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JazzTimes publisher Lee Mergner and jazz singer Rene Marie preview new music and talk about issues and trends in the jazz world.
The Riff
The Riff is a 24 minute conversation about one topic, with one expert, hosted by David Tisch and Andy Weissman
Riffs on Riffs
Two heshers evoking Heavy Metal. Nathaniel Potts and Aaron Hetzer take you down their metal head rabbit holes; and that is a euphemism.
Whiskey Riff Raff
Steve Gazibara and Wes Langeler give an unfiltered, unapologetic, sometimes drunk take on country music, life, and and all that comes with it. The fans need a voice. Whiskey Riff Raff gives them that voice. Grab a drink and enjoy.
Riff Board
Dave Waite's Friend (Shane Mauss) and Dave Waite host a podcast that a celebration of immaturity. It's like "Serial" but for silly people. So listen from the beginning to enjoy the cast of characters and the story arch of the first season the Riff Board.
The Riff -Raff started as an idea I had a few years ago just to sit and chat with my friends whom I consider to be inspirational to me in some way- whether it be as a musician, artist or whatever the case may be…. over the years as a working musician I’ve been lucky to work with many amazing people and musicians and would like to share some of their stories with you. I’m a professional musician. I like stories….I mean I REALLY like stories. Oh and I love jokes too. Luckily I work with some o ...
Veritas Riff
Academics of faith answering questions facing everyone
Riff Boys
We're a bunch of boy and sometimes girl comedians who tell jokes for fun, and because we can't hold down a stable job. Based in Newcastle Australia. We release weekly!
The Riff Raff is a writers' community co-founded by authors Amy Baker and Rosy Edwards. The Riff Raff Podcast features interviews with debut authors who offer tips, inspiration and inside advice on the challenges of getting published.
Riffs & Fists
A podcast about music (mostly heavy metal) and martial arts. Hosted by Nate Garrett (Spirit Adrift, Gatecreeper)
Riff On
Andrew James and Eric D. host the Riff On podcast. What do they plan on talking about? The sky is the limit. Craft beer. Live music. The Boston Celtics. Football. Social Media. Pop Culture. Vermont. CDs. TV. Movies. Whatever is on their mind.
Let's Riff!
News, Beer reviews, jokes and fun
Cambridge Riffs
Oh My Pod! with Chelsea Riffe
Ranger Riffs
Da Matt and NoDiceMike poke fun at Power Rangers episodes
Behind the Mystery Riff with Chris Jackson
Records & Riffs
A gabfest podcast on all things music-related. This listener-interactive pod encompasses the ever-expanding universe of popular music and touches on everything from interviews with well-known musicians to episodes debating the legacies of bands spanning dozens of genres. For any fan of music, it's a must-listen.
Let's Poorly Riff!
Two lifelong friends give their honest take on whatever is discussed. Every topic is on the table, unless it’s not. Stories are told. Riffing is to be had.
Righteous Riffs Headliners music show with Eric Walker and Steven Lee Adams. We interview music artists and review their music.
Riff City Comedy
Each Week Myles, Rob, and Daniel will discuss topics or interview a wide variety of guests.
The Random Riff
Whatever the topic may be, Sergio Barrera will explore it! Movies, Music, Gaming, Current Events, and more, experience the power of great conversation. The Random Riff is a journey with no particular destination and one guarantee, you will be glad you tuned in!
Riff Raff Podcast
Local Montreal riff raff, Adam Sigal and Zaheed Kara, see how long they can riff off of randomly generated nouns.This Podcast was created using
Acquired Taste
Here’s how it works: Each episode we watch an episode of an old TV show, and insult it in real time. If you’d like to play along, find a stream of the episode we're watching, fire up the podcast and hit play when we tell you to. Be warned, this is outrageously NSFW.
Into the Riff
Into the Riff is a comedian-driven podcast based out of El Paso, TX digging deep into the stream of comedy consciousness.
Merv & Riff Podcast
Two musicians talking about what they know, and what they don't.
Pete Davis Riffs
Political, civic and spiritual ideas from the heart of Pete Davis.
Pete Davis Riffs
Political, civic and spiritual ideas from the heart of Pete Davis.
Podcast by Shut Up Dog Productions
Love it OR Riff it
We love movies and more importantly, talking about them! For our previous episodes, visit Twin Pines Pictures on YouTube.
