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A weekly look into the lives of professional Indycar drivers, reality television stars, and great friends James Hinchcliffe and Alexander Rossi. Though Hinch and Rossi have seen plenty of success on the track, the show is meant to highlight their off-the-track lives, including their unfiltered opinions on what’s trending in popular culture, with each episode featuring a number of recurring, unscripted segments and an interview with a celebrity guest. Off Track is at heart a sports show, but ...
Free audio fiction, music, and other goodness by Phil Rossi--author of Crescent.
Make photography your full time job, travel and live life to its fullest. The only podcast that reveals insider information into the minds of very successful photographers and their clients. Make more money, get bigger clients and learn to avoid the mistakes others have made. Fast track your success by learning from the best in the photography industry.
House of Rossi is an joint collaborative focusing on People of Interest, Music, Art, Culture and Community hosted by Stells of the band Method to the Madness.
Chef Rossi
Tune in Monthly for Raging Skillet Radio - Mouthing Off with Chef RossiEach show Rossi "aka Chef Rossi" mouths off about a different subject in the pursuit of breaking down walls and opening up minds. She and Dr. Pat banter using the subject of each show as the framework for that show, adding their own unique styles as they go. More About Chef Rossi-Rossi, yes, she only has one name -ndash has been a writer for many publications, such as The Daily News, The New York Post, Time Out New York a ...
Mari Rossi
Find out what Rossi's been reading right here!
Official Radio Show of Francesco Rossi
A weekly update on the Hunts Fantasy Football leauge hosted by Jason Rossi.
MotoPod, The Motorcycle Roadracing Podcast, is an internet radio show dedicated to MotoGP and motorcycle racing news, interviews, commentary, opinion and rumor! MotoPod's primary focus is MotoGP, the premier class of the FIM World Championship Motorcycle Grand Prix Road Racing Series, but we’ll have occasional sidetrips into the world of FIM SBK World Superbike, Supersport and many other forms of two wheeled motorsport. Find out what’s going on in the sport that is the pinnacle of motorsport ...
We're bringing you the best bits of Rossie & Co at Breakfast at the click of a mouse. You don't have to worry about missing any of the laughs and jokes each morning because you can download this podcast for free.
Television singing sensation Calvin Hubbard has been caught with his hand in cookie jar. An illicit affair with a contest judge costs him not only the competition crown, but his musical credibility as well. Fleeing the media fallout, Calvin exiles himself to the backwoods town of Harvey, Virginia. With a little solitude and a lot of cheap beer, he plans to write the next great rock and roll album and resurrect his career. But Calvin doesn't know that a man has just been buried alive in the w ...
Podcast by Dana Rossi
PhilRossi Science Fiction Music by John Athayde
The Jim Ross Report
Jim Ross is considered the voice of Wrestling. He’s a member of three halls of fame including WWE and is a multiple-time New York Times best-selling author. From ringside to the boardroom JR has built a 40+ year career that will never be duplicated. Enjoy his candid opinions, special guests, and sense of humor on a fresh presentation on the all-new The Jim Ross Report exclusively on Westwood One Podcast Network.
Wingman's Garage
'Welcome to Wingman's Garage, hosted by Chris"The Wingman","Daniel"The Track Rat","SV"Will, Eeyore, Brandon"The Food Dude"and Will"The Wrench"and home of the craziest motorcycle fanatics you've never heard of. Join us on our weekly podcasting adventures as we share our rides through country roads, city streets and the daily commute to share riding tips or maintenance tricks, and discuss new gear, trends, and of course, motorcycles. And you can bet there'll be some rehashing of some great sto ...
Through Christ, We Learn to Bring Healing to Others - We are a healing presence to others when we give them strength and when we give them hope. On Becoming a Healing Presence, Dr. Albert Rossi explains how to do both in imitation of Christ, our complete healer, who desires nothing more than for us to be His humanity on earth - his healing presence to others.
All New Friends
All New Friends is a weekly show where 2 newish friends discuss the major "firsts" in their lives as well as the new things they have discovered while being friends. Each episode has a surprise "friend' that stops as the special guest. Guests can be anyone interesting, any age that you would want as a friend but the hosts do not know who the "friend" is for the episode until they walk through the studio door.
Lore Watch
Lore Watch is a new podcast from the creators of Blizzard Watch. Every two weeks we'll explore a single lore subject about the World of Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft, or any other games that interest us. Join hosts Anne Stickney, Matthew Rossi, and Joe Perez for an indepth look at the evolving stories of the games we all love.
