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All the feels on 8 wheels: A roller derby podcast with all the history, advice, interviews, and feelings you could ever want--and without the smell!
We're Jess (Jeff Goldboom) and Robyn (Nuclear Vinter) and this is Hell Yeah Roller Derby, a podcast for everyone involved in the wild world of roller derby
A podcast about roller derby bought to you by Nottingham Roller Derby - a mixed league made of the Nottingham Roller Girls and Super Smash Brollers. Each episode we look at a specific aspect of roller derby. Don't forget to subscribe and you can find us on Facebook as Nottingham Roller Derby, Nottingham Roller Girls and Super Smash Brollers or on Twitter @NottsRD
Flat Mat Radio
Flat Mat Radio is hosted by Kat Selvocki of Flat Mat Yoga. Kat interviews roller derby skaters and fitness experts weekly to talk about care and maintenance for the roller derby skater so that you can be even more badass.
Roller Derby Podcast
Fans Of...
A podcast centered around the sport of roller derby, and the many people and adventures it leads to.
A podcast dedicated to the WFTDA sanctioned BURNING RIVER ROLLER DERBY league in Cleveland, OH; and the MRDA sanctioned CLEVELAND GAURDIANS league in Cleveland, OH, as well as the occasional out of town skater/NSO
The Random Riff
Whatever the topic may be, Sergio Barrera will explore it! Movies, Music, Gaming, Current Events, and more, experience the power of great conversation. The Random Riff is a journey with no particular destination and one guarantee, you will be glad you tuned in!
Talk Derby To Me
A fortnightly (usually) podcast that brings you all the best in Roller Derby news, views and updates. We also interview some of the biggest names in the sport and veer off on many MANY tangents!
WDRBY Roller Derby Radio presents a show where the personalities who surrond Derby come together to talk about the sport they love! The Roundtrack is made of Coach Dell (Head Coach of the Richland County Regulators), "The Great One" Parth Vader (Announcer), Cookies for Breakfast (NSO Specialist), and Russell Franchise ("The Voice of WDRBY"). Every episode, we dive deep into the topics that are shaping Derby as well as have fun with things outside the world! You might learn something...that's ...
Talk Derby To Me
The Sleeper Hit
A weekly podcast where guests talk about what's underrated, over drinks. Hosted by Meryl Williams, writer and roller derby girl.
Spreading the gospel of Roller Derby by making sweet sweet aural love to your ear holes. Not literally. That's gross.
Join hosts Roxy Scarmichael every week for the latest in Roller Derby news, highlights, skater, gear and injury talk. Call in's welcome!!
Billow Waggle Dangle
BWD is a comedy podcast. I interview burlesque dancers, musicians, therapists, authors, roller derby girls and Russians. My guests and I talk about stuff your mom would call “inappropriate dinner table conversation”, but she listens too. Trust me.New episodes every single god damned week.
Each week we look at news of the roller derby news with 3 skaters and an announcer from Roc City Roller Derby with special guests and more!
AKA Author of pain, but only on the roller derby track-Off the track, I take the pain out of writing-Writer, trainer, & entrepreneur-I get small biz.
Once upon a time, two besties retired from roller derby and suddenly had a lot of free time on their hands. What to do? Drink beer and read books! Join Joscelyn and Pam for books, brews, profanity, belching, and the awesomeness of life after skates.
A recap show made by a fan, dedicated to the BURNING RIVER ROLLER DERBY in Cleveland, Ohio.
a saga of mysterious deaths, werewomen, land-eating sharks and magified roller derby chicks continues and Detective Rick Thompson is left to pick up the pieces
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Life is too short not to be yourself. This means you need to be yourself in-person and online. Join our conversation with our special guest Brooke of Madame Finehouse. WokeNFree Nation, don’t forget to share the episode and tell us your thoughts on the show below! Who is Madame Finehouse? Brooke of Madame Finehouse is a model, blogger, U.S. Arm ...…
On today’s episode of badass women, we have jasyme serpa, otherwise known as ziggy starpunch. this rad gal is on the central coast roller derby and is kicking ass. Hear about her roller derby experiences and catch her around town hitting up the skate parks doing some aggressive quad skating into the bowls !! Music brought to you by: Lexie Rohrl ...…
What better way to kick off my show, than with a great discussion about the legendary Jim Croce! For almost an hour, I speak with one of his very best friends, Mike DiBenedetto!Among the topics discussed are the origins of such classic hits as "Time in a Bottle" "Roller Derby Queen" and of course, "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown". We also discuss Jim's e ...…
My friend Megan McCormick is a retired captain of the Nashville Rollergirls. During her 8 years on the team, she learned to recognize beauty in strength, assertiveness, and the confidence that comes from playing your part in a bigger story. She also shares how her recent meditation practice has helped her cultivate empathy and a culture of kind ...…
Episode 147 -never forget the CD in the carThis week Cash was joined by DangShe Fine from Roc City Roller Derby. We talked with FeFe McSlag about the bust casts for the "Pink the Rink" Double header with State College Area Roller Dery charity auction this weekend.