(192k stereo MP3 format.) San Francisco comedianis Steven Pearl and Al Clethen interviews comics and celebrities.
Video Games Hot Dog is a show in which Zack, Kevin, Riff and Jim talk about video games.
Dumb People Town
It’s as much an exploration as it is a celebration of dumb people doing dumb things (often in Florida). Dan Van Kirk, the Sklar brothers, and other famous comedians riff off these real life news stories.
Two HGTV obsessed friends watch and discuss the best and bizarre moments on House Hunters and House Hunters International. We'd love to hear what YOU love and love to hate about House Hunters. Call our hotline at (312) 869-4682 and we may use your message on the show
The exploits of vlogger Blackcatloner who navigates his way through life proving that he is truly one lone cat against a big bad world. Also includes Blackcat Riffs, where he riffs on Public Domain educational movies, Blackcatloner Reviews and more.
Concentricity FM
Concentricity FM is a weekly conversational podcast hosted by Andrew Collins and Karl Magnuson. From the recording studios of the Iron Maiden in the heart of the nation's capital, Andrew and Karl riff on the topics, events, people, books, movies, and music that make life interesting.
Garbage Theatre
Welcome to the Garbage Theatre Podcast - Where bad movies belong! Every week, hosts Chase, Blake, & John will challenge each other to watch a bad movie (and when we say bad we mean BAD) and then quiz each other to see who paid attention. The winner gets to pick the next movie and the loser must suffer through whatever torturous schlock the other can find! We watch them so you don't have to! Sign up to our mailing list by emailing us at for updates, new episode ...
L.A.-based writer, performer and journalist Dennis Hensley, joined by a different guest each episode, riffs on pop culture, dating and life in the Hollywood slow lane. Download and listen here or subscribe for free on iTunes.
iPlayMusic's Inside the Music video podcast episodes take you through the background, influences, and playing techniques of real artists. See camera close ups of some of their signature riffs and performance techniques; learn about their musical influences; gain insight into how they record and promote their music; and watch them perform songs off their latest albums live in the iPlayMusic studios. Visit us at today!
Schlock Treatment
Welcome to Schlock Treatment, where we think that bad movies make good medicine! This is the podcast that prescribes a piece of hilariously bad schlock cinema each week, and then discusses it as self-esteem therapy! Yes, it really and truly works! Watch the prescribed movie, and then tune in to hear the Treatment from hosts Marc, Doug, Matt, and Kirk!
Movie Dudes Show
Three friends giving their alternative commentary to some of our favorite films. @CosmoMovies @Grifflicious @Jordashington
We're Patrick Creamer and Quinn Buckner, two improvisors from Austin, Texas. Every episode we ask each other questions, make up a story together, and hopefully end with a little freestyle rap. Keep listening and then you'll know a little bit more about us. [Intro song: "soon it will be cold enough to build fires" by emancipator]
Smorgas Boardwalk
Come one, come all to the Smorgas Boardwalk, a feast of everything you never knew you needed to hear! We're taking all the thoughts we have during the day, and putting them on the internet. What could go wrong? It's a comedic buffet of role play, conversation, and our deepest darkest secrets on a silver platter.
Hosted by 19-year old Eli and his 10-year old sister Sadie. Each week they bridge the generation gap through giving their different perspectives on nothing in particular. The Podcast gives them the opportunity to talk with each other, which is something siblings sometimes have a hard time remembering to do, especially when one of them is in Elementary school and the other one's not in grade school at all. We like movies, advice columns, and talking. Mostly talking.
Cult of Celluloid
In which 2 jackasses review movies together.
Official Site for Author Rayya Elias
Welcome to Rifftown! Join Travis Nelson as he guides his comedically inclined guests through improvised misadventures as they traverse an imaginary and riff-prone mid-size all american town.
The best clips and riffs from Adam Gold, Joe Ovies and Shannon Penn.
Warning: This is a Comedian's Website
Straight Riffin'
Comedians Mitcz Marzoni and Teddy Tutson riff with fellow comics (and random crazy people) on the news, media, pop-culture and more. Every week is a new guest, and new debauchery and drunken discussion.
