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Rofl Copter's Podcast
An almost daily fan's perspective of the Philadelphia Flyers.
ROFL People show with DualState
ROFL People! Weekly electro dubstep dance radio show
ThemNutz Podcast
Hosted By Stand Up Comedians Darius Campbell, Ray Chung, & Matt Cole Bringing Funny Guest To Tell Crazy Stories & Joking around And Having A Great Time.
Wesknapp Podcast's
Me and my Friends Tom and James Will be trying to do some podcast when ever we are free. we will try to make it as frequent as we can.
Halo Live Wire
Looking out for the needs of the common gamer and entertainment buff, looking for world domination in the form of mind control through the medium of Podcasting. Lolz, rofl? Halo Live Wire is dedicated to bringing the most pertinant of information in the areas of Halo 2, X-Box Live, and other stuff to all audiences around the world.
Lauren Live
She's cute. She's blond. She's a flashy dresser. Lauren Weyland does live stand-up comedy from Second Life. Get ready to LOL and ROFL.
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Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 8:00pm PDT weekly. You can find the shout box show notes on D-STAR Round Table Board Shoutbox History K6KD: To Phil: To get your XLX626 in the directory, go to and see the directions in the header in red which directs you to a template in the f ...…
Own It The Podcast - For Your Business & Your Life!
Today’s challenge comes from a potter, making beautiful pottery in a remote part of the UK (via her marketing consultant). Could Nicola and Judith recommend ways to increase her client’s footfall, improve her online pottery marketing and restore her belief in her own business model? In The Show… Judith tells the story of the two potential new c ...…
*Explicit Content* In this episode we read from the third installment of the “Scary Stories” series by Alvin Schwartz. Welcome to the pilot episode of “Short Story Bingo”! In this episode I read, “The Trouble” from, “Scary Stories 3: More tales to chill your bones”. Alvin Schwartz was a man beyond his time and knew exactly how to frighten a chi ...…
Someone To Take The Edge Off Podcast
Someone To Take The Edge Off Podcast EPISODE 2 - NICK SUN23.02.2017 About 10 days ago I did my friend Brent's gig - Laughs On Tap. And on the line up was a guy called Nick Sun. I'd never heard of him before. Turned out to be one of the best comedians I'd ever seen and having been an intense comedy nerd* was confused as to how I'd never heard of ...…
The Smoking Table network
hey everyone heres episode 3!!! hope you like it if not write a letter to your local municipalities and ask them where you can suck a dick. jk lol rofl js #himom #thisisreal
Rated Ark : The Ark Survival Evolved Podcast
Episode 43 of Rated Ark SHOW NOTES Welcome survivors new and old to Episode of Rated Ark, The Ark Survival Evolved Podcast! Today is February 11,2017! We are a CRR Gaming Group hosted podcast , so that means the voices can change each week but the roundtable discussion will always be about Ark ! We have many ways you can contact us to share fee ...…
Remember the innocence of LOL and ROFL? Those were the days. If you're feeling smug that you know what 'bae' means, sorry to break it to you, but there are a slew of new cyber slang terms that will curl your toes. Do you know what GNOC and KYS mean? Yikes. And ICYMI, social media is awash with PSAs. That's parenting service announcements. From ...…
Do you remember how proud you felt?Weren’t you proud as a little child, being able to say the full alphabet, in order? Did you have your biggest smile when you spelled a new word?Now, as a caregiver, do you know the “caregiver alphabet”? Can you recognize all those new caregiver terms?What is SNF? (No, it is not “Saturday Night Fever.”)What is ...…
E-learning Council's Leaders in Learning Podcast
Interview with LMS Guru and Author Katrina Baker of ROFL. Katrina was a speaker at E-Learning Symposium. She recently authored Corporate Training Tips & Tricks: Save Your Money & Prove Your Worth. In this wide ranging conversation we talk about: Creating effective training Measuring training effectiveness Recruiting Trainers Challenges of Virtu ...…
Rise Up Worldwide Radio Show
On this week's show our brother Christian King, Comedian/Singer/Actor came by the studio and not only had us ROFLing with hiss jokes and impersonations (President Obama and Denzel even stopped by), but he shared is awesome testimony of stepping out on faith and totally trusting God with his career and purpose. Joe BOSS shared his #InvestInYours ...…
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