On this week's episode "Mick Swagger" from Team Indigenous talks to retired player Naty Guerrero-Diaz about creating systemic change through league policies in the face of increased oppression in the sport. This conversation is intended to begin the dialogue in how the roller derby community addresses and combats oppression. For show notes and ...…
Flint Roller DerbyBy (The Tom Sumner Program).
Today we’re talking Roller Derby! For those who’ve never heard of the sport, roller derby is a FULL CONTACT sport. It looks like football but on roller skates. My guest Michaela “Moody” Williams was selected from the Sydney Roller Derby Team and now plays for Team Australia. Team Australia went to the World Cup earlier this year. Australia plac ...…
Episode 145 -this is not dead airCash and Shockin' are joined by Roc City's #369 Dang She Fine. We talk with Albany Roller Derby announcer El Rojo.
I don’t know about you but I’m having a crummy week and I really didn’t feel like recording a minisode and Kaarina suggested that we could just chat about our crummy weeks instead so we did that. We talk about complaining, and cats, and roller derby, and barbershop, and teaching, and mentorship, and Glow, and just a whole bunch of things, and h ...…
Good morning, Miss America! In this episode, Ryan and Wild judge Punky Bruiser. Wild starts off with a joke that is way over Ryan's head. We talk Facebook quizzes and early 2000's technology. We pick which drinks we are and opt not to discuss Facebook scandles. We also talk about roller derby and stuff.…
This week, Matt and I get rolled over by two charming, disarming and alarming women! Representatives of the Dockyard Derby Dames grace our mics with stories of their progression into the sport of roller derby. We learn what it takes to roll toe to toe with some of the strongest women out there. Matt and I toss out some roller derby lingo, get s ...…
We come to you live tonight at 9pm CST talking all things sports. 1-347-857-1060 is the number to listen via mobile. We open tonight with a fun interview with Maria Bohl, AKA Bobash Feory with the North Star Roller Derby to talk about their Championship on Saturday the 31st at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds at the Warner Coliseum, doors at 5p ...…
Because sticking wheels on your feet wasn't dangerous enough, today we welcome special guest Abby Russell from Giant Bomb, to talk about the history of roller derby.
This show has gone to S#*T. The gang gets together to discuss the results from 3/17-3/21. Val joins us after a drunken night of kicking guys and roller derby chicks butt. Ivan is sober but somehow still sounds drunk. Pat and Danielle are wasted but that's OK because they still deliver a great show. New sound EFX added for whenever Ivan or Pat " ...…
Mystery Meat and Lana Del Slay from Tucson Roller Derby talk about the roller derby community in Tucson and the Dust Devil tournament
Episode 139 -worst episode everShock and Cash are joined by Virtual Farrah and Roc City Roller Derby #5 P-Rex and Flour City Fear's #69 Schramm join us tonight!Link for P-Rex fundraiser
Episode 128 -stomach flu, who needs stomach fluCash is joined by Roc City Roller Derby's #51 Grimlyn. QCRG's Sub Zero Siren's Coach Vile Love It came on and talked about the team and QCRG. We talk about the big game in Akron tomorrow and some news and stuff!
SHOW NOTES: SHOP UPDATE: Friday, March 9 @ 9am CST PRE-ORDERS: Available March 9 (9am CST) to March 11 (8pm CST) NEW Colorway: Poppies LAST CALL! Easter: Little Bunny Foo Foo, Bad Bunny, Chicks Ducks & Bunnies Colorways: Bacon, Raspberries, Roller Derby Diva, Mint Chocolate Chip, Gnome of the Redwoods, Punky Gnomester, Punk Rock Fuzzy Cow, Park ...…
Episode 14: Fans of Jillian Dollaz -- HOLLAZ HOLLAZ!! Jillian enters her fifth season of roller derby, all of them with the Cincinnati Rollergirls. Jillian was recruited by the University of Cincinnati to row and tells one a great penguin joke, and gives great advice on what not to eat.