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show series We recently traveled to New Orleans for a wedding and while we were there we met up with a couple of old friends. You get this special two-part extra long show! Jerry DeWitt has been on LAF a couple of times. We recorded on the beach with our iPhones at sunset. The weather was beau ...…
Yep. You’ve got a rock ‘n’ roll date tonight at the Mohawk, 912 Red River. Headlining the inside stage is Hard Riffs, the solo project of local musician and songwriter Michael Mancuso. Hard Riffs made it’s official debut last year, with the five-track EP, Stand Alone (the track “Hey Mama” was featured on today’s AMM). The music starts off with ...…
Riff #14 is called "Chandelier", and sort of like Riff #12, I think it might be well suited for a film. Some kind of sad, elegant scene or something. Need to find a way to connect it to that riff I play later on in the clip. What other instruments are you hearing as a potential arrangement? How about percussion?…
Say HIGH to Mav Viola! Mav and I talked about Dating App culture, the transition into the comedy world and a few of our unique standup experiences, from "The 420 Friendly Comedy Show," to a theatre in Boston, to a rehab facility. We break down the experiences and our takeaways from certain shows. We also have a blast playing 3 hot rounds of "Ra ...…
AJ and Jasen collectively participate in an unprecedented episode: TWO topics to discuss. Our whole Podcast structure developed over the entire life of this long, 8-episode run, of which you, the listener has grown accustomed to... It's all in shambles! 00:00 - Shootin’ the Breeze 31:33 - Jasen’s Topic discussion begins 39:30 - AJ’s Topic discu ...…
There's something brewing under the chromium streets of Jersey City and it's called Black Wail . We sit down in there studio and interview Mark and Bram .Songs : 1: Thee Ghost 2: Dyeing 3: Hot Seat 4: Chromium HomesHosted by : Dee Rotten and Johnny RiffsGuest : Black WailGuest Web Pages: ...…
Featuring… • J-Mixa – Radio Advertising In The 20 and a halfth Century • Jeremy – Good Is Good (Roots Rock) • Sheryl Crow – Good Is Good • Jordan – My Crazy House (Funk) • Jeremy – The World (Reggae) • Jordan – Only A Dream • Jeremy – Loopy Lou • Jeremy – Why (Rock) • The Candyskins – So Easy • Jordan – Little Bird (Jazz) • J-Mixa – Clueless • ...…
Musical Riffs and how they impact our hearts and brains.
We start by being underwhelmed by the Crown Royale bourbon mash whiskey. Then we pivot to cigars: Tony reviews the Tatuaje Monopoly and Jason reviews the PDR AFR75 Immenso Claro. Then we riff on annoyances in casinos and remind you of the ways to properly cut a cigar.By jason.
This one kind of reminds me of Nelly's "Ride Wit Me". Or no? Let me know what you think of the B section. This idea desperately needs some drums over it! And some kind of bouncy bass line I think. Let me know your thoughts
The ‘Perfect’ Show on WilderTime #032! Are you a good kisser? How about is this guitar riff the greatest of all time? Listen tonight and find out on com. Did someone in our family buy Elvis’s Cadillac in Germany? Lots of questions and lots of music! Counting Crows, Cocktail Slippers, New Order, Big Mama Thornton –… The post WilderTime #032 appe ...…
At Matte Black, "team culture" spans beyond the weekly happy hour. Tune in as Chelsea and Micah chat through the idea of company culture, and some touch points that business leaders should consider when establishing the culture for their team.
Christina Rowatt and Michele Madden talk about what intimacy means in the 21st century, the intensity of touring life, size queens, their vastly different approaches to love and romance, hermit heaven and cutting sick on the interwebs. And just generally riff on life and what it is to know your animal and exist in the human world.…
Perry and Laura talk with Fragnance Conchord. Follow Fragnance on Twitter: @FConchord Fragnance is an improviser in Nuggets and a contributing writer for Robot Butt and Blaffo. Riff Raff Revolution is a KnaveryInk podcast.
This week the Fife friends Get topical and Click Baity once again and pick apart new internet phenomenon, Yanny or Laurel, and let you know what they hear and how they think it works. They then chat about the sad death of Frightened Rabbit frontman, Scott Hutchison and discuss his music and talents. To lighten the mood a little the friends then ...…
All’interno di Radio Incredibile, si viene a creare un programma per band emergenti che si chiama Suoni All’Alba a cura di L’Altoparlante. In questo podcast gli artisti sono… GIULIA PRATELLI con NODI Un brano che esorta a trovare la forza di superare quel limbo esistenziale che spesso ci immobilizza fra i fantasmi del passato, eludendo la possi ...…
second member of goomah gang.. early supporter.. young kamil..longest episode to date.. talking crazys/o prodigy, neil young, bruce springsteen, max b, riff raff, metallica, gabe, faria, cardi b, etc
Picture a disc/wheel in a playground with leaves, rustling wind, and that disc is just spinning and fluctuating in speed. Super weird right? Check it out. Could it work in a film perhaps? What would you added over it? Besides wind, obviously.
