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Follow along and have some fun, in one of the longest running Real Play Podcasts.
GWJ RPGs is an ongoing collaborative story telling RPG series run and played by various members of Gamers With Jobs.
BACKSTORY is an ongoing series of interviews with game designers and other notable members of the role-playing community, hosted by Alex Roberts. This show is all about the person behind the work: how did they get into gaming? Why did they start designing? What are they most excited about for the future? Alex loves getting to know people, and you'll love coming along for the ride.
Dice Heroes
A podcast following the sessions of a group of Australian gamers as they try different table top role playing game systems and adventure through fantastic worlds. Actual play sessions of games run on a weekly basis, tune in to join the fun.
Join the various GeeklyInc podcast hosts as we play whatever games we feel like! This podcast will feature all sorts of table top roleplaying games including Dungeons and Dragons, Gamma World, Shadowrun and more. Check out our current running series The Darkblades.
All Things Azeroth, Your World of Warcraft Podcast, is your weekly source for the biggest news, hottest topics, and useful insight into the World of Warcraft Community.
Join the editors of RPGFan as they discuss the latest news and topics in the world of role-playing games.
​ADVENTURE is a bimonthly actual play podcast hosted and created by Pranks Paul. ADVENTURE brings your favorite stories and characters to life, combining fanfiction and tabletop into a delicious, chaotic sandwich.
The Arcology Podcast - A Shadowrun Community Podcast
If you like tabletop games and you're looking for an in-depth review of the latest and greatest offerings, you'll love the Dice Section. We spend a whole month playing a single game over and over again, more than is probably healthy, and then record our thoughts on how it held up. It's not a shallow overview... it's a deep and gory Dice Section.
Order 66 Podcast
The Order 66 Podcast is dedicated to the Star Wars role playing game by Fantasy Flight Games. We talk mainly Star Wars Role Playing, but also about relevant details from d20 and other role playing systems, as well as miniatures gaming on occasion. Game Master tips and tricks, player tactics, encounter design, role playing guidance and LOTS of meat on the mechanics of the system is the foundation of the show, but we try to have fun with it too. We invite you in and want you to Execute Order 6 ...
A podcast about role playing games and how to run a campaign in when you can't devote 8 hours a week to gaming.
2 GMs, 1 Mic is a gaming podcast where we discuss and explore the intricate and dynamic nature of table top roleplaying, game mastering and role-playing in general.
Skype of Cthulhu
Call of Cthulhu, and perhaps other systems on occasion, played via Skype.
On the Shoulders of Dwarves is a weekly podcast focusing on practical advice for role-players, with a lighthearted atmosphere and no GM screen. Every 30-40 minutes episode focuses on a specific subject, with the aim to provide useful suggestions for players and GMs who are looking to solve a problem they came up against, or just upgrade their game. Email us with your questions and remarks, to
Modifier sits down with designers of all stripes and looks at what it takes to make a great game! With a focus on homebrewing and otherwise modifying existing games to meet your storytelling needs, these interviews dig deep into how changing the rules enables better storytelling. Hosted by Meghan Dornbrock.
Video games, traditional and tabletop games, anime, movies, tv shows, and all that other stuff that falls in the realms of general geek-dom and nerd culture. Some people love this stuff so much they try to call it a "lifestyle" all of its own. We don't. We're a handful of misanthropic nerds/geeks/what have you, who love these things as much as we're sick of them all. We're here to bitch, moan, rant, and generally tell you why we love to hate everything you love, and have a good time doing it ...
SkyFyre Comics
Home to Floor Thirt13n, Task Force Alpha, Mighty Moosejaw Marines, and the cult classic: Harrowing Horror from Beyond. We release a new issue every two weeks. Since the Singularity nothing has been the same. No where has this become more apparent than New VanCity, a West Coast Canadian city in the not too distant future. Now capes and cowls are a fairly regular thing and most want to make the city better.
Legends of the Sixth World told through Shadowrun Actual Plays
Behind the Claw
This is the official home of the "Behind the Claw" podcast. A podcast focused on the "Classic" Traveller Role Playing Game
Welcome to the campaign after the campaign! Three unlikely adventurers attempt to right the wrongs caused by a party of legendary heroes who screwed up the world while trying to save it. DM Brian Murphy is joined by Emily Axford, Jake Hurwitz, and Caldwell Tanner for this D&D play podcast.
Weekly podcast about tabletop RPGs and the people who play them.
