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Get healthy, get lean and build more muscle by taking control and optimizing every aspect of your body. Learn the 3 step process to building a hall of fame body over at Take one massive step towards building a hall of fame body by getting downloading the 3 workouts and 3 breakfast recipes to optimize heath and help you get moving in the right direction toward getting lean, ripped and healthy today.
Rip City Report
Rip City Report featuring Joe Freeman of The Oregonian and Casey Holdahl of All things Portland Trail Blazers and more.
Rip City Report
Rip City Report featuring Joe Freeman of The Oregonian and Casey Holdahl of All things Portland Trail Blazers and more.
Road To Ripped
They're back! Gregory O'Gallagher of Kinobody and Christopher Walker of Truth Nutra have returned with the all-new Road To Ripped.
They're back! Gregory O'Gallagher of Kinobody and Christopher Walker of Truth Nutra have returned with the all-new Road To Ripped.
I have lost the ability to run... but the funny thing is... That ever since I have not been able to run, I have lost weight and got into the best shape of my life... How is this possible? Well that's what we are going to find out!
RIP is a promotional network and live FM radio station; dedicated to music and unity. We play all types of music with the common ground being Dope Beats and Originality! We are focused on promoting underground talent from around the globe to a world lacking originality in music these days.This station is founded on Unity and Mutual love and respect for all the artists involved. We are a people station based on equality and all having the same passion for music. If you want to be a part of th ...
The Rip Citizens
Hosts Alex Ward and Edwin Janes present an offbeat NBA podcast told through the lens of the Portland Trail Blazers. Sometimes informative, sometimes off-topic, but always entertaining.
A podcast for the LEO and the LEOW :: two alphas ruling one home, doing life differently
Rip City Bad Boys
Your hosts Kielen and Tristan are huge fans. Kielen (a Michigan native) is a lifelong Pistons fan (Bad Boys) and Tristan is a diehard Blazers fan (Rip City). So why not bring those two together in one awesome podcast?
Greg O’Gallagher of and Tom Ness bring you a hard-hitting, straight-shooting show about the most effective – and many times unconventional – psychology, training, and nutrition tips, tricks, and habit patterns to use to create a lasting fitness journey that will give you the body of your dreams – for the rest of your life. Bodyweight and weight training tactics, nutrition vs dieting, and mental hacking brings you closer to achieving your goals – one step at a time.
Rip City Mornings
Dan and Nigel break down the latest in Portland sports for you every morning, covering The Trail Blazers, Beavers, Ducks & more!
Ripped From The Walls is AWOL's first podcast series. In this series, reporters for AWOL dig into hard-hitting, investigative reporting about controversies at American University and The District. Awol Magazine is American University's progressive rabblerousers. Our publication comes out twice a year. Interests include investigative journalism, critical thinking and social justice.
Podcast by OfftheRip
Rip City Drive
Travis and Chad have you covered on all things Trail Blazers, Beavers, Ducks, and the biggest sports stories in Portland and across the country.
Brandon Laws and Dan Ziehl share a love of movies, TV shows, and sports and they discuss the world of entertainment on Talkin' Entertainment from Rip City. Oh yeah, and they love the Portland Trail Blazers.
Rip It! The podcast with hosts Seth Keal and Doug Parsons! Everyone is the protagonist of their own story, yet unless you’re lucky enough to be listening, too many of these stories don’t live beyond the ears of best buddies and bar locals. Equal parts storytelling and bullshitting with friends, Rip It Radio pumps these stories directly into your earholes, exposing you to hilarity, sadness, and most of all, humanity that would otherwise remain hidden and die off within a generation. True to r ...
Ripped Podcast
Daniel Gutierrez and Nick Dossman discuss hard topic ripped from the headlines and show you how little they really know.
A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far from Canon . . .If you grew up reading, eating, breathing and sleeping Star Wars then there's a good chance that the release of Episode VII has effectively wiped out the only Star Wars Universe you've ever known. But fear not, here at RIP: EU those stories are all getting a second chance. We're here to help you relive all of the awkward, nonsensical, strange and downright baffling events of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Follow along each episode as we ...
Let's smoke weed and talk about books, movies, aliens. With your hosts Bram Toker, Mary Jane Austen and JK Rollingpapers
Greg O’Gallagher of and Tom Ness bring you a hard-hitting, straight-shooting show about the most effective – and many times unconventional – psychology, training, and nutrition tips, tricks, and habit patterns to use to create a lasting fitness journey that will give you the body of your dreams – for the rest of your life. Bodyweight and weight training tactics, nutrition vs dieting, and mental hacking brings you closer to achieving your goals – one step at a time.