The Frugal Shooter
Bust a cap, not your budget!
TurfNet personalities Frank Rossi, Dave Wilber, Randy Wilson, John Reitman, Jon Kiger and Peter McCormick interview a variety of turfies on a multitude of subjects... or just pontificate upon occasion.
Ian Boldsworth
Stand up comedy artist Ian Boldsworth hits FUBAR Radio with a new 2 hour weekly show on Mondays 2pm-4pm.With a string of exclusive, uncensored guest appearances, Ian takes live talk radio to a whole new level. Previous guests have included Stephen K Amos, Francis Rossi, Phill Jupitus, Romesh Ranganathan, Helen Lederer, Nick Helm and Stefan Dennis, expect the unexpected as Ian makes radio that's worth talking about.
Advice for turf professionals from Dr. Frank Rossi, Cornell University Turfgrass Program
BluthCast is a podcast about the Emmy Award Winning Fox Show: Arrested Development. But like other IntroCasts such as PotentialCast, Twin Peaks Podcast, Psych Analysis, FisherCast, Yip! Yip! – The Last Airbender Podcast, and MooseCast at least one host has seen all of the series and the other half or the majority of the hosts have not seen any of the show.
Former ESPN and Fox Sports 1 producer Josh Parcell is the voice of college football fans everywhere, with frequent guests spanning the world of CFB from broadcasters to writers to coaches to players themselves. Oh, and of course his friend Rossy Three Stacks.
Home lawn advice from Dr. Frank Rossi, Cornell University Turfgrass Program
Reaching the greater Baltimore area for Christ
Three thousand years after a chunk of iron the size of Khufu’s pyramid collides with Europa, Jupiter’s sixth moon, an asteroid borne of the collision crashes into Earth’s Arctic ice shelf carrying extraterrestrial microbial life. The first man to come into contact with the microbes hears voices—and then dies. After determining the meteorite originated from Europa, the Global Exploratory Corporation sends oceanographer and biologist, Kathy Connelly, and her crew to the moon aboard the Surveyo ...
Home lawn care advice from by Dr. Frank Rossi, Cornell University Turfgrass Program
Some places are far darker than deep space. Places where the shadows smile. Where men go mad and lovers go missing. These stygian corners of existence are where reality is stretched thin and something hungry is waiting just outside the corner of your eye.Turn out the lights, take a deep breath, and dare to visit one of these places.Crescent is dark science fiction at it's most visceral. Phil Rossi weaves a tale that is reminiscent of old school Stephen King but with a shiny, new set of trick ...
Leite's Culinaria's podcast "Talking With My Mouth Full" takes an unexpected--and often irreverent--look at the ways food and drink intersect our lives. In each episode, hosts David Leite and Renee Schettler Rossi and their guests question, laugh, and quibble their way through all manner of culinary conundrums, obsessions, fads, and fancies.
Weekly Podcast about the Hunts Fantasy Football League. Hosted by Commissioner Jason Rossi.
Monday Night Talk
Monday Night Talk is a 2 hour radio show that's broadcast weekly on 95.9FM WATD in Marshfield, MA. Kevin Tocci & Joe Rossi discuss a variety of topics like politics, local & national issues & more.
Raising Women Podcast is hosted by founder Johanna Rossi. She interviews inspirational women who share personal stories of self discovery through motherhood. Johanna hopes that each episode will be a source of inspiration and motivation to help you contine to raise your woman within.
Sandy Ross is the founder and pastor of Women of Excellence Ministries at Summit Christian Center in San Antonio, Texas. She is a dynamic teacher of God's Word who passionately wants people to experience the goodness of God through obeying His truth.
Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, closet hipster Corey Smith and professional photographer Eric Rossi talk about the latest in sports, entertainment and beer!
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The Queens are challenged to improvise characters on The Bossy Rossy talk show!By (Tim and Tyler).
A review of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 episode 5 "The Bossy Rossy Show" The Guys start out with stats and some quick thoughts, then hit-up professional Improv Artists Hot Prayer (Emma Chapman and Alissa Skeen) for their expert opinion on the Bossy Rossy segments, then Rob plays a round of Sissy that Talk. All this, and more. Find out more abo ...…
Kris had a special announcement that got Priti and Rossi very excited, and possibly got Rossi on economy class on a plane, find out what all of that was about!
