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MMA Roasted
Every week, comedian and longtime MMA aficionado Adam Hunter, joined by a diverse cast of fighters and comedians, takes a look at the lighter side of life and mixed martial arts. Warning: The following podcast contains strong language and extremely poor taste. Listener discretion is advised.
News Roast
A comedy podcast in which award winning satirists Heydon Prowse & Jolyon Rubinstein invite a new guest on each week to roast some hot topics in three courses of conversation.
The Morning Roast
Domonique Foxworth, Mina Kimes and Clinton Yates cover all things sports and beyond.
Film Roast
Over-Caffeinated. Under-Qualified.
Roots, Rockers, Reggae, Dancehall & Dub and everything in between. Special guest Artists & Selectors on rotation.
The coffee roasting process is so complex. The taste is affected by so many things. And there are many ways to control the process during the roast: the time, the color, the smell, the bean temperature - and the possibilities are increasing with new technology.This podcast is about all the different approaches in coffee roasting. Its not about one particular way or roast degree. But its walking around the whole coffee roasting landscape.Made by Therese Brøndsted from Denmark. She has a Maste ...
Home of Korey Coleman and the Double Toasted crew. Bringing you the latest Hollywood movie reviews, pop culture commentary and fun animated entertainment.
Rose Pricks is a podcast dedicated to mocking the idiots of The Bachelor. With Ronnie Karam and Stefanie Wilder Taylor
Historial Roast
Historical Roast is a monthly live comedy roast held at The NerdMelt Showroom in Hollywood, CA. Your favorite comedians come together to roast a historical figure! Hosted by Eddie Furth and Ryan Pigg. Produced by Eddie Furth, Samee Junio, and Ryan Pigg Find us on Like us at Part of the Hello, LionFace podcast network.
OK Roast
Go deeper than the headlines and soundbytes every week with this informative look at the day's thorniest issues
Why suffer through a bitter cup of burnt or stale coffee when there is a world of amazing coffee out there? Roast and Reason podcast is a coffee podcast that explores the world of specialty coffee. Each week with dive into a wide variety of coffee topics with educational and actionable information. Are you curious about the best techniques for how to make coffee at home? How to buy the best coffee? How to store coffee? How a coffee roaster transforms green coffee? Join us as we answer these ...
Stefanie Wilder Taylor (For Crying Out Loud) and Ronnie Karam (Watch What Crappens, TrashTalkTV) sling mud at the idiots of The Bachelor.
The exclusive podcast of the Big Diss Roast Battle, a 1-on-1 battle of insults until a winner is chosen by the audience. This podcast takes an in-depth look at the battles that take place at the monthly Big Diss Roast Battle show at the Fountain Bar (122 State st. Madison, WI). Host and MC of the Big Diss, Marty Clarke, sits down with DJ / Sound Producer, DJ Sauce, to breakdown battles, play clips, interview guests, and get drunk while talking about the hottest show in the Midwest.'s podcast dedicated to discussing He-Man, She-Ra and all things around and between with fun tangents a'plenty!
Over-Caffeinated. Under-Qualified.
Roast Mortem Cast
We've all been taught to venerate the dead. Where's the fun in that?! No one can take all their rotten secrets to the grave. Humans are just trash monsters that make mistakes, rub together and make more humans. So, let's grab some beers, bury inhibitions and dig up some dirt on history's most iconic departed.
A podcast dedicated to exploring the deeper meanings and the various layers of the comics medium
We answer the questions we know you’ve always had! It’s a podcast about nonsense. Join us on the fun!
Music is Love
Rat Roast: Explication Potpourri is a podcast by rats and for rats where your hosts, Arden and Fiona (two rats), dig through the best garbage the internet has to offer.
A satirical sketch show featuring the talents of Barry Murphy, Gary Cooke, Paul Howard, Neil Delamere and John Colleary amongst others.
Welcome to the theatre of the warped mind! The home of character skits, rants, and utter tomfoolery! Welcome to my nuthouse!
I roast things and people
Jordan Ross, Todd Cowart, and Trevor Harden co-host a weekly sounding board for all things Roasting Room: This week at Roasting Room, Future acts, Prior week's performances, & Bourbon Whiskey.
