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RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk
For the people, By the people
Fan Off Podcasts
The world as seen through the eyes of The Prodigy Mike Bennett and the First Lady of Ring of Honor Maria Kanellis
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We preview the biggest party of the Summer! (more…)
Roman takes a desk chair to the face. It’s amazing. (more…)
RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk
Is an Oreo a sandwich? Also, Shinsuke vs. John Cena (more…)
Skatz was there live at Battleground. Eric was at Raw the next night. Maxwell sings. (more…)
RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk
These bastards canceled Talking Smack! (more…)
RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk
Del Rio and Paige have a moment (more…)
RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk
Fatal Four are back together to discuss the greatest worker of all time… Jeff Jarrett! (more…)
RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk
Kody’s back! Also… the ‘n’ word. (more…)
Welp. The first women’s Money in the Bank got people talking. (more…)
RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk
Eric and Maxwell review NJPW Dominion and Raw ratings continue to tank (more…)
RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk
Are they forcing Shinsuke too hard? Will it cause a backlash? Plus, Will defends SmackDown like old times. (more…)
RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk
We talk sinking ratings, 205 Live disastrous run, and Extreme Rules! (more…)
It happened. Jinder is WWE Champion. On the plus side, NXT TakeOver was awesome. (more…)
RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk
We apologize to the entire country of Australia for the following episode of RBR (more…)
That guy from The Kings of Leon shows his ass against wrestling fans (more…)
With Payback behind us, we decide to turn our attention over to our friends in the Impact Zone! (more…)
Is Smackdown’s attempt at pushing known losers having an ill effect? (more…)
Jinder Mahal gets the most discussion he’s possibly ever received on a podcast. (more…)
It’s time to shake things up again! Just with no real rhyme or reason. (more…)
RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk
WrestleMania 33 is in the books! It delivers in some parts and shits the bed in others. Let’s talk about it. (more…)
Matt’s back for our go-home to WrestleMania 33! (more…)
Anything newsworthy happen this week? (more…)
It’s the return of the All Mail Bag Edition of RBR! (more…)
We celebrate 600 episodes by remembering one of the all time greats (more…)
Paul has quite the shindy experience and TNA loses a good portion of their top tier talent (more…)
The Rock shows up at Raw, but doesn’t and Thea Trinidad plays AJ Lee. It’s all hella weird (more…)
Did we just witness one of the best segments in Raw history? (more…)
On our road to Elimination Chamber, Eric finds out what reverse blackface is. (more…)
We recap an amazing weekend in San Antonio with the Rumble and NXT Takeover! (more…)
What surprises are we hoping for in the 2017 Royal Rumble match?! (more…)
WWE crowns its first UK Champion and good portion of the matches delivered! (more…)
Are you ready to make the switch? (more…)
In 2017, SmackDown continues to be great television and Raw continues to not be. (more…)
Who was the best in 2016? Who was the worst? RBR debates it! (more…)
The final RBR of 2016 takes a look at Roadblock and Total Nonstop Deletion (more…)
This show is #Excellence! (more…)
Paul Griffin attends a SmackDown/205 Live taping. He doesn’t think that should be a thing anymore. (more…)
Paul has an experience at Alberto Del Rio’s restaurant in San Antonio (more…)
Happy Thanksgiving! We got a match of the year candidate from NXT Toronto and the highly controversial Goldberg vs. Lesnar match this week. (more…)
Raw and SmackDown collide and The Undertaker returns to SmackDown! (more…)
Paul, Robbie, and Max take a look at this weekend’s UFC 205 PPV (more…)
America is great again and WWE continues to not know what “main event” means. (more…)
WWE makes history with the first women’s main event at Hell in a Cell. Were we impressed? (more…)
Two-Man Mania continues with the return of Maxwell Baumbach and Eric Brady! Plus, that women’s Hell in a Cell segment (more…)
Goldberg is back! Ellsworth gets a title shot! TNA is back to misery! (more…)
It’s the Will and Eric show! Starring Will and Eric! (more…)
Billy Corgan might be rebooting TNA, Goldberg vs. Brock rumors, and the debut of Total Bella’s. (more…)
Maxwell, Robbie, and Paul preview this weekend’s UFC 204 event featuring Michael Bisping defending the Middleweight Championship against Dan Henderson (more…)
Maxwell, Robbie, and Paul return with a look back at UFC 4 Revenge of the Warriors featuring epic dick punches and the UFC debut of Dan “Daniel” Severn (more…)
Is this it for TNA? Plus, is the Cruiserweight Division already a disaster? (more…)
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