Off The Rip
Access PR - Lifestyle/Fashion Boutique Public Relations Agency
Making Your Music Your Business. How do real, working musicians overcome obstacles and achieve success?
Ripped In Half
Steve and Jaesin get to together to have a few beers and discuss tv, movies, comics, and weird news. This often leads to tangents that never go back to the original topic.
What happens when a couple of professional, giggly idiots get together, drink some wine and start a podcast? This loud, ridiculous mayhem, apparently. Hosted by two somewhat internet savvy best friends, Alysse Paris and Chloe Luke, “R.I.P Headphone Users” is fun, sometimes hilarious and always messy, internet trash. So come join the party as we randomly ramble about life, pop-culture, and most importantly, obsess over ourselves in great detail. Welcome to your new favourite podcast with new ...
RIP Sports Podcast
We banter about sports, culture, and whatever else gets us excited.
Visit our 24/7 site | Unique shows | Charismatic personalities | Heard in 133 countries| Streaming LIVE from multiple states & 4 countries!
Joff and Wave, 2 cousins from Burlington, NJ chop it up every week to discuss life, pop culture, women, and much more. Tune in and follow them on their unique and daring experiences.
"Foster, Lieutenant, R. I. P.," blared the voice horn, and five minutes later Rip Foster was off into space on an assignment more exciting than any he had ever imagined. He could hardly believe his ears. Could a green young Planeteer, just through his training, possibly carry out orders like these? Sunny space, what a trick it would be! From the moment Rip boards the space ship Scorpius there is a thrill a minute. He and his nine daring Planeteers must cope with the merciless hazing of the s ...
Your fitness, nutrition and workout motivational resource
A video podcast showing Cisco hands-on training exercises.
Josh talks with friends
CBS Sports' NBA Crossover with Rip Hamilton and Raja Bell explores thegame from the players' point of view.
Outsourcing product creation is the secret way the big guys crank out a never ending stream of fresh new products. Learn how to find the freelancers the pros use.
The #1 Fitness podcast for the hardworking and success seeking hustlers who want to build rock hard muscle while burning fat and getting insanely strong in the process.
Glow Radio
The Glow Radio podcast features live sets from your favorite EDM DJs and producers recorded at the legendary Glow Washington DC events.Available for free download, Glow Radio features live recordings of trance, house, techno and electro stars like Dada Life, Steve Angello, Armin van Buuren, Steve Aoki, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, Mark Knight and more!
To Grow so many people to Christ-likeness that the culture is dramatically impacted for the glory of God! 1 Church - 3 LocationsAllandale - Bulls Gap - Surgoinsville
You and Yours
On your side in a world of scams, frauds and rip-offs. The best in consumer journalism from You & Yours on BBC Radio 4.
Join host Shabaka Amen, Vegan Lifestyle Coach and founder of Vegan Body Breakthrough for the Hottest Vegan Talk Radio Show in America! During each episode of Celebrity Vegan Radio, Shabaka goes where no Vegan has gone before-getting STARS to REVEAL their 'PLANT-SEXY' body secrets and SHARE their perspective on plant-based living! TUNE in for LIVE interviews of Celebrity Vegan entertainers, authors, athletes, chefs, medical doctors, food documentary producers, activists, and more! Discover wh ...
Ska, Reggae Singles, all ripped from my collection 45's
Welcome to the greatest show in the multiverse! Strap yourself in for a rip-roaring rocket ship ride through the Nerd-O-Mania Nebula... Whoosh! From the backroom of Ye Olde Rocket Tavern in Altair City Spaceport, the Captain presents the UK show for the pop culture geek, technology nerd, and creative wizard. He discusses enjoying and creating science fiction, fantasy, and horror entertainment, in the form of books, comics, movies, TV, games, and toys. An inveterate tinkerer (you have to be t ...
Compare these amazing stories with your own. We all seem to be on this journey together, writing fiction and fact as we go...
Comedians Cameron James & Alexei Toliopoulos compare and contrast films with their reboots, remakes, and rip-offs.
Hi Im Brad! Doctor of Pharmacy, Personal Trainer, Fat Loss Coach, Lean Body Expert, Accomplished Author, Blogger, Fat-Hater, Wannabe Hip-Hop Artist (or backup dancer) and One Cool Ass Dude (Self-Proclaimed, of course). More at
Ripping apart classic, modern and obscure horror films, reviewing one movie each week.