Ju Unit must give Steve shit for not brow beating his wife Problems for old fathers Hair peice and transplant Riff Raff talk Two year blank Props to big Mike in the freezer Premature ejaculator and oops’ Presidential Mason Horse girls and leather skin More Free Ju Unit talking off Mic, again Bobble heads…
::: ^ clickable ^ ::: ::: DØWNLOAD | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE TO "LIQUIDE SESSIONS" ON ITUNES PØDCAST OR GOOGLE PLAY ... ENJØY! *** if yøutube & pødcast links are not working >>> live recørding is in process *** |:::|:::|::: :::|:::|:::| ::: 2016 HONORABLE MENTIONS::: Waterparks: Double Dare So I am a sucker for pop and when I heard the beginning of # ...…
When you have a special release and it's so dark that only a Metallica riff can aptly name it, then you probably have something pretty darn tasty. Find out how it's made as Bob and Nick go road-tripping to Track 7 Brewing. Amy Altstatt writes and illustrates children's book. She takes a dark turn on behalf of Track 7 Brewing. Write here……
Riff On's co-host Eric D. (@HopSnobbery) is joined by Pauly V (@varricc) to launch Episode 007, talking everything right off the top of their head. From music and CDs and Spotify to radio, maps and television. Pauly V. visits the Riff On studio in Colchester, Vermont for the very first time. Left alone in the studio, he admires some of the artw ...…
Episode 13 - Love City Arts Podcast - Guest: Sophia Gucthinov***Explicit Language Warning*** This week's guest, Sophia Gutchinov ( joins me to riff on mindfulness in our times, finding your Purpose, doing the things that matter to you and so much more. Like, Subscribe, and Comment if you enjoy the work of Love C ...…
Rod's Riffs: Warriors take Game 1 in Houston to snatch back homecourt advantage Giants find their bats in 10 run outburst vs Cincinnati Sports gambling legalization will change the sports landscape forever
AJ and Jasen discuss what their last 24hr would look like. Alright listen, it took like 13min to do so, we were shootin' the breeze for most of this. 00:00 - Shootin’ the breeze 32:30 - Main Topic discussion begins 43:40 - AJ ends it
The boys riff on the news in style, with a look at a French family admiring nature, Hawaiians refusing to avoid flaming lava, adult theme parks in Brazil, and Elon Musk.
What would you bring to the table? EH?
Matt and Zac interview Angel Flores. They talk about planting a church, killing a spider, and UFC fighting. Sponsor – Urban Islands Experience Connect With Angel – Facebook Mosaic Church Stuff Angel Mentioned – Christian Church Long Obedience in the Same Direction Goodreads Eugene Peterson Planning Center Online Nabhira Mascarro Kill ...…
we riff on javale mcgee and help u understand wtf is going on in the nba these dayBy (Matt Pitts & Kody Hanson).
Where I talk about what Social Security Disability Insurance is, what my experience was, how it works, a little riff on how I try to live my life.
More conversations with Uber drivers, spontaneous riffs, Yachtley Crew stuff and revelations abound!
Exploring some 70s synth pop with a lot of hooky guitar riffs both funky and ambiently interesting. Stereo goodness all around!!We give out the Ableton session with all the presets and plugins used along with the H9 preset Algorithms and KPA settings. Feel free to sample and use any of the tracks for your own projects or demos. Find the episode ...…
Joel Salatin said “make haste slowly” and by happy accident, that quote anchors this conversation with Andrew Nauenburg, Andy and Kelsea Wolfe, Pamela Slim, Tami McQueen, and Patrick Tucker from a panel discussion recorded live at EvolveCon 2018 in Omaha, NE. This group of experienced entrepreneurs and successful creatives riff about their jour ...…
Say HIGH to comedians Mitch Burrow, Chris Gardner and Josh Nasar! On this episode, we discuss our weekend trip to Mojave Desert for Big Fire Comedy Festival! A lot of silliness went down over the weekend including podcasting by the fire, roasting each other and 'shroom trips. We break it all down. We also discuss everyone's experience of perfor ...…
Perry and Laura talk to Seth Thomas of The Defiant Thomas Brothers. Follow Seth on Twitter: @usanegro This is a KnaveryInk podcast.