On the day before the 19th anniversary of the Columbine shooting, OC45 guitarist Derek Rossi was explaining “Keep Your Guns” from their 2017 album “Happy Accidents.”By (Jon Norton).
On the day before the 19th anniversary of the Columbine shooting, OC45 guitarist Derek Rossi was explaining “Keep Your Guns” from their 2017 album “Happy Accidents.”By (Jon Norton).
Brent Rossi, EVP of Marketing & Brand Strategy at Pegula Sports & Entertainment, explains that the one thing that he thinks about every day is that wherever his path leads, it is essential to be confident, to be positive, and at the end of the day, to lead. He advises those thinking about a career in this or any type of marketing to be complete ...…
Kris came up with a wicked idea for the weekend. He decided that someone on the team should ride a rollercoaster 104 times! So they debated, which one of them had the most convincing debate?
Broadcasting from the business coach thrivetime show studios in beatbox. That ross is toast everyone cpa in every way, but he’s a gentleman it’s time to take a look under your financial hood with paul hornalright hood nation. Welcome back to another exciting addition of a look under the hood with paul hood tulsa’s number […] The post Mastery Th ...…
He says it was an accident. But the only way to find out for sure is to tune in!
On a jam packed episode Bob tells the tale of the time he tried to pick up Portia de Rossi while Matt wonders what would Canada prefer: Edmonton getting the #1 pick in the upcoming #NHL Draft or the #Leafs making the Stanley Cup Finals. Matt flips flops on the Raptors while Bob has a more measured approach. And of course they wax poetic on the ...…
Playlist: Andy M Stewart- Heres A Health Tae The Sauters - Steele The Show Karine Polwart- Heave Ya Ho - Steele The Show - voicebreak - Dougie Maclean- Edmonton Airbus Craigie Dhu - Cragie Dhu Ed Miller- Scots Wha Hae - The Edinburgh Rambler Angus Mohr- Scotland The Green - The Monster In The Box Angus Mohr- Waltzing Alone - Symphony From The G ...…
This podcast is about Tesla. We have a bull and a bear and a (somewhat) objective (but slightly skeptical) (also increasingly drunk on wine) moderator. In the bull camp, Ross Gerber from Gerber Kawasaki. Ross is the Co-Founder, President and CEO of Gerber Kawasaki Wealth and Investment Management. Ross oversees Gerber Kawasaki's corporate and i ...…
He’s been the caretaker of high school sports in Ohio for the last 14 years. Dr. Dan Ross is ready to retire, but not until he sits down and talks with Mike Hartsock on “Stay Right There.”Ross reflects on the state of prep sports, coaches who recruit, the future of a shot clock in basketball, and the most important issue right now…concussions. ...…
West Coast Cookbook & Speakeasy is Now Open! 8am-9am PT/ 11am-Noon ET for our especially special Daily Special, River City Hash Mondays!Starting off in the Bistro Cafe, former Right Wing Evangelical activist Frank Schaeffer, blasts white evangelical Christians for their support of Trump and how he's become part of their "absolutist theology," w ...…
I thought my LinkedIn profile was "the bomb diggity," but it wasn't, as I learned from the LinkedIn Professor, Tajuana Ross. I learned of her from another colleague and guest of the show Bernadette L. Harris, and boy was she on point. After scheduling my session with the LinkedIn Professor, I knew I had to make some changes and I did. Afterward ...…
This week Ross is gone but we have Gabe again! Justin and Gabe talk about the student Walk Outs and the March For Our Lives Movement happening in the wake of mass shootings.
Rossi fights for his place in Duvet as Kris threatens to replace him with Raju. Hear his performance. Will he stay part of Duvet?
The tallest frame in the world is located here in Dubai in Zaabeel Park, Rossi had a visit and he told us about it on the show! Have a listen!
Indycarcast, o seu podcast sobre a IndyCar na sua 92ª edição! Apresentação de Daniel Schattschneider e comentários de João Estumano e Matheus Antonio da Silva.O podcast foi gravado com uma semana de atraso e postado com uma semana de atraso também, mas como a próxima corrida é quase um mês após a primeira etapa, então ainda dá tempo de ouvir a ...…
Harding Racing driver Gabby Chaves joins Marshall Pruett for the Week In IndyCar podcast to discuss recent testing, sponsorship pursuits, and how he's been able to help in the formation of the new Harding team before the two dive into listener Q&A that ranges from his desire to race at the Chili Bowl, feelings on losing his seat to Alexander Ro ...…
Matt has fallen from grace, and Ross is now the ultimate Podcast host. Can he live up to his predecessor? Patreon: Merchandise:
Priti's in the lead, will Kris catch up?