True crime writers and pop culture podcasters Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie invite special guests to talk about ripped-from-the-headlines episodes of Law & Order, SVU, and Criminal Intent. Tweet to us @lawandorderpod or find us on Facebook at and on the web at
Cowboy Mustang Jane's Country Music Jazz Hour is an hour of rip-roarin’ good ol’ fashioned jazz music brought to you every month by your host, kindred spirit, and saloon door swingin' cattle brandin' ruff rider— Cowboy Mustang Jane. This podcast is for educational purposes.
Joe T Podcast
A new podcast featuring a powerhouse fulled with rage. A Cerebral Palsy guy that had enough with modern society.
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On April's episode of Techno Delivery Systems Radio we're proud to feature Dj Anya. Anya never disappoints regardless of the genre with which she decides to grace your, techno, progressive, trance and all sorts of amazing weirdness between...she always delivers something audiences enjoy! Anya's dropping a full two hours for the sho ...…
So, we’re starting with Eric Roberts. Pretty sweet, right? Then we add a little Eliza Roberts, a bit of R. Lee Ermey (RIP). How about a big dose of special guest Stephanie Crawford? Yeah, it’s getting good, now. Well, how about we mix that up into a great big pot of weirdness called LOVE IS A GUN, featuring fingered brain holes, defiled wedding ...…
Our hosts talk the passing of Verne Troyer, vile professors and Barbara Bush, Google lawsuits, and The Simpsons’ Apu. The post Episode 53 Verne Troyer RIP, Bush vs The Nutty Professors, End Tenured Teaching, Civilization Under Fire, + The Revelation of Apu appeared first on SAFE SPACES Podcast.
Gary Bettman bootycalls NHL fans. The Kings and Ducks embarass themselves in equal measure, and toxic masculinity is one hell of a drug. We continue our never-ending playoffs recap, players rip their old coaches, and it's time for Billy P to find a new home. We weigh in on awards nominees and are 100% correct. The Swedish women's national team ...…
We discuss what's next for net neutrality, Amazon home robots and the death of cash.
James Schramko from SuperFastBusiness had a very successful corporate career in the motor industry, but everyday he was worried about redundancy. James father's career was swiftly taken from him and James didn't want to leave anything to chance, that he might suffer the same fate. James worked around the clock to match his corporate income befo ...…
This is a special episode. Audio ripped from a phenomenal talk my wife Kate Hickey and I had with 80 high school students in Spring Hill, Tennessee about how they can start now to build their careers in marketing, engineering or any other field they might be interested. I was super pumped to have the opportunity to talk to this group of student ...…
God of War, Bungie Summit, Xbox Community best Ever.
ZING POW WOW!This week’s episode has special tri-hosts and friends, Director/Writer Andrew Osburn and Improviser/Actor Greg Lutz.The format of this episode is in reverse, much like the lives of the characters these two guy play in the mockumentary movie, The Miss OTB Scandal. April, Andy, and Greg first talk about Miss OTB, its plot, how it cam ...…
2:20 - Combat Sports Talk (Boxing & UFC) 19:09 - The Lords discuss their #GameStruck4. The FOUR most influential titles to each Lord as a GAMER! #Memories 39:02 - Last week ILP Poll results. 41:34 - RIP Matt (Xbox Addict) #IronLordSalute (Go Fund Me link below) 43:02 - MASTERPIECE TALK! (God Of War Non Spoiler Impressions) 1:04:44 - Lord Cognit ...…
The Top 10 BEST OF AVICII MEGAMIX by DJ Mark Sugar "IN THE MIX SINCE 96" Apple Podcast * Bonus Stikman Remix! Recorded Live at Piggy's in Saskatoon, SK Canada Requests @MarkSugar306 Free download is only active for users who are following so follow, like and share! Thank you and please enjoy! RIP Tim Berg aka Avicii…
In typical blog boys fashion, Ajay, Nishant, and Sandeep discuss the unknown futures of the losers and potential losers of the 2018 NBA playoffs.
Bully Hunters This week we rip apart the presentation of the short lived website, Bully Hunters, but also inspire gamers to be better gamers.