Welcome to episode #18 of the Geeks’ Boutique Podcast. We are especially excited to present to you an interview with Kevin VanHook, a Renaissance Man: TV / Film writer and director, visual effects supervisor, comic book writer and artist. Mr. VanHook was kind enough to give Zack an interview. Listen to the creator of Bloodshot reflect on his ca ...… Charlie Parker All-Stars - Thriving From a RiffRV - Garden (
In this episode of the Tortoise & The Hare Experience, we’re talking with Jeff Buehner from The Loyal Order!!! The Loyal Order first hatched as a studio project several years ago when Jeff Buehner was approached to write a theme song for a regional outdoor hunting reality show. After consulting with guitarist Brandon Cook for a heavy riff, the ...…
In this episode I catch up with Seamus Johnson from Sea Mouse, a no nonsense, blues/hard rock band.We discuss the making of their first album, writing the upcoming second album, the beauty of big, simple riffs and the current state of rock'n'roll in the capital.Check out Sea Mouse here: Gone So ...…
I really enjoyed making this next riff - I think it's one of those ideas that can just keep going forever. The improv soloing over was really fun to do, probably because the progression is emotional and serious. Fits the name "Down", I think. I could hear some vocals on this too, no? Who wants to solo over this? It'd be a blast to trade off imp ...…
Aaron & Nick welcome Alex Ptak onto the show to riff about Stacey Castor and her knack for killing her husbands with anti-"free". The "boyz" really get into this one as the story shows how it's dangerous to keep party in the front and business in the back.
OK, so you know that part in Back to the Future when Marty McFly gets on stage during the Enchantment Under the Sea dance? He straps on a guitar and starts playing so that his teenaged parents will dance, kiss, fall in love, and ensure that he eventually gets born. Well, one of my favorite moments of that scene is when he loses himself for a fe ...…
Episode 12 - Love City Arts Podcast - Guest: Chandler Smith***Explicit Language Warning*** This week's guest, Chandler Smith (@ChandlerSmithNYC) joins me to riff on Southern Livin', surviving & thriving in New York City, Mountain Gentrification, overcoming addiction and so much more. Like, Subscribe, and Comment if you enjoy the work of Love Ci ...…
On this episode we review Avengers: Infinity War and be warned it is SPOILER LADEN! If you have seen it great, if you have not then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Find out our thoughts on the film, its story, its production aspects, the acting and so much more!
A discussion of lighting design for your haunt. Episode 9: Lighting Hosts: John Schelt, Keoni Hutton and Leslie Reed Sound Effects:Music: Dance of Death Thunder:Recorded by Mark DiAngeloUploaded: 07.29.11 Creative Commons Attribution 3.0Modifications: Inserted over Dance ...…
Matt and Zac interview Erin Bird. They talk about Church Planting, difficulty leaving, and embarrassing moments in Ministry. Sponsor – Urban Islands Experience Connect With Erin – Riverwood Church Better Pastors Facebook Group Stuff Erin Mentioned – John Brown University Mattress Mack Astro’s Giveaway Logos Accordance Blue ...…
Jen and Twila go raw and unedited in this episode, chatting about the influential books by business influencers. This lively discussion gives Jen and Twila chance to riff off of each other while giving listeners a few key business nuggets. No big spoilers - but you might discover something new you want to read.…
This is the final of 3 improvisations for piano and ring modulator by Belly Full of Stars. Please check out the previous two episodes (#77 and 78) for Aerial and Sixty Cycle. You'll be glad you did. She writes: "All three are acoustic piano, processed and recorded live, only using the Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run pedal in it's 'Easter egg' ...…
For this atmospheric instrumental track created for the ESOPUS 25 "Jokes" CD (included in ESOPUS 25, the nonprofit arts publication now in bookstores) The Antlers frontman Peter Silberman took his inspiration from an old classic: A horse walks into a bar, and the bartender asks, "Why the long face?" Silberman talks about his choice in the issue ...…
Nina Osegueda is the frontwoman of the heavy metal band A Sound of Thunder. She lost 60 pounds in the early 2000s after overhauling her nutrition and exercise habits, and has held to a terrifically realistic approach to fitness, wellness and overall health ever since. She is a runner (sometimes begrudgingly) and likes a group fitness class. She ...…
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