Unnecessary Roasting
What you want to hear, or maybe don't want to hear about sports
Roast Chestnuts
A podcast devoted to loving and exploring Christmas made-for-tv movies. Presented by Alan Maguire, Jeanne Sutton, a special guest every episode, and the spirit of Christmas.
Lil Roast
How to make my life better
The original podcast dedicated to strip away the buzz, the marketing spin and the hype by getting under the hood and giving you “all coffee… no sugar”. The only coffee podcast show motivating you to take action and accelerate your results with your coffee and your business by sharing tools, resources, ideas, reviews and interviews which work on getting you the biggest results by concentrating on the important small things. Interviewing real coffee business owners and probing their minds to g ...
A Comedy Podcast dedicated to putting the ‘Great and the Good’ on a skewer for a complete deconstruction and re-think: Roast-style! We take on everything from single bad ideas to fully bloated ideologies. Advertising that makes you cringe to media empires that need downsizing. Groups that need disbanding to Organisations that need re-organising. A bottom-up critical eye on all things cultural! With special guests and ‘experts’ phoning-in, the show will take you through the subject in hand wi ...
Reality T.V Roast
Podcast by Keanu Head
Motion Picture Meltdown is a comedic movie podcast that was created in 2009 and is hosted by Stephen "The Roast" Rosenberg, Mark "The Shark" Hinton, and Phil "The Kill" Collins. We spend our valuable time watching the most terrible movies possible, and ripping them apart scene by scene. We do this simply for fun. If you get offended easily, I would not recommend listening to the podcast, if you love crude, senseless humor, then by all means, check us out! Most of the time we invite special g ...
A peek behind the family curtain. Raising & Roasting - a show based on the popular newspaper column that explores parenting, psychology, and food. Hosted by Dr. Bobbi Wegner, a clinical psychologist and Mum to 3 little humans.
Cherry Roast Presents: A podcast about coffee and the women who make it.
Canned Roast Beef
Eat Your Meat
A podcast about current events and life in Iowa City
Coffee Roasters from Brooklyn, NY
It's our Sunday morning show about what's going and who's doing what in Oxfordshire..Caroline is like a dog with a bone when it comes to hunting down interesting stories - so rather than risk her getting arrested for camping outside celebrity houses (she's done that in the past) we've put her on Sunday mornings to keep her off the streets.
Toast It or Roast It
Toast It or Roast It is a pop culture podcast hosted by two best friends. Each week, Emma Rhyner and Larry Johnson talk about six pop culture topics and then decide which deserve to be toasted and which deserve to be roasted.
This book follows the adventures of Emma McChesney, a smart and savvy divorced mother who travels the Midwest as a sales representative for a large skirt and petticoat manufacturer. Her many adventures with people, (including predatory salesmen and hotel clerks), are funny and poignant. She is hardworking and able to outsell the slickest of the men salesmen. She has learned to focus on her work and her seventeen-year-old son, Jock. Experience has taught her that it is usually best to stick t ...
Mean Boys
A scripted comedy podcast featuring topical jokes, games and irreverent nihilism hosted by Keith Carey and Connor McSpadden with Tom Goss. New episodes every Tuesday. Support the show on Patreon for bonus content:
Bi Monthly podcast of new, current and exclusive music from the label Ghetto Funk, Goodgroove and many more. Mixed and hosted by DJ Roast Beatz with occasional guests!
Podcast for coffee professionals and enthusiasts. Valerian interviews emerging and established coffee professionals who are ready to reveal their secrets so you can use them to improve the quality of your coffee and boost your coffee business. Valerian works on online coffee education projects from his home in Northern California. Originally he is from Central Europe where he co-owns a third wave coffee roasting company called Green Plantation.Join him on the path to discovering the newest t ...
Unpacking Coffee
Unpacking Coffee is a coffee-focused video podcast hosted by Raymond and Kandace Brigleb, and presented by Needmore Designs.
Covering everything from the most basic to the most advanced in the world of high end coffee and espresso
Davin's Den
Every Tuesday from 6:30 PM EST to 9:30 PM EST spend some quality time with comedians Davin, Pip & Joe as they touch on events that effect our region, nation, and world. Add a constant variety of special guests, unique radio games, and innovative comedy bits and you have three hours that can't be missed. You might learn something but we promise you will be laughing so much you won't even notice.