Table Top RPGs, memories and lists
Join our Dungeon Master Dimitri and his four friends and adventurers, Andrew, David, Shawn and Sam as they are introduced to the wonderful world of tabletop pen and paper adventuring! There's danger, there's goofy voices and there's magic. Follow us! Instagram: @trueadventurers Twitter: Facebook:
Just two guys discussing the Pathfinder ruleset and everything surrounding it.
Pretend Friends is an actual play pen and paper podcast. Currently ‘venturin in Fantasy Hour. Starring Nick, Paul, and Josh from Continue?! as well as Kevin Cole! New episodes every Thursday.
A Podcast where we play games on Wednesday Night
RPG Circus
Each episode, we talk and discuss a variety of RPG and RPG related topics.
Literate Gamer
OctopusPark's Literate Gamer: a discussion of games, their meaning, and their impact on people and art.
Making your Star Wars RPG better
A weekly review of the Vampire: The Masquerade releases over the last 25 years. Bob and Nathan review the Classic World of Darkness books for White Wolf Publishing's game, Vampire: the Masquerade, in chronological order. They combine their passion for the game with a dose of deep knowledge to help you decide which books to buy and which books to skip. VTM25 is the premiere Vampire: the Masquerade podcast!
Play On Target
An RPG Podcast
Follow game group as they tackle endless Dungeons and Dragons 4E adventures. A new episode is uploaded every week.
Hyper RPG
Watch us live on
Iconic Podcast
A podcast about all things 13th Age
A podcast about tabletop roleplaying games and other geek-related. We, Brett and Sean, are friends of yours that just enjoy talking about rpgs. You won't hear us write a thesis on game theory, we don't take ourselves too seriously. They don't pay us enough.
The original WWPD Podcast!
Mythical is an actual play Pokémon-inspired Dungeons & Dragons podcast! It is broken down into smaller seasons where new listeners can pick up quickly, but older audiences can still feel invested in the creation of our worlds. Seasons 1 and 3 were streamed live on, and this is the audio version of our episodes. Season 2 was recorded at 2016 Gen Con. Seasons 4 and 5 were recorded locally with the crew. It's important to note that each Season is self-contained and you do NOT ...
Cool Kids Table
Jake, Josh, Alan, and Shannon play quick runs of multiple different tabletop RPGs!
The Cult of Tea and Dice for when you just have to drink tea and play RPG's. Wherein a number of British people review and play Roleplaying, video and board games and also drink tea!
Serendipity City
Serendipity City is an actual-play podcast that takes place in a sprawling, dieselpunk metropolis with a magical underworld (in more ways than one). Anarchists fight corrupt companies, shapeshifters fight for turf, dwarves work in the caves underneath the city, and through it all, our intrepid group of questionable heroes just wants to do the job they were hired for.
A podcast on all things role playing games
Begging For XP
A role playing game podcast
For Crits and Giggles is a 5E Dungeons and Dragons podcast. Join us week to week as we spin colorful tales, roam the land and (try) to save the day!
The Goblin Beat
An Actual Play podcast featuring D&D 4e, Savage Worlds and others along with interviews and game discussions.
an RPG blog with pretentions
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The rise of modern board games is happening during the digital revolution. We’ve come a long way since the days of VHS and DVD games, but is that a good thing? Join FarmerLenny, Wolfie, and Alex as they discuss the advent of app-driven board gaming. Apple Podcasts | Google Play ...…
We’re going to continue to explore the topics that came up during the Mama2Mama Campaign because I think during our motherhood journey, we’ve all been in many of these places, and felt many of the feelings these women shared. Some of the non-critical information has been changed to protect the identity of the mama. Today we are going to talk ab ...…
Wherein the dark and terrible world of Blackspire is revealed to its newest citizen. Join Blackspire’s creator and GM: Robert Randle and the rest of the Baltimore Role-Players Unite Weekly (or B.R.U.W. Crew) as they introduce the newest Player Character to the Blackspire world… Laughfinder‘s own, comedian Jim Meyer. RESOURCES Welcome to the Bla ...…
Gamer's Corner! RPG Systems: Palladium, Dungeons and Dragons, Ars Magica Dungeon/Game Master Styles Game Tropes Dice Types and Shapes Games We've Played: Dead Reign,Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition,D&D 5th Edition,Starfinder/Pathfinder,The Dresden Files,Cyber Generation,Rabbits and Warrens,Robotech,My Little Pony Tails of Equestria Thi ...…
All the Cavs role players know Lebron in year 15 cant play big on offense AND defense....but Kevin Love can, and Kevin Love, NOT Lebron James, is the key to the Cavs winning game 3!
