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Risky Whiskey
Risky Whiskey is group based in Dallas attempting to bring comedy to the masses. Here you can find our podcasts. To find additional podcasts and our original videos visit
Risky Whiskey Presents!
Follow your hosts Jeff and Jake through endless hours of clips found in a CIA archive. Often joined by friends and guests.
Bob Save the Queen
From Risky Whiskey, host Bobby takes co-host Shaun and sometimes guests through the entire Queen discography.
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Greetings! Jake, Jeff, Sam, and Shaun discuss all things, numerology, one world orders, tomb stones, and much more!Enjoy!
Greetings! Charles Walter Thomas returns to have the boys pitch new show ideas to help generate more income for the company. Enjoy!
Great Scott! It seems Biff forgot to put that second coat of wax on the Risky Whiskey DeLorean. Probably because he was listening to today's episode.On today's episode the boys of Risky Whiskey are joined by a couple of silly, special guest. First Jeff, Jake and the gang play a new game brought to us by one of our special guest, as well as a RW ...…
A note to all card carrying members of SPECTRE: the makers of this podcast are prepared to infiltrate your secret volcano lair and kill all of your henchmen if you do not listen to today's episode.The boy's of Risky Whiskey are at it again with a whole new batch of stupidness. First we hear the awkwardness that is a craigslist orgy. And then we ...…
A note to all archaeologists: there are no snakes in today's episode of Risky Whiskey Presents!This week Jeff, Jake and the gang welcome newcomer Trevor to the Risky Whiskey family. As an initiation they force him to listen to a recording of a day at Ludwig's Pet Shoppe. And then the gang hears some strange interactions at your local barber sho ...…
The producers would like to go ahead and apologize for the host of Risky Whiskey Presents… He's a Replicant.In today's episode we hear what it's like to have your mind gradually slip through your fingertips like so much sand on a beach. Today we hear a recording of someone with multiple personalities, and how they interact with each other. And ...…
[INSERT NERDY REFERENCE HERE] especially if you plan on hearing today’s episode.This week Jeff, Jake & The Gang waste even more time than ever. First they figure out what Shaun’s top 20 favorite things are. And then we hear pure cacophony when the gang plays a recording of book title pitch meeting.So [PLACEHOLDER FOR YET ANOTHER DORKY REFERENCE ...…
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