RIP Blazers / End of King's Cleveland Reign #2? / #Pettywarz
RIP AVICIIwww.DjCanale.comiTunes: Canale Radio
Making it's iTunes debut is the Twitch exclusive podcast; Oh, Hi! Oh, Guys... Podcast! Broadcasting just about every Friday on Twitch.TV/RealNerdCorp, Alex Swisher and co-host Chad (yup, that same asshole) talk wrestling from a rather indy perspective. On this weeks show we outright rip off the NewLegacyINC crew and reveal our top ten wrestling ...…
Greg Popovich's wife passes away, Cavs win but still in trouble, OKC's Big 3 aint working, Karl Anthony-Towns is missing, Steph Curry could miss round two and RIP Bruno Sammartino
* Jesus sends out His disciples to go before Him and preach. * Matthew Henry - “the quality of the receiver determines the nature of the reception.” * Notice that the person who is peaceful will receive peace. * The person who isn’t peaceful will not receive it. * The things that happen on the outside are a result of who the person is on the in ...…
This episode is actually one of the first topics I ever thought to talk about when I created the show. And I weirdly kept putting it off. Whenever I tell someone what my podcast is about, I say something along the lines of it being a short history podcast about everyday things. And this particular topic has been the first thing that has popped ...…
David Gleave, Aviation safety researcher at Loughborough University, gives his assessment of an accident in the US in which the engine of a Southwest Airlines plane was ripped off midair
A year later and I am still here! This week we have John back to talk about all the same stuff, it's been a year why would i change?Email the show!- yourbrainontom@gmail.comTwitter- Codes:2:20- Year in Review 5:00-Parasyte/ Anime vs Manga18:30-John's Work Stories20:00-Poop and Poop Strategies24:30-Pax East28:00-L ...…
In this episode of Fire Bad, Tree Pretty, Amanda and Lydia discuss S01E06 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "The Pack." Points of interest: zebra sex, sock puppet hyenas, cool ways to get maimed, unacceptable food theft, Willow might be a stalker, HERBERT, sexual orientation: dodgeball, when Willow cries we all cry, the tit patrol, hot dog crimes, p ...…
In this episode we discuss three mid-'70s films starring Amitabh the “Big B” Bachchan. Show Notes: We did not come up with a series name Our previous AB episode ( We still can’t find some of Bachchan’s big '70s hits Thank you Edmonton Public Library Bachchan: The Early Years Namak Haraam (https ...…
We back with episode 37, we been gone. Tune in and find out why! follow Jimmy on FB: Pierre RIP Kasey Ushery ig: @dirt919
"You in the Poolside Possy, or not bro?" Jordan and Zack rip into yet another bite of content discussing a few embarrassing stories, dinner party guests, and introduce a new weekly segment
The first DJ Cast episode on YouTube and SoundCloud rips, with the top 3 remixes of the week at the end.
Mark Hamill Never Said that The Last Jedi is the Reason He Doesn’t Care to Come Back for Episode IX. In an interview with ABC News, Mark Hamill made a comment that has sent the click-bait industry ablaze. In the context of talking about how hard Carrie Fisher’s death has been to him and his family, Hamill said, “It really has tarnished my abili ...…
Host Dori Staehle fills in today to talk about FAQ’s. She will tell you what you really need to ask so you can move your music career forward - and not get ripped off! In the past 16 years, Dori has found, groomed, and booked over 900 local young bands and solo artists and managed some bands as well. She knows what it takes to get noticed, get ...…
THIS WEEK:Max-El went to church. Niggas was holy ghostin'.Threesome stories.Floyd needs to diversify his bonds.RIP MORE!!!
We discuss the iconic work of Chinese actress Ruan Lingyu and her work in THE GODDESS (1931), along with the adaptation of her life in Stanley Kwan's bio pic CENTER STAGE (1991).If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop us a line at importantcinemaclubpodcast@gmail.comOn this week's Patreon episodes, we talk Leonard Maltin's Movi ...…
Yes, this interview is with THE Neil Moore – the guy who is tied with only one other human on the planet for having every Expert level cert from Cisco – All CCIE’s and the CCDE. I first found out about Neil through a YouTube channel he had when he was at HP doing some interop stuff with their switches. The funny thing is, THAT EXACT CONCEPT is ...…
The Audio PANCE/PANRE PA Board Review Podcast Welcome to episode 59 of the FREE Audio PANCE and PANRE Physician Assistant Board Review Podcast. Join me as I cover ten Emergency Medicine End of Rotation Exam (EOR) review questions from the SMARTYPANCE course content following the NCCPA and PAEA content blueprint (download the FREE cheat sheet). ...… takes a look at all of the crazy things that have happened in the real world, in the past 16-17 months since "Westworld" season 1 finished and now. Below are the notes on the subjects we cover with "Westworld Expert" Andrew Patterson Westworld Season 2 Preview - premiers on April 22nd on HBO Westworld’s first season ende ...…
Episode 48 "RIP Winchester and The Hawk" Chuck and I talk geek talk, and the topic of a "Hall Pass List" comes up. You know that list when two married people agree on 5 celebrities it would be okay to lay with in a biblical way, and you cannot catch flack for it. We talk Hulk and Green Lantern and Tom Cruise, and shake weights come up again. Th ...…
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