Giovanna Rossi is the President and CEO of Collective Action Strategies, LLC, a consulting firm dedicated to improving the lives of women and families through strategic planning, management and communications. Giovanna is also the Founder of Well Woman Life, which supports women to achieve their highest level of fulfillment and well-being, and ...…
With Zlatan Ibrahimovic signing with the LA Galaxy today we examine how he is now considered the exception and not the standard anymore,. The MLS has shifted in how it signs Designated Players. Even though sometimes they will hold on to these classic cases, such as Schweinsteiger and Zlatan but more clubs are now targeting young promising, ofte ...…
Rossi started reminiscing about his debut act on Tiger Zinda Hai - he needs another production!
Hamza advises Kris not to make a Rossi flavour. Hear why!
Episode Notes: 00:10- Ramon is horribly ill & unhappy with Daylight Savings time stealing an hour from him. 2:40- Jason needs a dictionary in studio 3:00- American dollars aren’t good here anymore? 4:15- The boys try to name every member of the WuTang Clan 5:17- We discuss Raekwon and his 360 waves, Malcolm X & Black gun ownership 13:00-The boy ...…
This fun little episode with my close childhood friend Ross Carpenter took place overlooking the beautiful Lake Travis scenery. Ross is a born entrepreneur with a heart for the hungry. He’s an Engineering student, self-educator, mechanic, and scratch golfer (regardless of what he says in this EP). The post #35: Ross Carpenter appeared first on ...…
Rossi's mum gets a pizza delivery guy who she isn't exactly fond of, have a listen to what happened!
March's Run it Red has arrived and takes in new music from STL, Sergie Rezza, Vinalog, Mike Servito, Robert Hood, Noncompliant and many more. The next show is a special one-off recording of a live set which goes live from 12am - 2am on the 31st March/1st April via and will be archived on Soundcloud/Mixcloud/Itunes after that. Subsc ...…
Hitmaker 2 a.k.a Dub Radio 111 Mixed by Rene Double in 2016! Track Listing: Tona Feat. Kayo & JD Era – Glory BeFlex The Antihero Feat. Dillan Ponders & Terrell Morris – Shotgun WeddingWiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Cash Out & Project Pat – Freaky Before (Prod. by Ricky P)Tory Lanez & Rick Ross – Super FreakyCa$his Feat. King Los, Em ...…
Jordan continues his conversation about transgender people with another transgender woman. Leela Ross is a firefighter in Australia who shares her experiences being transgender as a child, and how life is with her wife and family members.
In episode 148 of the podcast Keiron Le Grice joins the show to talk about Carl Jung’s theory of synchronicity, and its applicability to astrology as a possible explanatory mechanism. Keiron is the author of the recent book Jung on Astrology, which was discussed in episode 141 with his co-author Saffron Rossi, as well as the book The Archetypal ...…
Can Tyson Ross make the Opening Day rotation?'s Tim McMaster and Padres reporter AJ Cassavell discuss how well Ross is pitching this spring and all of the young arms that have impressed at big league camp.
The 2018 IndyCar season started off with slipping and sliding (or bumping and grinding if you're Rossi) and a heartbreaking finish under the Florida sun at the Firestone Grand Prix in St. Petersburg. We download all the thoughts about the race, qualification, practice sessions, and the new car, as we drive back to Indiana. Enjoy the guest appea ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Carolina BluesSubtitle: A Dare Island NovelAuthor: Virginia KantraNarrator: Sophie EastlakeFormat: UnabridgedLength: 8 hrs and 7 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 10-07-14Publisher: Audible StudiosRatings: 4.5 of 5 out of 203 votesGenres: Romance, Co ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: History for Kids: The Illustrated Life of Betsy RossAuthor: Charles River EditorsNarrator: Diane LehmanFormat: UnabridgedLength: 26 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 07-14-15Publisher: Charles River EditorsGenres: Kids, Ages 5-7Publisher's Summary:In ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Made for Success in BusinessSubtitle: Leadership Interviews with America's Top Business Minds on Finance, Strategy, and TeamworkAuthor: Chris WidenerNarrator: Tom Flick, George Walther, John Stanton, Chris WidenerFormat: Original RecordingLength: 7 hr ...…
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