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3/4 of The Fatal Four are here to remind you that Natalya is actually bad. (more…)
NXT: TakeOver and WrestleMania 34 make for one hell of a weekend of wrestling! (more…)
We’ve got a big announcement and a special guest appearance! It’s Mania time! (more…)
Daniel Bryan is cleared to return to the WWE ring and The Fatal Four rejoice. We also get our world knowledge tested. (more…)
Tyler from Generation Animation joins us to discuss Fastlane (more…)
The All In date and venue is set. RBR will be there. Will you? (more…)
Roman Reigns is on the Road to WrestleMania. John Cena is trying to find his. One of these things is bad. The other is showing some promise. (more…)
Smackdown is now dangerously boring, but Raw puts on a delightful match for the ages. (more…)
Split PPV’s are going away. Plus, it’s Valentine’s Day! (more…)
205 Live is up, but The Fatal Four disagree on whether or not SmackDown is down. Plus, Impact returns to RBR for one night only. (more…)
Royal Rumble is behind us and the era of Ronda is in front of us (more…)
Robbie Fox returns to tag along with the Fatal Four and preview the Royal Rumble. (more…)
We take a look back at WrestleKingdom 12 and discuss the changes coming in Impact Wrestling (more…)
Excellence and not-so-excellence is crowned for 2017 (more…)
We take a break from our normal show to basically shoot the shit for an hour and 46 minutes. (more…)
Though Maxwell would prefer Toyotathon (more…)
Does wearing the shirt officially make you a referee? (more…)
After an episode goes missing, we return in full force! (more…)
Did WarGames deliver and is Survivor Series worth anything? Extended edition (more…)
Impact belts look dumb af and James Ellsworth was the ultimate overachiever. (more…)
Jinder Mahal is no longer WWE Champion and Survivor Series is suddenly shaping up nicely. (more…)
Chase Thomas guest hosts this week as Eric comes around on Jinder and we discuss a WWE PPV for the fifth straight week. (more…)
Hell in a Cell didn’t disappoint, but did The Shield? (more…)
What wouldn’t we mind happening to Jinder at this point? (more…)
Did the “WrestleMania Caliber” main events live up to the hype? (more…)
New allegations about Eric Brady revealed (more…)
The art of the no sell and some of our favorites! Plus, details on the GFW Network (more…)
Nick Marsico guest hosts an extremely chaotic episode of RBR! (more…)
John Cena goes right back to the well, this time on Roman Reigns. (more…)
We review four nights of shows in Brooklyn and Maxwell takes a short look at Impact! (more…)
Roman takes a desk chair to the face. It’s amazing. (more…)
Is an Oreo a sandwich? Also, Shinsuke vs. John Cena (more…)
Skatz was there live at Battleground. Eric was at Raw the next night. Maxwell sings. (more…)
These bastards canceled Talking Smack! (more…)
Del Rio and Paige have a moment (more…)
Fatal Four are back together to discuss the greatest worker of all time… Jeff Jarrett! (more…)
Kody’s back! Also… the ‘n’ word. (more…)
Welp. The first women’s Money in the Bank got people talking. (more…)
Eric and Maxwell review NJPW Dominion and Raw ratings continue to tank (more…)
Are they forcing Shinsuke too hard? Will it cause a backlash? Plus, Will defends SmackDown like old times. (more…)
We talk sinking ratings, 205 Live disastrous run, and Extreme Rules! (more…)
It happened. Jinder is WWE Champion. On the plus side, NXT TakeOver was awesome. (more…)
We apologize to the entire country of Australia for the following episode of RBR (more…)
That guy from The Kings of Leon shows his ass against wrestling fans (more…)
With Payback behind us, we decide to turn our attention over to our friends in the Impact Zone! (more…)
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