Amethyst joins us in this episode to talk about the roles people take on when they play escape rooms. We reveal more about our NEW GAME coming this summer, plus our first big batch of questions!
It's a Thursday so that means Adam Jones is into Role Play tonight in the Game of Jones. Jones is a few prominent people in the NBA as well as a former Red Sox manager.
Josh Accardo and Maureen Van Zandt talk about Americans being the most lonely youngsters. In a flash of Role-Reversal, Josh plays a nudist in Paris Museum and Maureen plays a disgruntled Museum-goer on a wrong day. Josh plays a game of scant-rant talking about DJ Khaled refusing to go down on women due to "being a king." Enjoy the show? Rate us ...…
What does it take to build relationships and grow business online to offline and back to online. Lots of people talk about living your life and being yourself including me but what does that mean and how does upping your t-shirt game relate to this discussion. I break down some comments I received at the Social Shake-Up Show last week and share ...…
Gamer Leaf sits down with Robert of Dragon Turtle Games to talk about Dangerous Descents 5e which is his latest setting. Which has been referred to as Dungeons & Dragons hard mode We talk a bit about Ed Jowett and his Role Playing games AAA: Forest Kickstarter Games: D&D 5e & Pathfinder Adventure Anthol Print + Digital Books through Fri, May 18 ...…
Jen, Annie and Lauren sit down with Jacqueline Stickle, a registered dietitian with expertise in the area of school nutrition and community health. They discuss nutrition education for kids, how to evaluate how good it is and how to help foster healthy relationships with foods for our kids. Listen in and learn about: What to look for in your ch ...…
This week’s edition of the podcast lays down the latest news in the hockey world, including significant roles being filled across the League as the conference finalists battle on through increasingly unpredictable games. Mac & Stoesz get into each series and how they appear to be playing out as teams become more battered and bruised by the minu ...…
In this interview, naturopathic physician Carrie Decker, ND, describes some of the actions she takes with patients to help reduce the risk of developing dementia and cognitive decline. Her integrative approach includes nutritional and lifestyle assessment, assessment for common risk factors or other potential exposures, and nutritional suppleme ...…
In this wonderful episode of B3E, the guys revisit Avengers: Infinity War, so SPOILERS for the first part of the show. (And really, it's been two weeks so hopefully if you listen to us you've seen it by now.) In Nerd News the guys talk about Jon Favreau's Star Wars series, the Obi-Wan movie is confirmed to start filming in 2019, Paul Bettany as ...…
Dr. Joe Bailey joined us on the show to talk about his experience with Lyme Disease and the import work he is doing in educating about mental health and wellbeing. It’s difficult to know exactly where to start with all that I have learned about Joe Bailey, his work history is nothing short of amazing. However, his recent work aimed to impact th ...…
In episode 4 I talk with Marty Ramseck about using the Predictive Index Assessment to make better hiring decisions and enhance communication among sales teams. Marty has cultivated 30 years of experience in hands-on sales management and double-digit growth in every one of his ventures. He has worked for companies such as Vintage Senior Living, ...…
This week, I am featuring Amina Altai about mindful eating and more on the challenges of eating well and healthy living. Amina’s Bio: Wellness expert and business advisor, Amina Altai knows what it means to be a millennial on the move! She began her marketing career at Cartier and Vera Wang, then co-founded her own marketing agency and worked w ...…
This week we talked to two single women who are dating. Seems these sisters are beginning to lose faith in the brothers. As these women tell it, it is hard to find men of substance, which leads one of the women to believe it may be time to cross over into interracial dating. Men seem to want to play too many games. The sisterhood came up again. ...…
Today we are in week three of our five-week series walking through our church mission statement, which explains our identity as a church. That statement says: "Shaped by the gospel, and for God's glory, we are a family of disciple-making worshipers." Two weeks ago we discussed what it means to be shaped by the gospel, and why that's such an imp ...…
Hi, I’m Wendy Kays and this is Writing Boss, the podcast about being my own better boss as a creative person in my own business. I’m determined to bridge the gap between the way I’m mismanaging myself and my writing business now and the way I should be doing it. But after the last episode on motivation, it’s clear I need to step away from resea ...…