Weekly podcast crafted for people working or in love with specialty coffee. Interviews about brew methods, customer service, staffing, opening a coffee shop, tea, and discovering the best cafes around.
James Hoffmann's writing on coffee
Coffee, Unleashed
Locally Roasted Coffee | Indianapolis, Indiana
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Lauren gives the LoDown on all the new music we’re getting from rappers that don't mumble. J Cole dropped on 420, and Kanye’s dropping his 9th studio album in June along with Drake’s 6th- but since these are male rappers, nobody will create a “beef.” Kendrick didn’t drop a new album, but he did get a Pulitzer for the message he made in DAMN. Co ...…
What’s it like to be a Park Ranger at one of the biggest caves in the US? Let’s explore the other-worldliness of Carlsbad Caverns with Interpretive Park Ranger Katie Crowley to find out. She leads cave tours, helps answer visitor questions, and writes poetry about the sites she sees every day. Show Notes found at: ...…
This week Uzo and Stoney of Stuzo Clothing join us as we undergo a new hair removal technique called Beychella. 10/10 would recommend. -------------------------------------------------------- SUZO CLOTHING: STUZO INSTAGRAM POC PATREON If you'd like to honey roast someone, have any topics you'd like us to cover, an ...…
Logan goes on a tangent. Sean roasts Logan. Just a normal episode of RCP!rocketcitypodcast@gmail.comFacebook:…
The August Ahlal Bayt. Ibrahim (as) entertains his guests with a roasted calf, heated with hot stones. Ibrahim (as) the first person to entertain a guest.aac
Want to hear a British guy & Polish girl discuss differences in their countries, their views on being patriotic to one’s country as well as the “separation of church & state” or lack thereof as well as numerous other topics? Well then be sure to check out part 2 of episode 19 of Genuine Chit-Chat! In this part, Mike & Justyna continue their dis ...…
Playlist: Figure - Friday the 13th Badboe - Hit the Maestro (feat. Rayan MC) (jPod remix) Pendulum - Tarantula (Father Funk remix) cozy - Hip Hopity Benny Page - Turn down the lights (Father Funk remix) One - T - I woke up (Freddy high remix) Unknown - Much more bounce (Dr Packer & friend remix) Roast Beats - Boombox (feat Dr. Syntax) Tom Drumm ...…
We're roasting America's most talented,flamboyant pianist Liberace. His showmanship and charisma was unrivaled, but his vanity got the best of him. Oh yeah, and he would surgically make his lovers look like him... Creep!By Roast Mortem Cast.
Roast cod with thyme, spiced rice, courgette ribbons, wild garlic and fresh lime… all from Steph Moon!
A new MP3 sermon from The Ft. Lauderdale Baptist Temple is now available on with the following details: Title: Abrahams roasted Lamb-"rise again 7x"-rapture Speaker: Dr Ray C Nichols Broadcaster: The Ft. Lauderdale Baptist Temple Event: Sunday Service Date: 4/6/2018 Bible: Genesis 16-22 Matthew12-241 Thessalonians 5 Length: 52 min.…
The trailer for the podcast Rat Roast: Explication Potpourri. Rat Roast is a comedy podcast where we analyze the bizarre wonders of the internet.
Episode 48 "RIP Winchester and The Hawk" Chuck and I talk geek talk, and the topic of a "Hall Pass List" comes up. You know that list when two married people agree on 5 celebrities it would be okay to lay with in a biblical way, and you cannot catch flack for it. We talk Hulk and Green Lantern and Tom Cruise, and shake weights come up again. Th ...…
This week Sergio and Tyler talk about how Villanova dominated the Final Four, how #OurRamblers were more than your typical Cinderella story, and how the Gators will look next year without Chris Chiozza at the helm. Sergio also talks some soccer towards the end and why Zlatan is now king of Los Angeles. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter! @SJ_ ...…
Back at it again. Thank you so much for your patience with me. In episode 205 of the Daily Ristretto, I talked about: Smarter Queue Facebook questions Blog posts Listen to the podcast Smarter Queue Smarter Queue is a service that allows you to schedule social media posts and shares. It also allows you to […]…
Is Brexit actually a trade opportunity in the making? Join us this week as we talk with Mark Littlewood, the Director General of the London-based Institute of Economic Affairs!
