the movie "US" is our guest this week along with Clay Herzing aka "Big Clay". The views of the hosts do not reflect those of the guest in this episode.By FMCW Studios
Edward Hernandez & Cabaza talk about cancel culture in comedy, getting old, and old beefs.By FMCW Studios
Gaby Tijerina is back on the podcast with George & Cabaza. We talk about God, PC culture, diet, and much more.By FMCW Studios
Edward Hernandez & Cabaza talk about comedy, prison stories, and at the end a fan of the show sits in and listens.By FMCW Studios
It's been one year since we started the podcast. Well it's been a year and a month, but we decided to do a one year anniversary show. Hosts George Anthony & Joshua Cabaza are joined by Raul Sanchez just like episode #1. the guys talk about times they bombed doing stand up, mass shootings, and strange stuff on the internet.…
Clay Herzing AKA "Big Clay", and Raul Sanchez join George & Cabaza on todays podcast. The guys talk about fights, love, Magic Johnson, and Comedy.By FMCW Studios
Second week in a row with Raul Sanchez & Edwards Hernandez. Edward & George tell some crazy stories, and Edwards dog keeps trying to get fresh with Raul's sister.By FMCW Studios
George & Cabaza have two of our favorite guests on this weeks podcast. Raul Sanchez & Edward Hernandez. The guys talk about comedy, crime, fighting, and snitches.By FMCW Studios
Our guests today are comedian Rafael Molina who tours with Willie Barcena, and at the end King Kwasi from The Loud Pack Boyz stops by.By FMCW Studios
George & Cabaza talk about raising kids, what's happening at the boarder, comedy, and Battle of The Sketches this July.By FMCW Studios
Edward is back with Cabaza in this episode. They talk about Trump, a strange movie, skateboarding, strip clubs, & bombing on stage.By FMCW Studios
Raul Sanchez joins us for the third straight episode before he goes back to NYC. Also Cody O'Dell is on the podcast & is constantly on his phone.By FMCW Studios
Back to back episodes with Raul Sanchez, and the hilarious & politically incorrect Edward Hernandez.By FMCW Studios
We have two of Willful Ignorance funniest guests on this week. Raul Sanchez fresh off his new album recording, and the hilarious & politically incorrect Edward Hernandez.By FMCW Studios
Winner of Funniest in Texas Grady Pruitt is back with George & Cabaza. They talk drugs, comedy, and George tells a lot of sex stories.By FMCW Studios
On todays podcast we have the Winner of Funniest in Texas 2017 Grady Pruitt, everyones favorite Gaby Tijerina, and degenerates Bryan Powell & Chris Breakell. @pruittgrady (Grady Pruitt IG)@gabyitijerina (Gaby Tijerina IG)@freakell (Chris Breakell IG)@thebryanpowell (Bryan Powell IG)@fmcwstudios (Joshua Cabaza IG)…
Gaby Tijerina and Cody O'Dell join George and Cabaza on this weeks podcast. We talk comedy, politics, patriotism, and hairy situations.By FMCW Studios
Edward is back with Cabaza in this episode. They talk about crazy high school stories, and how insane things can get in Mexico.By FMCW Studios
This weeks podcast guest is with the very funny Alex Ansel. Alex started comedy in San Antonio, and moved to Las Vegas when Jake the Snake took him on tour in 2016. Alex talks about his ups and downs in comedy, losing his v-card, and a bunch of wrestling stories.Follow him @y2koolaid or @ComedianAlexAnsel…
This weeks guest is Travis Reyes. His debut comedy album just came out called "Middle School Bad Boy". Link Below.iTunes Link:https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/middle-school-bad-boy/1442999180By FMCW Studios
Todays special guest is Chris Distefano from Comedy Central & the History Hyenas Podcast, & Mike Suarez from the YKWD Podcast.Chris Distefano Info:website: https://www.chrisdcomedy.com@historyhyenas Instagram@chrisdcomedy twitterHistory Hyenas Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZP_D4LToVo7Tqmbw-Zr-QAMike Suarez Info:website: http://mike ...…
Todays guest is Anthony A. Comedian & Co-Host of the syndicated Dana Cortez Show. You can hear him on 94.1 in San Antonio, and across the country. The guys talk about dating, comedy, Anthony & George's rat tails, and hitting rock bottom.Instagram @anthonya400By FMCW Studios
This weeks guest is Gaby Tijerina. We talk about LSD, comedy, death, & George tells us about his trip to Peru. Gaby Tijerina Twitter & IG: @gabyitijerinaGeorge Anthony @gacomicJoshua Cabaza @FMCWStudios & @JoshuaCabazaBy FMCW Studios
George is in Austin so Edward Hernandez joins Cabaza in todays podcast. They talk about 6 wing chickens, a knife fight in Edwards yard, and prison stories.By FMCW Studios
George & Cabaza have Jerry Debo Smith from the Loud Pack Boyz on the show.By FMCW Studios
Pat Dean who runs the Velveeta Room in Austin, Tx off 6th street, and everyones favorite homeboy Jay Whitecotton join George & Cabaza on the podcast.By FMCW Studios
Edward Hernandez join's Joshua Cabaza on todays podcast. They talk bebe gun wars, conspiracies, and comedy.By FMCW Studios
Our last episode with Raul Sanchez for a while. He went back to NYC but is now performing at Dangerfields on the East Side of Manhattan so go check him out.By FMCW Studios
For Valentine's Day comedians Raul Sanchez, George Anthony, Chris Breakell, & Joshua Cabaza talk about women who tried to change them.By FMCW Studios
Edward Hernandez, Raul Sanchez, & Joshua Cabaza share road stories, and then talk about R. Kelly & the dark web.By FMCW Studios
Sorry this took a year to be released but USG IS BACK! In this episode we discuss SOUTH PARK! We also discuss the real life Casa BonitaBy Rick Gutierrez, Roy Buckingham, Heather Carouth, Sandra Frost
George makes up a conspiracy against latino artist & tells us a skunk story. Kurtis Allen de Dies joins at the end to tell us how he doesn't trust doctors.By FMCW Studios
Another day another episode of Willful Ignorance. We talk about Elon Musk's hair plugs, what we would do if we had money, Louis CK, & George really opens up at the end.By FMCW Studios
Raul, George, & Cabaza talk about Bird Box, UFC, stupid stories growing up, and comedy.By FMCW Studios
The first podcast of the year.By FMCW Studios
Two guys that we started with in San Antonio are back in town for the Holidays. James Bosquez who moved to Portland a few years back, and Cody O'Dell who has been traveling between NYC, Dallas, & now Austin for the past few years. We did this podcast at 3AM after a set at the Blind Tiger.By FMCW Studios
Raul Sanchez is back in town, and we do a podcast.By FMCW Studios
Part III of Edward and me talking about comedy, the caravan, and everything in between.By FMCW Studios
On todays podcast we have with us the very funny Javi Luna from Corpus Christi & Jesus "Midnight" Castillo from Dallas, Tx. Both of these guys tour with Chingo Bling, and just started their own tour together called Heavy Killers.By FMCW Studios
We have two guest today and a special guest host Al Gonzales. The first is Troy Walker from Denver, Colorado. After getting his law degree and doing comedy for over a decade he decided to move to LA to pursue his stand up. Marsha is the owner of San Antonio's newest comedy spot Jokesters 22 in San Antonio, Tx.…
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