Welcome to the second episode of the Green Hill Gamer Guild Podcast. Joshua is joined by Kollin, Mel, Adam, and Chris as they play Masks: A New Generation, the popular tabletop role-playing game by Magpie Games. This issue contains the thrilling tale of the Super Punks struggling to enjoy the last day of summer. Listen as the young heroes attem ...…
Episode Notes "I believe there are just as many female nerds as male nerds" - Chelsea Newman After Larry's "Bullet Points" we jump right into the second part of Chelsea Newman's interview. Chelsea goes into greater detail about how Dungeons & Dragons is played and explains how flexible the system can be: accomodating many genres and playing sty ...…
iTunes Google Play Store The Contestants decide that it's time for some charity work and are gonna do this one for the kids... and Mario Lopez. Talking points include: Zach's Closet Recording Set-Up, Groundhog Supreme Court, Mario's Candy Prison, A Lack of Role Models, Jelly Sabotage, Mascot Personal Lives, Bubble Gum Troll's Secret to Happines ...…
Welcome One and All to the Glorious Movie Show, the most Glorious Movie podcast in the entire galaxy. On today’s Episode, Comcast is looking for Financing! It’s time to get Excellent! Sherlock Holmes 3 is coming! Quentin Tarantino casts pretty much everyone he’s worked with before! & Jorden Peele Let US know what he’s doing next! All that and m ...…
Episode Notes This episode will elaborate further on what our Season 1 trailer explained. In the first half, Alex will tell you how the first 8 weeks of our show will play out. In the second half, she explains some of the basic rules and mechanics for the Through the Breach role playing game system. We highly recommend listening to this episode ...…
Websites and Social Media Links: Juggernaut Training Systems – Facebook - Juggernaut Training Systems Twitter – @jgrnauttraining Instagram - juggernauttraining YouTube – Juggernaut Training Systems Podcast – The Jugglife Books Mentioned: All Books Available at Juggernaut Training Systems Transfer of Training - Volume 1 Transfer o ...…
On today’s episode of the Needless Things Podcast Dave talks to Renee Cooper, Director of Media Relations for MomoCon! MomoCon 2018 will take place over 4 days, May 24th – 27th, 2018 at the Georgia World Congress Center. MomoCon is a multi-genre fan convention encompassing American and Japanese animation, gaming (video gaming, board and card ga ...…
The guys play the Game of Jones/Role Play Thursday. The following questions are answered. David Price - How many hours a week do you spend playing Fortnite? JBJ - Are you worried you'll lose the support of your number one fan? Danny Ainge - Gun to your head today, are you keeping Smart or Rozier? Brad Marchand - How do you plan to agitate playe ...…
I’m a passionate believer in the power of content marketing as the only real future marketing has. When it comes to launching my own, brand new SMB content marketing program, I got a trial-by-fire over the last several months. Make no mistake, I’ve done this before. As CMO of ion interactive, I had built an entire company on content — interacti ...…
“I don’t quite know” is Reckoner’s latest podcast that we’re launching in conjunction with our brand spankin’ new Patreon campaign. The pod is something we’re extremely proud of and has been on the cards for quite a while now. It’s designed to be a conversation between its host, Raj Deut, and an online personality that you’ll most likely alread ...…
Having just reached the age of 50, Steven Wilson is one of progressive rock’s most celebrated artists, though he constantly strives to defy the categorization of progressive rock and would prefer to be known as an artist of good music, without being tied to any specific genre. Best known for the band Porcupine Tree which he began over two decad ...…
We kept talking after the DM Tips recording and ended up in a cool conversation about some of the current examples of play out in the role-playing gaming scene. Not quite enough to be its own weekly episode but still a fun little conversation. Let us know if you'd like more of this behind the scenes chatter! Places to find us: Facebook @ High S ...…
Of all of the insecurities that Regina has admitted to in these podcasts, one thing she is absolutely sure of is that she is an excellent teacher. And what that really means is that she knows her self-worth. And because she is confident in her self-worth, she has been able to capitalize on it to the fullest. The Story – 0:24 So if you have been ...…
This week we discuss Gender Roles, Chantell "ain't playing no games" and of course some #QuickHitz!To submit music please visit We do not accept submission via email, all emailed submissions will be ignored.***Disclaimer*** We do not own the rights to any music heard our shows. If any entity would like their music removed fr ...…