A hearty and heavy roast review of Dragon Ball Super's finale our Top 5 favorite heroes (all spectrums). The next GTA game where should it be located? Finally our Top 3 most unexpectedly good video games.
Black by popular demand! It’s another episode of your favorite weekly roast session: UNSEASONED, and this time we’re stirring some tea on everyone’s wild spring break in Miami, giving the dump on Trump’s latest scandal and his vision for the future, taking a peek at the ever fraudulent Rachel Devil-zal’s latest antics, and putting all the poser ...…
The local Mega-Mart has 97 check-out lanes, yet only TWO are open!!!
Jim Munson has had an influential hand in two important local industries: beer and coffee. After spending more than a decade as a VP and partner at Brooklyn Brewery in the 1990s and then seven years as a VP of Dallis Bros. Coffee, he decided to start his own business, inspired by both. “I had the idea in my head to open sort of a Brooklyn-Brewe ...…
In the second instalment of the YGM podcast, your hosts Aba, Helena, and Melissa lovingly roast Black Panther. They into the nitty gritty and discuss the pay gap in relation to black women. They sing and analyze the problematicism of Michael Jackson in Remember The Time...and they also revisit the Auntie Weave... This podcast is powered by Pine ...…
This sermon series for Lent 2018 is taken from and based on Concordia Publishing House's Series, "Return from Exile." You may play the audio of the sermon here or by clicking the post's title. Grace to you and peace from God our Father and from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen. The text this evening is from the book of the Exodus and the ...…
"Well...I've got gonorrhea." Vinnie & Matt discuss "The Burning", the sixteenth episode of season nine, as well as...toe thumbs, high notes, and favorite Puddy/Mickey moments. Links from our discussion: Jason's first film, "The Burning" (1981) The Roast of William Shatner Jon Stewart/Arby's compilation Patrick Warburton (David Puddy) Twitter Da ...…
Southern summer BBQ inspired cola-brined pork chop that is picnic and backyard party friendly, easy to prepare, and ideal now that spring has sprung. 1) Ingredients to prepare the Piggy (6 bone-in pork loin chops, about 10 oz. each): Cola, enough to cover the chops 1/2 C kosher salt Salt and pepper to taste or your favorite seasoning blend 2) N ...…
Southern summer BBQ inspired cola-brined pork chop that is picnic and backyard party friendly, easy to prepare, and ideal now that spring has sprung. 1) Ingredients to prepare the Piggy (6 bone-in pork loin chops, about 10 oz. each): Cola, enough to cover the chops 1/2 C kosher salt Salt and pepper to taste or your favorite seasoning blend 2) N ...…
The guys react to the Marlins' disastrous first inning against the Cubs. Tobin gives his managerial advice for Marlins' pitcher Jose Urena to help him get out of the first inning. The guys discuss migraines. Leroy doesn't want to see Beast's plethora of medicines when he goes over to Beast's place for a party. The guys wonder if MLB planned on ...…
Bryan Vokey is your 2018 Roast Battle Royale champion and the 2017 Roastie Award winner for Rookie of the Year. This week, he swings through the Comedy Store basement studio to talk with Moses, Coach, and Pat about his dad cheating on his mom, getting kicked out of the Army, and why he doesn't feel intimidated writing roast jokes for boring whi ...…
We all love riding the monorail, I mean some people even consider it a ride (cough Kathy cough) but there are plenty of other modes of transportation. On episode 192 of Behind The Ears Podcast, we dove into all the different modes of transportation available to guests at Walt Disney World. Let us know what your favorite Disney transportation is ...…
You ever wonder which resort was a little better than the other? Well, on episode 191 of Behind The Ears Podcast the guys brought you another showdown where they went head to head to debate to see if Port Orleans French Quarters or Port Orleans Riverside was better. Chime in and let us know who you think won and where your allegiance may stand ...…
This week! The boys are joined by another friend of the show this week, Anthony. While the Hogg roast in Florida continues to cook up controversy and nonsense, the crew talks about Roseanne’s return, brew tours, guns, and yes…we even touch on Hogg-warts and his bully pulpit. Join us for rambles and rumbles, revelations and revolutions, all with ...…
Happy Easter to all of you the listeners! I hope you have a great Easter!! With Easter coming up this Sunday, do you know what you are having for Easter dinner? Do you need some ideas for what to make this Easter? Maybe you could use a side dish idea, a main entree idea, or a dessert idea. Chef Alex is here to help you! Chef Alex loves Easter a ...…
Live, the boys make roasted chicken, get excited about Wrestlemania, discuss this week's cucks, and preview baseball season.