* Mt Barker Police Station 150th anniversary * FORM Art projects in Albany * Albany Roller Derby League update * Sounds of Albany with Fair Dinkum Sheds - $3080 - Tuesday guesses
Join Ryan as he takes us on a whirlwind narcissistic journey where everything reminds him of himself. Wild is the epitome of class as she breaks down the world cup while Ryan skillfully hijacks every topic so he can tell a story about himself. In what was one of the biggest months for Roller Derby Ryan just tries to make us think he's cool.…
Dark Crystal and Bellatrix LeRage from Tucson Roller Derby talk about the roller derby community in Tucson and upcoming matches
The Hard Knox Roller Girls stop by to talk Roller Derby with Warren
This week’s Ohio Democratic Podcast features state Rep. Kent Smith, who discusses Ohio’s clean energy future -- and his side gig as a roller derby announcer. "I believe we are the party of progress. As I’ve seen my role as a state legislator, government is often a power struggle between the interests of today and the interests of tomorrow. By i ...…
This week’s Ohio Democratic Podcast features state Rep. Kent Smith, who discusses Ohio’s clean energy future -- and his side gig as a roller derby announcer. "I believe we are the party of progress. As I’ve seen my role as a state legislator, government is often a power struggle between the interests of today and the interests of tomorrow. By i ...…
Resurrection Roller Girls is out for blood again. They are holding a Make 'em Bleed blood drive on Saturday, February 10th from 10 am to 4 pm. This time Team Phoenix (skaters) will be going head to head with Team Zebra/Flamingo (Refs/NSOs) to see who can get more units of blood donated on their behalf. Schedule an appointment by visiting ...…
The roller derby madness continues as Josh and Ora review Unholy Rollers, the Roger Corman-produced derbyxploitation tale of an unlikable woman treated poorly by the world. This one has all the classic Cormanisms – an attempt to latch onto trends, frequently topless female characters who are nonetheless more compellingly drawn than most other f ...…
Alex Valentine joins LMLM to discuss the upcoming roller derby world cup, her own training and how you can start out your journey in roller derby.
The Kahuna Kids, Kush and Kai, surrender their identities for the great sport that is Rollerball. Its parts Roller Derby, Football, Pro Wrestling and MURDER!!!
Ryan is back in the country just in time to discus "The C Word"; well not that word, but the episode named " The C Word".... you know what, just listen and it will make sense. Dubious title aside, there is a lot to discuss. Ryan lists even more things he stole to use as an announcer. Wild explains different types of clothing and explains that o ...…
Episode 132 -I can hear nothingShockin' and Cash are joined by Roc City Roller Derby's Dang! SheFine. Virtual Farrah tells us about a rule. Cash apologizes for the audio quality. Bad week for technical difficulties.
Episode 4 You are going to love today's interview. It's like hanging out with a friend and the time just flies. We had a great time, Andrea has amazing stories that show the triumph of the human spirit, let alone the triumph of the feminine spirit! Her insights are brilliant and she offers up some great strategies for moving your life forward. ...…
Samantha Mack from Tucson Roller Derby talks about the Roller Derby League and scene in Tucson
6 hours in 2 weeks, wow! This is crazy. There is no stopping now. Almost sounds like a line from a cheesy Bon Jovi song. It probably is. Tracks: Bouncing Souls - Gasoline Pkew Pkew Pkew - Cold Dead Hands Red Aunts - Roller Derby Queen Jawbreaker - Donatello Bad Cop Bad Cop - Sugarcane Lagwagon - Made of Broken Parts Saccharine Trust - Dillusion ...…
Flint Roller DerbyBy (The Tom Sumner Program).
(01-04-2018) - Joining Randy Kerdoon for a new Talking About Cars 103, Tom Smith and Thomas Weeks from the Discovery TV show Misfit Garage, on how one of them broke a '67 Ford convertible in half...while driving, and Tom's great idea for a new car show!; new co-owner of Southern California's Irwindale Speedway Tim Huddleston talks about how the ...…
Oh my goodness! You know when you get to have lunch with a girlfriend and just KNOW you're going to have such a good conversation? That's what today's episode is like because today, I'm talking to Andrea Owen, one of my favorite life coaches, authors, and mentors on her newest book, How to Stop Feeling Like Shit: 14 Habits That Are Holding You ...…
Join us as we continue our Youth & Passion series, with junior derby skaters Flying D-Bre and Daryl Dixie as well as a visit from our friend, Licensed Professional Counselor Catherine McConnell! Catherine joins us in our first segment to share with us the importance and value of self care. Then we continue talking to amazing people who found th ...…
We're back from our hiatus and playing hype music for everyone that does their laundry to our podcast! We see you. Also, we're chatting to badass bitches Jess and Aimee about Roller Derby. Let's gooo!
We're back from our hiatus and playing hype music for everyone that does their laundry to our podcast! We see you. Also, we're chatting to badass bitches Jess and Aimee about Roller Derby. Let's gooo!
CH 9 Trying Something New My Bout with Roller Derby • CH 9 Trying Something New My Bout with Roller Derby • Roller Derby Queen
Episode 123 -apple pieShockin', Hater and Cash are joined by relatively new skater from Roc City Roller Derby #64 Savage Patch Kid. We talk news and a bit about our friend who made a splash at last weekend's Buffalo Bills game. Or is that a flash?
Evan and Binksy enjoy a Kraken rum and dry and talk about Midnight Oil live, Melbourne Cup bogans, DNA test results and the World Champion Victorian Roller Derby team. We also discuss season 2 of Preacher, SNL and the final episodes of the Mae Young Classic. Cheers!
Reviews (2:06): The Meyerowitz Stories; (11:14): The Killing of a Sacred Deer; (18:50): Brawl in Cell Block 99; (24:50): Thor Ragnorak; (31:02): Call Me By Your Name; (39:41): Death of Stalin; (45:42): Happy Death Day; (49:29): The Babysitter; (52:45): Wheelman Main Segment (56:57): Whip It
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