What a wonderful era that we live in where holidays and travel are a regular feature in our lives. I don’t imagine that through the bulk of human history there was enough surplus of time, food, and resources to allow you to just take time off to explore the world or relax, unless you were super rich. Even as recently as my grandparent’s era the ...…
Series Title: Hell Sermon 2/2 Introduction: “It cannot be seen, cannot be felt, Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt,It lies behind stars and under hills, And empty holes it fills,It comes first and follows after, Ends life, kills laughter.” Today we are going to finish our conversation about eternity without God, what happens to those who choose t ...…
Welcome to Gumshoes & Goblins, a comedy/noir/role-playing/mystery procedural podcast. In this show, we play Dungeons & Dragons as private detectives solving a new case each episode while also stumbling through a game we don't know how to play very well. Basically, it's D&D, meets Law & Order, meets the Three Stooges.Steve Wunderlich and Logan N ...…
TwoCrows Ep10 – Crows vs Caaaaarlton (aka Grey PJ boys), Dougsie is the new Grange, Mitch “Gecko hands” finds form in the most glorious of ways and flies higher and more sideways than a seagull. Hugh Greenwood isn’t too bad and apparently used to play basketball? Laird breaks his own record. Movers, shakers, Tankers and Fakers Twitter Twits and ...…
Find it on iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher The Guest Josephine Munis is the CEO of Candy Lab AR. The team at Candy Lab has created a software toolset called AR Fuse to enable developers to more easily make location-based Augmented Reality experiences. It provides a cross-platform (iOS and Android) solution for games, retail, and enterprise apps ...…
Insect-Borne Illness on the Rise in USGuest: Sankar Swaminathan, MD, Don Merrill Rees Presidential Endowed Chair, Professor of Medicine and Chief of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine, University of Utah School of MedicineThe warm weather brings on diseases spread by ticks and mosquitoes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ...…
All about roguesIntroduction (Chapter 6) 0:00:00What we've been doing 0:00:22LQ: Turning your Campaign into a Story? 0:01:14LQ: Face to Face Gaming: Using props/Dressing up 0:03:18LQ: Unarmed Combat. How do we do it? 0:06:51Pages of the DM: Invenstigator/Troubleshooter Rogue Kits 0:09:20Pages of the Beast: Bandits, Brigands, Thieves, Thugs and ...…
In this episode Dan, Jon, and Murph talk about the green eye in the sky, everyone’s favorite god of the caves, Cyaegha, and we also have some listener feedback to respond to. Plus, we have another addition to the Card Catalog, and two more listener submitted segments. This episode was recorded on April, 27th , […] The post MUP 144 – Darkness, D ...…
AFTERBUZZ TV — RuPaul’s Drag Race edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Logo’s RuPaul’s Drag Race. In this show, hosts Ronnie Junior, LoRayne Love AKA: Mark J. Freeman, Oliver Drennan, and Jacque Borowski discuss episode 7. RSS Feed: ABOUT RUPAUL’S DRAG ...…
Hello everyone and welcome to our Master Your Money Mindset in May series where I discuss how to change your mindset and relationship with money in order to attract more income and abundance into your life. Whether you are a dance studio owner, entrepreneur, or even just interested in making more money. This is a 4 part series for the month of ...…
We take up the roles of Vincent Moretti and Leo Caruso, a pair of hardened criminals who have been incarcerated and imprisoned for murder and grand theft respectively. A Way Out is an exclusively co-operative third-person action-adventure game with a strong focus on story and the relationship between the main characters. There is no single play ...…
We take up the roles of Vincent Moretti and Leo Caruso, a pair of hardened criminals who have been incarcerated and imprisoned for murder and grand theft respectively. A Way Out is an exclusively co-operative third-person action-adventure game with a strong focus on story and the relationship between the main characters. There is no single play ...…
Kingdom Hearts is the first game in the Kingdom Hearts series. Revolving around a fourteen-year old boy named Sora, it details his adventures after his homeworld is destroyed by sinister creatures known as the Heartless, and his attempts to restore his world and reunite with his friends. In the process, he meets many characters from classic Dis ...…
Jordan and Jeremy are back to discuss another episode of Westworld Season 2, this week it’s episode 2: Reunion. William has a secret. Dolores knows that secret. Which of them will reach the promised land first and either stop Westworld for good or release the Pandora’s Box of robot cowboys on an unsuspecting world? A big topic this week is the ...…
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