Aussie supermarkets have put their roast chicken prices up by $1, causing national outrage, and also begging the question; what's the best part of a roast chicken? Legal emailed us to say we can't do Secret Sound anymore, so we gave it a twist and came up with What Caused The Smelly Sound? (yes, more fart jokes). We also cover the cricket playe ...…
Dandelion Root and Cardamom Latte If you are curious about how to take advantage of the transitional spring season for cleansing, particularly of the liver, in the rest of this video, I will show you how to make this delicious dandelion root and cardamom latte and how it works. Spring is a time of new beginnings, regeneration and renewal. Accor ...…
Chef La T roasts Bobby Flay, Elvis' old house is haunted, and Bobby Flay joins us for the Match Game!
This week on the podcast, we talk with rapper, beatmaker and Irish hip-hop advocate Spekulativ Fiktion about his new EP, his upcoming appearance at It Takes a Village festival. and his roots in Cork city's heavy metal scene. Music this week from O Emperor, Naive Ted, Jar Jar Jr., Elaine Malone, and more.01. O Emperor - Make it Rain02. Elaine Ma ...…
The New American Haggadah: A Simple Passover Seder for the Whole Family (free on Kindle) The Haggadah (order of the service) Opening Hymn The First Cup (The Cup of Sanctification) ...…
Welcome to the Coffee and Your Health series of the Roast and Reason podcast! Is coffee good for you or does it cause health problems? There is a lot of conventional wisdom out there about coffee and health that is just plain wrong. So in this series we will evaluate what the scientific research actually tells us. So lets find out if coffee jus ...…
Finding a suitable match online is already hard, but will VR save the day or make things even more complex? Welcome to Law Zero: a podcast about the implications (intended or otherwise) of emerging technology.After eight revisions, three different editing programs, and more technical difficulties than you could shake a stick at, we’ve finally m ...…
Southeastern Roastery is the result of Candy Schibli's retirement planning. Hear about what it's like to work a 9-to-5 whilst simultaneously building a roasting company in the heart of D.C. | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram 1kg Mill City Roaster Academy of Coffee Excellence | Williamsburg Coffee and Tea World Resources I ...…
We get back to our march madness bracket, the battle of the bands. Brian falks about his adventures durung his bachelor party. Jeff ross and Dave attell roast him on the show, and he talks of his first drinks in 18 months. We invite Sean connery to the show tonight for an exclusive interview. Sean has much disrespect to all pansies. We would li ...…
Movie previews, Rex Tillerson, A Wrinkle In Time, Dan's birthday unboxing, Nier Automata, whitenority report, the Roast of Dan, Mary Poppins, Taylor Swift, Russia, Bad Improv.Facebook Group: Mercenary InkPlease share and rate on iTunes! Email us at !Title music is "Flashback" by Robert Dale Sager, https://sagermen.bandcamp ...…
Cannabis, Marijuana, Pot, the magic medicine, is now legal in California, it is also expensive! We discuss how to get deals at the dispensaries, sharing edibles with your family, meeting Bong's brother Pot Roast. @Bong.Cali
Thanks for lending us your “Ears” for episode 190 of Behind The Ears Podcast. On today's episode, the guys talked about some News and Rumors circulating inside the Disney Co. and took some listener questions. Don’t forget to share this with your friends! Expedition Roasters is ‘THE’ artisanal roaster of specialty Disney inspired coffees. Why no ...…
SUBSCRIBE TO THE SHOW! Join our Facebook group at: In this episode, Jerry and Victor talk a little about playing in Dragonball Super Card Game tournaments at our local shops, because we like the game a lot. We get into a conversation about Comixology sales, and what we've been reading. We then br ...…
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